Monday, May 30, 2005

Service Van

Church camp is this Thu, van have to be checked. In the workshop since 2.30pm till 7.30pm... sounds great isn't it? hahahahaa.... Is a new workshop in kota kemuning, decided to try new workshop so thank God that i found one that repair aircond and all sorts of things... PTL. Time abit long but still fine lahhhh... hahhaa.... anyway, thank God for Winnie who came by at 3.30pm and we went yam char till 5.30pm then i went back to the workshop and waited there.

I'm glad now that the van is pretty cool with lots of sounds removed. Previously there were lots of sounds, ;) now more quiet... kekekekeee... i hope that it won't give problem when we travel to PD this Thu...

Yesterday, a tired Sunday, after church, we the youth helped Ps Tham and family to shift to Kota Kemuning... i'm surprise that they are so spontanous that they haven't pack anything... hahahahaa... so after church we went to their house and pack and shift to the lorry and bring to KK.... very tired.... but we had great fun shifting together. Unity!!!

But i hurt my leg..... ouchh.... very painful and now a big blueblack on my leg. Yesterday nite was so painful when i sleep.... haiiiii... whole nite can't really sleep well coz very PAiN ahHhhHhhh.....

Hhhmm, what am i going to do next ? Have my dinner and study german... yes.... must study....

Saturday, May 28, 2005


SAtUrdAy my resting day........ oorrrrr...... feeling so sleepy..... woke up at 12.30pm still feeling sleepy now....

Tks Sam, receive your card and the pretty gift, like it a lot... will use it definitely... but gotta think of what dress goes with it lah... any idea?? i'm bad at this, u know it.... hahahahaa

Games games, not finish with games the whole week. Still playing it while i'm blogging. Gotta go to prepare youth lesson for tmr already...

Have a nice weekend brethrens....


Monday, May 23, 2005

My 10 yrs + - tortoise Posted by Hello

Bro with Sydney the cat and the tortoise. Posted by Hello

HoliDAy aGAin????

Alrite alrite, holiday is not that bad....... gotta sleep a little bit later than usual which is not satisfying coz i slept very late ytd.... anyway, have to wake up coz have to clean the house....... gonna change aquarium water, bath my 5 cats, and clean the whole house before going to pick mama from klia... kekekekkee.... ;) so she don't get a shock what the house look like when she is not around for 3 days to Vietnam (company's trip).

My sis is changing the aquarium water now that's y i'm online now, i can't be there in the kitchen and toilet bathing my cats while she is using that place rite...... so after she finish what she is doing now, it will be my turn to bath the cats then bro will mop the floor.

Oh, noon time coming, lunch how? ooohhhh........ see how first lah, if i'm alone then easy, now gotta think of bro, if mom found out that he dont' have proper lunch and dinner, i will get nagging... kekekekekeee... now that mama not here, i have to take this responsibility to at least keep an eyes on the house and the whole household.

I was quite guilty on Saturday though... morning was at home with bro, then afternoon bring him out for lunch then sis and i went to church for Preteen Group and SCC, he did not want to follow. After preteen, fetched children home and i went "ta pau" food for bro then sis and i left for music practice which he doesn't wanna follow too. So is like whole day he was at home playing only... no wonder my mom always want him to go out, either bringing him to any shopping center just to walk walk coz he can't be staying at home the whole day 7 days a week, every week.

So my Sunday is for him. After church, we went to a shopping center, bro wanted to get a DVD, after that we stayed at home the whole day... so not bad lah, at lease we are around with him... kekekekeee

Alrite, will put up a pic of my tortoise soon, while i'm blogging, she came into the room... who? what? MY TORTOISE, YES! TORTOISE. She had been with us for about 10 years or so or longer if i'm not mistaken... Normally she will be in the toilet, sometimes when she like, she will go tour the whole house then go back to the toilet. But i guess coz my sis is washing the aquarium in the toilet, that's why she is out from the toilet... hahahaa....

Alrite, alrite...... that's all for today....


Sunday, May 22, 2005

After church, having lunch in ..... u guys should know... anyway, bro wanted to eat this... hehheee Posted by Hello

Just a pic after church, worship leading today and it was good... Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

me, sister and brother... =) Posted by Hello

What? Playing with creams again??? Posted by Hello

Brother carrying Buddy, Esther and mother Posted by Hello

hahahaha... look at those candles, just a decoration ok... kekekekekee Posted by Hello

cake for Esther Posted by Hello


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Esther,
Happy birthday to you.

God bless u sister....

B'day is today but we celebrated it yesterday coz mama not home to day... We had cake and aiyo... laugh and laugh, it was fun, happy moment with all the laughter....

May God bless you indeed, sis, may He enlarge your territory, let God's hands be upon you and deliver you from the evil one... Amen.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Me @ Sun & Suft Cafe, Sunway Resort for hi-tea for G12 (our cell group) Posted by Hello

Lesson's time Posted by Hello

G12 group Posted by Hello

Cake cutting ceremony Posted by Hello

Birthday boys and gals Posted by Hello

Phebe and Esther's plate... kekekee, look delicious? Posted by Hello

The guys' table Posted by Hello

My first plate... Posted by Hello

Our hi-tea time for G12 (our cell group) @ Sun & Surf Cafe, Sunway Resort Posted by Hello

Esther wearing a skirt... :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005


This whole week was a sleepless nite week.

Beginning of this month we are already fearful of dad not giving money coz last month we argue with dad about cats at home. So surely enough he didn't bring money home for the first week. We are hoping 2nd week he will put in money in mom's account, still... nothing. 3rd week comes, whole fml was stressed up as mom had just paid hers and brother's insurance last month, used about RM1000++ and this month her roadtax is going to overdue, need another RM1000 or so, some bills about RM500++ to pay, fan spoilt, water dispenser spoilt, all unpleasant thing starts to pop-up so sudden. Everyone at home had terrible moods with arguements, noises + shouts (i hate them). Where is the peace and joy that the whole fml had last time? Just because of this financial problem, it can create havoc at home. Now i have to believe it myself when ppl have financial problem at home, it's hard to go thru. Whole week was a week of fervent prayers and hoping things will work out well soon. Sleepless nite, just woke up middle of the nite everyday for the whole week and can't sleep but it was a time of prayer for me as well that i begin to seek God when i can't sleep. Can u imagine, my bank account left RM7 only coz of helping out in the fml?

On top of that, Engedi my bf was so so spontaneous thought of giving me a treat to Germany so i gotta apply leave. Tried it last year but get rejected by pastors, they had their reasons. Well, so we gotta try again this year, told respective person that i need to go thru in the company (which is my chrc coz i'm working full-time), going thru with fear and trembling coz i'm afraid of rejection again.. ;)

So many prayer request... hahahahaaa.....

Then came this morning, dressing up nicely to go to church, showing mom of my dressing hoping to get nice words from her like every Sunday morning but this morning, with a grumpy voice she said, "don't ask me, i'm not in good mood". Being a daughter of course i wanted to run away of that situation... kekekkee... but i'm concern too, so i asked, "why... what happen...". "We don't have enough money to survive, so many bills hvn't pay, i can't even sleep the whole nite thinking of it" she said.

"I know mom, i think we need to have a fml meeting where all of us sit down to talk, what we need to cut down like airconds, unneccesary things try to cut down, all of us must learn and help one another... we need to talk."

"Ya, have to cut our phone like also... internet bills are high nowadays..." (Ohps... hehehehee) Yes, is very true that when crisis hits, we will have to count every little things.

Then as usual we proceed to the church, on the way there i was quite disturbed coz of financial problem, i was thinking if today i get a 'no' answer for my leave to Germany, i will go to do part time at nite to support fml a little bit. In the church, i just wanna be in the presence of God, worship was good, word was good... awesome, the word really as if speaking to me that if i'm rejected of my application to go Germany, is ok, God knows the best... hahhahaaa, is hard to handle rejection frankly speaking, i'm very afraid of rejection. In fact i was so afraid that i cried ytd nite while chatting with my bf on the phone, i'm afraid of rejection.

Anyway, after service, we had youth group. As usual, i just stayed in the presence of God during worship by Ee Ling then comes to the word of God, prepared by me. Today's topic is about God-centered vs self-centered. The whole lesson is just like a lesson that i'm teaching myself. In times of calamities, are we in the position of God-centeredness (where we seek God, pray, learning to see things His ways, learn to trust Him) or are we self-centered (where we start to do things our way, go all out for part-time job skipping all the prayer meetings and all (frankly speaking this is the way that i want to do if im rejected to go Germany), see things in human perspective?) Wow, hard lesson man..... i gotta learn... Told my pastor that i wish all this will end soon, is suffering, is hard to go through... :( really hard... i can’t handle it.

After youth group, my time to face pastors to reveal my application... hahahaaa... the **scariest part of all. Pastor are fast, just said. "We approve your 2 months leave and u can go Germany" What an answer??? I'm too happy to express, stunt! Joy within me like bursting out... And had discussion on how to pass down my job...


But i was quite doubtful that i should go coz how to leave fml when they are going thru hard time and i go for holiday just like that? How to tell my mom? Then sms bf and he called and we chatted, in the middle of conversation, mom called and said dad had put in money for us!!!!!!!!! WOW, with shouts and joy we were praising God......


Then a chinese church uncle came to our house to help to fix the water dispenser thing which cost RM80 for free (it was a problem for us to pay at first)!!!! And we got to fix a 2nd hand fan that we took down from our old church... hehehheeee....


What i can say now is "Thank you Lord for your blessings". Prayer works definitely especially proclaming His promises.

I have got my breakthru!!!!


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to my mama and all the moms in this world...

Mom is someone that is great in this world who has all the love for her children, seriously all the love... she will sacrifice something just to give it to her child... anyway, i'm not a mother yet but i can see how my mama give all her love for me, everything that she does, is all out of her love for me.

Mom, i wanna wish u Happy Mother's Day and tell u that u are the greatest in my life. Without u, i'm not who i am today... thank you so much mom. *Muakzz*

How did i celebrate mother's day? Bring mom for a walk in the park with lotsa dogs... kekekekeee.... She is happy, i'm happy, everyone is happy there... hahahaha... other than that, what else did i do? Don't wanna let u all know... u ask her yourself.


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