Sunday, September 30, 2007

New toy

Went to 1 Utama today and bought a new toy...

Pic 1: Daa daaaaa.... a jigsaw puzzle which kor and i also love to do

Pic 2: Opening up the jigsaw puzzle...

Pic 3: All in the box, can start doing...

Pic 4: 1st mission - after 1 hour, done with the side-frame of the puzzle!


bought a new vase and some jelly for my plant too! :p And kor kor helped to trim my plant.

Mooncake Festival Makan

Today kor has invited Eric and Crystal for dinner to celebrate Mooncake Festival, though it has already past. Since I was not around last week coz celebrating Mooncake Festival with family members, therefore, kor make the makan-makan session this week.

Pic 1: Preparing for dinner

Pic 2: This is for tomato chicken... :)

Pic 3: Some meat for the dishes...

Pic 4: Herba soup, good for health.... xp

Pic 5: While i'm busy preparing the dishes, Eric and Crystal busy playing Play Station.

Pic 6: And kor kor busy decorating the home... make all of us feel as if we are really celebrating mooncake festival... hehehe...

Pic 7: We have vegie, tomato chicken, some minced pork, fu-yung eggs (prepared by kor kor) and herba soup for dinner.

Pic 8: Eric and Crystal awaiting for dinner...

After the full-meal, we had cocktail too......... So super full tonite... eat till 4 of us hardly can walk already... whahahahaha....

**TQ Lord for the wonderful dinner**

Our Lunch

Our Saturday's lunch @ OUG

Our Sunday's lunch @ OUG

Both also so y-U-M-m-Y =D

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My "ME" Day

As described by Hwei, all of us need a "ME" day where it's a day that you pamper yourself, doing nothing, doing things you like, it's just a day you spend enjoying yourself.

I finally had a "ME" day today! Really miss this day so much as I was having so many activities during weekends all this while.

Today...... I slept till 1pm which I do really enjoyed coz hardly sleep so freely without having alarm clock waking me up daily, but I do felt a bit regreted coz I get to spend lesser time with family coz when I woke up, it's already noon time. :D

Went to have my favourite lunch, pok noodle at OUG... kekekkeeee...

Went to buy cat food as well as Drontal deworming pills for my cats...

Enjoying my time at home with family and cats... playing around with my cats as well as hmmmm... having some hard time forcing them to eat the deworming pills... kkekkekeee...

Played piano too...

There you go... some of my cats pics... ;)

Pic 1: Buddy sleeping on my computer chair while I start cutting his nails after that

Pic 2: Abigail sleeping on top of a container with all our pads, her favourite spot, and pads is her favourite toys too. =p

Pic 3: Sydney sleeping on bro's bed.

Pic 4: Stuart, the king of the house.

Pic 5: Tiger, the wise president.

Pic 6: Abigail... the fat fat gal at home... kekekkeee...

Pic 7: Tiger... the only cat with big bone like Mat-Salleh... :p

Pic 8: Tiger licking Sydney's ear... :)

Pic 9: Sydney... the youngest in the family and yet the most chicky one...

Pic 10: Buddy... the most gentle cat of all and always get bullied!

Pic 11: Stuart... the one with the big mole. :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mission failed

Thanks to Hwei and SueLey for reminding me of the curry mutton recently, since i'm working on afternoon shift, i could savour the curry mutton or curry rice for lunch before i go to work.

Alarm set at 10.30am for Tue and today as well. But......... i enjoyed sleeping more nowadays... :D i ended up setting the alarm 1 hour later after awaken by the alarm so i could sleep more and took High 5 bread for lunch at home instead. x)

Still craving for curry mutton / curry rice... it's still in my mind all the time! Will see if i finally reach Gazebo successfully one day to savour the curry mutton or curry rice. Kekekekee...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bathed all

After few weeks of nagging (hhmm, sort of la...) from mom, heheheee... finally, bath all my 5 cats today.

As usual, during the process of bathing the 1st cat, there goes the rest of the cats all playing hide and seek. :D It's really a fun time looking for each of them high and low the whole house...

Yay! Now all of them smells nicer and have smoother fur for us to play with... xp

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a day...

Had a long fun tiring day started after work at 7am.

7am - 6 of us... all went for the yummy pok noodle @ OUG. Marvin, Michelle, Uncle Soo, Shen, kor and myself.

8am - visited Uncle Soo's big fat labrador. No pic taken coz i was too busy playing with Skyler! :D

12pm - went to grandma's house to celebrate Mooncake Festival... good time to click click with family members as well as playing with Tom Tom, my uncle's only cute doggie.

11.30pm - finally reach home to ooi ooi...

ahh... what a long fun tiring day, some more didn't sleep the whole night coz work niteshift mah. :D

TQ Lord for this wonderful day and thanks kor for being with me the whole day...

Friday, September 21, 2007


Yay! 1 more working day... tonite... and i'm done with nightshift for this season... :D (*And WeiKang gonna suffer niteshift pulak... poor guy... Princes Beckz pat pat your head k* xp)

Next week will be afternoon shift, love it very berry much coz i can sleep long and wake up late :D no need to struggle to wake up very early in the morning like morning shift.

16 minutes more and i'm off! Kor is waiting under the skybridge... going pasar together? Will we have breakfast? Oh, i think not........ coz kor need to go work very early today... If can, i also wanna buy the big big currypuff... huge currypuff for only RM0.70... if get the chance, i will snap a pic and post it here...

la la la la.... waiting for time to past and go home ooi ooi... :p tired... exhausted...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I want a DOG!!!

AAarrghhh.... should i? should i not? :( confused!!!

Some more uncle soo triggers my dream. He said he can get a FREE one for me... name it and he will try to get one for me... if not pure, then a bit of mixture.... -__-"

a shih tzu? this is the most common one that i could dream off all the while coz i do not have a landed property, therefore shih tzu is not noisy to be kept in an apartment... if i have 1, definitely will be short fur as i will try to trim it and not let it grow long and tie it...

or a miniature schnauzer? which is also a good quiet dog that can stay in apartment but trimming will be my concern coz the cheapest that i could think of is RM70?? o__O" And i don't think i can trim it myself coz this is a bit different than shih tzu...

or a chihuahua??? One that i always say no coz too small, i love to cuddle them but chihuahua is too small... my 5 cats is definitely bigger than him! :D but if really no choice... hhmmmm, then.........

should i? should i not?? hhhmmmmmmmmm


So far, i've been enjoying my graveyard shift. This is my 2nd week of graveyard shift. 1 of the thing that keep me going is having to go to my favourite place most of the time when i'm at graveyard shift which is OldTown Kopitiam. :p Uncle Soo a.k.a WaiMeng love it too... hehehehee... so i have kaki to go...

Well, this season, i've been contemplating if i should get mom a new hp.

1. Her birthday is coming soon
2. She has been hinting to me (most of the time) that she want a camera phone

HP that i've been eyeing on......

hahaha... i know, i know... this phone is quite old already... but who cares... it's really nice.

1st-ly - mom loves red
2nd-ly - mom uses her hp to listen to radio during work and when she is sleeping
3rd-ly - i can put lots of songs in this hp for her! xp

Anyway, i better go check it out at Nokia shop if this phone is still in production... :D as well as go check out what's the different between Integrated VGA camera and Integrated 1.3 megapixel camera as this is the only differents between Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Body aching

Have been helping kor and his sis to shift and clean the house since Saturday night till today. Tiring and body aching now... arrghh... but happy to see the house is clean... very clean... :p

Pok-pok noodle

Not sure since when we started to visit this stall at OUG and started craving for it so much till it's like a must to visit every Saturday and Sunday if we are around town.

And today is the 3rd day having it. Since kor is on leave and i'm working niteshift, so we can have breakfast together.

Pic 1: The most delicious pok noodle in town

Pic 2: As i look at this pic, i'm so tempted to have it now! Now! xp

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Delicious dinner

Let me think... hhmmmm... i think i have not officially cook for family for years. Used to cook for family for 1 year, took over mom's position then as she was getting tired of preparing dinner for us.

This morning after work, i went to the market excitingly thinking i should cook something for kor since i never done it before. All the while, kor is the one who cook for me.

And the result of my cooking...

Pic 1: 1 of my favourite dish.. :p potato pork. Picture really look very nice hor? Hahahaa... taste also not bad actually... :D except the potato a bit hard and too much for 2 person. (Will need to learn how to estimate how much to cook for only 2 person, used to cook for whole family, that's why... :D)

Pic 2: long bean... hhmmm a bit salty... :D too much salt... hehehee...

Pic 3: Our dinner

Overall still ok la... simple meals i still know how to manage... not those fancy dishes like curry looo...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thanks colleagues

Went to work happily as i was being grounded at home for 2 days coz of red eyes / conjunctivitis. Could not stand anymore with 2 days MC, i insisted to go to work. :p As i reached my cubicle, this is what i saw...

Pic 1: hhhmmm... a note on the PC

Pic 2: closer look of the note

Pic 3: love letter some more... ;) (*Bet my colleagues going to laugh their lung out when they see this... kekekekkeeee...*)("WeiKang, your love letter is just too touching i could not just hide it like that :p")

Pic 4: wow, got present somemore... heheheee

Pic 5: thanks Shen for the Chocolates...

Hai... really felt so happy working among all the fun ppl... :D thanks...

Hyatt Regency @ Kuantan

Venue: Hyatt Regency @ Kuantan
Date: 8 & 9 September 2007
Agenda: CTS Awayday (Company's trip)

6 Plusliner buses bringing about 200 Shell staffs on Saturday morning.

Pic 1: Me and Roz in the bus

Pic 2: Toilet break at Bentong Petronas station

Pic 3: Welcoming greet from Alan Voon... :p

Pic 4: Beckz, Angeline, Roz & May Li after the 4 hours ride

Pic 5: After the wonderful lunch

Pic 6: 1st session about work life balance starts

Pic 7: The 200 staffs

Pic 8: Ice-breaker began

Pic 9: 2nd game, outdoor game coz everyone is sleepy after lunch

Pic 10: Gun vs tiger!

Pic 11: 3rd game, proceeded back to the hall

Pic 12: Arrgghh.... being accused in the game... Life Sentence!

Pic 13: Pic taken by Teik Yap sifu with his SLR camera during the evening before dinner

Pic 14: Nice shot by the pool side by Marvin

Pic 15: Michelle & Beckz

Pic 16: My group getting ready for the fashion show

Pic 17: Jenny, me and Wee Kee during the dinner

Pic 18: Aiyooo... fashion show showing tummy... Wai Meng, Raj & Wei Kang

Pic 19: Huga hugaaa.. duno what tribe

Pic 20: Fashion show team

Pic 21: Fashion show team

Pic 22: Fashion show, my team

Pic 23: Birthday celebration for September babies

Pic 24: Hahahaa... looks like family portrait, from Marvin's SLR

Pic 25: Another family portrait from Marvin's SLR

Pic 26: Sunday morning, having fun taking pic before leaving

Pic 27: Michelle & me

Pic 28: Wern Shen & his SLR

Pic 29: Beckz by Marvin ;)

Pic 30: Candid by Shen

Pic 31: Group pic before proceeding to have lunch

Pic 32: The 6 Plusliner buses

Pic 33: Lunch @ Pak Su Seafood

Pic 34: After lunch... final pics before going home!

Pic 35: Uncle Soo & me :p