Friday, August 31, 2007

EEehhhh.... :D

To my amazement! Mom got the roaming line!!! Wahahahahaa... At least I feel better... **Thank you Lord, I know it's You that make it happen!**

Just after our dinner, bro said mom called his hp but can't hear mom. Then I was so surprised that mom got the roaming service (refer to my previous post if want to know the whole story), then I called mom and chatted with her...

Yeah... happy now! :D

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ohps, felt so bad... really feel heartache... felt that i did not love her enough coz i did not put enough effort to do this when she told me twice d... hai... my carelessness... regreted now!

Got mom's sms through her colleagues' hp saying that she reached but her hp no line. Yaks! Then only i called Maxis to activate mom's roaming service! Haiii... why am i so careless... i didn't take note if mom's line already has the roaming service before this, should have checked it earlier... errrr... *hate myself*

And maxis ppl said they can't promise if it works though they try to activate mom's line coz the condition must be that the line is in Malaysia... hai...

No calls, no sms... so i guess her line is not successfully activated! :(

Sorry mom, promised won't repeat these next time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My pretty gal

As I was figuring out what's wrong with my internet, since kaput d... if it's the modem or router's problem, there goes my pretty gal sitting at the router's box, on top of my spare router, taking care of it, making sure no one touches it! -__-

Pic 1: My pretty Abigail sitting on top of the spare router

I was checking all the cables and all, and found that this pretty gal doing her own thing on top of my spare router...

Pic 2: She was bitting the cable in the box

Then I thought, I should get some of her pics...

Pic 3: And she realised that I'm taking her pic... hehehehe

Pic 4: Then she did something else, she starts to clean herself...

Pic 5: After calling her name for few times, finally she look at the hp camera! :D

All time favourite =D

This is my all time favourite if i'm working in morning shift. Usually we won't go out for lunch coz 1. hot weather, 2. won't get carpark in Shell itself if we drive out.

And we are blessed with someone sending food to us daily so what we need to do is just to choose our menu from focal point daily... they have multiple choice daily like potato pork, sweet and sour pork, herba chicken, mushroom chicken, fu chuk chicken, stem fish, etc etc, everyday menu will change... :D

But, usually... this is what i will choose...

Fried rice with luncheon meat and fried egg. xp Look delicious rite? :p

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Belated Birthday Dinner @ Spring Vegetarian

Wonderful belated birthday dinner with someone special.

She is someone with big heart, someone who is interested in everything you do, someone who listen, someone who care, basically you will feel that you are a 'queen' in my situation... being with her. =)

1st time ever for me to dine in an official vegetarian restaurant! :D To my amazement, o.O i saw... all sorts of prawn dishes, all sorts of fish dishes, all sorts of chicken dishes, etc.... in the menu! -__-" 1st thing that come to my mine, "i wonder how it taste like".

Pic 1: Here is my food. Curry lamb with rice. =p Tasted not bad except too much santan.

Pic 2: Hers. Asam fish with rice :D The taste was superb! I like it.

Pic 3: Someone special (*drum rolls*)... Goh Sue Ley... Happy Belated Birthday ya! =D

**Will always say a little prayer for you! Luv you!**

KaPUt kApuT

SSSsssooobbBBB sssSSSOOOBBbbb

How come! How come!?!?

Shah Alam always have the loudest and scariest thunder!! And these thunders always spoil my internet! Either the router or modem... arrrghhhh... No internet at home dyyy...

How leh? How leh? You all say how?!?! I always go buy new one, then kena again, buy dy, then kena again... hai... sien..... -.-

Monday, August 27, 2007

Transformation of Patchwork

Remember the patchwork that I started to make early this year??

Pic 1: Small little pieces of cloths joined together

Look! It has been transformed now!

Pic 2: So colourful

Pic 3: It has become a piece of huge blanket! :p

So colourful!!! I'm so excited when i saw this! Kor's mama joined it all and make a blanket for me... :D So nice, so colourful!

Oh, by the way, do you know? I love colours... xp

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home made cendol ;p

Well, as usual... kor always like to learn how people make those delicious food... so there it goes... after we came back from Malacca, we make this cendol with gula malacca :p

Pic 1: Ice-shaver, bring back from Malacca

Pic 2: Cincau and the greeny worms... ohps... it's some jelly thingie

Pic 3: The gula (sugar) Malacca that we bought back

Pic 4: Wahh... ada gaya... kekekee... waiting for snowflakes... :D

Pic 5: Alright... full of snow dy... hehee

Pic 6: Next is to mix santan

Pic 7: Then evaporated milk

Pic 8: And finally... this is what i like the most... Gula Malacca (Malacca sugar)

Pic 9: And the result?? Daa daaa

Pic 10: This really look nice isn't it? :p

Pic 11: Mix it, stir it...

Pic 12: UUmmm... the taste is really nice

So there we are, both of us enjoying our huge home made cendol... hehehee... It's so funny, coz of the huge amount of santan we put in, we were thinking if we would 'lau sai' or not after this... hehehehee

Pic 13: Then, as usual... the man do the washing as well... :D

Pic 14: Wash wash wash...

Pic 15: Still washing... and what i do? Taking pic lo...

Pic 16: And eating my mamee while my man is washing and keeping back all those stuff... wahahahaa

Really unbelievable to have a man who is willing to do house chores... :D washing the dishes, cleaning the house, cooking delicious meals... (**actually 1 thing that amazed me at the very beginning was, he actually wash the toilet... kekekekekee**)

New Toy

Something cute that I saw during the Jonker walk... :) 1st thing that comes to my mind is, new toy for my cats... :D So I bought 2 of them...

Pic 1: The springie thingie... can see??

Pic 2: Closer look... daa daaaa... cute leh???

Hhmmm... but too bad, my cats show no interest at all... hhmmm o.O

Cuti-cuti Malaysia '07

ViSIteD MaLAcCA during my weekends =)

Place that we never missed visiting is the Jonker Street! Everytime we are back in Malacca, Jonker Street will be the place to see cute little things (though very crowded which i'm very afraid) and most importantly their cendols and ABCs. This time, aunty said want to have dinner there as well, so there we went... enjoying our cendols and delicious laksa!

Pic 1: Penang laksa... should have ordered normal laksa (which is curry actually)

Pic 2: Uncle and aunty enjoy their laksa and cendol (**cendol with gula malacca! delicious!**)

Pic 3: Me, enjoying the delicious penang laksa... yummyyy... smells perfect!

After a full meal, we went exercising around Jonker Street, looking at cute little things there! :D I bought some cute stuff too, show in another blog. :p

Before going home, we went to have supper too! This time, yummy! :D It's SaTAy CELup..... YYUuummMMMmyyyYY

Pic 4: Satay satay... mari makan... (this is Malaccan satay... hehehe... so different from satay kajang)

Pic 5: Wah! More satays...

Pic 6: This is the one that we loved the most! All of us... uncle, aunty, kor and me! ;p It's cockle a.k.a kerang...

Pic 7: Come eat... mari celup...

Pic 8: This is Malacca unique SaTAy CeLuP =D

Friday, August 24, 2007


busy... busy with meetings, busy with requests, busy with training, busy waiting for the slow server... hungry some more... yaks! o.O

i wanna eat nasi lemak at kopitiam later! :p

then will have satay kajang for supper before going back to Malacca tonite! Yay! =D

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

3 things to thank Him

1. I was hungry and out of a sudden, a colleague passed me an ice-cream! =) "Thanks, Sanya." *God knows my hunger even before I asked. Thank you Lord*

2. Got 2 perfect scores on Customer Survey Form today! These survey was sent to our customer on how we handle our calls as the IT Analyst and I've got "Extremely Satisfied" rating by 2 customers today! PTL! These scores will help in the overall scoring in my whole team. :p **All the glory to Him!**

3. Management team sent me out to help with another team, the GIRD team. I'm currently in SIRD team. It's a good news to me because I will be able to learn new things to widen up my knowledge (so-called lerr). Training starting tomorrow onwards... meaning I will be busier at work with SIRD job and GIRD job. xD **TQ Daddy**

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guess who is Mr Glamourous!!

Wwaahahahaha... saw this in his Friendster... kekekekeee...

**Congratulation to Mr Glamourous!**

Monday, August 20, 2007


Woke up at 5++ and cannot sleep till now... hmmm... what happen lerrrr.... as if i'm working morning shift like that but i'm not. I'm on afternoon shift this week but wake up so so so so early... arrggghhh....

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Spent my morning at home just to play piano! Yes! Finally!

Though after playing for an hour, brother start to blast the tv. At first, I can't really stand it and i thought i want to get my saxophone out to blow since it will be louder than the tv... hahaha... (**war at home**) but i didn't do it coz i wanted to practice my piano for quite sometime, i miss my piano.

After a while, i asked brother to soften his tv which he did. So i'm enjoying my morning with songs, praising the Lord... singing... sis sing, mom sing... even Buddy, Tiger and Abigail can't stand but to join me, stepping on the keys helping me to play i guess... =D

My playing didn't improve much coz i hardly have time playing at home, nevertheless, those skills are still there, after warming up a while, i'm still enjoying my playing. AAhhh.... I'm satisfied! xp **Thank you, Lord**

My next mission, practice saxophone? Hhmmm... not sure if i still can remember all the notes. :D

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long service ;)

Today's service was so so good. Miss worshipping God and today's worship was just so cool! Aahhh.... Really nice being soaked in the presence of God once again... Service was at 5pm. We had plans after that. Usually service is 1 1/2 hours, but today... goodness! Guess how long? 3 1/2 hours! Wow! Have to cancelled some plans... But i really enjoyed so much..... The Word of God, the invited speaker from Ghana so funny, and the beautiful worship... it was worth spending so much time in the house of God... I love it, I miss it! **I miss you Daddy, I love you Daddy... Muakzz.. Muakzz...**

Friday, August 17, 2007

Still very healthy

My plant in the office, still growing healthily... :p Coz i feed them water wan gah... I love to drink water, so do they...
Pic 1: This was given by kor, he bought it on the way back from Cameron, his hiking trip.
Pic 2: Forgotten when i bought this, now grow so much d... all the daun-daun bercabangan...

Arghhh... My rims!!!

Got my new sportrims for 2 weeks and then !"$%*&^$#@#^&* i banged on a very deep potholes!!!!! ARrrggghhh!!!

Actually not really a potholes... it's those roads that is uneven! Construction was going on previously... so the road was quite cacated! And i was driving about 100km/h... normal la... then suddenly saw the uneven road, avoided the 1st one! But the 2nd one which is even deeper i can't avoid coz there are cars next to me!!! :'( I banged on it with so loud sound!

Then my steering started to shake so badly, slowly i slow down my car and went into the petrol station to checked if my tyres are puncture. Nope, still ok, then i continue my way home after work, it was 10+++ d...

Next day, went to the tyre shop. 2 of my rims are no longer in rounded shape... :( Have to send for repair to make it round again using machine.

So sakit hati (heartache) coz such a nice rims, bought it less than a month and now.... hhmmm... Somemore my colleagues said my rims so so nice! Aarrghhh... sakit hati! But i think kor even more sakit hati since he is the one who bought it for me... hor??

Yesterday on the way home, i saw! I saw that potholes / uneven roads has been tarred!! Arrrghh... why didn't they tar the road before i hit it! hhmmm... nevermind la... let the past be the past. I should thank God that my life is still being preserved. **Thank you Lord, for protecting me.**

Well, got the 2 rims repaired, now in proper round shape again. :D

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Uncle's Lim @ S.Parade

Brunch with KahYee before I left for work.
Pic 1: KahYee's asam laksa looks more delicious than mine

Pic 2: I'm still craving for curry rice, therefore, nasi lemak for me! =p

Monday, August 13, 2007

*muakzz muakzz*

I'm craving for curry rice and mutton since 1 week ago.... Today kor said we will have it at the mamak near his house after work... I'm so happy... TQ kor... *muakzz muakzz*

hhmmm... sound like a small kid hor... :p

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Healthiest Food Ever...

Our lovely dinner, the healthiest dinner ever! Hehehee... why i say so? Cozzzz... normally, we will have dinner outside, any hawker shop / fastfood / magie mee (our favourite food, it's also my favourite food coz kor cook it for me ;p ) or sometimes kor's sis cooked for us...

But today, suddenly we had this idea of cooking ourselves. So there it goes... kor make cheese baked tomato rice and i cook that blackie dish called black pepper chicken (you thought what? thought it's quite dark...) and not forgetting the herbal soup from mama :p Yummy!

Pic 1: It's a success! Cheese baked tomato rice! Yummy!

Pic 2: Our lovely healthiest dinner ever!

Dinner was just too full... Ouchhh... tummy hurts... but thank God for the wonderful dinner! =)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Now you see, now you don't

Pic 1: Now you see...

Pic 2: Now you see (little bit more)...

Pic 3: Now you don't! =p

*By the way, i'm talking about the little prawn for the kitty cat!*

As usual, my date with sis, at our favourite place, Gazebo. And as usual, out of our abundant hearts, we fed the kitty cat, the biggest and only prawn in our plate. But the kitty cat ate too fast, before i'm ready to shot it, the body gone, later, the head gone and left the tail... and later on, tail also gone... :D Good gal, kitty cat!