Monday, January 29, 2007


Want to thank God here for protecting my life.

If you know me, u will know that my sleeping time are all messed up so being the owl at home, whenever i'm facing the computer, i won't sleep or i don't have the desire to sleep at night. So i only had 1 hour sleep on Sunday, go to church as usual, didn't feel sleepy because normally if the first day i'm not enough sleep, i will be very energetic so after church, i met kor and his cousin and went repairing their bike (i'm curious so i go to help and make myself dirty ;p) and we had seafood for dinner, reach home quite late and only went to the bed at 1am.

5.30am i'm waking up already to bath and all, i want to go out from my house at 6.30am everyday to avoid those traffics. So with only 1 hour sleep on Sunday and 4.5 hours today, i feel so tired and i tell you.....

I can feel that my eyes are so heavy since i wake up this morning. When i drive to work, i felt so terrible because my eyes always wanting to close. I'm actually forcing my eyes to open throughout the whole journey from Shah Alam to Cyberjaya, about 35 mins of drive and i kept praying that God will help me and not letting me sleep because i had few experience that i slept off for few seconds while driving so i'm really afraid. But thank God, i'm safe, gone through my days quite ok and back at home! "Thank you, Lord."

Told myself that i won't repeat the same thing again, as in i will get enough sleep if i need to drive to work and if i'm working, i must get enough sleep so i can do my best at work.

Friday, January 26, 2007

14 hours at work

5th day in Shell

I'm at Shell since 7.15am this morning with the determination to finish up my WBT by today. So started WBT straight when i reach office and stopped at 5pm, still haven't finish yet because my colleague and i already planned to go to the gym. First time using the gym in Shell, always heard from some friends here and there that we can bath after going to the gym, they have hot water some more... :p so there i'm at the gym on treadmill machine, one of the gear that i like the most when i go to gym coz i don't know how to play with the rest... hhehee... Was on the treadmill for 30 mins, good workout for the day, then bath and i went back to my place and started WBT again.

Since i'm not joining kor and the gang for rock climbing today because i want to finish up WBT, so i stay longer until they finish climbing and i joinn them for dinner.

Some of my colleagues asked why am i still in the office till so late, hhaaa... i told them i'm trying to finish up my WBT before on-boarding next week, and they said, don't worry, is ok, can cheat... :D Well, i left the office at 9pm without finishing my WBT also.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Web-Based Training

4th day in Shell

Today did not chat that much and did not blog of course. Started with another e-training modules called Web-Based Training (WBT) which we have to get 60% marks to pass for every topics and gosh, i took the whole day to do WBT and haven't finish yet. So bored, so sleepy... Nevermind, it's good, it's good... A lot of my friends asked me to cheat, bla bla bla, hheee... well, i want to read through everything so that i can know better.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chatting & Blogging

3rd day in Shell

What a day to start with, chatting and blogging. Received an email saying that our Shell IM had be activated. So was playing around it and adding people that i know in Shell, found Richard, Greg, Dave, Odett, Stanley, Wai Meng, 3 of my new colleagues, and some people that i know during interview. Not that i don't want to work ok, just that i came in at 7.30am and basically i have finished ELIS e-training modules yesterday so nothing much today.

Then chatted with Wai Meng, told him that i'm bored here but good thing that i get Shell IM then i can chat with people. He then send other e-training modules for us to do pulak... hehehee.. good la, at least we got something to do rather than surfing the net only. So now we have Web-Based Training modules to do... =)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sleepy at work

2nd day in Shell

Mind was too active at night! Still very excited about my new job! So can't sleep till about 3am as well. Today's morning traffic was quite slow that i'm stuck in Shah Alam area for about 20 mins then fly (speed) all the way to work. Hehehee, not bad coz i enjoy speeding, not if i get saman la. Reached at 8am! Tomorrow must come out from my house earlier already, don't like to rush.

Had morning meeting with Raymond, glad to have that meeting whereby Raymond was briefing us about our position and about Shell. At least i'm not that blur now. And Raymond asked us to join free lunch, there will be a 'office reallocating briefing' at 12pm followed by free lunch, eventhough we don't need to shift any of our belongings coz we are still new, but Raymond just asked us to tag along and join for the free lunch. Had the free lunch at the cafeteria. Not bad...

After about 30 mins of meeting, there goes continue back our boring session, hahaa... continuing some different e-training modules, that's really the boring part. I have already lack of sleep for 2 days now and to ask me to do those readings online, it was so torturing that i have to really move around so that i don't fall asleep.

So basically whole day, i did this ELIS e-training modules in the office, started it today and finish it today as well.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Reporting to work

1st day in Shell

I was just too excited about this new working place till i can't really sleep. My mind was just too active running crazy! Ended up sleeping at 3am and woke up at 6am.

Today is a waiting day. Waited from 8am - 10am, then there comes Wai Meng to the rescue, bringing me and another 2 more people from Wisma 1 and touring around to Wisma 2, where our place suppose to be. Then found out that we don't have our own seat so he said, just grab any chair and sit while he will help to prepare our account and give us the smartcard today.

So i was waiting and going through some old newspaper that someone left at the table where i've landed that time and playing some Sudoku in the paper and my hp and finally at 11.30am, i can't stand the bored and went to disturb Wai Meng again. Then he look for Odett and Stanley and we went for lunch at 12pm, driving my car to Serdang to have our lunch... hhmm... not many food available in Cyberjaya according to Odett.

Then, after lunch we shifted from 3rd floor to 1st floor, and there goes another waiting section, waiting for our smartcard to be activated, bla bla bla...

My new colleague, Jothi and i went to wonder around from W2 to W1, walking outside the building since we can't go through the skybridge yet, and i went to look for someone to pass a document in W1, then walk back to W2. Nice walk in the afternoon to pass our time. :p

Yes, finally get our own smartcard but still can't cross the skybridge with it! Sucks! At least we get to login to the computer and go through some lessons on how to activate our smartcard, personalize our email account and some e-traning here and there.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Green Green Grass

I have always wanted to sleep on the green grass in my life. I always admire those people in other country who has nice clean green grass to sleep on or to enjoy for their picnic but in Malaysia, it is never clean, either it's wet or muddy or dirty.

I remembered back in my college days, i actually did sleep on the green grass in the playground in SS15 Subang Jaya at 12am together with Masami. But after a while, i get bitten by mosquitos and other bugs and my jeans are wet coz of wet grass. :(

Today, i went to Putrajaya with kor who wanted to take more beautiful pictures on the buildings there. Came to this particular spot, while kor was busy setting up his camera, i saw this nice patch of green grass, so i went nearer to touch it and it was not wet, so therefore i lay there looking up to the beautiful sky and enjoying myself there.

Pic 1: Ohps... i was in the pic too if you can see me, thought i would not disturb kor taking the building.

Pic 2: This is the pic that i like, never thought i can have the chance to lay down on beautiful green pasture

Friday, January 12, 2007

Open Doors

God is good, all the time!
All the time, God is good!

In this period of time, i have been to 4 interviews, so far, i'm successful in 3 of the interviews. And another 1, i have rejected it during the interview because of the long working hours with low pay.

1. American Air Filter @ Glenmarie (successful)
- position applied: sales coordinator
- position given: customer service officer

2. OCBC @ Cyberjaya (successful)
- position applied: customer service officer
- position given: administrative executive

3. Standard Chartered @ Bukit Jalil (rejected)
- position applied: global operations officer
- position given: global operations officer

4. Shell @ Cyberjaya (successful, choosen)
- position applied: customer technical support
- position given: customer technical support

God has been good to me all this while, He always provide to me in whatever things that i'm lacking or things that i want. This goes the same as looking for jobs. I started to look for jobs during last year December, sending out online job applications and i'm just given the opportunity to go for interview one after another. The best thing is that i got the job immediately for my first interview and i feel so secured. Then i got other interviews coming along one after another. He is just awesome. I never thought that looking for a job is that easy or maybe because there are a lot of vacancies on the job that i applied, i don't know but i'm sure that God's hands are upon me. *TQ Lord*

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Oh man! Oh man! I'm superly duperly happy now!!! How to express! How???

Haaaahhhaaaaa... wooohhhoooo....

Waited for more than 24 hours! Finally got the email from Shell! I'M SUCCESSFUL IN THE INTERVIEW!! WWWooohhhooooo.....

Oh man, i'm just so happy now. While accessing to my gmail just now, i was so nervous whether i get the email or not, whether i'm successful or not in the interview and while reading it, gosh... feel like going to toilet again! Hhaaa... but really PRAISE THE LORD that i've made it! Wwwohhhooo... And thanks to kor, Wai Meng and Odett who helped... :)

First thing i do was to sms all my prayer-buddies... I know that all the prayers are not in vein... God heard it and God answered it!

*TQ Lord*

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cameron Highlands

Since kor and i are so free, we planned a trip to Cameron Highlands before we start our new working life, starting our journey at 5.45am bringing along tuna egg sandwiches that we made the day before for breakfast and lunch, there we go, enjoying the cold weather in Cameron Highlands!

Pic 1: Tuna-egg sandwich for breakfast

First destination is Boh Teh Garden, we climb up to the top of the teh plantation in the midst of very thick mist at 10am, good morning exercise.

Pic 2: Thick mist that cause my hair to be wet too... cold weather, i like it!

Pic 3: Beautiful flowers

Pic 4: Nice picture with nice scenery, thanks to the good photographer ;)

Pic 5: YAKSSss!!! Creature that i hate most but with kor's skill, it looks errr... quite nice actually

Pic 6: Strawberry... yummy...

Pic 7: Welcome to the Rose Garden...

Pic 8: Beautiful roses

After touring around Cameron Highlands, we went down to Ipoh before we came back. In Ipoh, kor show me some of his childhood places and i went to visit my aunt in Ipoh too, giving her great surprise that i suddenly pop-out right in front of her gate! ;)

Pic 9: I just can't resist not to play on it...

Pic 10: Famous white coffee in town

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My 4th times

This is the day that i'm looking forward too since last week. Being able to get to go for this interview is already a great blessing from Him. I have always heard of the great benefits for staffs who work in Shell so this triggers me to have the interest to join Shell too. Knowing that with human strength, we can only do up to certain limits, so i broaden my prayer network, instead of sms-ing to my group of prayer-buddies, now i sms to more of my buddies including some of my collegemates and UiTMers. (*Thanks for all the prayers*) :)

Again, i was quite nervous after we've parked the car somewhere near Shell, and i felt that i need to go toilet again... aarrr... but i did not go coz i know it is out of my nervousness.

Finally walk into Shell and within 30 mins, i'm done with the interview. There are 2 interviewers this time, mainly asking about myself, my characters, how i handle things. I'm able to speak well, just being myself.

After that, the first person i called was kor and he said, "Why interview so fast wan? This doesn't look very good...." because our friend who help to get me into his team said that normally it will take about 1 hour for a successful interview section but mine was just too short. Hhmmm, it was quite discouraging at that moment but then, i always tell myself, it is Him who open doors and close doors, so i will just surrender to Him. But after analyzing the whole thing, we thought maybe because 2 of our friends in Shell already told the interviewers about me so they have nothing much to ask about me also. =)

I asked the interviewers, when will i know the results whether i get this job, they said they will inform me within 24 hours. Hoping for the best!

"Lord, let your will be done!"

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Intro Dive... =)

Diving! Diving! Diving!

Love it so much! :)

What a tiring day... haven't recover from all my tireness from badminton on Thursday and rock climbing on Friday, today went for diving some more, later going for friend's wedding dinner some more... tiring but exciting day.

Back to diving, another intro dive section from my instructor for those who are interested to know a little about diving, they will have all the gears to dive in a deep swimming pool.

For me, i just go there to have fun with other fellow divers, those that i met when i took my Advance Open Water last year. But actually my main purpose of going is to overcome my phobia for "mask removal" skill. I'm really afraid of this skill since the beginning because i can always feel that the sea water goes into my nose everytime i remove the mask. Really sucks! Nightmare arrr.... When i think about how to remove mask underwater, i can feel the fear there... but i know i need to overcome it if i want to dive. Therefore, i want to practice till i'm not afraid of it anymore.

Actually i came here 3 weeks ago to practice my mask removal skill when my instructor had intro dive for other people. It was ok but no pictures taken that time... so this time, i'm going to blog out some pictures also.

Pic 1: Tired me...

Pic 2: Mask removal... this is the scariest one.... but i manage to do it la... hopefully i can have 100% confident when i'm in the sea!

Pic 3: Eddie is one of my buddy during my Advance Open Water last year and i only met Yvonne not long ago but we haven't go for any diving trip together yet, hope to have chance to go with her one day!

Pic 4: Josh hovering

Pic 5: This is to test my buoyancy without destroying the hullahoop

Pic 6: Hoping to go to the sea soon... :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

My 3rd Time

Another interview today at Standard Chartered but actually this interview doesn't excite me much coz i'm looking forward to next week's interview at Shell. I take every interview as an experience for me to learn something therefore i went for this one too. Well, it really turn out to be the best among the 2 that i've been through recently.

I'm being asked to fill in my particulars and had an English test. Then i was waiting to be called into the room for the interview because there are a lot of people going for the interview that day.

After not long, i was called to start my interview with Mr. P who is really a nice guy. He ask me to talk about myself and works that i've done before, what are my longest working hour, what will i do when i'm free, what i will do when i'm stressful, etc. and he took my whole file with all my certs from primary to secondary to work life including scuba diving certs, Mount Kinabalu certs, and all my piano examination certs. So from there, he knows that i'm quite an active person so he asked if i'm willing to let go my night life and sports life to exchange with work. But after knowing the basic salary that they can offer me with at least 12-14 hrs work daily without OT, i told Mr. P that i'm not ready to let go of my night life and not really interested at this job. Haha.

And Mr. P commented that he like me being so honest, haha, and i'm feeling more daring to actually ask Mr. P more questions regarding the jobscopes and what they do because i can be myself more and not pretending to be gentle. ;p Then, it became a chit-chat section like old friend catching up with one another talking about piano, music, scuba diving and sports that i'm involved in. Really fun!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Did I pass?

I'm at 2nd floor, OCBC, Cyberjaya now. Just came out from an interview by Mr. C. While waiting for kor to come and pick me up, i feel like blogging it out now. Feeling a little disappointed with my performance during the interview.

I was super nervous before i stepped into this building, sending out smses to all my prayer buddies to ask for prayer and eventually stopped by a petrol station to do a little business. Sakit perut ahhh... xp

This is an interview that i'm anticipating for for the pass week because it is a MNC company and i could have better benefits therefore i'm more nervous compared to the 1st interview that i went for last month. People always said, "the higher expectation you have, the greater disappointment you will get."

This is a position where i'm preparing myself in since last week, knowing that it is a shift work and 24/7, but i'm kinda like disappointed at Mr. C. because he keep on saying that this position is not suitable for me after talking to me a little while. :( Well, he did made a good point for me. Surprisingly he is also a Christian, therefore he said is not good for me to skip church and work on Sunday. HHhmmm.... ("God, i know that this is part of Your will, i know You are REAL in closing this door for me because You know that I should go to church on Sunday.......")

Well, Mr. C. said he had another position for me actually, it is a 5 days work position and i don't require to work shift, it is to become his personal administrative executive. I guess this is a better position for me but well, he still need to evaluate my performance and he will contact me by next week whether i'm being choosen or not. Hhmm...

What i can really say now is, "Lord, let Your will be done for You are the One who knows my future and know what's best for me. Thank you Lord for walking side by side with me."

Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm free from him

So good to celebrate new year with tears. Thanks to him, early afternoon already let me shed tears. Not tears of joy by the way, it might be tears of hatred. ("Oh God, help... I don't want to hate so many man in my life. 1 is beyond what i can handle already, I have enough of it and i want to try to love my dad if it's possible, not another one now...")

But really, i always want to think positively. The fact that i'm out of what i have to do with him is something that i can praise God with. I'm no longer working with him. Soon, i will have nothing to do with him, there are still some other little stuff to settle in between. I do not need to listen to his crap. Whenever we talk, there will be misunderstanding. There are really a huge huge communication problem between us, i guess there are no ways to explain everything. If we were to sit down and talk everything out, it will take ages. (*Communication is important for all relationship, so start communicating from the start.*) I have always admire how PsPL & Averlyn communicate from the start. *Tks Ave for sharing*

I'm very excited about this year. Year of 2007 is a year of excitement and challenge to me for the fact that i'm going out to the world to meet with people! :D If you do not know, i'm working in the church for the pass 5 1/2 years and in freelance for 4 months which i work from home, so i don't meet any colleague.

This year, i'm going to work in new company, i'm able to meet with all sorts of people, neither good nor bad so i'm excited and i bet it's a great challenge for me to brush up my personal skills of communication and all... :D Excited! Excited! This is what i want!

I'm excited! I'm free!