Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Just wanna wish all my Indian colleagues and friends Happy Deepavali!

I'm working on this public holiday again... :) is ok ler, i have double pay! ;) But i'm definitely super busy at work doing RC (Request Coordinator) work.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Malacca Zoo

Kor bring me to the zoo again. This is my 2nd time visiting Malacca Zoo this year. Quite a huge zoo, enjoy it alot though the weather was super hot!

Pic 1: Malacca Zoo, here I come again... :p

Pic 2: Burung hantu... bukan saya... dia dalam sangkar

Pic 3: The only part i like to visit... coz all this Lemur are out of the cage and we can actually touch them! :D

Pic 4: There... i told you... but i only dare to sayang the butt just in case the fella bite me... hehehehee

Pic 5: This owl so cute!

Pic 6: All the bats wrapping themselves to sleep.

Pic 7: Wonder why the giraffe don't want the leaf that i offer them...

Pic 8: Lovely giraffe

Pic 9: I will always be happy if i can touch animals :D

Overall... is a very huge zoo so you will be able to see alot of animals. Too many pics already and i'm too lazy to put everything here... hehehee... Go find out yourself in Malacca Zoo.

Wedding Preparation

Not mine of course. xp Is Chris's wedding soon... We went back to Malacca during the weekends and kor's mama showing me all this cute-cute red-red things for the bride and groom... :D

Pic 1: Very cute patung...

Pic 2: Kor's mama showing me things she prepared for her daughter's wedding...

Pic 3: Very nice lamp

Pic 4: Wahh.... aunty digging out more and more reddish things... :p

Pic 5: Aunty explaining what is the meaning of getting all this small cute reddish things for the big day.

Pic 6: Banyaknya barang.....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beef Noodle @ Jln Alor

Guess what ? After work at 1.30am, few of us went to Jln Alor for this famous beef noodle which i never know about it before!

Wow, tell you... the smell is superb that i still can smell it right now......... Really 1st time ever i had such a nice beef noodle! *drooling*

This is what i called... enjoying life to the fullness!

few of us = Beckz, Kath, WaiMeng aka UncleSoo, Nicholas

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tim Sum @ noon

Kath bring me to have teatime tim sum, very sedap.... :p

Pic 1: Very good looking tim sum rite ?? :p

Pic 2: Purposely took this pic for Hazel. Wanted to tapau this fishball for her, but not enough time to wait further coz we need to rush to work... :D So pic might be enough for her... hehehe

Btw, we are starting work at 4.30pm - 1.30am (weirdo shift @_@")

Sunday, October 19, 2008

K9 Day @ 1U Central Park

Thank God get to rush back from Genting for dog's day. :D Though i don't have one yet, definitely i'm happy to be able to touch and sayang them! :p

Enjoy the pics.... (**so long didn't update my blog... hehe, sorry my fellow readers**)

Genting Trip, Justin Concert

Was preparing for this trip for months but at the end, only sis and i can make it... nevermind, nothing can be done... just wish bro to get heal faster and mom don't worry about us so much... :)

Initially i don't really have the mood to go coz the whole purpose for this trip is for family, for mom to enjoy... but now without her is like defeating the purpose... anyway, life still goes on...

Kor get to come along with us... ehehee.. and it turned out to be quite fun actually... :) a great holiday for me as i enjoyed the cold weather alot! :D

Pic 1: 4 Justin Concert Tickets

Pic 2: Sis and me in the room

Pic 3: Sis and me, getting more excited for Justin concert

Pic 4: taking nite walk enjoying the cold breeze

Pic 5: Morning breakfast @ OldTown Kopitiam Genting :D

Pic 6: noty will kena like this from me loooo... ;)

Pic 7: Sis and me, in Genting Themepark

Pic 8: kor and me

Pic 9: Dino world, here we come...

Pic 10: There there... huge dino....

Pic 11: Us on the bridge... luckily the bridge didn't fall... hahaha

Pic 12: Sis and me with the dino...

Pic 13: Welcome to Genting Highlands

Pic 14: Come sayang sayang......

Pic 15: Sis and me with the trishaw

Pic 16: Why kor like so tired carrying me gehh???

Pic 17: Look at all this koi... scaryyyyy....

Pic 18: 3 of us, enjoying some rides in Genting Themepark

Pic 19: Us...

Pic 20: sis and me, riding on the antique car

Pic 21: My favourite swing!!!

Pic 22: Preparing for the concert...

Pic 23: In Arena of Star

Pic 24: More crowds

Pic 25: Starting soon...

Pic 26: Can see Justin in blue ?? hehehee