Tuesday, September 30, 2008

can discharge already..

Yessss... bro can discharge today... he is better compare to yesterday... doc said his lung is ok too... not a big thing... yes... "thank you Lord for your protection on my family".

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bad things coming in a row

Sometimes life is like that... when good time comes, you will have so many blessings and laughter and enjoyment...

But when 1 thing doesn't work out well, you can see that there will be few more bad things coming in a row... really strange...

Mom just called and said that they are preparing to admit my bro to Selangor Medical Center. Bro was down with fever and cough... today when mom bring bro back to see the doc, doc advise to admit him coz he has asthma and his lung is a bit big. :(

They took his blood to test as well as some x-ray on the chest part. Hopefully nothing really bad........

On top of this, our friend told us that he was reading some forums and found out that the unit that we have booked at Kinrara Mas will be facing a cemetery next time ?!?! @__@" How now? Should we go ahead with the house or choose another unit ???

Argghhh... i'm just so emo now... i just need some huggy....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

RockClimb @ Damai, Batu Caves

As darling and gang decided to go for rock climb, i also tag along with the intention to try some route this time.

I have been to Damai for 3 times now, but i never climb any route previously because i'm afraid of those small little creepy insects on those rocks... :s

But since i have decided to do it this time, I tried to climb. 1st attempt failed terribly, kekekek, and those rocks even cut my Nike ShoE!!! ARggghh... my tapak of the shoe spoilt abit now... :s saddd... heart pain eh when i see my shoe rosak abit...

2nd attempt, i wore kor's rock shoe to climb. Manage to finish the easiest route after wanted to give up few times. The easiest route are so difficult to me... goodness...

Now i can say that i'm not enjoying rock climb at all... especially outdoor... those rocks are so rough that my hands and legs also got cut and knock... blueblack for sure ler... but good experience, at least i have tried it before. xp

Now, waiting for my body to ache...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kinrara Mas, Bukit Jalil

We have finally booked a unit at Kinrara Mas, Bukit Jalil. Yay! Feeling quite happy that finally my dreams are coming closer... that we are owning a house...

I would praise God for some bad things that happened on Tues that push us forward in looking for our future house. After surveying here and there, we have decided to booked a unit at Kinrara Mas.

Check it out here ==> Kinrara Mas @ Bukit Jalil KL

Next step will be waiting for bank agents to call and discuss on their packages...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

House being broke into

bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day...... bluekkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Not my Shah Alam house but our Puchong house aka kor's house! Both of us was at work and kor reach home at 8pm and noticed that the room light was on! Immediately, he knows that there must be something wrong. Sure enough, the gate was being sawed... opened... whole house was a mess... clothes all over the rooms...

As kor called, i was so scared and tried to calm down to think what should i do then... I finished up my last request, told my manager that i need to go home immediately to make police report together. My boss and managers agreed and asked me to take care and inform them if i need help.

Then i drove home... look around the whole house and we went to make police report.

After spending more than an hour in the police station, the police went home with us to check on the house and to collect some information / items as barang kes.

Things that we have lost:-
1. My laptop
2. Kor's PC
3. 2 Canon cameras
4. my mom's RM4K watch
6. all my panties [crazy, all my colourful collection :( ]
7. all our Ferrari car collection but left the garage
8. ps2

Weird things we noticed:-
1. stewpid thief drink our can drink from fridge
2. stewpid thief drink our birdness and throw the bottle in the room
3. stewpid thief pour some can drink into our Baby's cage!!!
4. stewpid thief taking their own sweet time to do everything... from unplucking all the cables from PC, ps2, to even wiping some of the things at home with cloths so that they don't leave their fingerprints. They know our working time and know when we are going home from work...

All our belongings amounted to RM20K ?? :(

Things to praise God for:-
1. good thing my saxaphone is still there!!! oh ya, and my guitar is still there too!!! :D
2. good thing we still haven't get our CKCS, our dear baby... else i can't imagine how long i will cry man...
3. most importantly... good thing that both of us not at home, at least we are not hurt physically.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to work

I'm back to work today... feeling abit excited at work as i'm quite bored sleeping day and night at home already.

But i'm feeling very weak. Don't feel like moving and walking in the office. Even driving to work also i can't really concentrate.

I need back my energy!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

my bowl of noodle

First time in my life that I can stare on my bowl of noodle and not having the urge to consume it at all!!! Wohoo... what happen to me... sick ler deiii... so super hard to even chew my food, so don't talk about swallowing it up... -__-"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sick, so sick...

eee... really dun like the feeling of sick...

had fever since Wed... today still having fever... come on, my med already finish d... fever still here.

My Temperature:-
Wed - 37.8 celcius
Thu - nil (didn't measure)
Fri - 38.3 celcius
Sat - 37.8 celcius

Just called doc, doc said need more medicine... eewwwww... dun like to eat med... make my mouth so bland... bluekkkk..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Siblings bonding time

Since mama don't wanna go out with us (shhii... having her menopause so she kinda like no mood to go out), the 3 of us grab this opportunity to go for food and movie together. It is not easy for us to go out together because of our working schedules.

We had a scope of Baskin Robin ice-cream each before catching up with the movie at 7:10pm so that we won't be that hungry during the movie. :)

Pic 1: Sis and me...

Pic 2: Me and bro...

Not many movies for us to watch, so decided to watch Babylon AD, the only one that we prefered.

After movie, we decided to go for some nice dinner @ Italiannies :D

Pic 3: Posing for fun while wating for our food.

Pic 4: Me at Italiannies

Pic 5: Very delicious Caesar Salad as starter

Pic 6: Spagetti Meatballs... very yummy!!

Pic 7: Look at the huge meatball... hehehe

Pic 8: This is the food that i wanted to try all this while... Salmon Fettucine... delicious!!!

Pic 9: Sis enjoying her spagetti

Pic 10: Beckz enjoying hers too... :D

Pic 11: Sis very full till cannot smile properly... hhhhehee

Pic 12: Yummy, delicious salmon fettucine... Satisfied liao!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My beloved furkids

Just some update on my furkids... :)

1. My Stuart Boy

2. My Sydney Girl

3. My Tiger Boy

4. My Abigail Girl

5. My Buddy Boy

RockClimb @ Damai, Batu Caves

Decided to tag along with them since my mama don't wanna go out with me. :(

Though i'm not climbing, coz i don't really like rock climb, somemore this is outdoor climbing, yaks, will have more ants / insects around which i'm afraid off... maybe la, next one i should try out...


Pic 1: Rebecca Lee and me, waiting for the rest to come

Pic 2: ChuSan and kor wearing their harness getting ready for their climb...

Pic 3: WaiMeng started off in leading the climb

Pic 4: Wah... very high up la him... he surely enjoying himself there!

Pic 5: Chuan belaying someone...

Pic 6: WaiMeng belaying ChunBeng...

Pic 7: Chuan with his trademark again... even when he is climbing! Hahahaa

Pic 8: RebeccaLee resting as the belayer, WaiMeng refuse to let her down until she finish climbing... kekekee

Pic 9: Kor also very high up...

Pic 10: Chilling in the middle of the hot sun!

Pic 11: Posing at ChunBeng's RX7 sportcar... :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

Juliet & Abu the CKCS

My date with Elaine and her Juliet & Abu to Bukit Gasing after work.

Manage to snap 2 pics when they are resting and drinking water.

Pic 1: Juliet is so happy and contented... :) Their faces will just make you melt...

Pic 2: Abu, so healthy (fat fat) and so nice to hug! Hehehhee

After about 1 hour walk, Abu surrender and lay down on the floor already... that's when we decide to go makan and go home.

Pic 3: Juliet's smiley face in the car...

After the walk, we bring them to Asia Cafe where we had our dinner. Now i know that we can bring dogs to Asia Cafe... will visit there more often next time with furkids... :D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Food for sayang

My darling pulak wanna cook for me tonite... heheheheee

We have 1 dish of vegie (very yummy ohhh), 1 dish of luncheon meat (my fav!) and herbal soup (superb!).

Thank you darling! Very nice dinner =)

55000+ Baby Names

Look what my colleague bring to office for me today...

Baby names book... :D so happy to have this! Thanks Ming Eie!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner for darling

Since i'm in morning shift, i can cook for my darling.

Pic 1: me cooking

Food i cook today...

Pic 2: 1 dish of egg with minced pok, 1 dish of mixed vegie and 1 dish of tomato chicken

Hmm... overall, my food very salty... -__-"

Monday, September 08, 2008

Diving @ Pulau Tenggol

Date : 5 - 7 Sept 2008
Venue : Pulau Tenggol, Terengganu

This is seriously a very memorable diving trip that i guess i won't forget for the rest of my life for the fact that we saw WHALE SHARK!!!

Do you know how hard it is to get to see a whale shark? Some divers don't even have the chance to encounter one eventhough they have dive for years... I'm really so super blessed! :D Thank you Lord!!!

Hhmmm, so many pics... where should i start... argghh... and i can't really remember things in detail. Nevermind la, i just put in pics enough la... :) Enjoy!

Oh ya, one of the strange things that keep on happening in this trip was that our boat went kaput / rosak... The very first day, we've already been stranded in the middle of the sea for 4 hours. :D But i do enjoyed alot being in the middle of the sea whereby the 15 of us can't do anything except joking around and some even jumped into the sea to pee pee... :D

Pic 1: Stranded in the middle of the sea for 4 hours

All the human pictures first...

Pic 2: Group pics... 15 divers altogether... Beckz, Kor, Alex, YueFei, PitWah, Chuan, Apple, Chanut, YoongYow, MingEie, EeHwa, Rebecca, WaiMeng, ChunBeng, Eric (not in the pic)

Pic 3: Me underwater

Pic 4: Chuan with a huge worm

Pic 5: After a dive, in the boat going back to our resort

Pic 6: Makan time. Chuan, Apple, Beckz

Pic 7: All the naked man... :D

Pic 8: WaiMeng aka UncleSoo and Alex

Pic 9: Gaya ChunBeng with hightech camera and strobe

Pic 10: Rebecca Lee

Pic 11: Rebecca Cham ;)

Pic 12: Me, preparing for another dive... this is our last dive for the trip

Pic 13: Kor

Pic 14: Us with ChunBeng the lampost.. hahaha

Pic 15: RebeccaLee & Chuan

Pic 16: Me with schools of fishes

Some underwater creatures

Pic 17: Yellowbox fish who refuse to look at the camera

Pic 18: Batfish... every dives here can encounter batfish

Pic 19: Puffer fish at a cleaning station

Pic 20: Giant clam

Pic 21: Soft coral

Pic 22: Seafan

Pic 23: Nudibranch. Nudi is our main purpose coming to Tenggol coz WaiMeng said nudi here is everywhere... indeed... it is everywhere... so easy to spot them!! I'm having fun spotting them then ask kor to take their pics.

Pic 24: Nudi... nudi is part of the family of sea-slug

Pic 25: Another type of nudi...

Pic 26: A glimpse of underwater world!

Pic 27: The whole school

Pic 28: Groupper trapped in the net!!!

Pic 29: Charlie the instructor cutting the net to free the groupper

Pic 30: Nudi...

Pic 31: Nudi...

Pic 32: Banded shrimp

Pic 33: Nudi...

Pic 34: Fish feeding frenzy... these fishes are being chased by a school of jacks and they are using us (Kor, Rebecca Lee and me) as protection... circling around us

Pic 35: The fishes jumping out of the water to escape the jacks

Pic 36: Very common nudi...

Pic 37: Nudi...

Pic 38: Starfish

Pic 39: Nudi...

Pic 40: Nudi...

Pic 41: Nudi...

Pic 42: Nudi...

Pic 43: Nudi...

Pic 44: Nudi...

Pic 45: Hermit Crab

Pic 46: Clownfish

Pic 47: Spanish dancer!!!

Pic 48: 12 bumhead swimming so close to us while kor and i wanted to decent

Pic 49: Divesites in Tenggol

Pic 50: Batfish at a cleaning station

Pic 51: Hawksbill just next to me, he is not afraid of us... so i went ahead to sayang the hand, the leg, touch the shell... arrgh.. a memorable diving trip!!!

Pic 52: Nudi eggs!!! :D

Pic 53: Giant morel eel

Pic 54: 6 banded angel fish...

Pic 55: Nudi near the christmas tree worm

While waiting for everyone to clean their gears, clean themselves, pay the bills before going home...

Pic 56: EeHua, Beckz, Apple, Alex

Pic 57: MingEie, Apple, Beckz, WaiMeng

Pic 58: Kor, Me and Charlie who bring us out to all the dive sites

Pic 59: WaiMeng & I

Pic 60: Home sweet home... nah... not going back with this sampan... hahahahha... this sampan just to transfer us to a fishing boat... ya, we are going back in a fishing boat which took us 2 hours from island to mainland

STRANDED!!! We get stranded in the fishing boat again for 2 hours as the engine refuse to run... know why? coz there are water in the engine... arghh... anyway, once again, i'm enjoying again in the middle of the sea...

Pic 61: Eerrr... WaiMeng and I are actually looking at the boatman repairing the engine... who is that on top? Apple lo... heheeh

Pic 62: Nothing to do maaa... so people taking pics around... even WaiMeng's nose hair

Pic 63: Rebecca Lee & Rebecca Cham driving the boat ?? :D

Pic 64: WaiMeng aka Uncle Soo and his 2 flower tattoo... :D

Pic 65: Kor and Eric

Pic 66: Me in front of the boat

Pic 67: Home sweet home... i will miss you, Tenggol