Friday, November 28, 2008

Cousin's Wedding

Cousin's wedding tonite... the only family from my mom's side who are still staying in Ipoh. The actual wedding was last weekend back in Ipoh, but because most of the relatives are here in KL, so they had another wedding dinner in KL.

Pic 1: Cousin's whole family, with her parents, all the 3 sisters and bf, and aunt.

Pic 2: mom, sis, bro, youngest aunt (Kat), and 5th aunt (Esther)

Pic 3: Beckz, bro, mom, sis, Kat my youngest aunt

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chris and SirLim's wedding

Finally, a couple that has been dating for 10 years now decided to tie the knot... the two shall become one!

Pic 1: Dowry from the groom's side

Pic 2: All sort of food as dowry... :D

Friday, 14 Nov 2008

Pic 3: Chris with her car packed of things, getting ready to move to Batu Pahat for wedding.

Pic 4: My car is packed of things too... tagging along for the big day

Pic 5: Breakfast before going to Batu Pahat

Pic 6: Reaching Batu Pahat already

Pic 7: Hanging red cloth at our rented house for the big day

Pic 8: Red cloth nicely hanged and knot tied nicely too. Kor's mom and me...

Pic 9: Staircase nicely decorated too... :D

Pic 10: All doors with stickers and decorations

Pic 11: Kor's relatives at Batu Pahat

Pic 12: EEwwww... kena force to drink ginseng tea that i don't like at all... i cannot stand the smell... can pengsan!

Saturday, 15 Nov 2008

Pic 13: Make-up for the big day

Pic 14: The bride, Chris and parents

Pic 15: Me, the bridesmaid and the bride

Pic 16: All the "jie muis"

Pic 17: Da da..... the groom is here!

Pic 18: Eagerly searching for the bride

Pic 19: Mini copper as the wedding car... :)

Pic 20: All the "heng tais" have to wear pampers and make Chris' name out :)

Pic 21: "Heng tais" have to finish up the grapes hanging 'there'...

Pic 22: "Jie muis" asking for angpow before letting the groom to take the bride away...

Pic 23: The groom pass all the test so he is free to take the bride away now.

Pic 24: Taking the bride away happily!

Pic 25: Tea ceremony for parents

Pic 26: The happy couple in the mini copper

Pic 27: Chris officially become Mrs Tan now... at the couple's room

Pic 28: All the "jie muis"

Pic 29: Wedding dinner at Katerina Hotel

Pic 30: Kor and I with kor's parents

Pic 31: Beautiful bride with her dad

Pic 32: Beautifully decorated stage

Pic 33: The happy couple is here

Pic 34: "Yam senggggg"

Pic 35: "Yam senggggg"

Pic 36: Chris' parents and in-laws

Pic 37: Us

Friday, November 07, 2008

Healthy Breakfast

We had very healthy breakfast today instead of our normal breakfast like nasi lemak, currypuff, etc.

Today Kath and Hazel prepare this........

Wholemeal bread with fried egg, cucumber, cheese, tomato

Yummy... **tks buddy!**

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Working on a Sat ?

Quite sien to think of working on Saturday. Since mom don't wanna go out, so might as well i take up the offer to work OT today. Usually weekends will be family day, but knowing my mom, haiiii........ she got alot of mood la...... hmm, maybe like me also or im like her...

One word for today - sien...