Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Biggest present ever!

I only had 2 hours sleep today because of the coffee effect that cause me to stay awake the whole night. So early morning went to Proton shop to pay my 10% down payment and my salesman said i can get my car today. Wow, it was really a surprise because inicially he said i can only get it on Friday, now 2 days earlier. My salesman said he knows that today is my birthday so he wanted my car to get registered today too. Really thank God for this big big present! Frankly speaking, i was not prepared to get this big present today. I'm still in shock and still asking myself, is that my car? Hahahahaa

So i drove the van home and my salesman fetched me from home to go to JPJ to register my car, i was thinking of buying a number plate of 7771 which will cost me about RM350, well, all things work out for good to those who love Him, He did not want me to waste unnecessary money so the number that is available now is from 2000-7770! Hahahahaa... I know is Him. Yet the running number is 3800 so i told my salesman, ok, 3800 onwards also is a nice number so i will just get the normal running number which i don't need to pay a single cent.

Pic 1: Energy orange Iswara Aeroback, BJC = Beckz & Jesus Christ?? ;)

Went to the church to do part time after coming back from JPJ and collected my car at 3pm. Those Proton's people was still doing some touch-up on my car, tinting my car windows for free, polishing my car, basically just cleaning it up before handling it to me.

No one knows that i'm getting the car today. So i called my brother to bring him out to get some car accessories without telling him that i got the car and he was so excited when i drove the energy orange Iswara home. Then i bring him to my mom's company and called my mom asking her to come out from her company. She said she thought i brought some tea-break for her and her smile was so beautiful when she look at my new car. Hahahaa... We are suppose to have dinner together celebrating my birthday so mom, bro and i went to fetch sis from work and sis was overjoyed when she saw an energy orange car approaching her. Well, praise the Lord for this big surprises to everyone.

Even thought i'm really tired, but yet fellowshipping with family members are really a precious thing to do. We eat, we talk, we joke, we laugh.... (*Sorry, didn't take any picture coz forgotten to bring camera during dinner time*) Then we travelled from our dinner place, taking a good ride in the energy orange Iswara to a shopping mall and we continue to walk, talk, joke, laugh, eat, drink... tiring... blessed birthday... most memorable one i would say.

25th Birthday

1. Had lunch with Pb & Sky on 29 May. Pb treating Sky and I for our b'day.

2. Dinner with Winnie on 30 May, she gave me a bottle of perfume which i love very much.

3. Dl posted something in his website and called on 31 May.

4. Received surprise gift from Heavenly father (car) and dinner with family on 31 May.

5. Smses, cards and online wishes from friends on 31 May.

6. Dinner with god-sis on 1 Jun.

7. Redeeming a meal from Sky when i'm free later.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to Beckz,
Happy birthday to me.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Family Crisis No. 2

Grandma (dad’s side) called trying to convince mom to take the house that dad offers, house that already has down payment but need us to get bank loan and pay monthly installment which we don’t want. (Grandma has always been the middle person, a spokesman between dad and us when comes to big big problems.)

Reasons of not taking the big house:-

  1. Mom going to retire in few more years, then where will she get the income to pay the house loan? Mom don’t want unnecessary burden / stress anymore.
  1. I’m not sure how long I will be in Malaysia, if I’m to leave Malaysia, who is going to continue paying the loan? Mom?? It’s a burden to her.

Chinese saying, “if you don’t have a head that big, don’t try to wear a hat that big”. Meaning, if you think you can’t afford it, then don’t take it.

But grandma keeps on convincing mom and they talk on the phone for more than ½ an hour, mom is sick, having fever some more, grandma is a very good talker, she can talk till you have no words to say. Poor mom has to say no, no, no.

My relatives, all the Cham’s members had a meeting about this matter, so all my uncles and aunties agree that it is a good thing if we can take the house, can live in a bigger house (so-called). They said, sell our current house and take that money to put it into the new house. They think of everything for us. But guess what? The most frightening one was, they want us to take care of grandma and grandpa (finally grandma mention this saying if we take the big house, then grandpa and her will stay with us).

Listen here, not that we don’t want to take care of old people, we (mom, sis, me and bro) are someone who love / honour old people very much. Obviously we wish to stay with grandma and grandpa coz they loved us very much but come to think about it, uncles and aunties are trying to push their responsibility of taking care of the old man to us! That’s why I said, they think of everything for us. And they said, it is good if we can have the big house. Now I know why…

Mom told me, she is getting more and more frightened when comes to think of what grandma said and think of how my relatives plans all this, there are always some motives behind it. Sad and scary!

If I’m not mistaken, our family crisis no. 1 was about 2 years back where by the Cham’s members thought of a good plan (so-called), asking us to sell our current house and buy 1 of my uncle’s house coz he is broke, he needed money, so asked us to buy his house, reason that they gave us: that place is nearer to grandma’s house! If we buy that house, we need to take bank loan too, so need to pay monthly installment (which we don’t need for our current house). Sad and scary!

Whatever they think of normally is for their benefits… how can they treat us like this? Are we too kind for them to bully? Bullying a single parent’s family! Hate this! That’s why we really need God’s wisdom. Thank God mom has great wisdom.

“Lord, take care of us, please.”

Aawww... Sweet...

Candid on my babies...

Pic 1: Buddy (left) & Tiger (right)

Pic 2: Sleeping on my bolster

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Grandma & disabled uncle

What a tiring weekend. My grandma and my disabled uncle came to stay with us since Friday. Grandma is old and can't walk properly, always having leg pain and it's really suffering to see her walking upstairs and downstairs. My disabled uncle suffer from mental disorder as well as eye-sight problem, hearing problem (coz of his age that is doubled, so inicially he is older than my grandma). So whenever he wants to go to toilet, he has to shout for help and this frustrates him a lot. He too always knocked his head against some tables and things in my house and there goes the big baby crying... hehe... so really hard and noisy... i'm not complaining, i'm just sharing. x)

Well, i count it a blessing to have my grandma and uncle around us for 2 days. Even though it's very rush for me to take care of them at home, bringing them out to window-shop, eat, busy with my church work, online job, etc... i still enjoy them very much, i just feel very joyful to be around them and getting to bring them around and help them around. :)

But we had to send them home at 9pm, actually they are suppose to go home tomorrow but because my uncle is throwing tantrums (always) and crying wanting to go home, so we can't do anything but to send them home. :) Good thing we are not in Ipoh (hometown) so the journey is still ok.

I can sense my cats' relief that finally my grandma and uncle is home, hahaa... before that, my cats are so afraid of them coz my uncle making a lot of noises and my grandma smokes. Kekekeee

Friday, May 26, 2006


Hurrayyyy… My bank loan has been approved! I will be having my own car real soon. Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I shouldn’t

Why am I feeling so worried when I know that I shouldn’t? I shouldn’t have felt worried coz I have done all I needed, whether my application is approved by the bank, I still shouldn’t worry about it. =)

After few days of surveying the price of Iswara and what promotions I can get best, finally I have submitted my form for bank loan. I’m afraid that the bank loan get rejected.

“Lord, I pray that everything will go smooth. Amen”

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another celebration?

After music practice, ps & pb wanted to treat sis so there we go…

Pic 1: Amanda, sis, Nathaniel

Pic 2: Family in Christ

Esther’s Birthday

After long day with G12-ans, the first thing I reach home is to go out with family to celebrate sis’ b’day… “happy b’day, sis”.

The happy family at Secret Recipe.

Pic 1: sis & bro

Pic 2: sis & me

Pic 3: sis & ma

Pic 4: me & ma

Pic 5: bro & ma


The best movie I have ever watched! It’s full of actions. I feel like I’m drowning the whole time at the cinema. I can’t breathe, help!


Don’t miss it!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Pan Pacific stay

We had a free suite at Pan Pac, thanks to Mr L. so there we go, enjoyment is the word.

Pic 1: The first hour, feasting

Pic 2: Pizzaaaa

Pic 3: View from our room, 22nd floor!

Pic 4: Yes, pool side! Swimming soon!

Pic 5: The pool!! =) Get to swim for more than 1 hour. Good exercise.

Pic 6: Going for dinner…

Pic 7: Dinner time!
Pic 8: Youth of this generation

New Adventure

Well, it has been more than 1/2 month since i resigned and venture into another part of the world. It has been something refreshing for me to work from home, not so stress in a way but yet i still need to meet the daily target. With this online job now, i can work from home. Something very new for me but i'm enjoying it so far and i believe that God has a purpose in everything. I'm those person who will try to enjoy everything no matter where i am and i have always carried this saying within me since young, "There are 2 ways that we can choose, either choose to be happy or choose to be sad, but since sadness will depress me, why don't i choose to live more joyfully and just enjoy things." But well, sometimes i still fall into choosing the wrong one, to be sad and moody, i will continue to learn.

Actually it is very funny. After i resigned, i had so many offers from people maybe because i'm Beckz, the well-known Beckz in the community that had good heart (**hhhmm, praising myself... kekeke**) but well, i want to try out this online job so i told them off in a 'gentle' way. Hahaha..

Just want to praise the Lord, i know i'm special to Him, everyone is. And i know that my future is in His hands so i'm just going to walk with Him and follow Him wherever He leads me. "Lord, teach me to be obedient to You, only You."

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just Hate

Just allow me to express myself. I just can’t tolerate to see man who are not responsible for their family. Man who have more than one wife. Man who can’t control themselves and finally fall into the temptation of the world - sexual sin. Man who don’t love and treasure their wife but to hit them when man had bad day outside during work, throwing tantrums on the wife. What kind of man is this? Is this real man, I mean MAN?? What is gentleman stands for then?

Many of them must have forgotten the vow that they made during their holy matrimony, I believe, during that time, they are full of joy and eagerness in their big event, wanting to spend the rest of their life with their precious wife but after few years down the road, after their wife has given birth to kids, after their wife has put on weight and not as ‘pretty’ as it was before, MAN will start looking around and pursue the temptation of the world.

Then the man will no longer treasure their wife anymore but instead, getting closer with other woman. Until a stage that he wants to move out and stay with the other woman and spend his life with that so-called better woman than his wife?? Oh well, go ahead! But many a times when man gets older, they began to fall sick and I’m sure that the other woman WOULDN’T WANT to take care of this sick old man anymore and this sick old man will have to end up going back to his wife for the ‘tender loving care’! I HATE IT MAN! I MEAN I HATE THIS KIND OF MAN!!!

Sorry, I just got to express myself. I have many neighbors who are like this. The wife end up suffering so much, need to work harder to earn money to provide to the kids and need to take care of the whole house by herself when her own husband spends good time with other woman not knowing how suffer his wife was and how she had to deal with the inner hurts that her husband had abandon her, failing to keep the promises that he had made. AAArrrrr… I just can’t stand! Too much for me when I put my shoe on them!

Aunt L. was just crying when she was sharing with me in the morning, I felt so sad for her and I felt very angry too at man (Lord, I still need healing from you, please help me Lord, I don‘t want this to affect my own relationship), she really had a soft heart, always full of patient on her husband even her husband said he wants to move back to stay with her now because this old man finally get very sick for the 2nd time (*very good*) and even need to wear pampers??

Hhhhmm… when the old man can walk and run, he pursue his life with great satisfaction and often hit his wife when he needs to throw tantrums and now when he is sick, he wants to be taken care back from his wife?? (For me, I WILL NEVER NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFE) I’m just not that forgiving though. It’s hard, It’s hard !!!

I’m mad and yet I needs to encourage Aunt L. Aaarrrrr… I just felt that I’m going to blow up even now that I’m blogging it down.

I still need healing, I’m am, I admit. Every time I felt angry at man, I will try to say a little prayer, “Lord, forgive me, I choose to forgive my dad."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

8 Hours

Gosh! 8 hours in the bus! Journey from Penang to Shah Alam, 8 hours???? I can reach Germany already if i sit another 4 more hours in the plane. The bus driver just got lost in the middle of no where and bringing us around. Finally I had to give direction to the bus driver and lead him to Shah Alam, Section 17 and why there are no one saying anything in the bus?? Goshhh…

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nasi Kandar


Finally got to eat it, my last night in Penang.

Pic 1: Aiyoooo…nothing to say!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Rocky the Star

Pic 1: Rocky on my bed

Pic 2: Yes, my bed, he sleep with Yendi and I but he has his own bed (basket)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Holiday with god-bro

After the wedding, I stayed on in Penang to spend 3 more days holidaying and eating and playing and enjoying life before going back to work, work, work.

This morning WM’s parents drove down to KL and I went to follow my god-bro, Alvin and his gf, Yendi to church. Church service was good, I get ministered, felt that I miss God so much. After feeding our spiritual-inner-man, we feed our physical-stomach! With food again… Please don’t get shock when u see food ok… It’s normal, just food… nothing much…

Pic 1: This is the food that we ordered for lunch! Yummmmyyyyy… I’m hungry now

Pic 2: Yendi & Alvin

Pic 3: Really satisfy, this is my 2nd purpose going to Penang. Hahahaa… 1st was because of Masami’s Wedding.

And let me introduce to you, Rocky the Schnauzer! This is Alvin & Yendi’s kid.

Pic 4: Rocky, he just had his hair cut in Ikano few days ago.

Pic 5: Really a handsome Schnauzer

We went to Alvin’s penthouse to take a nap, including Rocky of course.

Pic 6: Rocky half asleep on the bed with us (Yendi & me, just in case u all mistaken, while Alvin play his computer game).

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Steven & Masami’s Wedding!!

It was a wedding run by all the Cfers, man, it was so funny throughout the whole wedding because of so many mistakes that we made. Hahahhaa… Anyway, I don’t think Masami mind though, hahaaa… she is just so thankful that we the Cfers put it up for her.

We had some last minutes changes as 1 of the MC can’t make it on time, still on the way from KL, so we had David Lee to be the last minute MC which he did it very well, well in entertaining everyone… hahaha, it was just so funny the way David and Cecena chair the whole thing. PTL that the rest of the 160 congregations were enjoying themselves at the wedding. This was the first ‘youthful wedding’ that I have ever attended! The way the MC s chair and all that, with the ‘youth language’. Well, good job Cecena and David! Really good job! =)

David, I hope u don’t mind that I share this here, haha, it’s just so funny I will never forget it the rest of my life. There was this time when Stephen was supposed to pop the cork on the champagne, and David said, “Come on Stephen! Pop your cork for us and show us watcha got! …. Whoops, that's not right. Hehe!” Haaii.. The Cfers were just laughing in our dinner table man…

Pic 1: Steven & Masami

Pic 2: The 2 funny couple!

Pic 3: Joined together by our Heavenly Father

Pic 4: Me and the lovely couple

**My camera can’t capture a lot of pics coz of the dim light.**

Friday, May 05, 2006

Music Practice

Music practice for tomorrow, the big day, Steven Goto & Masami Komatsu’s wedding!!! Masami is my college friend, one of my good friend, she is ever so talkative, ever so entertaining, ever so loud, ever so humorous, she is really good in everything.

Pic 1: Masami & Steven, practicing for their solo for tomorrow night.

Pic 2: WM the pianist

Pic 3: David Teoh, our guitarist (we had 2 Davids here…)

Pic 4: Steven will be playing violin solo too.

Pic 5: And of course me as well, playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. (hahahahaa… not for the wedding of course! Steven just taught me to play for fun, I will be worship leading in the wedding tomorrow)

**There are 5 generations of Cfers that were there that night, a lot of them are not in the pics coz i didn't manage to catch them, they are about 15 of us all together i think.**

Ipoh - Penang

It’s fun coz of food… =) WM’s parents drove to Ipoh first to catch the very famous curry noodle in the morning, manage to reach about 11am. Then proceed to the next stall, famous soya bean. Then we head to Penang, before lodging in to our apartment, of course we went for Penang famous ‘char kueh teow’, it was really good but we are just so full. Food haven’t digest properly and we headed for the next meal… hahaaa.. PTL.

This is WM’s relative’s apartment, very nicely decorated, nice place to stay overnight for 3 days.

Pic 1: The nice living room.

Pic 2: nicely decorated, small dining table. =)

After taking about 40 mins nap, there goes David, bringing WM and I to the seaside.

Pic 3: WM & I

Dinner time, at Pulau Tikus.

Pic 4: Steven (Cecena's husband) & Cecena (and food)

Pic 5: Cecena, Wei Mei, Me & David (and food)

Well, you must be thinking that we are crazy… after some food at Pulau Tikus, we went to another place for rojak, muar chee, don’t know what else la, all in hokkien, I don’t know… hahaha…

Then we continue to another place for the best ice kacang (ABC) and finally the guys went to ‘tapau’ some good burgers before we gathers in Masami’s suite for music practice.

Food food food…

**All of us are Cfers, from Inti College, Subang** =)

Wash Your Hair

I never knew that taking ktm is that hard. I was queuing nearly last to step into the train and found that actually the train has not much space left. Good thing that behind me was another college boy who manage to push me into the train so that he is able to go in as well. Everyone is really like packing in a sandwish tin where the train is the tin. My goodness, it was so packed that we don't have place to move even an inch. My head was literally stuck with another lady's head with tudung. I mean, my face is facing the tudung. Thank God that i didn't faint. At first i was trying my best to breathe normally as i can't inhale coz i'm inhaling directly from the tudung!

Lesson learned: Wash your hair daily.

Lord, bless those who take train to work daily, it's not easy.

**Ps, i jotted all this down on the way to Penang so i can blog them out. Now i'm at Alvin's hse where i can access to the internet and do my blogging!**

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bad Listener

I really don't understand why there are such people on earth. Someone who just can't communicate. Someone who just don't want to listen. I have explain my ways but still, he wants me to walk his ways. Why can't we have freedom to do things we like?

I can sense that i'm drawing a real thick line in between us. This is not good i know. Lord, i need healing.

Monday, May 01, 2006

My 5 Cats Again!

Caught my Stuart boy sleeping on my bed when I was blogging. Haha. I have used his sleeping place which was on the mouse pad together with my mouse and my keyboard so there goes my bed, now he is sleeping on my bed. =)

And Buddy boy is on my bed too!

Sydney gal sleeping on the floor

Abigail on a rack

Tiger on bro’s bed

Labour Day

I never had such a long sleep for ages. I had about 12 hours sleep today. Really nice. Don’t know why my mom didn’t wake me up today so I woke up about 3 pm. Hehe. Of course mom and bro haven’t had their lunch so I quickly bath and bring them out and we had Kim Gary, it was my last night dinner, today’s breakfast, lunch and dinner so the cost is consider ok. Sis not around, she went to Malacca yesterday night with her friends.