Friday, February 29, 2008

Playing with poppy

:D Followed kor and his parents to visit kor's aunt in PJ. Though very tired coz after work (graveyard shift this week), but still wanna follow along after breakfast coz their house got poppy (just a nick name i use to call all the dogs laa)... :D

Pic 1: This poppy falling in love with kor la, coz kor give her full attention.... ;)

Pic 2: Poppy so cute... *hahah, actually don't know what is her name la... didn't ask kor's auntie la...*

Pic 3: Poppy only stick with kor... -__-" i think coz kor massage her too much...

Pic 4: Poppy so cute, remind us about Brownie, kaima's punya baby... kekekekee

Pic 5: Wahh... more massage and she love it soooooo much.... hahahahaa

"Kooooooorrrrrrrr........ soooooo.... when are we going to have 1 ahhhh???? ;p "

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chris' Registration

Kor's sista's marriage registration at Thien Hou Temple.

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Tan!

Pic 1: The lovely couple :)

Pic 2: Couple's name...

Pic 3: Sista and brother

Pic 4: Loving couple with their Marriage Cert...

Pic 5: Chris and her mama...

Pic 6: SirLim, Chris and kor

Pic 7: SirLim's parents (left) & Chris's parents (right)

Pic 8: SirLim's family (left) & Chris's family (right)

**I'm not there personally, (ohps.. sorry...) coz I'm working graveyard shift mah, so I'm at home sleeping** :D

"Congratulation Chris and SirLim! Pray that both of you will have abundant joy in starting a little happy family together!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Farewell Breakie

Without realising it, today will be my last time meeting Hwei this season! :( She will be going back to Sydney tomorrow.

Good thing still manage to bring her to try the pok pok noodle after my graveyard shift.

It's also the first time for kor and Hwei to meet each other. :D

As usual, when i'm among my own gang, i will be busy talking so today chit chat till forgotten to take any pics pulak... *sorry Hwei, i tak perasan la till i went home just now* hahahaa...

Really feel so nice to catch up and to talk and talk and talk....

"Will be missing you much! Take good care of yourself and pray that everything will be OK there! *You know what i mean...*"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Chloe 10 month old

Some random pics sent by Chloe's mama. She will update us every month without fail of how cute her daughter is... :D

Check it out...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from adventurous island

4 of us, RT, YewHong, kor and i went to Lang Tengah. Purpose is to do maintenance work, to clean up the dive center after 4 months of monsoon season. Of course, during monsoon season, island is close so RT has been telling us that it's messy and all.

1st reaction when in the rough sea (coz still monsoon, so waves still quite strong) reaching the resort, "Ehhh, the jetti also gone??", kor said.

When we touch down the beach....... Lang Tengah is like after Tsunami!!! Everything was upside down... this resort is not the resort that i used to stay man....

- jetti is up on the beach near the resort (worker pulled the jetti up so that it won't be destroyed by the rough sea)
- 3 of the boats are up on the beach near the resort too...
- the beach is super dirty!
- leaves all over the place, so messy and dirty
- SPIDERS ARE ALL OVER THE RESORT!!!! ARGHHH... scary... **i wanna go home d...**
- no electricity coz no one there, only 2 workers stayed back during monsoon season

Pic 1: Messy. This is the walk-way of the rooms that are on the right

Pic 2: Two of the boats on the beach... never seen this before... hahaha

Pic 3: This is the dive center with dining table in the middle somemore, hehehee, inside the dive center hanged a huge salted barracuda fish. Kkekekeke... funny!

Mission start: Clean the dive center and the compressor room on 1st day itself!

Shifted everything out from the dive center, all the rubbish and junks like salted barracuda fish bone. xp

Shifted everything out from the compressor room like mattresses... :D

Pic 4: Kor washing the dive center.

Pic 5: RT washing and YewHong spraying the water...

Pic 6: Nice, clean...

Pic 7: BCD is back to it's own place! :)

Pic 8: Fins are kept back nicely in the dive center!

Pic 9: Cleaning the place where people rinse themselves after diving.

Pic 10: Finally, our dive center looks like a dive center again!!!! HurraYYY!!!

Other than cleaning the dive center, we also ask the carpenter (1 of the worker there) to help to repair some of the tables at dive center.

Only on the 2nd day, the boss and other 20 workers are in to clean the resort so on the 2nd day, the boss switch on the generator for a while for us to pump the gas tank (for diving ler)... And to check all the diving gears to make sure that all are in good condition.

Interesting part: Our meals! Everyday without fail, we will have white rice with salted fish! ;) Which we find it super delicious. Sometimes they will also cook scrambled eggs and sardin fish for us. We are only eating what the workers eat since we are also like one of them mah... kekekee...

Torturing part: Since no electricity, so all of us sleep at the balcony above the dive center on groundsheet that kor brought with TONS OF MOZZIESSSSSSS at nite!!!!! ....YUcKS... I HATE MOZZIESSSSSS.... **I wanna go home d** All of us will be the mozzies food everynite since we are sleeping in the open air...

Blessing part: On the last day, early morning at 8:20am, we went for a dive... :D Yes, a dive during this monsoon season coz our instructor RT said wanna pick up rubbish underwater and to check if the reefs are still there coz of monsoon... wahahahahaaa... so there we went! At least 1 dive better than nothing lerrr... ;)

Overall: A great trip as i never know how worse can a resort be after monsoon season. So is an eye-opener for me.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pak Tor Day

Since our Lang Tengah plan was being posponed last minute, so today will be our pak-tor day... :D

We had early dinner at 'Wong Kok Restaurant'.
Pic 1: Cheese baked rice and rice with red sauce & cream sauce.

Pic 2: See how huge is our drinks??

And we watch John Rambo 4 in the cinema, quite a cruel movie on how people was being killed in war but it's reality that happens in our world. Make me realise how blessed I'm and to appreciate our life and what we have now.

Yay, enjoy my pak tor day today...

Going Lang Tengah tonite d...

Anyway, this is not a diving trip this time, it's a trip where we help to clean the dive center before season open again. Actually this trip is for all the Dive Master in Training (DMT) but me being the curious person, begged RT to let me follow along and finally he agreed. xp

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Supposingly... butt...


Know what?? Know what???

We are supposed to be on our way to RT's house to go Lang Tengah tonite!!!! Buttttt.....

Hhmm, RT called at 9+ just now to informed that tomorrow morning won't have any boat going in to the island! Arrghhh...

So all of us have to pospone another day to go to the island!

Kor and I was so excited after the dinner just now and packed our stuff, got ready to go out before we received the call.

Somemore, tomorrow i already took leave. Just now before leaving office, i almost announce to the whole Shell that i'm going to Lang Tengah. How do you expect me to appear in front of them tomorrow?? 'pai seh' lehhhh... -__-"


Chap Goh Meh

Today is the 15th day of CNY, which is also the last day of CNY - Chap Goh Meh.

Mom always said like to have 'Yee Sang' every year so this year I make it a must to bring her for 'Yee Sang' but there are so many hurdles in between coz mom, sis, bro and me also working, we have to find a day which 4 of us are free for dinner and finally, at the last day of CNY, all of us are free to go for dinner together.

Kor kor, being the perfect bf decided to bring us to Lala Chong Restaurant for 'Yee Sang'.

Pic 1: 'Yee Sang'

Pic 2: After mixing the 'Yee Sang'

Pic 3: Enjoying the 'Yee Sang'

Pic 4: Sista...

Pic 5: Mama...

Pic 6: Bro...

Pic 7: Why kor kor look so serious geh??? O.o

Pic 8: Me...

Other food that we ordered. Alamak... another 'food blog' again... :p

Pic 9: 'Taufu kang' which is like sharks-fin but it's not... hahhaaa... very delicious and famous dish served at Lala Chong.

Pic 10: Vegies... yummy!

Pic 11: Bamboo stick lala... xp

Pic 12: Fishie... my fav!

There is another dish which is scrambled egg, no pic taken coz i'm too far from that scrambled egg and everyone is busy eating when i'm taking pics... -__-" So... forget it la... put down my hp and terus join them to makan... :p

Price are very reasonable too... not too bad... everything is ok!

Satisfied with tummy big big and off we went home smiling... :D

Monday, February 18, 2008


Kor always make me feel special coz he always like to cook for me. These are the food he prepares this week....

Pic 1: Very yummy Korean Noodle with sotong, vegies, eggs and fish balls...

Pic 2: Sunrise. Yes, as in the Sunrise served at Coffee Bean. Exactly the same, in fact, this is better! ;p

**Thanks kor, luv ya!!**

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jonker Street

Tonite, uncle and auntie has their 'Senior Citizen Organization' dinner, so me and kor went to Jonker Street to 'pak tor' lo...

Pic 1: Walking towards Jonker Street meh pose pose abit first lo...

Pic 2: Looks nice!

Pic 3: My beloved kor kor...

Pic 4: "Now you see.... "

Pic 5: "Now you don't! =p"

Pic 6: Very nice lighting and decoration in Jonker Street during this CNY season!

Pic 7: Buildings all with red spotlights and lightings...

Pic 8: Jonker Street packed with people.... Me nearly become sardin d! But thank God that day is very windy...

Pic 9: Not forgetting to stop by for the delicious durian cendol and cendol with gula malacca.

Pic 10: Superbly nice lightings even at the Dutch buildings with those red spotlights around the building.

Pic 11: Fantastic... :)