Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peg-Perego pliko p3, etc.

Thanks to my god-sis who reminded me on baby fair at Mid-Valley today so after visiting the gynae for my monthly check-up, we went to Mid-Valley to see if we can get any baby necessity.

Low and behold, we bought so many baby necessity there!

Pic 1: few bags and a box of baby necessity

Pic 2: Diapers and bottle and etc.... but still haven't finish shopping for Baby Megan yet.

Pic 3: Napkins, mittens, all the clothes...

Pic 4: Peg-Perego pliko p3, the stroller and carrier that I have been eying on since last week! Got it at quite a cheap price at this baby fair today.

Pic 5: The carrier of Peg-perego pliko p3, can be used as car seat as well.

Pic 6: These are the free gifts (6 pieces of clothes worth RM85 + 2 stroller tie toys worth RM109.80 + floating bath-time toy worth RM13.90).

Pic 7: And this daddy so excited wanted to set the stroller up!

Pic 8: Peg-Perego pliko p3, made in Italy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

White baby cot

Our 1st baby's necessity that we bought today. And this daddy so eagerly want to set it up when baby is still comfortably growing in mummy's womb.

Pic 1: Baby cot in the box

Pic 2: A white one!

Pic 3: And the mattress also.

Pic 4: The daddy-to-be so happy asking mummy to take pics woh....

Pic 5: Is a white one! :D Very nice!

Pic 6: Daddy starts assembling his toy

Pic 7: Is getting there.... :D

Pic 8: Daddy so happy, so proud... hahahaa

Pic 9: Mummy-to-be also waiting excitedly wanting to see baby sleeping in this white baby cot soon!

Baby jumping so excitedly in mummy's tummy after daddy and mummy bought this white cot. Guess baby is really happy with her new bed. :D

Alright, all back into the box again since baby still enjoying her time in mummy's womb... ;p

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Broga Hill, Semenyih

I was thinking up and down if i should follow hubby to broga hill as he organized a trip there with friends. Though i don't like hiking but because this is one of the hill that often went by doggies lover, so i thought i wanted to check out the route if it is easy or tough so i can follow my doggie friends there next time. :p

With only about 2 hours sleep, i woke up at 5am coz i only finish work at 1am, in afternoon shift this week.

Anyway, one of the source that motivates me to wake up this early is McD breakfast which Rebecca said she will tapau for me. :p

Pic 1: 25th wks preggy, now only start to see tummy.......... and people thought i'm only 4 month preggy!

Pic 2: Hiking in the dark coz want to see sunrise woh...

Pic 3: Goodness, i never thought it is that tough... Furthermore, i'm preggy, tummy so bulky, i'm off balance man! And my legs can't carry my weight!!!

Pic 4: Beautiful lights from the hilltop

Pic 5: Yeah, finally we are there, waiting for sunrise; ChunBeng, Rebecca Lee, Rebecca Cham

Pic 6: Rebecca Lee, darling and I

Pic 7: Getting brighter now...

Pic 8: The common view of Broga Hill

Pic 9: Lepaking while waiting for sunrise but unfortunately we can't see the sunrise that day because of the haze...

Pic 10: Although pregnant, but I'm glad that I get to conquer this Broga Hill on my 25th weeks of pregnancy... :p

Pic 11: Time to go back.... down down down the steep slope hill again!

Pic 12: But the most satisfying thing after this tough climb is this! I get to have dim sum!!! Yum yum...... At least, it is like some sort of reward for me. Hehehe

Pic 13: Darling and me...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Penang Trip - Short Honeymoon Trip

As early as 4.30am, we are up and ready for our short trip to Penang.

And dropping by to Ipoh for famous dim sum first. :D

Pic 1: Yum yum, very nice dim sum!

Pic 2: Us... enjoying our breakfast at 8am.

Pic 3: Reaching Penang d!

Pic 4: Lorong Selamat Char Kueh Teow, auntie with goggle... is what Jocelyn my colleague recommended and we found the place!

Pic 5: The long anticipated Lorong Selamat Char Kueh Teow indeed is good.... but portion is too little + you never want to know the price coz my darling's eye balls nearly drop out... RM13 for 2 plates????????

Pic 6: And we look for David, darling's good friend to catch-up plus going for famous durian that we always heard off.

Pic 7: After years never seen, they talk so much...... and we had good durians somewhere between Teluk Bahang and Balik Pulau

Pic 8: yum yum... nice one

Pic 9: the durian stall where we had the durians

Pic 10: after the satisfaction durians

Pic 11: asam laksa at gurney walk for dinner

Pic 12: darling tried the ABC at gurney walk....

Pic 13: darling's pasembur, very nice but quite expensive

Pic 14: having my asam laksa at gurney walk

Pic 15: usual place that i stay everytime i visit penang, Masami's house... :D

Pic 16: "Masami, remember this room? hahahaaa"

Pic 17: our harvest during this trip

Pic 18: this is the main reason why we went to penang

Pic 19: my loh mee for breakfast from pulau tikus the next day

Pic 20: darling's mee rebus from pulau tikus

Pic 21: After breakfast, we visited penang beach...

Finally, time to meet up with my god-bro, Alvin who knows I love nasi kandar... :D

Pic 22: my penang nasi kandar

Pic 23: darling's nasi kandar

Pic 24: Then Alvin bring us to the famous ice kacang recommended by Jocelyn also... Darling's ABC with mango

Pic 25: My ABC with banana

Pic 26: us with foods......... mission accomplished by the end of the trip

Pic 27: my god-bro who bring us around for food on Sunday afternoon

Pic 28: Rocky!!! The mischievous schnauzer that i'm waiting to visit

Pic 29: hehehe... cute cute Rocky!

Pic 30: time to go back, our short little honeymoon trip..... :(

Pic 31: crossing the bridge towards KL already

Pic 32: THE END.......