Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gym & Dive

Ohpsss... feeling a bit sleepy/tired now after gym, eyes like going to close any time eventhough i bath also after gym... Went to gym during my 1 hour dinner break time, skip dinner instead. Fat fat already... hai.... have to start to work out again... somemore going diving soon, need to have fit body so i can have better dive... ;p

Strange how i pursue my dive one year after another coz of curiousity...

Year 2005: Certified Open Water Diver - after that i'm very curious at night dive therefore i told myself i want to go for night dive which is in Advance.

Year 2006: Certified Advance Water Diver - then i'm really curious at Wreck dive, penetrate through those ship that sank in the deep blue sea...

Year 2007: Wreck Specility - Finally, i'm going to go for it this March to Perhentian to penetrate through 2 ships in the deep blue sea, Sugar Wreck and Vietnamese Wreck. But really hope that i'm not too nervous at the strong current there... heard that the current there are quite strong. Nevermind, gain experience. I can do it! Yes, I'm coming!!! :p

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Arrghh... I'm coming!!!

Oh man... make my body iche for diving!!! Arrgghhh... Hope to take Wreck Dive Speciality this time...

Malaysia :: Perhentians : Sugar Wreck
This 90 meter cargo ship sank in 2000, she now lies on her side in around 18 meters of water. Reef adaptation can be seen here as already there are corals and shells growing on the hull. Big schools of snappers, jacks and trevally circle the hulk and myriad smaller fish shelter inside. Penetration is possible for experienced divers and the engine room, wheelhouse and cabins are all accessible.

Depth: 12 - 18m

Viz: 5 - 15m

Currents: Occasional

Getting there : Boat 45 mins

Best months: Mar / Sept

Music Music

Ahhh... I'm melting in the office. Thanks Kenny for saving so many mp3 for me... :) Seriously listening to them here... arrrr... a lot of nice songs that i like... thank you, thank you!

Not much work to do today, good thing i have music, otherwise seriously snooring d... :D

My Cats...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Christmas mode

Oh man... i'm into Christmas mode.... why? Coz i'm listening to Christmas songs by Kenny G - saxaphone... :p

Thinking of those shopping for gifts moments... xp and wrapping presents.... aaarr...

The Bible even mention in Acts 20:35 that, "It is more blessed to give than to receive", actually i felt this ever since i started to buy gifts to give to friends, i felt the joy more than just receiving gifts during Christmas.

Valentine's Dinner

Just to share my Valentine's Dinner at the supposingly green pasture of Putrajaya. Errr, only this spot has yellowish grass... hahahaaa...


Thanks to kor who offer to send me to work this whole week and last week too since i'm starting work at 10pm and kor have to wake up super early to pick me back at 7am, the best thing is to go for breakfast first before going home. :p

Thanks to kor who pinjam me your super expensive headphone to work today with 'noise cancelling' function that i can blast some music whole night long in the office, shaking my head away... there are few times that i nearly sing out loud together with the music... xp

Feeling quite sleepy now, White Coffee Gao (Pekat) from OldTown has no effect. To me, Coffee Bean's coffee and only certain teh ice can make me stay awake... finish most of my work already........ still got 2 1/2 hours to go.....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So bored now, nothing to let me do anymore in the office?? :| One more hour to go, what should i do now? Nothing much to blog also...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good 'night' at work

Came to work on the 2nd day of CNY, relatives all asked why... :p I never need to answer coz mom answering for me saying that i'm new at work, so better don't take leave and if i don't work, i don't get paid. Heheheee... tks to mom. :D Nothing much that i can do at grandma's house except eating and putting on weight so might as well go to work. :p

Came to work with excitement as usual but after 1 hour, i noticed that my senior that i thought he will be around to guide me is not here. Then i was a bit shock thinking, "Oh man, who is going to guide me in doing works if i really don't know how to solve them?" Just after that, another senior of mine, Raj, introduce himself and he said he is going to give me work to do. =D Yes! At least i can do work with more confidence just in case i don't know how to manage certain requests.

Distributed some sweets to all colleagues too, learning how to be more generous. Realized that i'm quite bad in terms of doing little little acts that can cheer people up, so learning on that.

Today is also Alan's birthday so when the clock strike 12am, all of us walked to his cubical and sang him the birthday song. He treated us supper at mamak too. :) I didn't eat anything for supper, 1 of my mission after CNY - "Keep Fit" coz i have been putting on weight so no more supper! On top of that, a lot of 'wind' in my stomach today making me feeling very uneasy.

Didn't feel sleepy at all today, which is very good. :p And for the very first time, i'm listening on radio via my N73. :D Usually i don't do that coz i'm quite busy working and learning new things from Kenny, but today he is not around and i can pick my work/request from the queue, so i picked those that i know how to do so i don't need to disturb Raj... :p

No more easy request from the queue, therefore time to blog. xD

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My dad, my dad

Sometimes i really pity dad.

Yesterday morning he called mom and said he is outside our house, then mom asked bro to go out and get the money from him and there goes, he went off. Mom and i never go out to greet him. That time i'm thinking to myself, "Did dad thought of coming into the house to have a sit? But no one offer to open the door for him, that's why he come all the way (which i don't know where is he from, i don't know where is he staying and never bother to ask, well, he is staying with someone which i don't wish to know at all) just to pass us the money and went off.

Today, when we arrived at grandma's house (dad's side) for lunch, i saw dad sitting at the living room, i greeted him then i went to the kitchen for lunch. Every year during CNY, i tried to find some conversation to start with, trying to talk to dad, of course is hard coz i never really know how to communicate with people, so asking me to start the conversation is really a big problem but nevertheless, i tried.

But this year, i didn't. Partly because i didn't put the initiative to talk to him and another reason was because after lunch, we went to have a look at grandma's new apartment. It was quite rush for me, after lunch, i went to collect mom's car which we sent for car wash opposite grandma's house then there goes, we drove straight to the new apartment. Without realizing it, i didn't even say goodbye to dad. Later when i remembered, i asked mom if dad knows that we went off and mom said, he should've heard our conversation earlier.

Well, i feel kinda bad. But i don't know what else i can do.

Is this the punishment that a person deserved after making only ONE BIG WRONG STEP? It's cruel, but i never know how painful is the hurt that mom has to bear for her entire life and not forgetting the unbalance growth of the children.

Imperfect human in this imperfect world. I wish to go to heaven that's without tears.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Nite Shift

How is it like working nite shift? Not as fun as i've thought it would be.

1st nite:
Really terrible. I admit that i do not have superly enough sleep therefore i feel very sleepy. Not to mention, just when i'm starting work at 10pm, i feel so sleepy throughout the whole nite and i'm moving around to make myself awake. Worse thing is, "I'M THINKING ABOUT MY BED AND SMELLY BOLSTER THE WHOLE NITE!!!!"

2nd nite:
Tried to get more sleep today but still, when the clock strike 10pm, i'm feeling that my eyes are so heavy and going to close any time! Gosh... Still THINKING ABOUT MY BED AND SMELLY BOLSTER THE WHOLE NITE!!!!

3rd nite:
Yay! Today is better! Manage to enjoy my whole nite working and get to learn a lot of new stuff today! Yes! So excited!

4th nite:
Coming to work feeling excited coz i will have more work to do as i've learn more new stuff. Not as good as yesterday at early part of the nite, i'm feeling quite sleepy but after mamak session, i'm wide awake and more efficient at my work! Learn more new stuff today and i'm excited at my work!

So far so good. Looking forward to adjusting my body biological clock better. ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Tell u guys la, we experience winter snow in Shell ahh... It's freaking cold here and soooooo sleepy coz working night shift! Not to mention how many layer of jackets we wear, on top of that, drinking hot drinks is another way that i use to warm myself up. Really wish to set up a heating place, burn some logs to heat up my body man...

1 more hour to go, and i can go home to zzzzz. Today is my 2nd day working at night in Shell. Don't know why, just when i'm about to start work at 10pm onwards, i feel sooooo sleepy. Normally at home, i don't find it sleepy at 10pm or later midnight but when talk about work here in the office, i feel sleepy? Hhmmm.... From 12am - 4am is the hardest hours to go through coz i'm seriously thinking about my comfy bed and my smelly bolster at home, goshhh..... but after reaching 4am, i feel more energetic because i'm waiting for 7am to come quickly.

Earlier after i finish some jobs, i message my senior to ask for more jobs, and there i waited for more than 1 hour then only i get his reply telling me that he was asleep... hehehehehee...

Why am i blogging at this hour? I finish my work already la. Kenny ask me to sleep here somemore but i can't la. Work is work, i don't feel nice to sleep while working looo... and just in case if i snoore here on my desk, then HOW???? Aiyoyo... don't want to think of the embarrassment man that suddenly Beckz singing (i mean singing in the sleep) while the rest busy working... :p

I'm so sleepy... wondering whether this can harm my body if i work night shift for long term... :D

Friday, February 09, 2007

It comes back

I'm talking about those 'bad feelings' about CNY (Chinese New Year). I don't like CNY.

It all started ever since my parents are separated, CNY no longer be the most enjoyable time for me. CNY is a festival that we are very afraid off, not because of the financial part - to give angpow to relative but is more to meeting relatives of dad's side and meeting dad alone is bad. :( Every year without fail, grandma will call and demand us to go to have reunion dinner together and that cause a lot of arguements because we don't like people to be harsh on us. So when we are being forced to do something, it doesn't turn out that well usually.

I will try to run away alone from CNY every year ever since they are separated, i just don't want to go through those moment that will bring back memories of my younger days. I don't know but even until today, i still can't take it. I have been having this 'bad feelings' about CNY this year when i start to hear CNY songs in shopping malls and radio. Yesterday, i had stronger 'bad feelings' when mom asked if i'm going for reunion dinner and finally mom agreed that i can go to work on the 2nd day of CNY. :D

I just don't like the feelings, i will feel miserable and sad because my childhood memories will be flashing in my head. What i have during childhood time are no longer there, vanished. So i really don't like to have that feelings, hence, CNY is giving me stress every year.... :(

I've run away from CNY to follow my godma back to her hometown before, went for vacation alone just to run away from CNY and even reluctantly go to grandma's house if i can't find any plan. Every year when i'm around, we will go to grandma's house quite late, we never really join relatives to eat together, we will usually go later than lunch time, this is just a way to escape.......... hhaaii.... why......

Actually i find that the worse part is not eating together with grandparents and relatives but it's more to how to face dad. I have tried to be good to dad, to obey him, to respect him but it doesn't really bring much results. The hurts are still there, still deep within me, it's painful even now when i'm blogging, i can feel the pain in my heart. How to remove this hurts? "Lord, help....."

A lot of colleagues asked how many days leave am i taking this year... well, i just said 'non' and i have nothing to say futher to explain to them the reason behind it. They look at me one kind but it's hard to explain......

"Lord, please help me to forgive, i choose to forgive him, in the name of Jesus, Amen."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm W-O-R-K-I-N-G

Do you understand me? I'm working. As in, i'm really working today!!! :D

Finally our senior starts to delegate jobs for us to do. Early part of today, we are still sitting here so bored and feeling bad about chatting and blogging but just about an hour before lunch, our senior delegated some jobs for us to settle ourselves with his supervision and i'm just so happy and enjoying learning new things. Wow! I'm just excited! Awaiting for more to come tomorrow. :p

My friends...

During my work just now, suddenly one IM pop-up, someone by the name of Jason Wong was chatting with me... he told me he is my senior in college, he saw me at the cafeteria the other day and there it goes, we are chatting while i'm trying hard to recall him. Can't really recall though, but later about 4pm, he came over to my dept and showed himself up to me... wow! it's such a small world, my collegemate, i mean senior la that i only met few times last time, chatted with him via ym those days and he is here now... hahaa... i'm so excited when i see him and he was in CTS previously too, so he knows many of the ppl in my dept and his wife is here in CTS... kakakaaaa... well, i don't know his wife la... :)

And last 2 weeks, i also met my junior in my secondary school who is here too, same dept with me! What a small small fun world i'm in... :p

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Starting 'shift' work!

I'm excited for next week! I'm on AM (American) shift! Which is from 10pm-7am. I can be the owl already. Actually i'm already on AP (Asia-Pac) shift this week which is from 7am-4pm but still on training. I hope next week, i can start to do some work coz i seriously felt that i'm 'makan-ing gaji buta' everyday. I get paid daily but i'm not working, instead, i'm surfing, chatting and blogging like now... :D Because no one attend to us lerrr, yesterday i went to bug WaiMeng but i feel bad too, coz he is busy... haaaa... so i don't wanna do it anymore ler...

What i can really thank God for for my current work is my working hour. I do not need to be stucked in the jam with the rest of the people. This is seriously one of the benefit for me, i hate it when i get stucked in the jam, it's seriously a waste of time sitting in the car without getting to do anything. Oh well, i do find things to do when i get stucked in the jam, sometimes i'll read the Bible, sometimes i'll play with my rubix cube in the car, i mean when i get stucked in the jam or when i'm at the traffic light waiting for the 'red' sign to turn into 'green'... :D

And driving is definitely the best time to memorize scripture! xp I remembered back in 2003 if i'm not mistaken, we had a competition on memorizing Psalms 119 in church, there are 150 verses altogether, prices are cash for us to go for Mission Trip to Cambodia. So most of the time, i memorize Psalms 119 while i'm driving from home to work, and from work back to home or wherever i'm driving to, it's the most effective ways than me sitting at home memorizing it. Another effective way for me to recall what i had memorized was when i'm swimming.

Today is the 2nd day of the week, we are back to the floor (the place where are suppose to work next time), but there are no trainings for us now... yesterday only had 2 hours training by WaiMeng, then another 1 hour unofficially by someone. Today, hhmmmm still don't know yet. And the place where i sit or can say that this floor is freaking cold!!! It's like snowing!!! Or should i say the whole Shell is freaking cold? xD