Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rocky the Schnauzer

The visits of god-bro, Alvin... gf, Yendi and their kid, Rocky the Schnauzer all the way from Penang to stay with us. And we offer to babysit Rocky while they go for shopping.... :p

Pic 1: Rocky the Schnauzer

Pic 2: Darling playing with Rocky

Pic 3: Darling with Rocky...

Pic 4: Rocky falling asleep already...

Pic 5: Darling and Rocky again... :D Nice!

Pic 6: I like this pic... my darling and Rocky so cute... :D **Muakzz muakzz, luv u darling...**

Ps: hmmmmm but darling.... where is my pic with Rocky!!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lunch with mom

Lunch with mom before going to work. I wanted to have curry rice at mamak stall but end up going for mom's favourite food... japanese food lo... Good time on catching up. :)