Friday, March 27, 2009


hmmm sick for 2 days already... so 'san fu'... cannot eat at all... tummy bloated with wind!!! arghh....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

busy busy busy

So busy this 2 weeks...

Busy crying and laughing while watching this hong kong series, "When a dog loves a cat", thanks to YuenNee who gave me this show. :D

Busy laughing, crying and shouting over the preparation for ROM, registration of marriage. :D

Busy with shell's rock climb event in Camp5, 1U.

Busy with family's gathering, popo's birthday dinner.

Weekdays will be busy working, cooking, sleeping...

Life so busy.......... and i wish to have more hong kong series to watch... :p

Sunday, March 08, 2009

More Crocs

Bro's birthday this coming Thursday, so bring him to get his birthday present after church today. Crocs sounds good, and mom showed interest too though is not her birthday or whatsoever. Anyway, mom is mom, i will always give her anything if she wants it. So here it goes....

1. Beach Winter Camo for bro.2. Mary Jane for mom, in mango colour! (Not like the pic below). Initially mom wanted a dark pink colour but no more size. That's why i say, my mom is HOT!Oh and Crocs is on sale. =) 1st time ever in Malaysia.

Darling not around

As early as 5.45am Saturday, darling went out to drive to Cameron Highlands to hike Irau with few of his kaki-s, so i'm alone again at home. And i get another me-day today.

I slept at 6am actually, after darling went out till 12pm.

12pm - woke up, hang cloths, cook maggi, watch cartoon DVD
3pm - browse net
6pm - nap
8pm - woke up, cook maggi, watch Iron Man DVD
11pm - change hamster bedding
12am - sweep floor, invited a stray kitten outside the house home and play with the fella
1am - mop floor, took out some meat from the fridge wanted to steam for the kitten
1.30am - throw (not really throw) the kitten outside again after she eying on my hamsters!
2am - bath, refreshed! Played computer game
3.30am - zzZZzzzZZzz

**Darling took my car and left Eric's old car for me which both the rear tyres has no 'bunga' anymore and I'm told not to drive the car if it is raining and at night, fair enough. Whole day raining here today so i have to enjoy my me-day at home. :D**

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Doggie Books

Since i'm not going to work, i went to Kim Gary, Pyramid to enjoy a bowl of korean noodle with luncheon meat (my favourite) :p and continued reading the book, 'Marley, a dog like no other'.

After 2 hours of reading and eating, finally i close the book and finish up my noodle and pay the bill and walk off when i reached the part that Marley is about to leave John and Jenny forever... I have few drops of tears down my cheeks that i kept wiping them off and hoping that no one is looking. :D I figured i better cry at home than at public place.

Off i went to MPH book store and ohpsssss... more doggie books I've collected this time!

Blood Test

Is time for body check-up that I have always wanted to do since last year having the blackout symptom more and more often.

Early morning, I woke up and bath and went out to SJMC to look for Dr. Alan Teh. One of my colleague who also have Thalasaemia recommended this doc to me last year.

Did 2 tests today, blood test and ECG heart test. ECG test is to check if the blackout is because of heart problem but result shows that my heart is OK. :)

Hhmm.... having the needle pooking me just now, it was sooooooo scaryyyyyyy... even the worker (a very 'cc' malay man) said he is scare too looking at my face expression coz he said he feel the pain wohhh... :sAs for the blood test, doc said most slightly I'm having iron insufficiency rather than Thalasaemia! He said many doc mistaken iron insufficiency with Thalasaemia. Well, not 100% sure yet as another result will only be out tomorrow and I'm going back for 2nd check-up in 2 weeks time and to collect my result. That will determine if i have iron insufficiency or Thalasaemia. :)

And I'm on MC again today! =) Doc gave me MC cert! Hoorayyy....

Monday, March 02, 2009

Almost Blackout Again

Well, no big deal though... coz is not my first time...

But I'm at work this time, doing a bigger role, RC role today which I'm quite stressed at... Out of sudden, I just felt so stuffy... and I felt it is coming... yeah, the fainting symptom is here... ARrrgghhh... not again... not now at work please!

As I was continuing my work, assigning work to analysts, I can't really concentrate well already... I know I must go, else I'm afraid I will really faint there. Told my lead that I need to go and help to assign all the work to analyst, I left and went home.

Bath and had slight fever, I was laying on the bed, waiting for darling to come home with dinner. :) Darling came home with Ngau Kee beef noodle :D

Well, I'm ok then, had 2 panadols and ooi ooi...

*RC - Request Coordinator


Figured out that I'm not so so young anymore and I need some supplement before it's too late, heheheee... Seeing how my grandma is suffering from knee pain and that my mom is starting to feel those pains, I better do something. Guess this is what I need for now to protect my bones in the future. Not sure if this will really help though... :)I feel like I'm a kid again drinking this type of milk. :D

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Summer the goldie

Browsing through Facebook and saw this picture. Summer is my colleague's Golden Retriever. She's soooooo pretty and adorable!

Arrgh... I'm waiting for mine to come soon............. *Amen*