Friday, November 06, 2009

Double happiness

Oh I forgotten to share this... :D Did you know? That my Sydney girl is also pregnant??? :p Haahahaaa... I've known few of my friends who are pregnant this year, and including my own cat too! :D

Pic 1: Sydney girl on her 2nd month of pregnancy, which she is going to due anytime also! :D I wonder she will deliver the same day as me???? :p My whole family is also waiting for the arrival of her kittens...

Pic 2: Sydney girl doing her manja act for people to sayang her...

Pic 3: Her figure from the top... :D Huge ya! The amazing thing about God's creation!

Pic 4: My pretty Sydney girl, she is getting heavier and heavier. Mom said she can't jump up to high cupboards anymore... :)

Pic 5: This is her comfortable position since her tummy is getting bigger and bigger now... :D

Pic 6: And this is her loving hubby... still kissy kissy her and licking her...

Pic 7: Yes! WangWang it is! Hahahahaaaa....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mummy Masami

Say hi to Mummy Masami :) She is on her 34th weeks of pregnancy! :)

One of my best mate since college days where we serve together in Inti Christian Fellowship (ICF), and we took care of 1 cell group together during one of the semester there. And until now, whenever I visit Penang, hubby and I will stay at her house despite she is no more there :D She is back to Japan... so when we are at Penang, we will just stay with her mummy there... hehehe... Really glad that both of us are getting our kids almost the same time :D
Ganbate Masami! :D

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Us @ Putrajaya RockClimb Extreme Park

Our pics where Princess Megan is still comfortably hiding herself in mummy's tummy...

And daddy with his harness on getting ready for his rock climbing activity.

Sterilizing baby's bottle

Daddy is showing mummy how to sterilize baby's bottles... heheheee... and testing out the huge Zebra indian pot that we've bought sometime ago... Its big enough to fit all the 8 Avent bottles as well as the breast pump.