Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another path to walk

Is time for me to change job to join some companies that i can meet people and to interact with humans rather than sitting at home alone doing freelance work.

There are pros and cons doing freelance, sometimes i do think that i'm being overpaid for the work that i do especially recently when my boss hire another colleague to share my workload. I'm just too free, or rather i should say that i was quite busy during Christmas period that i spend very little time in working and last week, Streamyx was down so i did not manage to work much. So sometimes i really think that i better have a permanant work where i can have more responsibilities so that i won't feel that i'm too free, in this i can feel that i'm not wasting time, at least i can contribute something out. But the good part in doing freelance is that i have a lot of flexibilities in doing other things. The cons is that i don't have EPF/Socso...

So at this season, i'm applying a lot of jobs and so far, been to 1 interview which they say they will hire me but i'm really not sure i should try or not, in the same time, i'm also looking at another job which i'm going for interview tomorrow which they can pay me much more if they hire me compared to my first interview's job. Yaksss... really don't know what to do...

"Lord, i pray that You open the door for me if the job suits me and You close the door if the job don't suit me. Lord, i really don't know how to choose, i need Your wisdom and guide. Help me Lord, Amen."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On the Bike

Yes! My first time riding a bike out to the highway. Of course i'm not riding alone la, someone carrying me actually, hhaaa... Before that, i always think it's a scary thing to sit on the bike but after tonite, i feel the adventure there riding bike. We went to look for Odett with this bike to collect diving mask from her. Hhmm, i don't think i need to mention how fast we are going on the road but it's really FUN! I never thought i can take it coz i never really ride a bike before.

Thanks kor.

Monday, December 11, 2006

SCC Retreat in PD

It's always good to have some times out with brothers and sisters in Christ, this trip is a holiday trip for all the SCC (Sunshine Children's Church) workers/teachers as well as having some discussion on next year's plans. We stayed in Corus Paradise, well the apartment there is not that great but still ok, i enjoyed being with "my people", always feel like home being with them, we laugh, we crap, we sing, we dance, just being with one another is the best thing - fellowship! =)

We start our journey after all the meetings in church discussing about Christmas Carnival, Lau who are driving Lissa and me, Stanley driving Moses and Jasmine, Ben with Odett (came later during dinner time), and Ps Tham with family (reached PD after our dinner time). Reached PD at 3pm, get our apartments and make all sorts of complains - flies all over our apartments, sticky floors, leaking air-cond and finally we went to the beach to chit chat while waiting for the rest to reach for dinner. Had great time sharing about relationship and listening to Stanley shared about his too... hehe...

Dinner time came when Ben and Odett reached PD, then went back to our apartments for discussion on next year's plans for SCC. I was very tired and body aching because of badminton on Sat. nite, having headache too coz not enough sleep (gotta wake up early for church ehh, i'm not a late person... ;) ) but discussed a lot on next year's plans.

Sleeping time was fun, having Odett and Lissa sleeping with me, surely we had gals' talk before really dozing off. It was fun, fun time talking and laughing and teaching each other what is wise to do in "relationship" again... (well, that's our hot topic now).

Morning breakfast and devotion, Phebe shared how we can pray the Bible... :) Is like using the Bible as a guide for us to pray, then we continue with morning games by Odett.

Pic 1: Odett, our game master

Pic 2: Team A - Moses, Jasmine, Fauzi (someone's kid who join us for game only) & Lau

Pic 3: Team B - Joshua, Lissa, Phebe & me (not in the pic la, i'm holding the camera... x) )

Pic 4: Syok sendiri after games... hhaaa

Pic 5: Continuing other game since we still have time and it's fun...

Pic 6: Passing the rope using our head

Pic 7: Those who have 2 ropes on their head will lose and will be out from the game

Pic 8: The last 4 in the game, who is the winner? :)

Pic 9: Happy family

Lunch time after we check out before heading back to KL.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Ages, it had been ages since i last touch my racket, hhmmm... how many years ago? Lost count. I was once quite active in badminton, having involved in badminton club during secondary school days, so i played badminton every week (not those very good type, just play to keep fit - my primary reason). We organized a few sessions for badminton when i started to work but that does not last for long simply because there are no commitment for everyone who played that time, i think i'm the first who drop out coz there are no meaning to play at that level only, i mean, there are no one who can teach me how to improve on it.

When kor told me that he is playing badminton with Odett and gang, i felt so sad coz i can't join coz i'm having music practice in church but really thank God that finally Odett asked me to go after my music practice section... hurray! And my bro also follow along, he also like badminton a lot.

Really great that i can start to brush up some skills again, some little skills that i learnt before last time. At the beginning, it was tough, i can't even hit the shuttle cock, hehehee... and i have to use kor's racket coz the rubber grip of my racket's handle is rotting and those rubber is sticking on my hand!! So dirty!!

I had great time sweating, playing from 9++ till 11pm, then we went for supper, err, those who went - Stanley, Odett, Ben, kor, me & my bro... *Thanks Odett for bringing me to your condo for badminton.*

Really hope that i can continue badminton again, i want to learn skills........ *kor, u know what to do? :D*

Thursday, December 07, 2006


LalaChong is the name of the restaurant that we are eating crab, hheee... not to ejek ChongLK. ;)

Went for dinner to catch up with my god-sis that i did not meet for months, it's always good to catch up with her again, reminding ourselves of the fun and crazy time during our college days. She is someone who love me a lot because i'm the youngest in the group i guess... hheee.. but is great having someone who sayang and love you. *Thanks jie, we catch up soon...*

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thanks mom

"Mom, you are the best. You know me most. When people around me giving me so much stress, you are the one who support me by the side."

Mom keep on repeating this recently, "Don't care about what people say, you know what is best for yourself, appreciate those who appreciate you!"

I love you very much mom, thank you for everything! *Muakz*

Monday, December 04, 2006


Relationship is about 2 person, any final decision is also made by this 2 person who are involved in this relationship. Well, people around us can ask questions and they can give suggestions but final decision is made by this 2 person.

There are so many things that people around us can say, either good nor bad about the decision that i have made, it doesn't really matter now, what i know now is whatever decision that i make, i won't feel regret anymore, i don't want myself to be hurt again, no more.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Precious Moment with Family

I really enjoy this family trip, we stay in Corus Paradise, got an apartment and we really spent quality time together. Normally, everyone is so busy at home, all of us have to work during daytime, and nite time, i'm not at home most of the time coz i'm doing sports with friends so this is really a precious moment that i have with my family members.

Pic 1: The hall in the apartment

Pic 2: Look at the food that my mom prepares for 1 night stay, you can actually tell it by looking at our size. :D

Pic 3: The living room

Pic 4: The kitchen

We had dinner at Restaurant Seaview, order lala, fish that is freaking expensive, vegie, chicken and taufu.

Pic 5: Wahh... nice food... yummy...

Pic 6: Bro enjoying the lala, his favorite food.

After dinner, our mission starts. What mission? Sis' mission again la... to go to the seaside and catch things, things that is alive... weird things that makes me scream like mad lady...

Pic 7: Mission starts...

Pic 8: Mom is helping to look for the thing...

Pic 9: Mission accomplished, sis is holding the thing! What is the thing?? Next pic....

Pic 10: This is it... small crabs that looks so yucky to me... eeeeeeeeeeeee... they look like spiders

Pic 11: Sis also caught this!!

Pic 12: It's HERMIT CRAB!!! They scare me with this that i scream so loud at 1am in our apartment!

The next day after we check out, i remembered that i had this huge bread with curry chicken inside before, so i bring my family to this shop, we make few rounds around PD and Lukut town, not sure where is the shop and finally get the shop... so happy...

Pic 13: Lucky King Bun... Huge bread with curry chicken in it.

Pic 14: Daa daaa..... unique, very delicious

Pic 15: Bro enjoying it too...

Pic 16: Sister don't wanna take pic... hheee...

It's a great family holiday for me, my mom enjoy it too because of the precious time that we had together.

*Thank you Lord for this family.*

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My shiny car

This is the 2nd time showering my car with the plan to polish it later... hheee... something new to me even though i polish my mom's car before but for my new car, i never polish it before.

Pic 1: Snowflakes on my car... :)

Pic 2: Yeah, clean it baby...

Pic 3: So happy to see my car that clean...

Pic 4: Polishing in progress...

Pic 5: 1st layer of polish, leaving it there for 30 minutes before wiping it off

Pic 6: Wiping the layer of polish away and it looks great...

Pic 7: It shines like a mirror too!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh No!!!

Oh No!!! Li Lian's wedding is this Sunday and i'm eating like mad!!! My stomach keep on making noise more and more this days.... AArrrrr.... need to exercise more already!

Beckz! You can do it!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Missing something...

Missing Germany so much as i look back at all the pics in my blog during my visit to Germany... Letting my dreams to fade away as i do not have anymore hope to go back to Germany to stay makes me feel a bit sad but yet i think perhaps Malaysia is better for me now. :) I'm willing to let go of Germany.

*Exactly 1 month of breaking up*

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Halo Cafe

I like spending time with my mom, catching up with her, telling her my life, what am i up to now, just talk my heart out with her. The thing is we hardly have the time to talk to each other because both of us are working in day time and night time is my sports time, when i'm home, she usually go to bed already.

Today we had a great time spending together in Halo Cafe, listening to live music and chatting but sis is not there, she had her own party with friends. I really enjoy spending quality time with my mom, it's just nice being with her...

Pic 1: Mom enjoying live music...

Pic 2: Bro doing word puzzle while mom and i was chatting...

Pic 3: Me enjoying my cocktail

Pic 4: Is proven that after cocktail, i can dance better... face also red already, kepala & badan pun senget... hehe... :p

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Next chapter of life

I'm accepting the truth now or should i say, i have accepted the truth? It is my 26th days of being singled again. During this break-up period, i have learnt how to cry and yield to God, doing some silly things in life, jog in the rain, get myself involved in more sports just to get my time pass quickly rather than sitting at home alone letting my mind thinking non-stop. Those sleepless nights are scary and only contributing tears to my pillow. But i'm thankful to some of my friends around me who are supporting me all the ways. *Thank you*

Many of you might be shock and ask why, or maybe many of you will think it's such a waste of preserving this "Long-Distance relationship" of 3 years 5 months, but towards the end, we still can't be together. What i can say is, "all things work out for good to those who love Him - Rom 8:28" or rather, i choose to think it this way. There are no rights or wrongs, i guess, both of us will just learn from it and shall not repeat the mistakes in the future.

Well... it's hard for me to accept it in the beginning but life have to go on and the earth is moving, not going to wait for me to moan too long so i better start to wake up and move on. Looking out from my window, i can see the bright shiny sky awaiting for me to continue my new journey that i'm going to face. I better start walking and start to leave some good footprints around, making my life worth on earth. :)

Life is full of surprises, so appreciate all the people around us, give thanks each day because He is there always. No matter what happen and how worse things goes, God is always there, guilding us through and He is there, sending friends around us to give us hope and smile again.

Thank you Daddy in Heaven and thank you friends around me. ;)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Baby Labrador

The cute baby...

Pic 1: This is a labrador mixed with shih tzu (*don't ask me how if you know the size of labrador and a shih tzu*)

Pic 2: She was tired after the whole night of playing with all of us...

Pic 3: Even with this position, she still can sleep.

Pic 4: She is only 1 month old...

Pic 5: Some of her very funny sleeping stunz... :)

Pic 6: Pretty gal... so cute... :)

Pic 7: She is just too tired and don't care about how we position her... hheee...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bachelorettes Nite Out

The night out with a bunch of pretty yet crazy gals...

Pic 1: Cindy, Li Lian (our princess that night), Beckz, Sue Ley

Pic 2: The sexy princess...

Pic 3: Why princess so shy?? :)

Pic 4: Princess with wings... ;p

Pic 5: Mei Sze, Yee Kiat, Jessy

Pic 6: Deffany and angel Lilian

Pic 7: here goes the crazy bunch.. starts to drink...

Pic 8: and dancing whole night too...

Pic 9: being forced to drink...

Pic 10: heyy.... not me!! I can't drink...

Pic 11: now everyone was forced to drink whiskey from the bottle...

Pic 12: after the whole night of being forced to drink and dancing... finally our princess are floating in the air... hhaa... so here comes the darling to the rescue...

Pic 13: The end of the whole night... our princess are happy, drunk, puked... =) *mission accomplished*