Monday, September 08, 2008

Diving @ Pulau Tenggol

Date : 5 - 7 Sept 2008
Venue : Pulau Tenggol, Terengganu

This is seriously a very memorable diving trip that i guess i won't forget for the rest of my life for the fact that we saw WHALE SHARK!!!

Do you know how hard it is to get to see a whale shark? Some divers don't even have the chance to encounter one eventhough they have dive for years... I'm really so super blessed! :D Thank you Lord!!!

Hhmmm, so many pics... where should i start... argghh... and i can't really remember things in detail. Nevermind la, i just put in pics enough la... :) Enjoy!

Oh ya, one of the strange things that keep on happening in this trip was that our boat went kaput / rosak... The very first day, we've already been stranded in the middle of the sea for 4 hours. :D But i do enjoyed alot being in the middle of the sea whereby the 15 of us can't do anything except joking around and some even jumped into the sea to pee pee... :D

Pic 1: Stranded in the middle of the sea for 4 hours

All the human pictures first...

Pic 2: Group pics... 15 divers altogether... Beckz, Kor, Alex, YueFei, PitWah, Chuan, Apple, Chanut, YoongYow, MingEie, EeHwa, Rebecca, WaiMeng, ChunBeng, Eric (not in the pic)

Pic 3: Me underwater

Pic 4: Chuan with a huge worm

Pic 5: After a dive, in the boat going back to our resort

Pic 6: Makan time. Chuan, Apple, Beckz

Pic 7: All the naked man... :D

Pic 8: WaiMeng aka UncleSoo and Alex

Pic 9: Gaya ChunBeng with hightech camera and strobe

Pic 10: Rebecca Lee

Pic 11: Rebecca Cham ;)

Pic 12: Me, preparing for another dive... this is our last dive for the trip

Pic 13: Kor

Pic 14: Us with ChunBeng the lampost.. hahaha

Pic 15: RebeccaLee & Chuan

Pic 16: Me with schools of fishes

Some underwater creatures

Pic 17: Yellowbox fish who refuse to look at the camera

Pic 18: Batfish... every dives here can encounter batfish

Pic 19: Puffer fish at a cleaning station

Pic 20: Giant clam

Pic 21: Soft coral

Pic 22: Seafan

Pic 23: Nudibranch. Nudi is our main purpose coming to Tenggol coz WaiMeng said nudi here is everywhere... indeed... it is everywhere... so easy to spot them!! I'm having fun spotting them then ask kor to take their pics.

Pic 24: Nudi... nudi is part of the family of sea-slug

Pic 25: Another type of nudi...

Pic 26: A glimpse of underwater world!

Pic 27: The whole school

Pic 28: Groupper trapped in the net!!!

Pic 29: Charlie the instructor cutting the net to free the groupper

Pic 30: Nudi...

Pic 31: Nudi...

Pic 32: Banded shrimp

Pic 33: Nudi...

Pic 34: Fish feeding frenzy... these fishes are being chased by a school of jacks and they are using us (Kor, Rebecca Lee and me) as protection... circling around us

Pic 35: The fishes jumping out of the water to escape the jacks

Pic 36: Very common nudi...

Pic 37: Nudi...

Pic 38: Starfish

Pic 39: Nudi...

Pic 40: Nudi...

Pic 41: Nudi...

Pic 42: Nudi...

Pic 43: Nudi...

Pic 44: Nudi...

Pic 45: Hermit Crab

Pic 46: Clownfish

Pic 47: Spanish dancer!!!

Pic 48: 12 bumhead swimming so close to us while kor and i wanted to decent

Pic 49: Divesites in Tenggol

Pic 50: Batfish at a cleaning station

Pic 51: Hawksbill just next to me, he is not afraid of us... so i went ahead to sayang the hand, the leg, touch the shell... arrgh.. a memorable diving trip!!!

Pic 52: Nudi eggs!!! :D

Pic 53: Giant morel eel

Pic 54: 6 banded angel fish...

Pic 55: Nudi near the christmas tree worm

While waiting for everyone to clean their gears, clean themselves, pay the bills before going home...

Pic 56: EeHua, Beckz, Apple, Alex

Pic 57: MingEie, Apple, Beckz, WaiMeng

Pic 58: Kor, Me and Charlie who bring us out to all the dive sites

Pic 59: WaiMeng & I

Pic 60: Home sweet home... nah... not going back with this sampan... hahahahha... this sampan just to transfer us to a fishing boat... ya, we are going back in a fishing boat which took us 2 hours from island to mainland

STRANDED!!! We get stranded in the fishing boat again for 2 hours as the engine refuse to run... know why? coz there are water in the engine... arghh... anyway, once again, i'm enjoying again in the middle of the sea...

Pic 61: Eerrr... WaiMeng and I are actually looking at the boatman repairing the engine... who is that on top? Apple lo... heheeh

Pic 62: Nothing to do maaa... so people taking pics around... even WaiMeng's nose hair

Pic 63: Rebecca Lee & Rebecca Cham driving the boat ?? :D

Pic 64: WaiMeng aka Uncle Soo and his 2 flower tattoo... :D

Pic 65: Kor and Eric

Pic 66: Me in front of the boat

Pic 67: Home sweet home... i will miss you, Tenggol


lynnx01 said...

Wheee... I am marvelled at the wonderful creations underwater. But I think I still got no guts to try my hands on diving. Not my cup of tea..

flynngie said...

hey.. lovely photos.. God is indeed awesome right.. for creating such lovely sea creatures. just loves the pictures...

Michael William said...

Pic 66: Macam Titanic saja .. only Smaller Version of Titanic (engine Rosak Version) haha

Very nice pictures, the temptation to become a Diver is extremely exciting! Can't wait for the Discover Scuba ... LOL XD