Monday, December 19, 2005

Going Beyond

Yeah, just came back from youth camp... A camp that was full of the anointing of God i would say... Well, this year's youth camp is more like a babysitting camp for me, hehehhee, i do not have my own gang but look after younger ones which was quite fun though. I'm just being a crazy youth leader with them shouting and screaming whole day... hahahaha.

Pic 1: The HOT MEN CAMP... hahahhaahahaa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sheet Yeen's wedding

Sorry, don't have bride and bridegroom's picture, hahhaha... because i forgotten to bring my SD card to their wedding ceremony in the afternoon in mother church.

During dinner time, i just took a few pics only.

Pic 1: Me and mom

Pic 2: Sky and me

Of course ST and LT was there, just that i did not take pic of them... i'm just taking few for fun... not really into taking pics but to eat there... hahahaha

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It was Esther's suggestion to go Gazebo. After picking her up from work, she wants to go there so we just go to have a drink and sis took her favorite food... my favorite food too, Fettucini Cabonara.

Pic 1: Fettucini Cabonara

Pic 2: Of course i'm there to do some work. Sometimes i just can't sit down not doing anything coz it is a good opportunity for me to catch up some work and some stuff to think about... hhehehe

Pic 3: See, i'm really working... in full concentration!

It was a long time since i last stepped into Gazebo, my favorite mamak stall. Because of the price, i cut down my visits there but i do enjoy the teh tarik very much. :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Genting Trip With Preteen

Sky and i that is handling preteens in the church plan this trip since beginning of the year as one of the motivation for our preteens to memorize scriptures. For those who get certain points in memorizing scriptures, they get to come to this trip... so now, the trip is here...

Pic 1: Sky and her preteens, there are some who can't come last minutes...

Pic 2: Me and half of my preteens... one taking the camera to take pic of us, and some can't make it as well... Anyway, it was good that we didn't bring a lot, otherwise is hard to take care coz we went there by KTM train, then taking Genting bus, cable car and up to the mountain of Genting.

Pic 3: Elephant ride...

Pic 4: In the cable car

It was a long tiring day for me and sky bringing them out since 7am till we reach home at 10.30pm. God, bless us... Amen.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saujana Resort

It is mom's company's dinner at Saujana Resort in Subang. We had a lot of fun, though it ended very late, 12.30am but i do enjoy myself there watching a lot of competitions that they come out with such as wrap around mummy, singing competition for adult and kids, dancing and so forth...

Pic 1: Family pic

My mom look different? Of course, she had her hair done and dress well, really a surprise for me too when i'm home after church to see my mom dress like this...

Pic 2: Beloved mom

Pic 3: Call from dl

Pic 4: Mom won 3rd place in singing competition eventhough i'm convicted that she will get 1st place but i think the company give chance for some big boss there... ;)

Pic 5: Lucky draw

Pic 6: Mom won in best dressed too... hahahahaa... many colleagues voted for her... ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Couldn't believe that after Food & Funfair, our church biggest project over, i'm busier. I have to set a side 1 day every week during my work day to help to bring SCC children out for outing so basically left 4 days to work. And we are in the midst of updating church directory which requires a lot of work and i'm trying to put our directory in better program which i found already... so i'm updating it half way...

Sometimes the time that we have really not enough, i just couldn't believe why is it so... We have 24 hours but yet still not enough. And yesterday i was just calling out to the Lord to stop the time... hahaha, time is going too fast.

Today i even forgotten to take my lunch. When i'm hungry, it was already 4pm and i got a shock... hahaha... anyway, i'm happy that things still quite fine. Tomorrow need to finish up the bulletin and directory. Tomorrow night i have music practice, song leading this Sunday. Saturday we have SCC and preteen group and night time i'm going for mom's company's dinner. Oh ya, my mom fall sick, she is having fever and vomitted. But getting better. PTL!