Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm lost

God, life is so confusing, so stress, so many things to think about.

I wonder what is your plan or what is in your mind? How good it is if You can reveal our future to us but i know that that is impossible unless U want us to know. U want us to learn to walk by faith.

God, what should i do now? Which way should i go? I m really lost. What should i do? What should i do? I m really lost, Daddy.... U said U will never leave us nor forsake us, i believe... but i still need to do something rite? i can't be sitting here doing nothing or not working and let money fall from heaven... ???

I have obeyed U in my relationship, in my service to U, please show me, show me how and which way should i go... dear Lord, i need U, i need Your guidance, without U, i'm lost... totally lost.......

I'm waiting for Your answer dear Daddy...

Faithfully awaiting,

Monday, December 13, 2004

SiLLy mE

I was so frustrated at myself, silly me!

Thu, 9 Dec 2004
I got my van key locked in the van again.... how many times should i learn this lesson??? when will i really learn this lesson??? oh my oh my..... it was a tiring day, ministry and work for this season of time, wanted to have a good nice swim at 9pm but i was late, very late infact... suppose to fetch Sally at 9pm. Rush home to change and got my van key locked in the van... so called Sally to fetch and told ps tham about it, he got a person to open the van for us but paid him RM50 just to open the van's door.............. siLLy mE!!! Wasted this RM50 (PsTham's money) to open the van..... SiLLy Me!!!

Wanted to swim 30 laps but only manage to swim 2 laps coz Phebe asked me to come out and settle the key locked in the van case first, wanna get this person to open the van..... haiyyyaaaaa... when i was bathing in Ps' condo, im mumbling, "silly me, silly me, silly me" dunno for how many times... and later on, got myself cool down and ask God in the bathroom, what He wants me to learn... infact... i should know myself... "DO NOT RUSH"...

I alwys fall into this "rush hour" situation, i should learn not to get myself too rush at things, hhhmmm.... God, pls help...

After my bath, Phebe told me this is all satan's same old tricks..... this got me out from my 'silly me' thinking, thinking that "hey, we are doing something great for God this season, so the devil just wanna get us upset"...

Hehehehe... i'm proud of myself of being so busy at this season all coz of Jesus...

Yes, i will do it with all my heart.

Thank you Jesus for what u have done for us mankind, i'm just trying my best to do all that i can for u.... help me... i need u Jesus...


Thursday, December 09, 2004

What a BzzzZZzzz Dec.... HohOoHhOOo

1 Dec 04, Planet Shakers Conference @ Sunway Pyramid Conventional Center
10am - 12.30pm: Leaders meeting with Planet Shakers
1pm - 3pm: Lunch with Planet Shakers
3pm - 6pm: Registration
8pm: Night concert

2 Dec 04, Planet Shakers Conference @ Sunway Pyramid Conventional Center
9am - 12.30pm: Planet Shakers Youth Conference
2.30pm - 3.30pm: Electives
8pm: Night concert

3 Dec 04, Preteen's Camp @ Ps. Tham's condo
9am: Fetch preteens
10.30am: Briefing
10.50am: Water Session Games
12.30pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Dry Session Games
3:30pm: Free time
6.30pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Ice Breaker
8pm: Word of God
9pm: Free time
11.30pm: Bedtime

4 Dec 04, Preteen's Camp @ Ps. Tham's condo
9am: Breakfast
10am: Word of God
11.30am: Prize giving
12.30pm: Lunch
1.30pm: Bowling (My preteen and Sky's preteen)
4.30pm: Fetch my preteen home
7pm: Dinner
7.30pm: Music practice
9pm: Carrefore to get christsmas lights for church christmas tree
10.00pm: Play uno game with Sky's preteen
11.00pm: Prepare songs in powerpoint
12.30am: zZZZzzzZZzZzZzzzzzzz

5 Dec 04, Sunday @ Church
8am: Wake up
9am: Breakfast
9.30am: Go to church
10am: Start church service
12.30pm: Lunch
1.30pm: Youth group
2.50pm: Decorate christmas tree
4.30pm: Collect stuff from ps' condo
6pm: Mamak @ SS15
9pm: Go home
12am: Bedtime

6 Dec 04, Playworks @ Sunway Pyramid
12pm: Fetch SCC kids for outing
4:30pm: Fetch them home
6pm: Went to office to work
8.30pm: Go home
11pm: Mamak with Yuen Nee @ Taipan
3.30am: Go home... =)

7 Dec 04 - 9 Dec 04
Working as usual... bzzz like a bee preparing Christmas stuff.... wow!!!

10 Dec 04, Playworks @ Sunway Pyramid
Another round of SCC outing for some SCC cellgroup...

The rest... dunno yet.. yet to come

Thank you Heavenly Father for this busy Dec, indeed i have learnt a lot of precious lessons from all the events / activities... Continue to mold me God as i'm Yours to use....