Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Darling

Purposely swap to morning shift with colleague so that i can be home early to celebrate my darling's birthday.

Presented his birthday present to him yesterday, heheheee... got him a Bonia wallet and belt.

Went to get him a cake after work today, wanted to give him surprise geh...

And since my darling like Sushi, so i bring him for Sushi for dinner lo...

Pic 1: My darling very camera shy wan... so instead of taking our pics, i took the fishie pic la as rememberance... ;p

Pic 2: Some of the dishes we had...

Pic 3: Simple cake for darling which he already found out earlier on, so no surprise d...

Pic 4: Must show the 'isi kandungan' wan... :D

Pic 5: Since kor kor so old d, better not to show so many candles out la... hehheee...

Pic 6: "Happy Birthday to you kor... Love you always..."

Pic 7: And most importantly, a kissy to represent all... ;)

**And don't ask me what happen after that... wahahhahahaaa...**

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carl's Junior

Life is about food... agree ?? :D One of the burger that i wanted to try for very long as i heard that they serve super huge burgers but it is also very expensive. No harm trying right since is not something bad to do....

Pic 1: Bro with his huge chicken burger...

Pic 2: Mama tried the mushroom chicken

Pic 3: 4 sets of fries, too much...

Pic 4: Me and darling...

This lunch cost us RM81.

Dog Olympic Day

Another event that i'm awaiting for since 3 weeks back! :D Though i don't have one, yes, i'm still happy to be around them. ;) And i think i will soon have one... xp

Pic 1: One of my favourite colour of husky.

Pic 2: My darling like this type of colour for a husky.

Pic 3: Cute Golden Retriever with shirt on it some more.

Pic 4: How much time do they need to comb the Maltese hair daily??

Pic 5: This poodle definitely need a hair cut soon looo... kekekee

Pic 6: Very obedient Rottweiler

Pic 7: Cute Shih Tzu

Pic 8: Chihuahua can be a very suitable dog for me since i'm staying in apartment!

Pic 9: Another cute poodle

Pic 10: Bull Terrier

Pic 11: Where is my mama??

Pic 12: Basset Hound

Pic 13: Yawn yawn... when can i go home? I'm sleepy already...

Pic 14: I love this pic!

Pic 15: Doggies gathering... Hoo-mans gathering...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shell IT Cyberjaya Annual Dinner 2008 @ KL Convention Center

Pictures time again. It is a meaningful event for me personally because i get to play keyboard... very long time never play in a band d... i missssss it so much... **tks colleagues for giving me a chance!**

The band that i'm in - STUDIO 48...

Pic 1: Studio 48

Pic 2: Food that are served that nite...

Pic 3: Opening ceremony with some people playing drums and percussions.

Pic 4: Yanti and her hubby, Daniel.

Pic 5: Studio 48 before presenting our songs.

Pic 6: Me on the keyboard

Pic 7: Phil, Dinesh, Beckz, Nicholas (one of the photograper who want to take pic with us ;)) and Yanti.

Pic 8: The Capoeira Team

Pic 9: The Capoeira Team

Pic 10: The Capoeira Team

Pic 11: The Capoeira Team

Pic 12: The Capoeira Team

Pic 13: The Capoeira Team

Pic 14: WeeKee in action

Pic 15: Studio 48 presenting....

Pic 16: Dinesh on the drum.

Pic 17: Me on the keyboard.

Pic 18: Yanti in action, she is a great singer!

Pic 19: Kenny and Louis

Pic 20: Hazel and Kathereene Nuin

Pic 21: Suddenly all my colleagues so handsome already... hehehe... Jason, Nicholas and KongFei

Pic 22: Me that nite... :)

Pic 23: Yanti and I

Pic 24: Yanti, Kelly and me.

Pic 25: Lucas and Daniel

Pic 26: Yanti, Dinesh, Beckz and Jothi.

Pic 27: One of my favourite pic!