Sunday, July 31, 2005

3rd Day in Germany...

Oohh... didn't take much pic today... missed it..

This morning i woke up at 4am coz of jetlag then i cleared my room. Previously was very messy with my luggages and clothes around the whole room, hahahahaa... since i wake up so early so might as well clear the room loh. Then did my Quiet Time and bath and online... kekekekeee...

At 9.15am we reach church, late 15mins and service end at 10am, haahaha... so we only sat there for 45mins. kekekekee... HHmm, service very different from ours... they sing a song from a book, then someone speak for a while, then sing another song, then speak again then sing another song then preach then sing another song and end. hahaha...

Anyway, one thing i learn, eventhough they do not speak in tongue, does this cause them can't enter heaven?? I don't think so... All of them are lovely ppl, they just missed something, that's all. While we are at papa mama's house, we pray before we eat, pray after we eat and even read scriptures after eating breakfast and lunch everytime. They are sincere ppl who believe in Jesus Christ.

Well, after church, we walk back home for a while then walk to papa mama's house for lunch, we ate rice and this dish that mama cook with chicken with gravy, very nice... of course we had potatoes and carrots too... didn't take pic coz im stuck in one corner so don't wanna disturb ppl and take my camera in some other places.

After lunch i felt so sleepy and so malu coz mama made a bed for me in the living room for me to rest while dl and michi went to help papa install something in the computer... hahahaha... jetlag lah, that's why....

Then when i woke up, i join them in the computer room for a while then eat dinner before we walk home again. This time i didn't take camera and stuck in the corner too... hahaha... Dinner, we had sausages, fat fat big big wan... hahaha, yummy... and potato salad, and bread...

Then went home and sleep at 10pm.

Anyway, here are few pics that i took, these are flowers from few ppl, my welcoming gift... so nice... Sunflowers from Lucia, the day i touched down, went dl's cellgroup at Lucia's house...

Roses from mama, welcoming gift ytd when i went there for lunch...

This is a lovely flower from mama, so so nice hor, she make it in a heart shape, wonder how she made. When i was sleeping in the living room, she went to her garden and made this for me.... nice hor..... what nice ppl here.... God, bless them richly...

~The End~

Saturday, July 30, 2005

2nd Day: Papa mama hse, walk around

AArrr, im still having jetlag... the first day i reach, i only had 1 hr nap then went to dl's cellgroup from 8pm - 10pm. That time im really like forcing my eyes to open coz im so tired, try to imagine, that is 4am M'sian time and im still awake eventhough i can't sleep well in the plane... Anyway, we slept at 11++pm then i woke up at 9am and dl woke up at 12pm.... hahhaa, he is even more tired then me i think... hehehe

If it's not mama's call, dl would not have woken up yet. At 10am there is a call, is mama, dl didn't wake up and that time im blogging ytd's entry.... i can't be bother to pick up phone anyway, i can't speak german!!! and i didn't wake dl up too.. so he only woke up at 12pm, when the 2nd phone calls ring. Im so glad that at last he woke up... hahahaa, then i get to eat coz hungry...

So Michi (papa's son) pick us up to papa & mama's house, dl's so called foster parents, they are really very nice ppl... it is truely God's blessings for dl. Mama was making spätzle when we reach, so get to take some pic.

Mama prepared salad (salat in german) for us too... Dl and i stayed in the kitchen for a while, well... i don't know german... so i can't talk to papa and mama long in the kitchen... :( i really want to learn german if i were to stay here next time, otherwise really sad that i can't talk to them coz they are so lovely... While waiting for mama to finish cooking, i played the piano for a while, know what? mama know how to play piano and can read note leh... hehehehe, better than me... Papa said that mama decorated the dining table as if there are wedding ceremony going on... hahahaa... they are really lovely couple.

My spätzle is on the plate... it is a combination of noodle with flour and eggs i think, then we eat with chicken soup with potato and other vegies in it... Papa is enjoying his spätzle, Michi too. =)

Let's try the taste of spätzle... hehehee.... eat eat....

After eating, we went to see mama's garden, wonderful... Look at the flowers... hahahaa, this yellow roses is from dl, he booked it from mama.

Sour! Sour! A lot of weird fruits here in the garden... Johannes berry nice? All in red in bundles. Can see the strawberry?? =)

Oh... my first time!!! Apple, green apple... too bad, i don't like it coz it's sour... :p See the yellow roses among all the red roses... weird hor?? This bouquet of roses is from mama for our first meeting up... tq mama, may God bless u.

After eating, we went to walk walk... That is dl's university, Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen, posting in few places at Hochschule.

Snail?? Where is your shell?? Oh, part of God's creation... german snail... ehehee...

First Day: Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Albstadt

Well, i touched down yesterday at 12.05pm Malaysian time, German time - 6.05am. Can't sleep well in the plane, this is my first time taking long flight, 12 hours flight so the first thing i do when i found my seat on the plane is to check out all the gadgets they provide. Explored their musics, movies, games and settled with a chinese movie. Had supper in the plane at 1.40am. At 3am M'sian time i can't stand and went to sleep. Woke up at 4am and sleep back at 5am - 8am. Breakfast served at 10.30am.

When i arrived at Frankfurt Airport, the first thing is going through the imigration part where they asked me which part in Germany i'm going, coming here to Germany for what and do i have enough cash to have my holidays... heheheheee... PTL that they let me go, then went to college luggages and passed the custom and free i'm in Germany now...

Dl came with Yohannes to pick me, they started to drive from Albstadt at 2.30am German time to Frankfurt Airport. Picked me, went to McD to have a drink for both of them.

While we are on the way back to Albstadt, we stopped at Heidelberg, a nice city with a river in the middle.

(Pic: Heidelberg, taken from the top of the hill)

We walk up the hills to see the city of Heidelberg. There is a old palace too as we walk up the hills. There are a lot of ppl doing their morning walk there.

(Pic: Yohannes and me, ready to walk up the hills)

We walk a big round at the top of the hill and now we see the palace opposite us.

(Pic: the palace)

(Pic: On top of the hill, we can see the city of Heidelberg too...)

(Pic: Somewhere on the top of the hill lahh... me and my dl)

We took the walking up hill from the beginning and came down through the 303 steps staircase

(Pic: 303 steps up the hill for 10mins if we go right. Walking up the hills for 10mins if go left)

(Pic: Walking around the town of Heidelberg)

(Pic: standing on the bridge of Heidelberg)

After the nice walk at Heidelberg, we travelled another 1++ hrs to go back to Albstadt. I'm hungry, Yohannes and dl too i think coz we didn't take any breakfast and when we reach Albstadt, it's 2pm??

Yes, food. I always wanted to try coz always hear dl talks about kebab that is filling and cheap and i get to have it the first day!!! Yeah.... This town in Albstadt is nice, very peaceful.

(Pic: sitting somewhere at Albstadt to enjoy our food)

The kebab is huge, i couldn't finish it so leave some for dinner also... hahahaha, not to safe money ok but to keep myself fit lah... hahahahaa... coz the meal here is huge i think... let's check out more when i take some more pic to upload later...

(Pic: Kebab)

After lunch we went to a supermarket called Kaufland to get some stock, my shampoo and all those lah... hahahaa... then only go home, reach home at 3pm. So tired that time......... Only had about 1 hour to nap then went to dl's cellgroup till 10pm.

~Greetings from Germany~

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dinner @ Chilis, 1U on Tue 26 July 2005

Only 3 of us can make it for this last minute plan, dinner at Chilis. ST is the one who came out for this idea to eat at Chilis coz she saw Mel's blog... hahahaha and once she said it, i agreed coz i want to go and have some good food before i fly off.

Asked lissa who can't make it coz getting sick, Odett had badminton, KC had friend's b'day party, CW had no car...

Anyway, we enjoyed out meals very much... We can sum it up with 2 perspectives actually, depending on which one we want to adopt.

1st perspective, God blessed us so much, the taste is fantastic, the meal is huge, the environment is wonderful to had such a dinner chit-chating with sisters. I personally love it very much... hheheee

2nd perspective, it is a tortured dinner coz the meal is huge that we can't finish them and we need to at least swallowed all the meat just not to waste it... hahhahaaa.... is not easy to eat when u are already very very full ok... hehheee...

Well, i think we better give thanks to God no matter how good or how bad a situation is and learn learn learn to enjoy every situation. If we put a -ve thinking cap, we will reap the -ve thoughts all the time but if we put a +ve thinking cap, we will reap the +ve thoughts and it will bring in joy no matter what happen.

Oklah, stop talking and let's enjoy the pics for the nite... delicious meals... "Thank you Heavenly Daddy"


Do not learn. Our left-over. ;)

"UUmmm, i love it baby... food food, so long didn't had so expensive food..."

"Look like the meals at the other table is better than ours... i wonder can i try that or not..."

"I don't think we can finish our meal"

Me and my Peppercorn Burger, delicious!

ST and her Oldtimer, add chili Burger..

Sky and her BBQ Ranch Burger...

Our starter, Triple Play... very yummy leh... Starter sponsored by Sky =)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Countdown: 3 days off to Germany

Hi all, i'm back... ;)

Today came in to office very early, 8.30am i'm in already coz i went for dawn prayer at 5.45am-6.45am at mother church, after sending ppl back, i'm off to office loh.... We had great time praying for nations at this first day of the week, dedicating our life to Him at the first day of the week.

Of course i'm enjoying online now with no one here except Esther, yes, Esther is with me, she is on mc, knocked her head ytd and bleed so got mc, today she went for dawn prayer with me. Sally? Nope, she didn't join me, she will be driving herself to church today so YES! I got my pc to use now to online, hahaha... well, coz she is replacing my place when i'm on holiday so for the past 2 weeks she has been using my pc to do work... thank you sally for your great help to relief me... God bless u mightily.

Germany, here i am coming soon... very excited of course. So far had 3 dreams about my trip there... hahahaa... Have i packed? Yes, about 90% lah... I'm bringing 2 luggage bag for checking in and it's already 23kg, the max weight that i'm allow to bring is 20kg... so i really don't know how, i already took out a lot of stuff ok, previously it weight 26kgs leh... now reduce to 23kgs... hahahahaaa

Anyway, i just wanna say thank you to my dl who sponsor me everything. TQ so much for all this hard earned money that u keep from your scholarship for me to just to visit this land called Germany. TQ so much, i don't know how to pay u back, what i can do is to pray for u always, for God's blessings to flow thru u... ;)
DL, i don't ask a lot from u, i don't even dare to ask anymore coz i'm contented with this gift. So don't feel bad if we didn't travel a lot ok? As long as we get to spend quality time together, i'm very happy already.

What do i expect for this 2 months trip? Frankly speaking, what i want is to relax, really relax and spend time with God, catch up with reading the word of God and just rest in His presence. I hope i will be charged up when i'm back in 2 months time to start back my ministry here... Yes Lord, grant me what i desire, Amen.

Alrite, blog later when i got time or when i'm there in Germany lah, not sure whether i will have time to blog some more or not... ;)

All glory to God for He is the Almighty God who knows how to bless and bless and bless.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Youth group, taken on 17 July 2005. A lot of new UiTMers... ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Long blog

It was like ages that i didn't blog simply because b....u....s....y...., not really ages, just 1 week plus i think... well, really busy, as the days goes nearer to my departure date, i get busier with work... really don't understand why.

Well, ST is working with me now, she got her VSS and now she is jobless so she will take over my place when i'm away. She start work this week so for the whole week i have been training her what i have been doing all this while... she is blessed coz a lot of things no need to be done during her time coz she is not permanant worker so there are only selected work load that she had to learn. Is not easy to train a person coz ppl like me can't really mix well with ppl like her... hahahahaaa... why??? coz i like to work efficiently, quick but with quality... so she can't cope with this and i have to put on P.A.T.I.E.N.T's tag on my neck all the time. Of course i didn't scold, this is not my nature... my nature is diam diam sajalah........ and in the same time, learn to be patient. hehehe... good way to work me out.

There are quite a number of works to be done before i leave so have been doing them...... I really didn't feel so packed before in my life with work every single minutes.... so i can't go online and enjoy blogging and chatting... simply because no time. I hope i can finish my work by next week so before i leave, i can have time to pack and just don't be too rush always... learning on that... not to rush.

The whole week have been up and down for me because of PMS i guess... arrrr.... on Tue nite i had a college gathering where by i met about 13 of my collegemates + classmates, was very happy to see all of them, went for dinner at pizza hut then starbucks for chit chat till 12.30am but one of the guy hit his face on the glass door of starbucks and bleed so he had his wound stitched. Anyway, after the gathering, i couldn't sleep and had my downs... i started to think, well, all my friends graduated with degrees and some came back from UK, if i could be given a chance to finish my degree in UK, how good it is?? So a lot of thinking on my mind that nite and sob sob i go. On top of that, i heard some bad news on Mon regarding my dad, my aunt saw him with that woman, they bought a house somewhere and there goes my mom bla bla bla... when my mom is affected, i am affected also because i just can't bear to see my mom being sad. So all the questions running in my mind, why my dad just can't pay my college fees for me and bla bla bla........... ohhhh... i just don't like this feeling of so emotional and down.

Anyway, the next day was better. I know it's because of PMS that my emotion goes up... down... kekekekeke... Then surely i had my (aunty visit, AV) on Wed and it was so painfullll.... oohh, after work i just lie down on the floor can't move. Then struggle to go for prayer meeting and came home with pain during sleeping time... then just slept off lah.... coz too tired after a long day.

This morning i had the pain too but on and off so did quite a number of works then went to buy cat food and cat little after work that cost a bomb coz i buy 2 1/2 months supply for my mama.... hahhaa, not around mah... then end up in gazebo doing my work while waiting for my friend to come back to me with travel insurance's info. Have been looking for travel insurance but it's just so expensive, so still looking for one that is cheap and cover what i want. Most important thing is for me to claim back my clinical expenses when i'm in overseas... the rest are not that imporant to me coz i think it hardly will happen like accident, hospitalisation, plane got hijack, luggage bag delayed, luggage bag lost, plane delayed... well, is hard to say too...

Things to be done tomorrow, teach ST to do bulletin, print out visitor's guide, visit BL in daycare to check out the place, service the van, get all the claims for chrc account done, prepare preteen lesson and nite time i got music practice... then, that's all loh, wait for sat SCC/preteen and sunday....

Nowadays, I just love sundays coz usually after all the activities on sunday, i can go home and rest... hahahahahahaaaa... correct mah... monday to friday, work from 9-5pm, sometimes nite i still need to do work... saturday got SCC or nite time got music practice... sunday after all the morning activities, my nite time is for family or other function for friends loh... so more relaxing i think lah.... hahahahahaaa....

Anyway, i just hope that the next 2 months i can have good holidays and rest... ;) and hope that after that i won't be lazy to go back to work lohh...

That's the reports


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Shopping Away!

Oh, i just love today.... I'm satisfied with my shopping today... Yes, i went shopping, don't believe it? hehehee... up to u loh... kekekekee... Of course i have sky as my personal assistant lah.... ask me to choose all this more girly attire, how i know lah? hahha... Went Pyramid with sis, bro, sky, st and st's sis. So many ppl there ok, simply because it's sales everywhere...

I'm suppose to get this before i leave to germany:-

1. A handbag to carry to germany, cheap cheap. Satisfied! At first saw one that is RM59.90 and that girl refuse to deduct it, they are selling at a stall so can deduct but she refuse, so i also refuse to buy coz out of my budget, not willing to spend so much on that handbag. Then get one that is better, ;p at RM29.90. Cool? Definitely! PTL!

2. Another pair of high-hill sandles. Went to Vincci at first but couldn't get then later after dinner, went to Nose, saw one that is very nice but too high for me, i'm quite tall already, so don't need it to be so high anymore, hahahaa... perasan konon... Anyway, we went back to Vincci and PTL that i'm so amazed that when we went back to Vincci for the 2nd time, there ain't so many ppl, where do all the ppl go? Perhaps is God's divind appointment for us there to get a pair of shoe faster without crowds? maybe.... hahahahaa. So manage to get one nice one so cheap also, RM34.90. Hahahahaa... Satisfied! PTL!

These are my major things to get to germany... anyway, i got a blouse for cheap cheap too, 50% discount wan... hahahah, sky asked me to try, it was sweet coz pink colour wan... hahahaha.... only for RM19.90, cheap? YEs! Satisfied! PTL!

What i bought today is for me, there are more that i need to buy, all are souvenirs for ppl in germany....... will get that next time lah... today shop from 3pm - 9.30pm leh... not only me lah, sky, st, sis and bro also shop mahhhhhhhhhh

I'm just so satisfied with my shop today coz i don't need to use alot of RM and yet get nice stuff that i like. Praise The Lord.

Oh, time to sleep. Work tmr. Nitezz everyone.