Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I'm all ready for D-I-V-I-N-G!

Testing the wetsuit that belongs to kor and the BCD that belongs to WaiMeng... *Thanks people for borrowing me all these equipments so i don't need to rent them. :p Appreciate it a lot and i'm so excited, though i feel a bit scare if i can do well - to have good buoyancy during the penetration into the sunk ship (*Lord, help me to enjoy*).

Excited, excited. I'm going into the sea again! :p

Monday, March 26, 2007

My desk (So-called)

Show u around where i'm sitting currently...

Pic 1: This is my decorated desk. The plant is growing very healthily.

Pic 2: I have been sitting at this current desk since last week. Eerr, this is also Amir's favorite desk i supposed, now he is somewhere out there in other desk. :p I'm sitting behind Kenny, he always asked me to sit near him coz he wants me to use the bat phone and help to answer call from customers. I always have my toy with me - the Rubix Cube. :p (Noticed that my plant is not here, coz this pic was taken before i shifted the plant to this desk)

Pic 3: This is Kenny's messy desk with err... some cartoon drawing which he claims is Abarai Renji, Title anime: Bleach; Power Level: Bankai.

Pic 4: Other cubicles.

Pic 5: Kenny and I

Pic 6: Me at work

Pic 7: Raz and I

Pic 8: Kenny taking pictures non-stop so i also post non-stop looo... :p

Pic 9: Smile =)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My fun Saturday

Know where am i now? ehehehe... some company's server room... :D First time in life i'm at a server room... it's quite hot (a lot of server eehhh...), and noisy... and err... all this servers are on a IBM rack which cost RM20,000+++ ^_^

Anyway, is a new experience sitting in a server room... since i'm curious.. hehehe, at least now i know what's the feel like being in a server room...

OOhh... why am i blogging here in the server room? Coz kor is doing testing on sumthg here, so that's why i'm here using his laptop blogging and chatting looo... :D

This morning was at Diver's Den but too bad, i'm not in the pool... what else? woman... I'm there coz Jothi was there for the Intro Dive, so i went to give moral support... :) But is good, met back some old friends, 2 friends from Dragonet (my open water dive center) and surprisingly, Joanna and Raymond still remember me, hehee... we never met for 2 years d... amazing... I was being taught by Raymond in 1 of the classroom section only. Joanna is the one who help us out, prepare our fins, wetsuit, mask and snokler... pretty gal... :D

Then went lunch with Richard, Wai Meng and kor lo, and i had my wonderful delicious favourite food, mutton curry.... :p

I have taken some pics which i haven't blog them out yet... see la, when am i free at home, then i shall transfer those pics from my N73 to computer and blog them out...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My camera

There goes my camera! Kaput already... arrrr... I think so la, coz i've tried to on it last month but failed, then i thought no battery so i charged it and tried again after 2 weeks... but still, can't works!

Hhhmmm... how can life without camera? No meaning already. I can't blog only words, must have pictures to enhance the blog!!! Thought my N73 can use la, but sometimes quite troublesome to transfer those pics from hp to computer.

Anyway, i will figure out a way man...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What happen to me?

I have no mood to do anything, no gym, no food, no party except working la... I didn't even take any break n lunch break at work. I am moody! I don't know what i want now. As I am driving home now (yes, i'm typing while driving), i have tears in my eyes. I feel like crying out loud! I feel like crying...

One word, woman...

Biggest achievements - Piano pieces

Seriously miss my schooling days. Not because of the school books though i do really love Maths a lot. But i'm talking about the time i have at home while i'm a student.

At age 4, mom let me take up piano class but stop at age 5 because we are shifting from KL to SA. SA is a newly develop place where we hardly can find any shops by then.

At age 8, mom registered me to Yamaha Music School, S.Parade for organ class where i enjoyed a lot. Somemore at that age, teacher will give us stickers after every class end and whenever we can play the songs that teacher taught every previous lesson but before it reached 1 year, i had to stop the class because mom was pregnant and can't really take me all the way to S.Parade by bus anymore. :(

Finally at age 14, my teenage age where i'm seriously a rebellious gal at home that time, pestered mom like don't know what and went to search for a piano teacher myself and told mom, i don't care, i'm going for it! Mom just need to give me the money. It was also the age where my parents are separated, mom are heart-broken and yet her rebellious daughter was acting like this.

I even pester dad for a piano, after 1/2 years of pestering him, finally he get one for me for my birthday though he was not staying with us anymore. :) Well, till today, i still know that dad love me a lot, he is very bias in a sense, so normally what i ask, he will give.

I started very well in piano. After 1 year with this teacher, i change another teacher in a music school in S.Muda. At grade 2, my teacher asked me to perform grade 5 songs for a concert.

Is not really easy to learn piano, it requires a lot of practices, few hours a day? But till now, i still remember the satisfaction i'll get after i finally can play a pieces perfectly. That's why, i always know that 'practice makes perfect' and there is nothing that we cannot do if we put in effort. Seriously not easy...

I still remember when i started with any new pieces, gosh, there will be notes that we surely being played wrongly that make the sound so weird but after few practices, our hands will get the feel of it and after 100++ attempts, we will finally get to play certain parts perfectly and whenever there are some very tough movement at certain bars, we have to keep practicing on it non-stop and that will make a perfect sound.

Finally, the biggest achievements is when i get to complete the whole pieces be it for exams or for leasure, the satisfaction within cannot be described. AAaaaahhhhh..... =D

Managed to sit for exams till Grade 4 only, then once i started college, i shifted out from home and no piano for me to practice. So i have to stop piano class rather than wasting money going for classes without practicing.

On and off, when i'm out to the working world, i still go back for piano classes but still, i have to give up after few months because i just don't get the time to practice. 1 of the thing is no time to practice because i have to work daytime, 2nd thing is that i only finish work at 5pm++ and when i'm home, mom will be blasting the tv which seriously distract me, or rather i'm distracting fml watching tv so it's rather difficult to learn even till now... :(

Actually i do feel sad that i can't continue playing classical music, i love it very much... That's why i always encourage people to finish Grade 8 during school days. That's the time that they can concentrate on the exams and have the full time to practice. When you are out to college life and working life, nope nope, no more time to concentrate on it anymore.

I will never forget how is the feeling of achieving something that seems not possible (when you look at those pieces with few pages long) but finally when you have done it PERFECTLY, you will jump for joy man! :)

*Thanks mom and dad for giving me the chance to learn music.*

Not forgetting that i'm also interested at other musical instruments that i bought a guitar myself (hard earned money from Baskin Robins) and a saxaphone (where i hardly blow unless i have a very huge space for me to blast this loud instrument) and i do have a very cheap flute. I do know how to play harmonica, learnt it from my grandma. I will still go around asking people who are willing to teach me on other instruments that i don't know. Steven Goto taught me Twinkle Twinkle Little Star using violin... :) *thanks*.

Basically, my dad's side and mom's side do love music and they have the talent within. Most of my dad's siblings can play by hearing including my dad. And now some of my cousins are playing musical instruments in church. And 3 of my cousins (mom's side) and 1 of my mom's sis was in a band when they were younger, playing bass, guitar, drum and keyboard. And my sis too, playing drum! :D

*Thank you, Lord, for the talents*

Friday, March 16, 2007

Burning in me

I don't like people to force me to do things i don't like, hence i will rebel even more. Human, please take note.


Friday morning

What a cold day at work. Wearing my white Nike long sleeve top + DKNY jacket, still feeling like winter. A cup of hot coffee to start off my day, driving my sleepiness away. Not many request in the queue, it has been a week like this. Goyang kaki like no body's business, playing rubix cube, reading bible and diving manual too.

Feeling sleepy early morning coz lepak kaw kaw yesterday nite with hwei and s-ley. Next time if i really get the pic, then i will upload here. I join hwei to meet her form 6 friends that i've heard her sharing since day 1. Finally yesterday get to met 4 of them plus 2 of my own form 4 & 5 classmates too.

Get less than 5 hours sleep altogether and tonite lagi kaw! Need to plan a crazy nite for hwei since she is flying off to Sydney early tomorrow morning, so tonite will be our crazy nites again! :p

Okla, need to continue working, though no request to do, but goyang kaki also work... hehehehe... Actually uploaded tons of pictures in friendster just now, if interested, go check it out la... ;p

Logging off now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Little act

I'm learning to do little little act nowadays coz i know it can brighten someone's days. I learnt it from my sis who are too generous that she will spent half of her salary buying small little gifts every early of the month to give to whoever that come across her mind.

I came to office with sweets to give to my colleagues, and bought some food before to share. Encouraging words are good too to bless people around. :)

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29

Today i saw my best friend who had this word 'depressed' on her IM so i went over to her place and gave her some cute cute stickers that i bought not long ago.

I truely know this small little act would brighten her days coz i'm once depressed and received small thoughtful gift that makes my day.

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." Luke 6:31 =p

Monday, March 12, 2007

Bro's B'day

It has been quite some times that i actually spend quality time with my family. If not because of brother's birthday, i think i might not be eating dinner with my family. Since is brother's birthday, i bring family out for dinner ler... :) As usual, mom's fav place, Secret Recipe again.

Pic 1: Mom & Bro

Pic 2: Aiyarr... why mom so shy...

Pic 3: Very nice brownie cake... yummyyyy...

Pic 4: Sis with her BBQ Chicken Rice.. very yummy too...

Pic 5: Mom with her Fish & Chips

Pic 6: Bro and his Spegetti Meatballs

Pic 7: The sisters - feeding each other (*sorry for the blur pic)

One happy family! Happy Birthday bro!

Just to share

My babies at home... :D

Pic 1: Abigail on the speaker

Pic 2: Buddy on my bed ler, Tiger is just further down...

Pic 3: Lazy Tiger leaning his head on my bolster!

My Work

This is my work today in the office using PAINT. =) Cool hor?? =p

It's because....... no more work to do ler... damn bored today. Early morning when i came in, at least there are still some works for me to do, but towards later part in the morning, those request getting lesser and lesser and eventually become "0" in the queue... unbelievable!

Goyang kaki most of the time today and if i don't find things to do, i might fall asleep on my desk which i think i may disturb my colleagues if i snoore. So i did my masterpiece in PAINT and put it in my MSN avatar so that my friends will get my message and start chatting with me. :p

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cressi Frog

My fins... very nice... muakzz...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Diving Gear... =)

Never thought that i will actually invest in diving gear eventhough i love diving but since i only get to go once a year, i thought is not necessary to invest into it. But this year, someone helped to plan and calculated the budget if i were to get the basics, i thought, ok... still under my budget so i went ahead and agree on getting it after thinking about it for a while.

I'm not as eager and excited as Yew Hoong and kor who planned weeks ahead to buy the diving gear as they survey here and there but as we met up today to eventually get those diving gears, oh man, i was so excited thinking that hhmmmm... i can actually own my own gears... :p

Pic 1: Taking out my gears to touch :D

Pic 2: Putting on snorkel to the mask

Pic 3: Seas Sub Mask and snorkel

Pic 4: Cressi Frog Fins and Bare Bootie

Pic 5: Trying to put on all my equipments... :p

Pic 6: My full basics - mask, snorkel, mask strap, bootie and fins

Pulau Perhentian, here i come! =p

Monday, March 05, 2007

Give them a home

I love animals, same goes to my whole family members. Because we are staying in apartment, we can't keep dogs, therefore, cats also can la! So i have 5 at home, all are stray kittens when we pick them up 3 years back. Now we know that we can't keep more strays, but mom and i still goes around and feed stray cats around our apartments. Mom and i, both have cat food in our own car... hehee

Well, quite sad to say this, but i have to put this 2 kittens for adoption, they are really cute, i see them grow since birth and play with them and feed them till now. But surely they need a good loving homes. Therefore, have to send for adoption.

  • Beautiful kittens for adoption

  • Hope to get good homes for them... They are seriously so cute!!!! OOwww.... Do help around if you know someone wants to adopt kittens ya... :)

    Friday, March 02, 2007

    Crazy nitez

    Went for nite movie with Chee Hwei after my work, thank God get to reach Pyramid on time after picking up Chee Hwei from SA after work and get 2 tickets for Protege.

    As usual before ending the nitez, we will sure go for mamak... so was at Gazebo almost 1 hour plus, chatting away.

    Then... going home time... on Kesas highway at 3am on my Iswara Eeroback... My new records! ;)

    (*Kids/youths, please don't learn... bad example*)

    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    My desk

    Showing my desk at Shell, bought the plant before CNY. Thought it's quite empty so want to bring something lively to place there but can't bring fishes or hamsters xp so get a plant instead... hehehe... and err, hedgehogs that i bought in Germany and a dalmation from ex... hehehee...


    AArrrrrggghhhh... Finally get to have my curry mutton!!! Have been craving for it since last week. Went to Gazebo twice and few other mamak shops but couldn't get curry mutton! Then finally got mutton rendang at Steven's Corner on Tue nite, but still not satisfied coz i want curry mutton, not rendang.

    Today woke up dragging myself coz yesterday nite went yam char with Odett, Stanley, Siew, and Wai Meng till 1.30am. Today after finishing housework and bath, thought of trying my 'luck' in Gazebo before going to work and yes! Got it! :D