Saturday, October 29, 2005

Food for thought

The title makes me remind of family food setting. The mother will cook in the kitchen, father is most probably reading newspaper or playing with his young kids. The lunch or dinner will be served on a big round table. One dish after another. The sound of frieding chicken keep coming to the living room and its smell is tempting the whole family. Done!

Mother: Ah Ming, ask your dad to come to eat.
Ah Ming: oh, ok.. Dad... eat......
Father: mmm..

Oh man, i really miss the time with family around the dining table. For those who never stay alone or already married they will never know what kind of feeling is this. It has been 6 years i am staying alone away from my family. All these years i have to cook and eat mostly alone. Sometimes i have to admit that i really miss the warm feeling during eating together with my family.

Friends, are you still staying with family? Or still have chance to go back to eat together? My advice: Do it often while you can. If not, you will never know how sweet a mother's smile could be.

Ps: I miss maggi mee.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why Lord???

Why Lord??? I really don’t know what to say. Why is it on my cat? You know that I love animals a lot. You know that my family love animals a lot. Why?

Why is it on Stuart? Lord!!!! Why is Stuart still having problem to pee?? Today is the 2nd time inserting the tube in his penis… It is painful, don’t You know that? Why Lord that the pain is on him and not me? I rather take this pain than seeing my cat suffering. Lord, You know me, You know my heart, You know that I love animals a lot, You are the one who make me like this Lord….

Please heal Stuart Lord, don’t make him suffer anymore. I really couldn’t stand seeing Stuart on drip and especially the tube in his private part…. This is the 2nd time! It will hurt him a lot, Lord!!! Why do You let this happen to him??? Animals are Your creation too. Why do You let them suffer?

I am just pouring out my heart because I couldn’t find FRIENDS that love animals to talk to now except those friends in and and those who own furkids. Only them will know how I feel because they own furkids. Some people in this world just don’t understand me. Friends that are near me just don’t understand me. How about church members? I don’t want to mention Lord… Only You know and only You know my heart now. Aren’t You the One who commission us to take care of these creatures?

What I need now are friends to help me pray together. Please, if you guys read this, please say a prayer for my Stuart boy that this will be his last time using the tube to pee. He will be healed forever and be healthy forever. TQ. And thanks for those who shared tears with me. Thank you so much.

Lord, heal Stuart, in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord that Stuart is very well today. As I look at him, I’m so happy because his drip and tube has been removed and he had taken his bath. PTL! Now he is freer to move around. And he is so manja when he saw us (bro and I).

Pic 1: His manja face… hehehee

Pic 2: “Who is that at the door?” He is very curious at people walking around and scare of the dogs barking. His right hand’s fur had been shaved to put the drip unto him. Oh, my handsome Stuart...

Pic 3: Brother and Stuart

We lepak at the animal hospital for 1 hour spending our time with Stuart just being with him. When he saw us today, he “meow-ed” at us. When I put him back to his cage, he look so sad and wish to come home with us… “Hhmmm… Stuart boy, this Friday I will bring you home yah… wait for 3 more days ok… sayang….”

Pic 4: Our Sydney girl sleeping in the box. She is fine too even though she is still limping when she walks.

Pacco St. Morgan Love

I received the pics of Pacco St. Morgan Love. She belongs to Amanda now who adopted her since she was 1 month old. Pacco’s mother is Chin Chin’s dog. This mama dog gave birth to 5 pups so I helped Chin Chin to put up a post for adoption in That is how Amanda adopted Pacco and now Pacco has grown up. It’s really happy to see Pacco handed to a loving best friend. Pacco even won a throphy for Amanda recently.

Pic 1: Pacco when she was few days old

Pic 2: Pacco when she was 3 weeks and 5 days old

Pic 3: Pacco now, 7 month old... (Pacco and Stanley, not her master but friend)

Pic 4: Pacco and Amanda and don’t know who... hehehee...

I’m really happy for Pacco that she had a good master taking good care of her.

**Thank you Amanda for giving Pacco good life.**

Monday, October 24, 2005

Stuart, Be Strong!

Stuart looks better today. He is more active but of course still scare once the dogs bark. Opposite him are 2 puppies who bark a lot. Hehehee, and my Stuart Boy is not expose to all this because he is a home-cat. Never go out by himself unless we bring him for a car-ride or to the vet. Other than that, he will be the king in the house.

He is still on drip and a tube attached to his urinal tract to help him pee. Today’s urine is clearer, not that bloody anymore, previously was bloody because of bladder’s infection. Tomorrow, his tube can be removed and the vet will see whether he can pee by himself, is there anymore blockage or not…

Pic 1: Look at my baby… “Stuart, be strong yah… will bring you home this Friday.”

His body is wet with urine because the tube that is attached to him will pass out his urine automatically…

Pic 2: Cleaning himself… Poor thing, half of his body are wet with urine…

Pic 3: Closer look of the tube inserted through his private part all the way to his bladder. There are 3 stitches so that the tube doesn’t come out. OOOhh… how painful it is… so how can I not cry when I see this??

But this naughty boy actually trying to bite the tube out while he is cleaning himself. The collar that he is wearing is too small, hahahaha… but the helper at the animal hospital said Stuart just started to lick himself when I’m there, before this, he was very good, didn’t do anything.

I was there all the time, noticing Stuart and again and again, he was trying to bite the tube so either I block Stuart from doing so or I call the helper to see that Stuart actually can bite the tube and ask him to do something.

There was once that Stuart actually bites the tube and doesn’t want to let go… can u imagine how painful it was when the stitches is attached to his private part??????

Good thing that the helper changes the collar to a bigger one and now, Stuart look like this… hehehehee….

Pic 4: Bigger collar for Stuart, hahaha….

I think this is better for Stuart, even though he couldn’t clean himself anymore but this is better than he try to pull out the tube at night when there are no one in the hospital.

"Stuart, be strong, I will come and see u tomorrow ok, don’t be naughty… sayang… **muakzz muakzz** "

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Stuart's condition

Today we ended the youth earlier because i need to go off early. The animal hospital close at 1pm so by 12.30pm, mom, bro, sis and me getting ready to leave the church to visit Stuart.

Stuart was in a very dirty condition. He had urine all over his body. Reason being, i think those people in the animal hospital didn't clean his cage, because he had a tube in his urinal tract that discharging his urine little by little cost his cage to be full of urine, so that's why he is wet. The people working at the hospital don't let us go into the room where Stuart's cage are because it was dirty i think. So he bring Stuart out for us to see him and sayang him.

We felt very sad because Stuart is dirty and they did not clean him. I really hope they will handle Stuart and other animals there with care. Mom even wanted to give some under-table money for the guy who suppose to look after all the animals there just for him to take care of Stuart better. Hahaha, but mom didn't because she know is not very good to do like that.

Anyway, we spent some time there with Stuart, talking to him and sayang him. When we gave Stuart back to the guy there, i guess Stuart is sad because he might think that he is going home with us but how come we leave him there again. Anyway, i just hope for the best for Stuart and that he is not in pain.

He still look quite curious when we said, "Stuart, where is lizard??" He will look on top of the ceiling to find lizard, so he is still ok i think... i hope....

"Lord, heal Stuart fast in the name of Jesus. Amen"

Then we went to Pyramid for lunch, catched a movie by Andy Lau called "All About Love"... make me miss dl. =) Then i went to a saloon there to had my hair trimmed and had our dinner before we came home.

The scenario that i caught when i stepped into my house was this... *look at the pics below*

Pic 1: Buddy is trying to catching a bug outside the window while Tiger is looking at Buddy.

Pic 2: "Buddy, Tiger, look here, say cheese"

Pic 3: My huge Tiger

Youth Group

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What happen?

Early morning at 8.15am, i heard my mom shouting, "Is Sydney fell from the window?? Where is Sydney? Sydney! Sydney!" Then i heard my mom opening the door and went out and came home with Sydney. Then mom was talking to Sydney, "Sydney, don't walk if cannot, try slowly....."

Then i jumped up the bed coz i know that Sydney had some problem if she can't walk properly. Sydney jumped down from 2nd floor's window....... can u imagine how high was it? We put Sydney in the carrier so that she don't walk around. She can't even walk and just laying there.

The vet only open at 10am, so i went to get myself ready, bath and all.

Actually today i already plan to bring Stuart, my male cat to the vet to check because he has urinal problem. He can't pass urine out for days and his blader is getting bigger and bigger, he is in great pain, can see in the way he walk... He walk very slowly.... Then now have to bring Sydney, my female cat together because she fell from 2nd floor. Ohhh.... warum? (why?)

Pic 1: Preparing them to go to the vet, Gray - Sydney, Black - Stuart

In the vet, Dr. V is more concern about Stuart, it can cost his life if he don't admit to the animal hospital immediately. Because of the blockage of his urinal tract, the urine can become toxic in his blood and it can cause his heart to stop gradually. Where as for Sydney, she looks ok to Dr. V because she still have pinkish gums, still very curious and no broken bones... what we need to check is her pee and poo if it has blood then that is dangerous, otherwise she will be fine! Praise The Lord.

But this animal hospital is full today so Dr. V can't accept Stuart and do whatever procedure he can to help Stuart. He asked us to rush Stuart to a bigger animal hospital which is in KL and we don't know how to go KL... ohhhh... then Dr. V helped us to check and the animal hospital in KL has a branch in Subang too which accept this kinda cases! PTL! So we rushed Stuart there and get him hospitalized.

Immediately Dr. N from this animal hospital starts doing whatever he needs to on Stuart. Stuart needs to be under anaesthetic to continue the procedure of inserting a tube through his penis to help to flush out his urine. In the same time, while inserting the tube, it can help to remove any blockage or crystals in his urinal tract. Can u imagine how painful it is to insert a tube in?? Ohh... Stuart... i just can't imagine it...

I signed whatever paper and paid the deposit and left the hospital because Dr. N is going to do work on Stuart. After half an hour, Dr. N called and said it is done. It is successful. Stuart is on drips and the tube is in his penis. Stuart have to be on drips and with the tube there for 3 days. He has to stay in the hospital for 5 - 7 days. He has his blood taken out and urine for lab test. Results will be on Monday or Tuesday.

Later i went to visit Stuart again with sister and brother. I just couldn't hold my tears when i look at him. He is still blur as of the results of anaesthetic. The helper in the hospital let us see the tube in his penis... ohhhhh.... i can't bear to see all this.... is too painful for him.

Pic 2: Stuart is on drips and had a tube in his urinal tract... oh... poor Stuart boy!!!!

Pic 3: The drip on his hand... poor Stuart boy!!!

Pic 4: Abigail and Buddy missing Stuart at home.

Well, Sydney is at home, she can walk a little bit but not fully yet. Guess there are still some pain in her. Still not that active yet. Hope she is fine. And i pray that Stuart will be completely healed, Amen.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Tom Tom


Pic 1: My name is Tom, i stay in Balakong, Selangor.

Pic 2: Doctor call me Happy Tom Tom... hahahaa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Miss you, Darling

After the busy-ness at work, at last i'm enjoying my relaxing time now. While waiting for the time to pass a little later before pushing my butt to leave office coz i don't want to be stuck in the terrible jam, i'm thinking of my darling...

As i think more, i miss him more.

**Dl, i miss you terribly!**

"When can we meet again? When can we spend time together again? When can we do things together again? When can we laugh together again? When can we do silly things together again? When can we cook together again? When can we walk to downtown holding hands again? When can we hug again?"

**Dl, i miss you terribly!**

I hope that u are totally healed from your sickness now. Wish u all the best in your studies and life there. Live it good and live it for God yah. Do all your best.

**hugzz hugzz & muakzz muakzz dl**

luv u forever,

Monday, October 17, 2005

HaPPy BirThdAy MoM

This was a last minutes plan of celebrating mom's b'day tonight. We celebrated it yesterday at Pyramid but today because of the thoughtfulness of my brother's friends, Daniel and Sathes, we ordered Pizza Hut to celebrate.

It was already at 8pm, Daniel and Sathes has gone home 1 hour ago and suddenly they pop-up again with a cake and present! Hahahahaa.... how thoughtful they are, this really makes my mom sayang them more. They are my brother's friends since young especially Sathes, he will always be there for my brother be it in school or everywhere they go. Sathes and other friends (all Indian) will always come to our home to play with my brother until... now especially, after PMR, they have been in our house since morning... Today mom just bought Sathes and bro to watch a movie in Jaya Jasco, Daniel was not there because he was working part-time.

Last week when i was having bad headache, they are at my house too. So they (Daniel and Sathes plus bro) accompanied me to see doctor too. Hhahahaa... When they were much younger, my bro used to bring a lot more of his indian friends to church, Sunshine Children Church (SCC), then graduated to preteen and they were in Sky's group off and on now if they go for visits.

Strangely, all my brother's friends are Indians, chinese friends are all those "hi & bye" friends... thank God who take care of my bro sending him good bunch of friends. I know that 1 of my uncle had all indian friends too, hahahaa...

Pic 1: Daniel, Isaiah, mom, Sathes (cake bought by Daniel and Sathes)

Pic 2: Me, Isaiah, mom, Esther

Pic 3: Candle blowing

Pic 4: Cake cutting

Pic 5: Brother and friends

Pic 6: Sister and pizza

Pic 7: Me and cake

Pic 8: Mom and rocking chair (mother's day's gift)

HAppY BIrtHDaY MoMMy... We LoVE u ALwaYs!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What else??

What else after church? Surely going out with family but when i reach home, Aunty Teoh and Aunty Lee was there too, hahahaaa... It was going to be 5pm when we go out to Pyramid to window-shop because i had 2 meetings in the church after sunday service. So stayed back until 3.30pm.

Aunty Lee was very nice, she saw me in church toilet and said she will keep 1 plate of chee cheong fun for me (chinese church had lunch in the church) so i got to eat 2 plates instead. 1 from Aunty Lee, another 1 from my mom... hahaha... so that was my lunch, PTL... i had no time to go out for lunch because of 2 meetings in the church after service. God knows... He provides... hahahaa

So at 5pm when we reach Pyramid, i was feeling a little bit hungry and mom said go Sushi King for some food first so off we went bringing Aunty Teoh and Aunty Lee to taste some good food again... hahahaa... we did not do this very often actually, otherwise it will be very costly but because we are celebrating mom's birthday which is on 17 Oct, so mom wanna treat them tonight.

Pic 1: Aunty Lee and Aunty Teoh at Sushi King (Aunty Teoh refuse to take picture because of the bad haircut)

Pic 2: Plates that we ate... hahahaaa.... PTL for food... PTL for money... ;)

Then we walk for 2 hours before enjoying cakes at Secret Recipe. Mom's favorite's cake shop.

Pic 3: Mom and her Chocolate Banana, her favorite cake

Pic 4: Bro and his Chocolate Banana, his favorite cake too.... hahahaa

Pic 5: Me and my... eh? cake leh? oh, my mom said not enough place for the cake so didn't take the pic of my cake... hahahaa... i had Chocolate Cheese Cake, not may favorite, just to try only...

Pic 6: Aunty Lee just had a cup of mixed fruit juice. Haven't digest well from Sushi King yet.

Aunty Teoh however had a plate of noodle in Secret Recipe because some old people cannot skip dinner, eventhough we had Sushi King 2 hours ago.

Well, in the car on the way home, Aunty Lee, Aunty Teoh and my mom was negotiating about paying the bills, Aunty Lee and Aunty Teoh want to pay some amount but mom don't accept it because is her birthday... so bla bla bla goes the aunties behind the car so noisy.... u all know lah when aunties talk about money... aiyooooo... noisy!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Anger, go away...

I had a long long day of working today. From 9am i started my work all the way until 5.45pm only i stop all my work and get to relax a bit. Because i did not work yesterday so today i had to done certain things. Even during my lunch time, i'm still working... while eating my bread, i'm still moving my hands to work.

After work, i pick my sister up and we went to Pyramid. Well, it's puasa time so everywhere is jam during that time. It took us sometime to get into Pyramid and got the parking place. First thing i do when i reach Pyramid was to develop some pics, that is my main purpose of going to Pyramid, to develop pics to some of my mom's cell group members. I know that i have to wait for 2 1/2 hours before i can get those pics. So i already bring along my bible to do my preteen lesson for tomorrow.

After sending some pics to develop, my sis went to the place she plan to go which is to bring her watch for repair at the shop my mom bought the watch for her during Christmas time. Still under warrenty. Then we met up with ST and JU in Pyramid, got to know that they are there so met up for a while.

Well, at last, at 8pm sister and I went to find a place where we can settle and had some light dinner and that i can do my preteen's lesson. So end up at 1 of the stall in the middle of Pyramid to have 1 plate of nasi lemak shared by my sis and me and 2 cup of drinks. We have dinner at home so that's why don't want to eat so much. Oh, talk about nasi lemak, thanks to my dl who forced me to overcome to eat nasi lemak again after some bad experience about nasi lemak... eeeeee..... but i'm enjoying the nasi lemak again now.

Pic 1: Very happy with food... hehehheee

Pic 2: Me preparing preteen's lesson

We met 6 people that we knew in Pyramid today. Sally, Jia Uei, Jaclyn, Wai Fun (NLRC Puchong), Shirlyn (my primary school friend, forgotten how to spell her name too), and my sis' colleague. What a day.... hahhahaa

Oh, then suddenly remembered mom asked me to but AAA battery so after finishing the preteen's lesson, we went to Giant Supermarket but end up getting other stuff... When i saw the biscuits containner, i remembered Vera asking me to get 1 tin of square biscuit. Then i end up shopping for all the ingredients to make tuna salad that i learnt from dl in Germany, thinking of making tuna salad for lunch for my family tomorrow. When i was going to give up in getting the last ingredient for tuna salad, suddenly i saw that bottle on top of the shelf. I was so happy that time and my sis said i look so cute like a very happy small kid who found her toy or something.... hahahaa... After paying the bills and picking up my developed pics, we walked to the van and only i realised that i forgotten 1 important thing, cucumber for my tuna salad. Oh no!!! I was already very tired coz work whole day, and in Pyramid for 2 1/2 hours already. Then sis said let's go back to the supermarket to get it so tomorrow i don't need to go out to buy cucumber again. Well, i listen to her and we walk back to the supermarket.

At last while we wanted to drive out from Pyramid, Lissa called me to inform me about a last minutes thing. To do decoration tomorrow at 10am for SCC (Sunshine Children Church). I go like #@$#@%#$@$ OKkkkk.... How about my plan of making tuna salad for family tomorrow if i'm going out at 10am?? I cannot say no because otherwise only Lissa alone available for the decoration. Because of wanting to help her but it ruin my plan tomorrow so I'm quite upset, sad and angry that time.

On the way home i realise that we forgotten to buy AAA battery which my mom called 3 times to remind us about it so it must be very important and if we go home without AAA battery, i think we can expect to go deaf with my mom's nagging... hahahahaa... I'm upset, sad and angry and forgotten to get something some more so drove to 7-eleven near my house to buy it before going home.

Reached home at 11pm, my mom said, "Aiya, go where until that late." I was tired, upset, sad and angry going up and down, waited so long because to get the pics develop and to give to my mom's cell group members, i sounded very rudely at home that night. So my mom got the message that i'm not in a good mood. After i bath and had my dinner, i tried to find macaroni at home that my mom said she bought it and all the cats also helping to find together disturbing me and i go *WHACK* my Stuart boy... (*Ohps, then i realised that i was too much that time. I couldn't control my anger. I told myself before that i cannot whack the cats if i'm in a bad mood coz we will never know how strong is our energy that time. I was very heartpain seeing Stuart who just sit there after that as if he knows that i'm in bad mood and look at me.*) Ohhh.... i had tears in my eyes... i said sorry to him but sorry no cure... i kiss him... i just don't know what to do to repay... i know i can't.

Anyway, after that i went to bed, sms my dl and he called. I cried silently while talking to dl... hahaha... i just couldn't hold myself. **PMS lah konon** =)

Then i just went to bed.... Tomorrow will be better!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bad Headache

I never experience such a bad headache before. It started since yesterday after work until today afternoon after i got medicine from doctor. Was having this bad headache the whole night, the pain is like following my heartbeat always hitting my head... wahhhh.... so hard to endure but thank God im fine now. There are still slight pain but not as pain as before i took my medicine.

Because of this bad headache, i can't go to work today. Tomorrow will be a hard day, i need to do:-

- bulletin
- at least 100 booklets of coupon
- church attendance to be key in the computer and to come out with this quarter's attendance list
- petty cash account
- prepare preteen's lesson

I hope that tomorrow i won't have any headache anymore so i can work effectively.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My aquarium

After 2 months of holiday in Germany, my aquarium goes quite dirty, mom only help to feed them, my sis help me to change the water once when i was there. Now, after 3 weeks of coming back to M'sia, i finally changed the water... hahaha, was so lazy to do it until last Monday, i decided to rare guppies in one of my empty aquarium. So that gave me the desire to clean the water and i bought the guppies yesterday.

I had 1 aquarium with all goldfish because my mom like goldfish, so i rare it for my mom to enjoy and see. I had another aquarium with all the small fishes but when im back from Germany, all the small fishes had gone to heaven and left 1 platy only... hahaha, so now i have decided to rare all guppies and i put the only 1 platy with the guppies but my platy doesn't seems to be very happy. My mom asked me to get another platy for companion. Will do so when i have time.

Pic 1: Goldfish

Pic 2: Goldfish

Pic 3: Guppies

Pic 4: Guppies

Is hard to capture good quality picture for the fishes, don't know why... hehehee...