Monday, December 29, 2008

Knitted Wool Shawl

This is one of the best Christmas present ever... a hand-made wool shawl knitted by kor's mom for me... :D Really love it so much... it is so beautiful that i'm using it at work.

Pic 1: Shawl in maroon colour from the back

Pic 2: Love it so much, thanks aunty!

Pic 3: Me at Puchong house with our white christmas tree and my maroon shawl

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kaima and furkids

Visited kaima and godpa just now, bringing along one box of christmas present for kaima and godpa and all the 5 furkids. :D Really so nice to see kaima and godpa again, and of course, enjoying myself playing with the 5 furkids with kor.

Kaima has a new addition to the family, little ping ping which is soooooooo cute and small! :D

One day, i shall have my little furkid too, Amen. ;)

Christmas @ Portuguese Settlement

Back to Malacca with my darling after work on Friday. Darling always wanna bring me to Portuguese Settlement every year to look at the decorations here but no chance because i'm usually very busy during Christmas time.

This year, i have chance to follow him back to look at Christmas celebration at Portuguese Settlement.

Pic 1: Impressive... full of lights

Pic 2: All the Portuguese people will decorate their house... some of it really like fairy tale house... :D

Though i don't really feel the christmas spirit on christmas day, but i do enjoyed myself at Malacca with kor and his family. We rested alot and enjoyed home cook food.

**TQ Lord**

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moody Christmas

Haiya... very frustrated... on this joyous day, i cried till my eyes so swollen.

Initially plan to have Christmas Dinner with family geh... but suddenly mom and her mood swing again said don't wanna go dinner anymore... arghh... what to do woh, she don't wanna go dinner d... so have to cancel our dinner plan.

I was actually expecting to have a good christmas dinner with family but now... feeling so frustrated. Don't feel like a Christmas day to me also... really missed my past christmas days so much where we had caroling at people's house and christmas party everywhere.


Blessed Christmas

Blessed Christmas to everyone!

Early morning came to work, i decorated my place... Wanted to buy this christmas tree for quite some time as i saw one of my colleague having it and it is very nice. Tried to go few places to look for it but can't find. Lastly, my darling got it for me from KLCC. :) So this is my desk now, with a christmas tree and a doggy.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

DWNG Training

What?!?! Training on Christmas Eve?? ARRgghh... it was some last minutes decision from leads... anyway, we manage to bargain with our lecturer to let us go early... hahaha... instead of 5pm, we get to leave at 2.30pm. PTL!

DWNG - some *%&#$ ticket logging tools that eds want us to use...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Steamboat Dinner

Catching up with some old-time-school-friends and church friends during this Christmas season.

Pic 1: Steamboat again.. :) We had tomyam and porridge steamboat

Pic 2: Some yee mee and mee hoon

Pic 3: Lau and kor

Pic 4: Beckz and FeeYuen

Pic 5: Teaching Lau to be a good house husband in the future ;p

Pic 6: While Stanley and Odett helping to eat only

Pic 7: Not forgetting gift exchange game as usual... :D

Pic 8: Stanley and Odett's gift

Pic 9: Lau and kor's gift

Pic 10: Beckz and FeeYuen's

Pic 11: 6 of us...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

WangWang for adoption

Someone throw this poor 4 month old Male kitten outside my house again! Those people must know that we will feed them and care for them.

Anyway, looking for good home for this boy! Believe that he will find a good loving home soon... :)

Pic 1: WangWang, very gorgeous male

Pic 2: very active and playful

Pic 3: his gentle side, i love to see cats sitting this way... :)

Pic 4: yawning... bedtime...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog updated

Finally, my blog is up to date... all thanks to our office Outlook that is down now... hahahahaa... that's why we can't continue our work, thus, updating my blog lo... :D

la la laaa la laaa laaa... "Santa Claus is coming to town..."

ehehehe... so happy.. waiting to go home only... this few days, we have been blessed with very less work. My noon shift usually is from 4.30pm - 1.30am, but this few days we are allow to go home about 10++ as long as we finish our emails and OneRM request.

Christmas Party @ work

We had our Christmas makan and gift exchange at work today. Quite fun to have such a thing once in a while especially at some special occasion.

Pic 1: Our RM (Request Management) Christmas tree

Pic 2: Gift exchange for everyone

Pic 3: Jamie also bought a cute little orange Christmas tree

Pic 4: Yay! Some Christmas cupcake

Pic 5: Before makan and gift exchange, we are waiting for our boss to give some speech and to present some prices for top analysts

Pic 6: Our boss, Suresh

Pic 7: This is our small workstation after we have shifted from Wisma 2 to Wisma 4. More like a cybercafe rite ?? :D

Pic 8: Gift exchange time... digging our blessed number

Pic 9: Gemma, my line manager got this gift... rest on me... hehehee

Pic 10: And Dinesh got some obscene tool... or was it a toy?? :p

Pic 11: Colleagues

Pic 12: Makan time at Level 1 pantry

Pic 13: This Shell pantry really so nicely renovated... Juju, Ika, Hafizi, Sam, Lorna, Gemma

Pic 14: YeeLin, Rosie, Beckz, Kathereene

Pic 15: Syarimie, Darshan, Alan, Navin, Suresh

Pic 16: OK, time to go back to work! :) Harsh, Beckz, Gemma

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our new rockshoe

Since kor wanted a new rockshoe, so i got him one pair of Rock Pillars Stream as Christmas present. Cannot hide this present from him coz he need to go test the size.

And, since Nomad Adventure is having sales now, I bought a whole set of rock climbing gears! @_@" I wonder i will really go into climbing and like it or not...

Bought a pair of Rock Pillars Stream rockshoe and Ocun Zeeper harness.

Pic 1: Our new rockshoe!

Pic 2: Very nice Rock Pillars Stream

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kitten rehomed

Thanks to Nuin and her hubby who adopted this little kitten from us today.

Pic 1: Someone throw this 3 months old kitten outside our house, so as usual having a good hearted mom, she kept her and fed her and sheltered her. She is really so cute, manja and naughty kitten chasing our 5 cats at home like a baby monkey in my house.

Pic 2: Sydney and her on top of the TV

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Damai, outdoor rockclimb

Following kor early morning to Damai, not because I want to climb but because I just wanna go together with kor and lepak there.

Pic 1: MeiKuan and I was reading The Star while our darling is climbing

Pic 2: YewHong and Chuan getting ready to climb

Pic 3: Chuan is still very high on alcohol :D

Pic 4: Kor starting to climb

Pic 5: One of kor's favourite sport now after all the diving gears gone

Friday, December 05, 2008

Pearl White Lenovo S10

Woohoooo... got this from my darling today... I have been eyeing on this for weeks and kor bought this for me for Christmas!!! xp

Pic 1: Lenovo's box

Pic 2: It comes with a Slim Sleeve

Pic 3: Da daaaa... my Pearl White Lenovo S10

**Thank you my darling... love you much!**

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My best buddy

Met up with Winnie, one of my best buddy since secondary school days... We met for tea at Coffee Bean, Subang Parade. Time to catch up with one another and all sort of story telling time... xp

Manage to snap a pic before we leave... :)