Monday, March 31, 2008

Good News!

It was just last week that i kept complaining about my job. And today... i receive so much blessings from Him!

Had 1:1 session with my manager... got to know 3 good news from her.

1. I score the 2nd highest within my team in my scorecard. We have scorecard to check our monthly performances.

2. Manager asked if i wanna be the backup coordinator, such an impromptu question. For me, i always don't mine if i have new things to learn... so a yes for me. Is this consider a promotion to me??

3. Manager said, soon all of us are required to study 40 hours of skillport courses per year. Skillports are online self-learnt courses with subjects like 'how to be the best analyst', 'how to improve in our communication'... etc. etc...

On top of having free courses + certificate, company will pay the 40 hours of our stay back time to learn this courses!

Meaning, if today, i stay back for 2 hours to learn this skillport course, i can claim 2 hours OT for today. O.O Good deal rite? So total we can claim 40 hours of OT per year! Wahhh... What a blessing!

Praise God for this 3 good news! TQ Lord! =D

Hhmmm... i wonder if God is bored at our complains... hahaha, then da daaaa... He gave us such a great surprises in return all the time... :D

Ikan Kukus

Jimmy was just telling me so excitingly about his special gift from his friend. It's a keychain with 2 lively fish in it! O.O Serious wei...... with 2 fish that is ALIVE!

4 hours later...

Jimmy said it was his carelessness that he left his keychain in his car and the 2 lively fish now become 2 EKOR IKAN KUKUS. -__-"
The 2 ikan kukus.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Popo's bday

Today we celebrated popo's birthday at a restaurant. Uncle belanja us, we had 2 tables, RM880 each table... had normal chinese 8 dish-course lo...

It was just last month that i have dedicated myself not to eat sharkfins... hmmm... they serve sharkfins or course, so kor and i did not take it... :D Though i was quite tempted + a bit regretful but as a diver, i think i should make this stand long time ago. After watching how ppl kill sharks for their fins in YouTube, i guess you will make this step not to have sharkfins. **so go search in YouTube!** My aunt keep saying, is very nice, is very nice... well.... i know... wahhahaa... im tempted... but pity the sharks too... :D

Anyway, uncle purposely booked so-called a room with karaoke so all my cousins can shout their lungs out... well, all my cousins, aunts plus my mom did shouted their lungs out just now! :D Entertaining too... cousins was dancing like crazy man... kekke

Pic wise... hmm, sorry, didn't take any with my N73. I'm too tired. Only had 2 hrs sleep coz of niteshift... so no mood to take pics... :D

Yoo Ye Eun born blind

Yoo Ye Eun, a 5 year old girl born blind playing the amazing piano pieces. No one taught her how to play piano but she could just play it after listening to the music.

Children... full of talent!

Really amazing... watch it and you will know what i mean...

Friday, March 28, 2008

My life ohh lifeeee

I might look like a happy-go-lucky person... but i still do have emotions.

Emotional breakdown huh?? hai...

I'm worried about my next step... after contract end, should i renew? or should i search for another job?

I don't like shift work, having been working in shift environment for more than 1 year now, i do find it tough especially for graveyard shift. I need a proper sleeping time. I miss my sleeping time. I love playing computer games at wee hour ;p but not working at wee hour :(

Should i take up study loan? :D I wish i could finish my Grade 8 in piano so i can teach piano... hey, looking at long run u know? Who knows next time i might be a housewife... :p then at least i still can have some income by teaching piano at home... how about that?? :D Sounds great? Yeah, i do think so!

But no finance laaaaaaaa... hhaaaaiii...

Life is tough...

How i wish i don't need to make decision. How i wish that i don't need to work... How i wish i can just sit at home playing with my pets... How i wish i could go to Coffee Bean with my lappie anytime i like... How i wish i could do everything that i like... How i wish...............

I'm so tired now, so tired at work... My eyes are tired and swollen and red... didn't have good sleep coz so many things running in my mind... arghhhh... i hate it...

"Lord, I need you........ Please don't leave me nor forsake me...."

Thursday, March 27, 2008


2 things that amuses us just now during our 1 hour break:-

1. Poor handsome guy felt from his chair at OldTown Kopitiam. The leg of the chair just broke off out of sudden. Daljit can't stop laughing, upon hearing his laughter, we all can't control not to laugh too. Hahahaaa... pity that handsome guy la... kekekekeke

2. The guard felt asleep so our car can't enter the office. Hence, Daniel has to press the horn to wake the guard and the guard jump up from his sleep. Looking at his expression makes us laugh like crazy... wahhahaa...

Ok, time to continue working... =p

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lina - Joy for adoption

Lina - Joy (2mth female for adoption)

Story Behind:-

Lina was found tied to a tree without food and water on a Sunday afternoon. She was then thin and only 6 weeks. When rescued, she was full of joy and expressively happy. Hence, Lina - Joy.

Now checked and certified healthy and de-worm. Very robust, active and attention seeker. Will be vaccinated this week. Ideal time to welcome as a family and for training as well.

View at Subang Jaya. Interested pls sms Julie @ 019-388 5119 and state Lina and your name. Will call back after 6pm.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Luxor 3

Whahahahahahaaaa.... thanks babe! THANKS!!!

Coz she love me so much, she search for this game for me!!! Now it's in my lappie!!! Whooohhhooooo... THANK YOU SO MUCH GOH SUE LEY!! Muakzzzzz muakzzzz

And my brother too, he told me that he downloaded this game for me in a CD!!! Love you bro!! :D

And now my colleagues are asking the game from me... :p Can start business d wei... hehehehe

Oh man! I love balls... I mean I love colour balls... :D

Miracle Baby from Germany

Got an email from Beate and Jürgen Kiesinger this morning. So happy to hear from them as we shared alot when i was there 2 1/2 years ago. That time, they are just newly married.

Later, the doctors told them that they can't have children but they went to the pastor and elders for prayers. They couldn't believe it that one day, Beate was pronounced as pregnant and now, Baby Johanna Lina is three weeks old.

It's a miracle!

A little bit of Mom,
a little bit of Dad,
and so much miracle!

Great are the works of the LORD;
they are pondered by all who delight in them.
Psalms 111: 2

We are very glad to have our little miracle and praise God for
Johanna Lina
born march, 2nd 2008
3200 g
52 cm

The presented parents:-
Beate & Jürgen Kiesinger
Kreuzbühlstr. 40
72458 Albstadt

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ohps, food again xp

Sis' off day today so we went for pok-pok mee for lunch before getting Stuart's food.

Pic 1: Sista eating her last bit of the food

Pic 2: Me with the very nice teh ice

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Loco Roco Theme Song

One of my colleague poisoned me with this PSP game, Loco Roco which has a very lively theme song that i was so addicted to it. I was sitting in front of my lappie whole evening memorizing this cute song!

chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n
no-ra churere-rotton poraporapetton pu-rorattantan
pappu-ra mo-inoinoi
chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n
o-ra poruketthi-no poporattantanso-

kokoreccho pie-nto-ra ma-nima-ni
ungarafoccha-ra de-ra
totora-pethiton totora-pothiton
kokoreccho pie-nto-ra ma-nima-ni
ungarafoccha-ra de-ra
totora-pethiton totora-mathisi-po-n

chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n
no-ra churere-rotton locorocopetton pu-rorattantan
pappu-ra mo-inoinoi
chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n
o-ra poruketthi-no poporattantanso-

Saturday, March 22, 2008


First time for Chee Siang and Anne to visit the unique buildings in Putrajaya. We went around taking pics with tripod till 1.30am in the morning! Tiring, tiring........


I went with a very high expectation on this movie and expected a personal touch from God which God did filled me up tonight. It's just so nice to be in the house of the Lord and to be in the presence of God. I wept few times watching this great movie.

Tonight, God reminded me again on how He took away my sins in order to give me freedom. He is still the same gentleman that i know, someone that will never force us, someone that love us so deeply regardless of how we treat Him, someone that will always be beside us when we are in need, someone that we can never ever want to let go.

"Thank you Jesus for the great sacrifices and willing to go through all the pain in order to redeem us all again."

More pics of the movie courtesy of Daniel Liew and Nick Tay.


Kor got me 2 gadgets today! Yay! Love it! Love it! Love kor too! **Muakzz** :D

A paws mousie and a SD card reader since mine already rosak... ;)


Brought Chee Siang and Anne to the usual place where we love very much.

Pic 1: Chee Siang & Anne

Pic 2: Kor & I

Pic 3: Our pok-pok noodle

Pic 4: Anne enjoying her pok-pok noodle

Pic 5: Chee Siang had loh-mee which is very nice too =)

And they agreed that it was good indeed!

Friday, March 21, 2008


At one moment, i thought this is a new breed, a breed that i have never known off and it's something new to me as i was so excited to check further!

HHmm... let's see the pics first!

Picture courtesy of nicoty_yne

Ain't she cute?? I've never seen such a cutie before actually... That's why i'm so excited about it.

Proudly introduce to you.... Cherry, a 3-years old Robovski hamster, fur-less because of old ageeeeee... oo... now i see... hehehe....

More about Cherry by the owner:-
"I think Robovski have the longest life-span in dwarf family.. Bcoz, only my Robovski lived up to 3 years old.. Cherry is 3 years old aredi.. And today if i find her lying motionless and not breathing anymore, i wont cry becoz i know she has gone thru so many good days in her life.. She is an active and healthy hammy.. She loves eating and she never forget to exercise everyday (everynite and early morning actually :p).. Before this, she was living with a brother (Pear) and a sister (Apple). After they left her (they're in heaven..), she lives alone but she never got problem living by her own. She's an independent hammy btw.

I have her old pic (last year photos), but i forgot where i kept all my pets cd album (lazy to find actually). I wanna show u guys her pic before she become bold.. She was half-naked.. looked like she forgot to wear her pants.. haha... Hmm.. not nice to see actually.. but i'll find it and uplod it as soon as i found the cd, ok..

Oh ya, this morning i notice a white spot on her right eye.. Cataract maybe.. But i think it's nothing to wori, normal for old hammies.."

I'm very proud of the owner who are still taking good care of Cherry, giving her all the love and cherish her till now. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our cook for tonite.....

Kor's best friend and his wifey came to stay with him this week so tonite, kor decided to cook for his friends.

Pic 1: Kor cooking his special dish, scrambled eggs

Pic 2: Scrambled eggs... look so nice!!

Pic 3: Daa daaaa... this is the result!

Pic 4: Super duper delicious rendang meat!!

Pic 5: The vegies...

Pic 6: The seafood soup

Pic 7: Daa daaa... our simple dinner for 4 person

Pic 8: The loving couple from Penang, Chee Siang & Anne

Pic 9: Not forgetting to have dessert too! :p

Bored to death!

Burbbb... I'm bored to death @ WORK today.... If it's not because of the double pay... hmmm

okok, give thanks...


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Dinner time with GSL.... dinner was just too good that we forgot to take our pic, instead, we took this one!


curry mutton rice with vegie and murtabak cheese kambing! Awesome!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our hamsters

Just to update. All 3 are healthy. All 3 are growing. All 3 are happy. All 3 are chubby. All 3 are loved by kor and I. :D

Pic 1: Sappy - Trying to get out from his cage

Pic 2: Baby - standing on top of his house and eating...

Pic 3: Hammy - was running around the sofa but stop for a moment for me to take his pic... :D Smart ehh? hahahaa

Gemma's bday

Celebrating Gemma's birthday, my line manager.

Very nice pics taken by colleague who play SLR camera! :)

Pic 1: This is our Gemma...

Pic 2: The whole RM team went to Gemma who was conducting a meeting at the pantry and all of us sang songs in the pantry...

Pic 3: Gemma thought that she is 21 only... :D

Pic 4: All crowded at the pantry... Can spot me?? :p

Pic 5: Cake cutting

Pic 6: Gemma, WeeKee, and Shen

Pic 7: The cake cutter and the helper, Raz and Hazel

Pic 8: Dinesh and WeeKee

Pic 9: Talk to the hand... Shen's hand by the way... :D