Monday, June 09, 2008

Lang Tengah (5 June 08 - 8 June 08)

Diving Pictures time.... :p In this trip, i'm being assigned to hold kor's new camera so most of the time, i'm not in the pic. Those pics that has me, is pics from other friends lo... :D Enjoy!

Pic 1: I'm back to the beautiful island!

Pic 2: Showing the diving center to the students, where to wash gear, where to rinse themselves after every dive, etc...

Pic 3: Kor teaching the students how to use regulator.

Pic 4: Yew Hong (Dive Master in Training) and his students, Oscar Arribas, Cheng Mei and Kee.

Pic 5: Pakcik doing something with the boat engine...

Pic 6: Super huge spider on top of the tree that i'm super afraid off... but hey, i'm a photographer... xp so i'm trying to take as many pictures as possible. Thus, we have spider here!

Pic 7: Devin and HennLey just came up from a dive

Pic 8: Kenneth just after dive.

Pic 9: HK and Billy, very loving husband and wife, a diver now!

Pic 10: Chuan (Dive Master in Training) assisting his student, Billy.

Pic 11: Teng Teng and Chrystal doing their buddy check before going down to dive.

Pic 12: Nice underwater pic? I like it personally... this is a pic of clown fish

Pic 13: More clown fish. They are very shy.

Pic 14: Oscar Arribas making funny faces underwater.

Pic 15: Students kneeling on the sand and waiting for their turn to perform those skills that DMT ask them to do. ChengMei and Kee in the pic.

Pic 16: Kor the DMT showing his students some skills underwater.

Pic 17: Yes! Got to catch a picture of a Moorish Idol during my fun dive.

Pic 18: Nudibranch... :D

Pic 19: Me posing on the resort boat.

Pic 20: Kor and I, preparing for diving... :p

Pic 21: Spot the lion fish, a very poisonous fish.

Pic 22: Students doing safety stop on the line.

Pic 23: Blue ring angle fish

Pic 24: Giant clam

Pic 25: Butterfly fish.

We have a very special event during this diving trip which everyone won't forget.

Pic 26: Devin proposing to HennLey underwater.

Pic 27: The happy couple!

Pic 28: The happy couple, in the boat on the way back to our resort.

Pic 29: The rest in the boat.

Pic 30: Ohhh... something going on on the jetty, seems like awaiting for us to come back!

Pic 31: Siap dengan banner lagi!!! Wwwoohooo... Congrats to Devin and HennLey.

Pic 32: Even the boss of the resort help to decorate his jetty with balloons!

Pic 33: Aaawww... so sweet... :D

Pic 34: So happy for them... heheheee

Pic 35: HennLey's diamond ring... xp

More pictures from other diver friends.

Pic 36: On the boat, going out for a dive.

Pic 37: All ready, let's go!

Pic 38: Preparing for night dive... :D

Pic 39: Me and Eric, my buddy for this dive.

Pic 40: So dark! Can you see us??? heehehehe... this is what i mean, night dive...

Pic 41: Lepaking at the dining place, chit-chatting...