Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crazy me! Crazy me!

I'm feeling very strange at myself recently. Just because of kor's best friend's wedding this coming Sunday, I went to get new dress, new sandles and new handbag. And today, planning to buy 3 simple things to make-up (curler, eyeshadow and mascara), I walked into Body Shop.

After talking to the promoter in the shop, I ended up with a Foundation, Loose Powder, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Eyeliner, Curler, Shapener, Make-up removal, Face Cleanser, 3 in 1 Face Scrub, and Brushes in my basket.

As I was digging my card to pay the bill, I almost fainted to see the total bill sums up to RM550!!! -__-"

I'm so shock but shocking with gladness for the fact that hey... I'm going to make-up! I finally have my own make-up set!! :D I don't need to go around asking make-up set from people or to ask friends to help me make-up if i have any events coming up. Now, I have my own full set of make-up kit, i can use it whenever i like... :D Talk about beautifying myself ehhh... ;)

The promoter gave me an intensive make-up lesson too... heheee...

Crazy but glad... crazy but glad...

Anyway, this is like an investment la... make-up set can last for very long time wan gehhh...

laaa laa, laaa laaaa... Christmas is coming, i'm feeling the joy of buying gifts... :D In fact, I bought so many gifts for myself!

Chili’s Grill & Bar @ Midvalley

Special dinner by my beloved instructor only for his "Diving Deputy". xp I felt so honoured, wahahaa... *Thanks Richard.*
Pic 1: Me, really enjoyed the dinner so much! And can't finish my meal... :D
Pic 2: My handsome beloved instructor, Richard Tang!

Pic 3: Appetizer - Buffalo Wings
Pic 4: My main course - N.Y. Strip
Pic 5: Richard's main course - forgotten what Lamb... x)
I'm just so blessed. Thank you Daddy in Heaven! :p

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

White Christmas...

I'm just so surprised that kor went to buy a White Christmas tree to decorate his home! Aaawww.... It's so beautiful... **thanks darling**
Pic 1: Opening the tree
Pic 2: The white white tree... :D
Pic 3: Decorated with lights, haven't finish putting up all the decos yet...

Pic 4: Our beautiful Red Decoration stuff....

Pic 5: Daa daaaa... our white tree in the dark.

Pic 6: Beautiful White Christmas Tree

**Muakzz muakzz, love you kor**

Happy to be home

Yay! I'm just so happy now coz finally i have finished updating my blog! :p It's just so fun and relaxing staying at home after work. Wahhahaa... today i did not date anyone, i want my own rest time coz i'm busy again tomorrow.

La la laaa... la laaa laaa...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Makan makan

Morning shift again... another week of meeting up and catching up with people. Today dated my sister since is her off day. After my work, went to pick her up and off we went to Pyramid. Brother follow along.

Had our early dinner at Kim Gary.

Pic 1: Brother... hai... so big d...

Pic 2: Esther, my lovely sister. *I love you sis!*

Pic 3: Me... *I love myself too!*

Pic 4: Look what i have done to my favourite korean noodle? Hehehe, an old man there! Creative? xp

Pic 5: Aahhhh... Sis enjoying her noodle so much.

Eh, where is mom? Mom at home ler, she don't wanna come out after a tiring day at work, she rather face her Astro and the 5 cats.

After dinner, i went shopping again. :p... At last, bought 2 sandles (don't know which one to choose, finally got both of them), 3 handbags (1 for this coming wedding dinner, 1 for casual used, another 1 is sis' Christmas present). Okok... I have spent alot of money this 2 weeks as if my dad has a money printing factory... hmmm... have to stop buying things. Anyway, i have bought all that i want now.. :p I'm ready for the wedding dinner... hehehehe

Ouchh... body still pain coz of sunburnt!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rest Day

What a busy week I had, I'm just so tired at the end of the day. Everyday I only have less than 6 hours sleep coz of morning shift. Every morning, I struggle to wake up and just wish to take MC, hehehee... but because of $$, I have to work. :p

Recap of my daily activities for the week:-

Monday: went to get all my cat's stuff.
Tuesday: shop for my dress with SueLey, reach home about 11pm.
Wednesday: continue shopping with SueLey, reach home about 11+pm.
Thursday: cancelled my dinner at Jagoya, thank God. xp
Friday: night out with the girls to Putrajaya, back home at 11+pm.
Saturday: morning had DSD (Discover Scuba Dive)

Therefore, Sunday is my rest day! Hooooray... Really rested at home with peace... :D

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ouchhhh... pain ahh... pain!!!!

Hmm, had DSD (Discover Scuba Dive) / Intro Dive today at Polo Club House at Kota Damansara, organized by Richard. Had few colleagues and Jason Lee and his friend, John, joining it. I went to swim and to help out.

Quite satisfied with my swim today, had about 10 laps of swim and got sun-burned kao kao too, so painful now... :( Mom goes on to popek.. say i'm going to wear the nice dress for dinner next week, and now i have this terrible marking on my body...

Oh well, i've always got this marking on my body mah... hehheeee... i'm totally fine with it... xp

Thanks to kor for that aloe vera gel to at least cool it off a bit.

Ouchhh... pain!!!

Ok, some pics here...

Pic 1: David Beasley, the DMT for Session 1 students.

Pic 2: Gears on! Ready to go underwater?

Pic 3: Everyone ok underwater?? hehee... They are Michelle and Jason Lee

Pic 4: Kor and me

Pic 5: Jason Lee doing his regulator recovery skill

Pic 6: Marvin doing his regulator recovery skill

Pic 7: Michelle's turn

Pic 8: John's turn

That's all from kor's camera... more pics at Yew Hong's newly bought underwater camera... hehehe... but not sure when only can get from him... hmmm...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Putrajaya nite with the gals

Purpose of gathering in Putrajaya is because Lissa never been here and she wanted to take pics.

So we started with little picnic, heheheee... chit chat and talk all sorts of crazy stuff and laugh non-stop, its so fun to be with the gang that you play together since young, no pretending and you get to be yourself.

Then proceed to take many many pics! (All these pics are from Tsai Ying's camera. Haven't got those pics from Lissa's camera yet.)

Pic 1: The 3 of us, FeeYuen, me and Lissa

Pic 2: This is Putrajaya, it has many nice building...

Pic 3: The 5 of us, Lissa, me, Tsai Ying, Fee Yuen and Lay Kuan

Pic 4: Another excellent building

Pic 5: Lay Kuan

Pic 6: Posing posing...

Pic 7: Our 2 cute senior... :D

Pic 8: Really having fun that nite...

More pics here --> Beckz' Multiply

Not sure if i will post more pics after getting those pics from Lissa... will see how la.. :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cat food in the office?

Wahhhaahaa... that's the question my colleagues are asking me early in the morning. "Cat food?? In the office?"Actually the cat food is in my car ler, i've always had cat food in my car all the time to feed stray cats. And yesterday morning, 1 of my colleague sms me, told me there is a little kitten at his apartment. I told him that i will pass him some cat food for him to feed the kitten and i see if i can find someone to adopt that kitten. That's why i brought the cat food to pass to my colleague but my colleague said that kitten is not there anymore when he return home yesterday night.

Anyway, thank God that i've cancelled tonight's dinner at Jagoya. It's some appreciation dinner from Richard, but i'm just too tired to go all the way to KL to take this dinner. Though I really wish i can go, i've never been to this place and always heard from people that they serve good food but i'm just tooooooo tired... hmm.. better rest at home. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Busy day

Being recruited into Foosball competition between colleagues in the office today. A last minute thing for me to help Kenny and Raz. And the best thing is, i've never know how to play Foosball at all. So today, had intensive training from Kenny but still, lost kao kao... hehheheee...

Went to shop for the dress again with SL after the match. It was quite late already and i'm very tired coz not enough sleep ler. Always sleep so late at night and have to wake up so early in the morning. So told SL that we will go back to that shop that i've spotted on the dress yesterday, tested few other dresses but end up with the red dress that both SL and i like.

Then went for McD for dinner... :D Still, reach home at 11++... tired tired...

**Tks SL for the 2 nights, appreciate it very much although only a few hours thing for this 2 nights, but really appreciate that you help to choose the dress for me, knowing that i do not know how to choose all this... hahhaa... thank you!**

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I need to get a dinner dress to go for someone's wedding. If i were to wear back the same dinner dress that i've been wearing for many occasions for this dinner, i bet my mom is going to nag at me again for few weeks. It happened during the previous dinner where i wore the same black dress, mom nagged and nagged at me non-stop for few weeks saying that i've started to earn money, why don't just get new dress, must dress up nicely though i already have bf... but, still need to show to others too... bla bla bla... hehhehee...

So i have allocated 2 days to shop for the dress.
Went out with this woman today. Have to wait for her to finish work, by the time we reach Pyramid, its already 8pm. The 1st shop that we went, I've actually found something that is ok for me, but because wanted to look for more variety, so we just leave this dress and go to look for other shops. After trying for about 20++ dresses, hmmm... i felt a bit 'sien' already.... hhhaaaa... and started to think about food. :p Haven't eat dinner yet mah... :D

Therefore, off we went, to enjoy dinner pulak... :D Afterall, we still have tomorrow mah... hehehe

Kim Gary is our destination for dinner tonite... ;p
Pic 1: My beef with cheese baked rice.

Pic 2: SL's Unagi seafood with cheese baked rice, something new and very tasty. Yummy...

Reached home about 11++. Ohps... morning shift somemore, have to wake up at 6am... agrh...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cat It Water Fountain

Have been pampering our hamsters too much for the past few weeks since kor and I bought them back. Got them nice condos, toys as well as so many kind of good foods.

It's time for me to pamper my cats too... hehehe... I have been looking for this Water Fountain for quite some times. Saw it once, one of my friend using it and i find it very interesting to attract the cats to drink water.

And i found this today at the petshop as i was getting cat food and cat litter.

Pic 1: Water Fountain by Cat It
Pic 2: There is a pump inside this Water Fountain to pump the water out, circulating the water so that the water don't go stagnant. This provide the cat the fresh and cooling water that they need. The water will be flowing from the top, making it like a water fountain that attracts the cats to drink from it. Hahahaa... and it works.. my cats love it now... :D

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Morning Shift Again!

Hooray, at last, my morning shift is coming again. So many things that i need to do which i can only do when i'm in morning shift like meeting up with friends, going shopping... la la la... i'm so happy, tomorrow morning shift again!

1 thing i don't like about morning shift is that, hmmmm.... its just so hard to wake up soooooo early in the morning! And i'm really used to sleep late late at night, suddenly have to train back to sleep early, its abit too hard... will see how it goes. =)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dress for mom

Got mom a very beautiful dinner dress today at Pyramid! :D She will be participating in singing competition during her company's dinner soon, and their dresscode is black or white, so just got 1 for mom la... since she don't really have those nice hot dinner dress. Hmm... too bad haven't take any pic yet... hahahah, will do so during the actual day when mom dress up nicely for the dinner ya!

Thanks Kent

Today, got to rehome this whitish kitten that is about 5 months old now to Kent. Kent came down all the way from Malacca to get him.

Here are some pics of the whitish kitten that we have been feeding since he was borned.
Pic 1: The cute little kitten, this pic taken when he was about 3 months old.

Pic 2: He is very active and a very good home cat. :)

Pic 3: Really thank God that Kent has took him back to give him full love and attention that every animal needs. :) (God bless you, Kent!)

Mom and I always afraid that this kitten will be bang by car 1 day because he is a stray, though we feed him, but still, he will go roaming around, sometimes even sleep in the middle of the road.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is what I call......

CURRY MUTTON, only RM4.90 including drink ahhh... (had it yesterday for lunch)


CURRY RICE, only RM2.90 including drink ahhh.... (had it today for lunch)

I'm just craving for mutton and curry rice, so i went all the way to OUG to get it... :D Yesterday killed my crave on mutton, still not enough, today i went down again... wahhh....

I'm satisfied...

this is life.... heheee... ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our babies

Very lovely pics taken by darling on our babies...
Pic 1: Baby, our newest addition to the family

Pic 2: Sappy, the red eyes hamster in his bathing pot

Pic 3: Hammy, also being called "tai chun toi" by darling -__-" in his bathing pot too

Ain't they cute?? :D

Monday, November 12, 2007

1 Year Anniversary

Today is our 1 Year PakTor Anniversary. That's why both of us took leave to spend time together... hehehhe...

We had special dinner tonite @ Kim Gary.

Pic 1: Just the 2 of us... :D

Pic 2: Dumpling

Pic 3: Darling's rice with chicken meat

Pic 4: My cheese baked rice... yummy...

Pic 5: Darling and me

We bought special gifts for ourselves.

Pic 6: Daa daa... our new toy... new homes for our babies

Pic 7: The new built for our babies... heheheee

Pic 8: Closer look at Baby (our new baby) & Hammy's home.