Sunday, July 19, 2009

Secret Recipe @ KK

Bring Tiger and Stuart for another round of check-up at KK again and we left 2 of them in the animal clinic for a while while we went to have lunch. :D

Off to mama's favourite place.

Pic 1: Mama with her favourite japanese soba and fruit punch.

Pic 2: Bro had spaghetti bolognaise and fruit punch.

Pic 3: I'm having spaghetti meatballs and fruit punch.

Hai, my mama keep on saying that I look uglier and uglier... said that my pregnancy makes me look uglier... ;D she said some people can be prettier and prettier, but i grow uglier and uglier. Hai, what to do... not that i wanted to... but i'm still enjoying my pregnancy period now, seeing how my body changes and this is really amazing... how God made us, every part of our body and how woman can have a baby in their womb and how our body changes to accommodate the little one in us. Amazing!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bukit Jalil Park

As I said before, I will try to take pictures of this park that I'd recently fall-in-love with. :D

Went for one round of jalan-jalan at this park today while hubby went for his jog/training.

Pic 1: Huge park where family can gather and have picnic there, play badminton and whatever sports, and to bring your doggies there too... :D

Pic 2: Some nice architectural places around the park as well

Pic 3: Huge huge park.... sky getting darker already coz we went abit late today

Pic 4: Families at different padang, some play badminton, some play kites... :)

Pic 5: Some nice architecture in the middle of the park

Pic 6: There is an apartment just next to the park

Pic 7: So many ppl at the park, some jogging, some walking, some cycling...

Pic 8: Nice water fountain in the lake in the middle of the park

Pic 9: This is where the road starts to get steeper and steeper which is a very good exercise

Pic 10: Alamak, walk until so super tired, take pic also all blur blur liao

Pic 11: And finally, they have nice huge playgrounds at the top of the hill! :)

Pic 12: swing swing swing...

So how is this place? Nice right?? hehehee, let me know if you guys wanna go, next time we go together-gether... This trip i didn't see any dogs, but most of the time, we can see 1 or 2 dogs in this park which makes my walk more interesting!

Friday, July 17, 2009

R.I.P PingPing

God-ma sms and told that her PingPing has gone to heaven already coz of heart and kidney failure... hai... so sad as PingPing is a cute little miniature pincher...

God-ma buried PingPing at her garden.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My favourite curry rice!

Yummy......... the perfect lunch at Steven's cost RM4.40 before I continue my sleep to prepare for another day of graveyard shift.

Monday, July 13, 2009


1st night of graveyard shift again after 1 whole year without it, then I have to go home after 1.5hrs at work when I can't take the heartburn anymore. This is my 2nd time having heartburn throughout my pregnancy which is quite common to some preggy lady. -__-" But it's so suffering the whole night as I can't do much except to wait for it to go off.........

Heartburn isn't a joke man!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keep walking

Went for another round of walk at Bukit Jalil Park in the evening. Today i get to explore another smaller route there. The next round i go, i will take some pics of this huge park...

And today, i only saw 1 dog, a miniature pincher together with a huge family where the pincher can run about this small green grass area while the rest of his family members are playing kites and badminton at this area. Very warm family! :)

In remembrance of Lucas Mentink

Before taking my nap, i had a sms from Yanti, the singer in our Shell band who broke the news to us that Lucas Mentink, our talented guitarist from our band just passed away this morning!!!

What a shocking news and i immediately called her back. Lucas was playing tennis for Shell Inter-C game this morning where after he won a game, he felt unwell and he called his wife to pick him. On the way to Pantai Medical Centre, he was already in coma and when they reached Pantai, nothing can be done already. He had a heart attack.

Such a shocking news that I started to cry when I told darling this news. Darling knew him too, they played badminton together before.

Lucas is supposed to go back to his homeland Holland with his wife and 3 children after years of serving in Shell Malaysia next month, and yet, this tragedy happened. Life is so unpredictable and fragile.

R.I.P Lucas Mentink, you will always be remembered... such a softhearted man, good husband and father and always with a smile.

Pic 1: Late Lucas at the back, and Daniel sitting in front.

Pic 2: Late Lucas at the back of the pic with his hands up... and the rest of us, the Shell Band, Studio 48.

Pic 3: Late Lucas with his guitar on the left

Studio 48, our band is being asked to present few songs in the remembrance of Lucas Mentink for Inter-C closing.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bukit Jalil Park

We went for our jog/walk at Bukit Jalil Park today. Very very near to where we are staying now. First time visiting this place and I have never heard of this park before actually. Nonetheless, it is really an awesome park... I would say it is a family park where there are so many families with kids and some even bring their dogs for a walk! I'm definitely falling in love with this park and will have my regular walks there since it is quite a huge park with lakes - fishes, and tortoises... and doggies... :D

A great place to continue to visit even after birth, together with hubby and junior... and in future, our dog/dogs... :p

Yearly Vaccination

It's time for vaccination for all my cats since i'm supposed to bring WangWang back for check-up before castrating him, so might as well bring the rest of them for vaccination.

Pic 1: WangWang don't even feel a thing when injecting him! And no hands are holding him too! Perfecto! He is so super cool sitting in a cool gentle way...

Pic 2: Sydney is a bit stressful... yet she had her vaccine and dewormed.

Pic 3: Buddy is kinda restless. Had his shots and dewormed.

Pic 4: Abigail the pretty gal is quite cool too.... had her vaccine and dewormed.

Tiger has no picture taken as he is moving about.

All of them had the Frontline spray-on too coz we found mites on Abigail's body, so everyone has to put on Frontline...

As for Stuart, his visits is next week as he is still under medication.

Junior kicks daddy

Today daddy experience the first kick from junior. :) Daddy feels the kicks... heheheee... is such a lovely experience isn't it?

Usually junior will start moving in the morning. As we are still sleeping, daddy put his hand on mummy's tummy and junior started to practice his/her kung fu. Hence, daddy feels it! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Famous beef noodle at home!

Darling bring home the famous beef noodle from Jln Alor... =) Time for junior and mummy to have late dinner.


Pic 1: The Ngau Kee beef noodle from Jln Alor... yummy... tks darling!

Pic 2: It comes with a very delicious meatballs soup

Junior needs food

Hmmmmm junior is kicking me nowwwww... can it be that junior is asking for food? Hmm ya... is 9.20pm now and I haven't had my dinner yet though i'm very hungry. -__- Coz i wanna wait for hubby.......

hmmm should i eat... or should i not.... don't wanna have anything too full... else later too full before going to bed is not that good also....

"junior oh junior, what should mummy do now??"

Junior is a morning person???

:p No wake up call this morning......... hehehe, even hubby asked if junior give me wake up call or not.

But junior starts practicing martial arts when i'm in the office... Not moving as much as yesterday though. By noon, junior went to sleep already... :p

Cute cute junior....

"Mummy and daddy love you junior!"

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Junior is learning martial arts


Junior gave me morning call this morning! My 2nd time encountering junior's call! :D Very excited and I can be very sure of junior's move now!

This morning, as usual, alarm rings at 5.45am. Once i off my alarm, my tummy start moving! Junior move a lot for quite a while. Not wanting to disturb junior, i was laying on the bed and trying to feel it and enjoy the feel. :) Very excited and happy really...... to get to feel junior's move! Weeeee..... PTL.....

And for the whole morning in the office, junior is moving! I think junior is practicing martial arts! Active junior he/she is.

"Mummy is very proud of you and daddy love you lots!"

And thanks to hubby too for giving me this wonderful gift! :D I'm indeed enjoying the everyday growth of my body (ya la, hubby said im fat) and the everyday growth of our smart junior too... :)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Chris

We had dinner together at Bumba Bali, Bandar Puteri Puchong with Chris, celebrating her belated birthday.

Very yummy food we had... What a super filling night.

Pic 1: Caesar Salad as starter

Pic 2: A dish of chicken and lamb (forgotten the name for this menu), the lamb is super delicious! :D

Pic 3: The trio meal, very yummy

Thanks Chris, for the treats! And Happy Belated Birthday!

Junior calling???

Abit excited as I just felt junior's first move!!!! Though not 101% sure, but I supposed it is junior, else how come my tummy moves???

:D Actually i was taking my nap. And suddenly i was awaken by some movement in my tummy! I was shock at first, opening my eyes super big and thinking what is that???????

Later on only i realise, hmmm it might be junior! :D Then I tried not to move at all to feel more of the movement, putting my hands on my tummy to feel it too. Too bad my darling is not around coz he went for his jog, else he can feel it too.... :)

The move last about 1 min? Though i wish i can feel it more so i can be more familiar on it and next time i can know it is junior calling.

=) Waiting for more to come!

Thank you Daddy in Heaven for such a cute creation!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Walking is also good

After resting / lazing for months for not exercising, at last, i got a chance to join darling and Chu San for a walk. We went to Subang lake where darling and Chu San had their run and i have my walk.

Everyone has been telling me to do more exercises so it will ease my P.U.S.H. next time. P.U.S.H.? Pray Until Something Happen? =) nah, not this P.U.S.H. but is PUSH. =p Yeah, is PUSH.

Hope to really have more walks or swim.

Busy with my pets

My Stuart Boy is sick... got abit of fever coz his body is quite hot and he is not eating well and getting weaker. So we bring him to see the vet. Checked out the new vet in KK since is nearer to my Shah Alam house.

Together with hubby and mama, we bring along Stuart and WangWang.

Stuart - had to take some medication for 2 weeks. Antibiotic it is. It seems that he has some flee attacks?? hmmmm... which also cause his fur to drop. The vet also took some of his blood and fur to test. Well, he will be alright though... :) Good la, at least bring him to visit the vet.

WangWang - bring him to castrate but after some examination from the vet, found that his gums are abit infected, quite red. Hence, he is also on medication for a week. Before castrating him, he has to get his full vacination first.

Pray that all my cats are well till old. Don't give us any headache and tears enough. ;)