Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

The super bad me don't agree with kor cooking dinner for me tonight. Instead I wanted to have something special, so finally I bring my whole family out to have nice dinner together. :D

Hence, Victoria Station, my special dinner place tonight. ;p

Pic 1: Sista, forever so happy... :)

Pic 2: Kor & I

Pic 3: Start with appetizer first

Pic 4: Bro and mama =)

Pic 5: Mama had some chicken meal...

Pic 6: Bro had fillet-o-fish

Pic 7: Sis had some fishie meal too...

Pic 8: My darling... *I love you*

Pic 9: Happy Birthday to me... ;)

**Thank you kor for the delicious meals...**

Friday, May 30, 2008

Handsome Mousie

This is my handsome little mousie aka Baby... :D I like to call him mou-sie coz sometimes he does look like a mouse looo... kekeke...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration

GSL celebrated my birthday earlier so we decided to go to Steven's Corner and both of us ordered all sort of food... :D Check out the pics man! I'm hungry as I'm blogging this!

Pic 1: I had cheese mutton murtabak while GSL ordered nasi lemak with fried sotong and garlic cheese naan. ;) *Pic taken from GSL's blog*

Pic 2: Arrgh... foooooood... how can I resist??? :p *Pic taken from GSL's blog*

As we were eating, suddenly GSL asked if i can smell the "smelly tofu". To me, i can't smell anything else other than our delicious food.

Anyway, out of curiousity, we went to look for the "smelly tofu" after our dinner coz i wanted to try it. :D Finally we found the mini lorry selling this "smelly tofu" and GSL bought 1 packet for me and kor to try... kekekekekeee...

Pic 3: The "smelly tofu"

Kor just took 1 and eat it just like that... -__-"

Pic 4: Frankly speaking, i don't really like it and it took me so super long to finish up everything... and the stinking smell stays in my mouth the whole nite! Yuckkkkky... Bluuuuekkkk

This is the smelliest ever present i've ever got! Thanks GSL! I will remember you for life for sure... WWaahahahhaa... ;) Thanks for everything! **Muakzz**

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 Male Kittens

This 3 male kittens are up for adoption. They are born on 9 April 2008 by Sweetie, the cat outside our house that we have been feeding all this while. She gave birth to this 3 kittens again and now, is time to put it up for adoption. Hope that we can find loving owners for this 3 cute naughty kittens. :)

Pic 1: 3 days old

Pic 2: 48 days old

Pic 3: 48 days old

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yummy Dinner

Yummy food that I cooked today.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Learning how to take pictures

Kor want me to learn how to take pics with his camera so that i can use his camera underwater soon... :D So we went to Putrajaya after dinner to take some pics.

Indeed, quite a nice camera to play with but i have to admit that i don't know how to catch nice angle.

Some pics that i took.

Kor took a pic of me while i'm shooting too. ;p

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones

Time to pak tor. Watched Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. Movie not bad, laugh alot... :D

Service Car

Sent car to service today coz we are going for diving in 2 weeks time again. Going to Lang Tengah again. :)

Took more than 5 hours to get the car done coz we want to change the timing belt and apparently, there is 1 part (which i don't know what it is called) is leaking, so have to change it also. On top of that, some fan motor spoilt, so have to get a new one.

Total cost of repairing today - RM490.

Kucing come to us... :D

Yes! So happy la... coz rite, the kucing at kor's apartment nowadays will come to us when she see us parking the car at the carpark! :D The kucing recognize us looo... or maybe recognize my car??? :D

Hahaaaa... well, sometimes when we see the kucing, we will feed her food (my car always have cat food) so nowadays, she knows that she can get food from us... :D

So happy laaa coz trust is built between us!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that I'm drinking quite sucks! :s Sucks as in uumm... when you drink it in your mouth, you really feel like vomiting it out. Those smells I tell you... eeewwwwww.... indescribable.

I wonder in which jungle does the shop pick these lalang from.

Pic 1: 1st Batch - 1800ml water to boil it to become 300ml water

Pic 2: 2nd Batch - reboiling it with 1500ml water to become 250ml water

Pic 3: Mixing the results of 1st batch and 2nd batch - 300ml + 250ml = 550ml (boil it a little while again and it's done for serving) 3 times a day before meals. -__-"

Pic 4: Lalang don't know from which jungle.

Things that I have to refrain to consume this period of time - chicken, duck, fish, prawn, crab, carrot, brinjal, green beans.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sister

Sis birthday today. Thank God that her leg is about 80% healed. So we can still follow our plan to go out for dinner together. :D Really happy! Is hard for me to have such a family reunion time coz of our different working hours.

Today sis purposely take leave. Mom also on leave. Bro is working till 5pm. I purposely swapped shift with my colleagues so that i can finish work by 4pm.

So the happy family can go out for makan at Secret Recipe!

Pic 1: Sis and me...

Pic 2: Sis and mama...

Pic 3: Secret Recipe's lamp

Pic 4: Me, mama and bro

Pic 5: Sis with her cute pose

Pic 6: My mama so pretty... :D

Pic 7: Me having Vegetarian Soba

Pic 8: Bro having his Spaghetti

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday updates

Though today is holiday, but i was at work. :) Work was not fun today coz actually no work at all, so i'm super duper 'sien' / boring!! Cannot stand. But is ok la, coz of the double pay, worthy la... ;)

After work, kor and i went to OUG for a mission. :D I always wanted to try 'da mak' (checking the meridian points) so i found out that this chinese shop next to Steven's Corner has those kinda sifu to 'da mak', so there i went in... wa seh... we waited for 1 1/2 hours coz other than 'da mak', this sifu also do acupuncture.

Actually 1. i'm curious, so i wanted to try; 2. since i'm on shift work and getting weaker day by day, i wanted to find some supplements hoping that this sifu can help to recommend some supplements for me.

End up......... have to eat his traditional chinese medicine... goodness, in my whole life, i never had such a thing before coz i don't like the smell, so don't say about those bitter or whatever taste it has... =.=

Some more, have to boil it wan... alamakkkkk... i don't know what i'm getting into...

Anyway, i'm giving myself 1 week to try this traditional chinese medicine if i can see / feel any improvement.

1 packet of my traditional chinese medicine. I have 7 packets for 7 days lo...

So i'm boiling the medicine now so that i can start drinking it tomorrow. Me working morning shift ler, tomorrow as early as 6am, i have to get up d. If don't boil now, tomorrow i have to wake up at 4am?? -__-"

I don't know if this will turn out to be a success as i never never wanted to try traditional chinese medicine last time... As for this time, i'm not sure how is the taste like and if i can really drink it down to my stomach.

Let's see......

Miss Abigail

Just to update 1 pic of my pretty Abigail. :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

2 days 1 night at Malacca

No pictures taken during my trip back to Malacca this time. :D Coz i was tired and i wanted some rest. Rest from holding my N73 to snap pictures. hahaha... as if... xp

1st day
- reached Malacca at 1am, we went for mamak before going back to kor's house.

- lunch, kor's sis bring us to eat mee rebus, quite nice.

- went to their relative's house. 1st time meeting them. As usual, i never talk much and i only play hp game all the time at ppl's house. -__-" (no topic to talk about ler, me always shy shy wan ler especially when 1st time meeting ppl).

- in the afternoon, get to chit chat with kor's mama, talk about Tupperware stuff konon... :D kor's mama and papa showing me those Tupperware stuff that they had long long time ago (their collection)... hahahahaaa... and i gave them the Tupperware Mother's Day gift.

- dinner, we had seafood with kor's another relative pulak this time. Same case, i never talk much and i only play hp game all the time. -__-" Not only me, kor also playing hp game... wahhahaha

- didn't go jonker street this time.

2nd day
- wake up quite early, 9am, coz i'm having some cough, can't sleep coz got asthma... :s

- alamak! I hooked on kor's hp game!!! (Pet shop game) So the whole morning i was playing with it.

- never help kor's mama to cook this time (**abit guilty now and pai seh**) only know how to eat. If tell my mama, sure kena scolding... hehehehehe

- after lunch, follow them out for a while in the car only... i was still holding on to kor's hp and never let go. -__-" (super teruk weiiii)

- finally before we are suppose to leave Malacca at 3pm, Eric called kor's hp, so i have no choice but to pass back the hp to kor... hahahha... then only i went to pack pack abit to leave and never get back kor's hp. ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Holiday @ Malacca

Yes! I seriously need some break. Very tired this week running up and down for family and work.

Going to Malacca with kor and kor's sis later. :p Never go back for quite some time coz of my working timetable that always change this few months.

Anyway, i'm looking forward for this trip to relax and spend some time with kor's parents.

After 7 days

Early morning already fetch sister to SMC to remove stitches. Went early hoping can finish early so i can bring sis for some yummy lunch before i go to work.

But crazy day today! Waited for our turn from 9.30am - 11am. Then the nurse told us that can't remove the stitches today. So did the normal dressing and paid RM27 for it.

After asking for MCs from the nurse, they guide us to the Emergency Ward pulak... waited there awhile and the nurses there said we need to consult the doctors from Emergency Ward before they can issue us the MCs... :s

So waited for another 30 mins before the doctor came to see my sis and said can remove stitches pulak! Arrrgh... crazy...

Okok, nevermind. Stitches removed then have to pay another RM25! :s

Anyway, money is not everything. As long as sis' wound heal.

Thank God that it's ok... :D I'm happy for sis.

But can't bring sis to have the nice pok noodle, so only eat at Sri Muda for lunch before i go to work.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Opera Models

The sleep-over at GSL's house when Hwei was back in Feb. GSL edited this pic of us... hahaha, so nice so i can't ignore and not putting in my blog too... :p

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Major decision made

I have made a major decision in life again. Finally i have tender the resignation letter today. I'm quite tired and abit scare of shift work as it turns my whole life upside down. I can feel that my body is weaker nowadays i guess part of it is because my sleeping time is disorder and eating disorderly too.

There are many things that i can't commit to do because of my shift work. I can't join cell group, i can't commit to have a puppy now coz getting a pup is quite crucial, i can't meet friends after work coz by the time i finish work, my friends are all in dreamland already (my afternoon shift) or they are starting their work (my morning shift).

Anyway, decision made. Have i found any job yet? Nope. :) So prayer needed! Please help to pray for a job within Shell with normal working hour. Thank you very much!

**Lord, please provide me the right path, grant me a job within Shell again with normal working hour. Thank you Lord for your wonderful blessings!**

Monday, May 12, 2008

After 3 days

Really thank God that my sis' wound is healing fast. Prayer works. And thank you for everyone who prayed for her.

Today bring her back to SMC for check-up and to change dressing. She is not feeling the pain so intensely anymore compared to the first day. On the first day itself, she can't even sleep at night. So poor thing.

Actually i have one testimony that i must share. On that day when my sis called me to ask me to fetch her to the hospital and mentioned that she bleed alot... i was quite scare till i literally shaking as i was changing to rush out. At one point, i have to tell myself, don't panic, change slowly (coz i can't put in my shirt as i was so panic and shaking), and keep telling myself everything will be fine.

During this time, i was speaking in tongue very loudly (once i put down the phone from sis). Coz no one else can help other than Him.

When i'm in the car, i called sis again to check on her. She told me the bleeding stop. Immediately i know it is Him.... it is truely Him.

*Thank you Lord for your healing hands upon my sister. Amen*

Friday, May 09, 2008

Esther's Accident


What a day! Finish work this morning at 7am, kor pick me up this morning, breakfast together before he went to work and i went home.

I can't sleep so i went online for a while and continue playing games till 1pm, sis called shouting on the phone that there is so much blood!! I was really stunt! Asking her to explain properly.

After knowing that non of her colleagues know how to drive to send her to hospital, i rushed to SACC Mall to pick her up. She fell on the escalator and knock her knee while going to work.

Pic 1: Her colleagues help to wrap the wound up to stop the bleeding.

Pic 2: Sis crying and shouting like mad as nurses and doc examining the wounds.

Pic 3: Sis crying... pity her... i used to think that i wanna try to get some stitches coz i) i think is cool; ii) i'm curious, so i just wanna try. But after today's incident, i think i better don't take the risk! x|

So doc have to give 2 injections to release her pain.

Pic 4: Awaiting to be x-ray to make sure there is not fractured bones since sis keep saying very painful.

Pic 5: Now sis looks better rite? Still can laugh... coz not that painful anymore after injection. Now awaiting for x-ray result.

Since we are waiting for the reports, we still can joke and laugh... then i proceed to take more pics before the wounds get stitched... here is one of them...

Pic 6: Sis' 2 wounds.

Ok, now is the time that i'm waiting for.... longing to see the real stitching going on...

Pic 7: Doc wearing gloves... preparing all the tools... :p


Pic 8: 4 stitches at the bigger wound. Supposingly, it should be more that 4 stitches, but since sis is shouting like mad, doc reduce it... hehhehe...

As for the smaller wound, doc said wanna give 1 stitch, but sis refused. So after negotiation, doc said okla... no need to stitch la, just put plaster.

Pic 9: After all the stitches and plastering the small wound, doc put a layer of cloth (looks like one) which is actually with medication.

Pic 10: Alrite, dressing done.

Please proceed to pay the bill which is RM214.90 and can go home liao...