Sunday, April 30, 2006

Family Day

Finally I can have family day again every Sunday. Previously we seldom go out together as a family because my mom was caught up with this show at home called Super Star, something like American Idol but this was within Malaysia for Chinese only, so my mom has been staying at home at certain time to watch this show for about 3 months or so. Hahaha…

Suddenly this morning, my mom asked whether we should go out after church, haha… she is out from prison, I told her.

Was about to entered Pyramid but the jam was too long for this impatient driver, ME, so I turned to Subang Parade instead and waited for car park for 20 minutes, wanting to drive home already but got a parking place just before I drive out from Subang Parade. Hahaha… PTL. Anyway, sis was not with us because she and her friends went to Malacca after church.

Dinner at Kenny Rogers


Lunch time.
Pic 1: Nathaniel, Me, Marni, Amanda, Esther, Daphne

Pic 2: Jaclyn, Caleb, Phebe, Joshua

Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Sleeping Place

Stuart found a new place to sleep, on my mouse pad together with the mouse and keyboard. I will normally leave my PC on when I’m home and when I go out to somewhere but I can’t do it anymore nowadays coz I noticed it 3 times now, that my Stuart boy will help me to off my PC when I’m away. I don’t know how on earth he knows how to do that.

Pic: Stuart

Sydney - phone ring

I have heard it myself today. My cat, Sydney, really will meow when our house phone ring.

I was still sleeping in the morning and all family members went out. Suddenly I heard the house phone ring, I just turn to another side of the bed and continue my sleep when out of the sudden, I heard Sydney meowing together with the ringing of the phone. Hehe. My mom told me before that she will meow but I never noticed it before until this morning. Clever cat. Just when the phone stop ringing, she stop meowing too. Hehe.

Pic: Sydney

Friday, April 28, 2006


My last day after labouring for 5 years and 7 months at New Life Restoration Centre ever since 1st Sept 2000 after I graduated from Inti College Subang, Diploma in Computing and IT. Hehe.

I have been enjoying myself serving the Lord all this while. I just had a contented heart serving Him in this 5 years, one thing I reckoned was the joy of the Lord that is always within me no matter serving Him in any area all this while, that‘s what that keep my spirit up even though when we had any big event, I will fell very stress, but yet I know, my work is not in vein.

Now that I felt that I have to continue my journey to somewhere, I know that the Lord had something in mind, He had provided me the path to continue my next exciting journey. As long as I continue to keep my faith in Him, to keep close with Him, I will be safe in His arms. He will guide me through. Just like Abram, he go not knowing where he was going but it was because of his faith in the Lord and his obedient spirit, the Lord called him, ‘father of faith’.

Well, Ps Kwan, Vera, Sheet Yeen and Chin Chin can consider as my colleagues in the office coz they will come in once in a while to do some work and today they brought me to Taipan, feasting in an Italian Pizza shop for farewell.

Pic 1: Vera & Sheet Yeen

Pic 2: Seafood Spaghetti

Pic 3: The missing slide ;)

Pic 4: Lasagna

Pic 5: Me & Chin Chin

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Streamyx Fixed

Monday and Tuesday was my off day but my Streamyx was not functioning so i ended up doing a lot of housework, i had my own time to do some thinking, i went for a swim, finished up my piano theory homework, so in a way it was good.

On Monday, I called up Streamyx telling them this problem, last week, i experienced the same thing, Streamyx was not working for 3 days. So they guided me through some test on my pc to make sure that the problem is not from my side and they lodged a report for me. They said it will take 24 - 48 hrs... :(

Surprisingly, yesterday night, after work, i on my pc and the Streamyx functioned again. I really wanted to know what happen to Streamyx because when i asked them, they said no report lodge that Streamyx is having problem.

This morning i got a call from them, they said they fixed it. I asked what happen and they said the server hanged! And they reinstall the system. No one experience any problem??? Strange....

Thank you Daddy that everything is back to normal now... 8)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Visits to Godma’s house

Sis and my resting day, had our lunch in Subang area, went to S.Parade to do something, went to SJMC bringing sis to donate blood - failed coz she is using Inhaler, I tried again testing my blood - failed, still low in hemoglobin and finally had dinner with godpa & godma.

Pic 1: Godma’s new furkids, One One & Two Two… =)

Pic 2: Sis with Brownie & Sweetie

Pic 3: Sis, Godma & Two Two

Pic 4: Me, Godma, One One & Two Two

Pic 5: Sweetie is smiling

Pic 6: Me & Sweetie

Pic 7: Godpa & One One, a gentle gal

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sweet Buddy

Caught my Buddy boy sleeping so soundly in between my pillow and blanket just now.

Pic 1: Ohps, he woke up, cats are very alert at any sounds.

Pic 2: Then he was doing some stunt, massaging the blanket.

Pic 3: Finally found a spot to sit properly as I’m on the bed with him taking his pictures. =)

Friday, April 21, 2006

I Miss Diving!

I was reading my friends blog and came across Odett's blog which has a picture that i don't have. So i just want to post it up. Odett was my buddy when we were underwater... :)

Aaaarrr... when is my turn going for diving? CW and KC and even Odett has been going for diving this year, when is mine? Hahahaa... ok ok, planning... it will be in June, most probably...

Pic 1: Kar Sum, Calvin, Odett, me

Pic 2: The gang that went underwater last year, NLRC Young Adult Breakaway Camp. =)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My mom washed the hp i gave her this month. The hp was in her jeans and she dump that jeans into the washing machine just now. It's a new Nokia phone that dl and i bought for her, i haven't pay for that bill yet. Well i did not scold of course, i just make fun of it. I know she is sad. I'm sad too. What i hope now is miracles that the phone will come alive again or when i send for checking, it don't cost anything. Hhhmmm...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuning Piano

Did not work today coz I’m clearing my leave. This is all my last year’s leave.

Got someone from Yamaha to tune my piano. I haven’t get my piano tuned for ages. J I know is not good but but… ok, no excuses accepted.

Pic 1

Pic 2

It cost RM70 to tune my piano. Reasonable price I guess for now. The guy who tune my piano was from East Malaysia. He took about 1 hour to tune it.

Beautiful. My piano is in tune again. :D

Monday, April 17, 2006

Clearing leave

Thanks to my bosses who let me cleared all my leaves before I go, these are last year’s leave. So almost the whole day, I sit in front of my computer and do my freelance work which is dealing with some online thing. Last week’s and today’s streamyx line is really bad! Some days, I can’t even log in! Anyone using streamyx having this problem? It’s really hard for me especially for my freelance work that involved me to go online. Bad but God is good, He still bring in customers to me. Not many but at least better than non. Thank you Lord.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Oh, and I bought The Da Vinci Code from 1 Utama to read. I don’t know when I’m going to finish reading this book as I don’t have the talent to read books, =P . I’m just curious at the content having heard from people that this is the most unexpected with stunning surprises about Jesus and it is one of the finest mysteries book. What did Dan Brown talks about Jesus? I’m curious!
Pic: The Da Vinci Code

Lesson Learned:-

Lesson learned:- Do not drive if you did not sleep the whole night

The experience is scary when you do not have enough sleep and you drive some people in your car and you know that there are lives in your hands.

Yes, I did not sleep the whole night again because of some reason so I survive through Easter Service and I was feeling very “high” coz of not enough sleep. Hehehe. After the very early service, it was only 10.30am so I thought it would be a waste if I go home and sleep instead of doing something else.

So I offered to fetch Jaclyn and her friend to 1 Utama as Jac’s friend needed to go to get some winter cloths. I bring along my family as well to spend some quality time there. So on the way, I’m feeling sleepy and I tried my very best not to sleep off, *duh*, hahahaa… yet I manage to get my eyes opened at least but my mind is like wondering around to dreamland. I keep on reminding myself that there are lives in my hands, I cannot sleep! I did slept off few seconds and woke up feeling really fresh coz I‘m awake coz it‘s out of sudden. Scary! As a result, I went the wrong way twice… hahahaaa, this really shows that I did not concentrate when I’m driving. Not that I don’t want to concentrate, but I just can’t. **Bad driver**

Have you all ever experience it? U drive when u are sleeping off? This was my 3rd time sleeping off few seconds while driving and woke up with a shock. The first time was when I was driving my family back from Ipoh. 2nd time was driving home from PJ and this was my 3rd time. Scary… **What a terrible driver I am**

Thank God that we reached 1 Utama safely and had great time going around, we did shopped a bit, bought shoes, belts, had lunch at Sushi King and had great coffee at a café.

Pic: Lunch at Sushi King with family, Jac and her friend.

Actually I was quite worried to drive back but mom can’t drive my van… so I have to force myself to drive back not sleeping. I did not tell mom that I’m feeling sleepy though, coz she will be worried… hehehe… Manage to keep myself awake and get home safe.

Thank you Lord for saving all of us, at least no accident even though I drive when I‘m really very sleepy and tired. :D

So what I learn here is never drive if I did not sleep the whole night, in order to never never get to drive, I better learn never never sleep at night so that the next day, I can drive and do something better.

Easter Sunrise

HAPPY EASTER! Easter talks about the resurrection of Jesus after the 3rd day of being buried. It is a day of celebration in the whole world celebrating that Jesus has won the victory for mankind. It was because of Jesus who die on the cross for us, we now can have the new life and can access to God easily. And the most important thing is, we will have eternal life for those who believe in Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Well, this year we had a very early service. Service at 7.30am and it was not in the church. It was at the park opposite our church, a park near the lakeside. :) Really a special service celebrating Easter in the public, singing praises to Him, preaching the good news in the public just like Jesus’ days and we had aerobic as well as ice-breaker and nasi lemak for breakfast.

Pic 1: Ps CB playing the guitar and leading us for the time of worshipping the Lord.

Pic 2: Singing praises to the Lord

Pic 3: Praying for the offering

Pic 4: Sitting happily awaiting for the message

Pic 5: The UiTMers

Pic 6: Mr Lim’s family

Pic 7: Joshua and gang

Pic 8: Andy and Dorren

Pic 9: My Preteen group

Pic 10: The crowds

Pic 11: The crowds who do not have enough mat to sit on

Pic 12: Singing praises to Him

Pic 13: Lifting Him high above all

Pic 14: Aerobic section (Thanks Eugene for this pic)

Pic 15: Mr & Mrs Quek

Pic 16: The nasi lemak section

Pic 17: Mr & Mrs Yee

Pic 18: Breakfast and tidbits anyone??

Pic 19: Eugene & Mr Yong

Pic 20: Aunty Alison, Uncle Peter & Aunty Lay Yan

Pic 21: Sri & Marni

Pic 22: Say cheese everyone…

Pic 23: Elizabeth, Justina & Olivia

Pic 24: Aunty Betty & Aunty Leela

Pic 25: Ms Fam & Mrs Quek

Pic 26: Ps David & Edwin

Pic 27: Odett & Casendra

Pic 28: The youth