Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie

Kor's parents are very simple. They rather have simple meals though today is auntie's big day. For us, we will just do what they want ler... :)

Auntie said wanna have KFC for lunch coz she wanted that free gift from KFC. We had KFC during lunch but no picture taken la.. kekeke...

For dinner, we had very nice hot spicy curry noodle at Jonker Street!

Pic 1: Jonker Street in this Chinese New Year season, full of nice decoration.

Pic 2: So nice walking around with all the nice deco.

Pic 3: Auntie and uncle enjoying the hot spicy curry noodle.

Pic 4: Close-up of the curry noodle xp

Pic 5: Can't wait to have it but seriously, it's very spicy!

Pic 6: Smile for the camera...

**Happy Birthday Auntie, may God bless you richly.**

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Making 'ngar gu'

Early morning after my graveyard shift, kor pick me at 6am and straight to OldTown Kopitiam for breakfast before traveling back to Malacca.

Reason of going back this time is to celebrate auntie's birthday. We make a surprise trip back... kekekeee

Auntie was surprised when she saw our car parked in front of the gate. She was very happy and said she will have a helper! O.o

Rupa-rupanya..... wanna make 'ngar gu' wohhh... xD I'm quite excited too coz i never make 'ngar gu' before in my life and never see how others making it too. So i'm a little curious.

Initially wanted to rest a while (never sleep whole nite coz graveyard shift) but strange, can't sleep. Maybe too excited. =p So i went out to the kitchen to help auntie to prepare lunch.

Here comes the excitement after lunch!

Pic 1: This is 'ngar gu'

Pic 2: Peeling the skin

Pic 3: Naked 'ngar gu' in the salt water

Pic 4: Kor help to slice the 'ngar gu' with the slicer

Pic 5: The sliced 'ngar gu'

Pic 6: Putting the sliced 'ngar gu' in the hot frying wok

Pic 7: 'Ngar gu' turning into very nice golden colour!

Pic 8: Then 'ngar gu' will be placed on the paper to cold it before packing

Pic 9: Kor Kor packing it so unwillingly coz auntie said this big container is for me... ekekekeke

Good experience having to know how to make 'ngar gu'.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Chris, kor's sister asked us to have dinner together with her and her bf in their house in Subang today. I always like to go to her house because her house is very nice, she just shifted in last year after renovating it so beautifully. ;)

Anyway, back to our STEAMBOAT DINNER! Pictures will show everything! Enjoy! Yummy!

Pic 1: Ohps, Chris is moving too fast, kekkee.. my N73 is not that powerful. Look at the food we have... Delicious!

Pic 2: Closer look, we have fish, taufu, crabstick, mushroom, vegies, sotongs, mee hoon, eggs, some fried dumpling and chicken and chili padi / chili sauce... :D

Pic 3: Kor laughing while chatting with his sister...

Pic 4: Adding more sauce in the soup... :p

**Thanks Chris!**

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Me cooking

Since my darling always complain saying that i didn't cook and only him cooking for me, oklooo.... so i meh cook lo since is a weekend and i'm not working today.

Pic 1: cook ahh... cook ahh...

Pic 2: The final result. Our simple meal. 1 soup, 1 vegie and ginger chicken.

Pic 3: I personally like the ginger chicken... yummy!

Read more in kor's blog... --> Housewife ~

K9 Day @ 1U Central Park

Another K9 day that i'm longing for..... ;) It drives me crazy when i see so many furkids around!!!

Pic 1: "Angugu... come to mama..." Hehehehee... it's a husky!

Pic 2: All the Huskies gathering here!

Pic 3: Perfect match! Blackie and Brownie.

Pic 4: Aiyoyo... really cannot tahan la... this greyish husky so nice... see the eyes? light blue colour wan leh...

Pic 5: This black husky is so clever and obedient that his owner do not need to leash him.

Pic 6: The 2 huge St. Bernard...

Pic 7: Another St. Bernard just lied down when i sayang him... kekeke, so manja...

Pic 8: I always admire Great Dane. See how huge and tall is he?

Pic 9: Another huge black Great Dane who wanna kiss me so much. ;)

Pic 10: Chow Chow in the Fastest Eating Duo competition.

Pic 11: 6 months old pug, very nice colour combination. :)

Pic 12: The naughty German Shepherd.

Pic 13: This Doberman abit fat... kekekee...

Pic 14: Aiyooo... this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup is so cute... hmm... maybe this can be 1 of the choice in my doggie list that i wish to have next time since this breed is a small breed. =p

Pic 15: The puppy is just so 'guai' letting my darling take his pic.

Pic 16: This maltese so fluffy! xp

Pic 17: The 3 years old Bull Terrier.

Pic 18: My favourite dog, Golden Retriever! She is 2 1/2 years old when i asked the owner and i thought she is only 6 month old. Her size is really small for her age which i think is good... if it's my dog... hehehe, coz easier to handle! ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Superbly busy graveyard shift

Nowadays, i'm looking forward for my graveyard shift coz we normally have lesser work, lesser phonecalls and no meetings, hence, i could update my blog quite often.

But, it's not the case for this whole week! Every night without fail, our emails and requests are full that we can't even finish it in 1 shift.

On Thursday night, we even have about 80 emails lehhh... -__-"

Longing to update my blog so much but busy at work is good either so that i won't have the chance to fall asleep. ;)

Well... in everything, praise the Lord.

Praise God for the work that i have now rather than jobless.

Monday, January 14, 2008

LaNGkaWI hERe I cOMe

Had a fun vacation with my darling, a 3d2n vacation to Langkawi. The most tiring part was driving up at night. Started journey at 12am (Saturday) and reached Kedah at about 5.30am and waited for the ferry. =)

Pic 1: Reached Langkawi... ;)

Pic 2: This is our ferry with long long head / bow.

Immediately when we touched down to Langkawi, 1st thing to do of course is to find a rented car, so off we went. Got a quite sporty Wira and off we went to our condo. Errr... i mean, our rented condo. xp

Pic 3: Our rented condo named Kondo Istana.

The 2nd thing that we did... sleep! Tired ehhh... we have been staying up the whole nite to drive up to Kedah lehh... so must ooi ooi first before going out to have fun! ;)

Pic 4: Our stylish sporty rented car.

Langkawi Cable Car at Gunung Mat Chincang was our 1st destination after the nap. Actually ahhh....... i never knew that there are this Cable Car existed in Langkawi looo... and i was really amazed and excited on the way up in the cable car.

Pic 5: At the entrance to the Langkawi Cable Car station.

Pic 6: Can you see the tiny tiny cable car?

Pic 7: In the cable car... woohhooo... full of excitement!

Pic 8: The world 1st semi circle suspension bridge on top of Gunung Mat Chincang. *Which i never knew before too -__-"*

Pic 9: We have to walk abit to go to the bridge after reaching the top of Gunung Mat Chincang.

Pic 10: Awesome view.

Pic 11: Kor and I... ;)

Pic 12: The view on top is really so beautiful... no words can describe.

Pic 13: One of the cable car station.

Pic 14: Some souvenir shops around the cable car place.

Pic 15: Then we saw a very strange fruits.

Then we visited many beaches on the north of Langkawi.

Pic 16: Pantai Pasir Tengkorak with the superb geographic structure of the rocks.

Pic 17: Some parts of the rocks can be quite sharp.

Pic 18: Playing around till butt gets wet.... monkey butt!

At night, we went around the town to search for the prices of some stuff that we intend to buy.

The next day (Sunday).......

Pic 19: Breakfast provided at Kondo Istana.

Visited Underwater World Langkawi which i'm not really satisfied coz their main tank is still empty and i felt quite sad thinking of those fishes that are being poisoned few month ago! :(

Pic 20: Saw some unique penguins...

Pic 21: Kor testing his new camera that he bought in Langkawi, shooting Prosperity Burger.. our dinner at McD...

Pic 22: My turn to test his camera... kekekeke.

Pic 23: Some titbits and drinks at night...

Next day (Monday)........

Pic 24: Breakfast before going home loooo....

Pic 25: The end of our holiday again... :(

Overall, had a nice relaxing holiday. Though have to drive to Kuala Kedah and drive back to KL, but we manage to rest alot in Langkawi.