Sunday, April 27, 2008

K9 Dog Day @ Botanic Garden, Klang

Full of energy early in the morning to go to church (because after church, i will be going for the dog's event again!). There are something to excite me to wake up early morning! Some more, attend the earliest service! Hehehhheee...

Anyway... there you goes... Enjoy!

Pic 1: German Shepherd is quite a huge dog

Pic 2: With proper training, German Shepherd is quite a lovely and tame dog =)

Pic 3: Poor Husky with saliva leaking out coz the weather is quite hot that day

Pic 4: Here are the poodles and Basset Hound. Apparently, many people with poodles are here today...

Pic 5: Great Dane named Lucifer... *pity the dog* kekekekee... **one of the way to touch and sayang their dogs is to ask them alot of questions on their doggies... surely they let you sayang and take pic!**

Pic 6: This Great Dane is named Alex

Pic 7: This 2 fellas (St. Bernard) are the one that we always see in every dog's event...

Pic 8: Pity this beagle... the owner don't know gone where, tie them on the ground and left don't know where... hehehe

Pic 9: This is the English Cocker Spaniel... very action la him... :D call him so many times but don't wanna come to me

Pic 10: Very cute Corgi!!

Pic 11: This is CKCS (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) that i'm dreaming to have! Nice??? Reason 1: Coz don't require grooming. Reason 2: Coz can keep in apartment, it's a lapdog... :p

*Thank you Lord for Your great creation to cater to all your mankind!*

**Lord, please bless me with a CKCS if it really suits me... Thank you... Reveal more to me... Amen.**

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mission failed

Kor wanted to get some good durians, so we went all the way to Hulu Langat coz the durians there are not bad.

After about 1 hour plus journey there, finally we found some stalls with durians... not many actually. There are about 6 stalls selling durians along the roads so we went to ask for the price.

Goodness! The price is killing people... Those durians cost RM8 - RM10 per kg! O.o"

Apparently, those are not Hulu Langat durians... the durian season for Hulu Langat durians are during july... so those are some other places durian, that's why it cost that much.

Anyway, we came back empty handed... mission failed!

Nontheless, kor's crave are too strong that he stop by outside his apartment and got 1 huge expensive durian that cost RM26. The durian not bad la... :D

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cute cute hamsters

Pic 1: Baby looking out from his Ovo Suite

Pic 2: Hammy love veggies... :D

**By the way, i still haven't feed them with mealworms yet... still don't dare to touch / squeeze their juice out to introduce to my hamsters... hhmmm ^_^**

Mealworms 2

More updates on my mealworms.

To my surprise, when i look at them this morning, they have grown fatter... O.O Really can gut load them wan wohhh... hahahahaaa

Pic 1: Cleaning them, took out those old veggies...

Pic 2: They are fatter compared to the first day i bought them home!

Pic 3: New veggies for them... :D

Pic 4: Faster eat, faster grow fat fat...

I wonder at the end of the day, will i let my hamsters eat them.... ^_^

One of the way to introduce the mealworms to our hamsters is TO PEEL OFF THEIR HEAD AND TO CRASH THEIR BODY TO LET THE JUICESSSSS COMES OUT and let our hamsters smell it, then they will begin to bite and taste the mealworms. Only then, the hamsters will know that these are good food... O.o"

Cruelty!! hmmmmm... i wonder will i finally try all this... ahhh maaaa... helpppp....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby a solid sable hamster

Playing around with Baby, he is quite big and fat already. Not because of the mealworms la, haven't start feeding them with mealworms. Hehehehee... he is fat prolly because we are feeding the hamsters good food... like more expensive hamsters food ler... :D

Is really hard to get their pics. They run up and down all the time!

Pic 1: Only time to get some nice pic is when they clean themselves

So, this is our Baby, a solid sable hamster. I have been longing to get such a colour until we found Baby from the Jonker Street at Malacca... :D Then immediately i got it back...

Pic 2: Playing hide and seek! :D

Pasar here i come

Guess what?? After reading more from the forum..... Forumers said it's good to gut load the mealworms with veggies and cat food / dog food...

So i went to the market happily after work (graveyard shift this week) and bought some veggies looo...

I'm feeling as if i'm actually keeping mealworms as pets man! Hahahaha... feeding them good food and all.

Pity them la, when i first put veggies and cat food into the tupperware for them, they eat like mad! Seriously.... i think they are really very hungry... hahahaaa... previously, i only put newspaper... guess they are only eating newspaper... well... i don't know ma... my first time buying mealworms only lehh...

And hmmmm... i do enjoy looking at them eating and moving around... though i still feel 'geli'... i never touch them ok... i only use the tweezer to korek them when i cannot tahan... hhahhaa

Forumers said cannot let my hamsters eat them first. Must gut load the mealworms for 24 - 48 hours before feeding my hamsters wohhhh... :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Look what i'm up to now...

Pic 1: Mealworms

Nope, this is not my pets... O.o" It's just some extra protein for my hamsters. I have been thinking of getting it for months but one thing that stop me from getting it was that i'm feeling very 'geli' over it... i can't stand looking at them... so don't even talk about touching them...

Well.......... it's all because of my hamsters... read from the forum that mealworms are good for hamsters, full of proteins and can make them fat fat....... kekekeke. Whatever thing that can make my pets happy, i will be more than happy.

After getting RM1 of mealworms from aquarium shop, i went around supermarket searching for something to hold the mealworms (*so that i don't need to use my hand*) and thank God i found this!!

Pic 2: A tweezer that only cost RM1.50

I'm looking at them feeling so 'geli' and itchy.... eeewwwwwww.... what on earth am i doing... ^-^

Then i'm so excited over it and bring Baby out to try to feed him with mealworms... i put 1 mealworm on a tupperware cover and let Baby smell but Baby just can't noticed that there is worm around.... :s AArrghhhh..... Baby isn't responding to the mealworms!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bonding time

Monday will always be our bonding time, chit-chat time, time to catch up with one another if:-

1. I'm on graveyard shift
2. Sis is off from work

Lunch at OUG again... kekke, the pok-pok noodle lo... sis said miss it, so meh bring her there lo...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Farewell Makan @ Tony Roma's

EErr, farewell makan for some of my techleads and request coordinators, not my farewell. :D But having the opportunity to join my big boss, manager (teamlead), techleads and request coordinators for this makan is really a blessings for me. :D (**Thank you Lord**).

First of all, of course is because of the food that i choose to go... hahahaha... not always have opportunity to eat expensive food... xp

Secondly, it's a great opportunity to get to know my boss, manager and the rest of the team mates more... :D God's favour is really upon me that it's just so sudden that i'm choosen to be one of the backup request coordinator. In the whole RM (Request Management) Team, there are about 80++ people and suddenly, you get choosen... isn't it something amazing? :p

**Lord, really thank you for such a blessing... It was just a day after all my complains about work and You turn the whole situation for me. Thank you Lord.**

Pics on the way if i ever get it from my colleagues... ^-^

Pak-tor day

Finally...... i have my rest day... i have my weekend.... i have my pak tor day......

Today pak tor with pok-pok again... not my darling = pok-pok... what i'm saying is me + darling had pok-pok mee again... ;)

Our favourite food + favourite teh ice

Saturday, April 19, 2008

CAHD Training

Quite reluctant to go back for training actually because today is weekends... it's suppose to be my family day.

Anyway, training started at 2pm. Training on CAHD (Central Admin HelpDesk) whereby we learn to unblock smartcard, reset smartcard, etc. etc, everything to do with SmartCard. Quite interesting i would say as i'm always curious on how things work. So now i know... :D

Worse thing was, no aircond in the training room. Goodness, 16 of us became sour fruits... :s

Things to praise God with, we can claim double for this training. :D Can claim 8 hours of OT today... YAY!...

Traning ended at 7pm, then went back to Shah Alam to pick sis and went to popo house. Cousin having her birthday party so went there to have dinner and to fetch mama and bro home as i drop them there earlier in the morning.

Brunch @ OUG

Bring mama and bro to OUG for brunch before bringing them to popo house.

Pic 1: This time bring mama to try the loh mee that is quite famous in OUG

Pic 2: My brother so handsome =p

Pic 3: Me in uniform, gonna go back to office later for training ler... (*anyway, that is not the uniform... hhhaha, though is shell t-shift, but not really uniform la...*)

Pic 4: Mama didn't had the loh mee actually, she only took the popiah.

Friday, April 18, 2008

13 hours

I'm in the office for 13 hours in total today.... What a long long day...

10am - 2pm = 4 hours OT doing STT training
2pm - 11pm = 9 hours working hour

Super tired and i felt that time went so slow today...

Looking forward for weekends...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I need my weekends

I'm longing for my weekends... not really feeling well... i need more rest...

but today had a meeting, get to know that we have to come back on Saturday for some training... arggghhh... but thank God... we are required to come in for 4.5 hours but we can claim double pay for this training... hope this news can get me going alive on Saturday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pre-Diving Trip Dinner

Since i have nothing to do at home today, so i thought is good to join them for this Pre-dive dinner at MidValley... :D This is a dinner for those who are joining the Open Water Dive in June, a dinner where Richard distribute the Open Water Text Book... :D

Pic 1: Kenneth, kor's college-mate, gonna be diver soon!

Pic 2: Hennley, kor's colleague and her bf, Devin... taking Open Water too...

Pic 3: Yes, Cheng Mei is gonna take Open Water... :D And it's like a reunion for me tonite, hahahaa... didn't meet Cheng Mei for quite some time.

Pic 4: And Crystal too, gonna take Open Water. As for Eric, he is already in Advance, he is just teman-ing his gf there... :D

Time to give out books and to tell them what to study and what is coming out in the exam. All listening so attentively... :D

Pic 5: Kenneth

Pic 6: Cheng Mei

Pic 7: Hennley and Devin

Pic 8: The whole group at MidValley food court


Sick again... MC today...

Yesterday really can't stand at work coz i was having headache since i woke up, and cough non stop at work probably coz of aircond in the office.... so finally ask my manager if i could go home and see doc.

Manager say yes... so off i went... took half day MC ytd and MC for today.

Finally my period came! Hai... so uncomfortable also... okla... wanna go rest more...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Sunday

Down with sore throat... whole nite so painful... :s When i woke up, it's 10.30am... argh... late for church and bro also still sleeping... so forget it...

Thought of going for lunch but mana tau, my car can't start... ishhh... called mechanic and all... car battery problem, had it changed for RM200. There goes another RM200... My previous battery just changed not long, hvn't reach 1 year yet... so gonna claim back....

Finally submitted my income tax online... :D at least got 1 thing done today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our Sweetie and cubs

Here is the pics of Sweetie and 3 of her cubs born on 9 April 2008, 3 days ago... ;p

Very nice colour... if look closer, the white cub is not really white i guess, can see a bit of light orange... :D

Praise God that 3 cubs and the mother is healthy.

Family day

My family day today. Went to pyramid, met the insurance agent and signed an insurance for myself. Finally i have 1 insurance myself... :D

Another plan of going to pyramid was to get mom a hp... well, after surveying in the nokia shop... hai... the models that we want don't have stock... oklo... so wait laaaa... now mom is using her old hp first lo... kekkee... later see if got any newer model that we like or not.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sweetie our heroine

Sweetie gave birth to 3 cubs today! Sis just called and told me that! Yes! And out of the 3, one of it looks like pure white woh... Woohoooo... if really pure white with blue eyes, guess i might wanna keep it! =p

Sweetie is our stray cat that we have been feeding for years. She always sleep outside our house. Due to 5 cats that we have at home, we can't really take her in anymore... quite pity but we keep on providing food and allow her to sleep outside our house... :)

Lunch for today

Any idea what is this?? O.o"

This is one of my favourite food at mamak stall... kekkeee... I learn to eat this food since i'm a young girl about primary school. Once upon a time, while i went to the market with my grandma (dad's side), i asked my grandma what is this that those people selling... my grandma said, "i will cook this for you and let you try".

After explaining to me the whole thing and looking at how my grandma cook it, i enjoyed it so much...

It's actually fish eggs. xp As i'm eating each pieces, i can see millions of eggs in it, small little white eggs... :D yummy!

Ohppsss... who said diver cannot eat fish or fish eggs? :D I love fish a lot too... :D

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

HP into washing machine

Mom called while i'm rushing my work. She sounded so frust so i listen to her, let her popek out what she wanted to say.

She said, she just don't realize that her hp was in her pant's pocket and there goes the pants into the washing machine. When she was hanging cloths, suddenly her hp dropped from somewhere within those cloths then only she realize it!

HHhmmmm... there goes another hp.

This is her 2nd time washing her own hp in the washing machine. Of course i'm still talking politely with her, told her no need to be so frust la, i will get an early birthday present for her lo... another hp looo...

The hp in the washing machine is her last year's birthday present that is only 6 months old. Hahahaaa...

RM2.90 lunch

Lunch today - curry rice with vegies, papadam and teh ice.

Funny things happen. The lady boss came to me and ask why do I need to take picture before I eat as she saw me doing so few times d.

Well, I think my answer disappoint her as I told her that I put it in my blog.

Guess she is expecting me from the press. HEHeheh...

Anyway... =D I enjoyed my lunch today.

"Thank you Lord for the food!"

Monday, April 07, 2008


Work like hell. Shell = hell. I'm all alone handling 50+ emails and 30+ onerm tickets plus calls coming in non-stop. Wohhooo. Really can dance at work. Dance coz gone kuku d. x|

Celine Dion Tickets

Look what i've got....

2 Celine Dion concert tickets cost RM310!!!

Not mine la, kekee. I'm only the messenger for it. Collected from Michelle who can't make it for the concert and send it to Angie. Angie bought over the ticket lo.

I'm not willing to pay any amount to go see concerts, hehhe, unless if going to see orchestra la... For singers, errrr... no interest. =p

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Discover Scuba Dive 2

DSD for 2nd day today... also for Shell people. Woke up as early as 7am again and had this... :D

Pic 1: McD big breakfast

Too bad today no camera for me to play coz battery finished!!! Arggghh... but i still have 1 set of gear for me to go into the pool... hahaha, so i'm just helping out here and there and doing all sort of stunts underwater.

After the 3 hours session in the pool, i have very nice reddish skin!

Pic 2: Nice tan! :D

After DSD finishes at 1pm, we went to 1 Utama for lunch and kor wanna get some working clothes.

Our lunch at Wong Kok Restaurant also... :D coz we wanna try more of their food mah...

Pic 3: Spring rolls...

Pic 4: My fried rice with vegies...

As for dinner, i decided to cook spaghetti for kor...

Pic 5: The spaghetti sauce with mushrooms...

Pic 6: Ta daaa... our spaghetti... yummy, i love it... I wonder if kor likes it?? hmmm...