Friday, March 31, 2006


Finally, our only G12 cell group for this month coz of busy-ness of everyone's schedule. Nevertheless, we had a really great time fellowshipping, learning & feasting.

Pic 1: Pr David is teaching...

Pic 2: Serious yet full of jokes (Odett, Jason & Caleb)

Pic 3: Learning plus capturing pics (newest uitmers - Nathaniel & Amanda)

Pic 4: Cheers...

Pic 5: The blur me, hahaaa... candid!

Pic 6: Makan time! Amen...

Pic 7: Forever so much food to eat. **Ex-G12-ans, miss the fellowship??** Hahaha... i'm posting so that u won't miss us so much (ohps, should say, so that u won't miss the food so much)

Pic 8: Lissa doesn't look satisfy on her plate of magee

Pic 9: Nathaniel seems like enjoying his food, i think.... :)

*Sam, check out the environment, it's Pr's new semi-D, not the condo anymore*

Hemoglobin low

Was preparing myself since yesterday to overcome my fear in donating blood, never had i experience such a thing in my life. The older i grow, the scarier i am to needles. Remembered i chicken out when i was in my college 6 years back, it was my turn to test the blood before donating and i went on giving excuses not to do it. Hahahaaa... *scary cat*

Very well, woke up this morning full of boldness in me wanting to try out coz i know as long as i overcome the first time, i will be able to do it the second time. So i took only a cup of milo in the morning coz i was searching around my house for some things that i should bring along with me for AJ whom i'm supposed to meet at SJMC later, so finally got everything and went to pick up CC to donate together with me.

Well, during the blood test, i was surprised that the nurse said i can't donate coz my hemoglobin is low. Ooohhh, i felt so discourage because i prepared myself physically and mentally, making sure that i have enough sleep and telling myself i must do it. And CC tested hers and she can donate.

So AJ bought us to the canteen to have lunch first before donating, after that, i went to test the blood again hoping i can donate but nope. Hemoglobin low. Can't.

So i can only look at CC and interviewed her whether was it painful and how's the feelings and all... :(

Pic 1: CC donating blood

Pic 2: CC's blood, heheheee...

Actually all the while i know that i'm low in hemoglobin coz i always black-out for few seconds, even this morning, i black-out few times but i never thought that i can't donate blood... bla....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

BMW 3 Series Sedan

Just wanted to share that dl travelled to Italy with this BMW 3 Series Sedan, super the cool... how i wish to speed with it, ophss... ;) obviously if u get a nice car, you would wanna speed to test power, otherwise why get a good car?? =)

Pic 1: Together with dl, the china customer that he is suppose to translate German - Mandarin and that German guy that hire dl to be the translator. :)

Pic 2: Front view of BMW 3 Series Sedan

Pic 3: Closer look, oohhhhh... heart melted....

Pic 4: Another side look

BMW is one of my dream car, hahaha... i wish.... yeah, i wish..... x)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Siberian Husky

Ohhh... this Siberian Husky is so cute... will i have a chance to own one next time?

Siberian Husky is more suitable to stay in places with cold weather but in Malaysia, there are people owning Siberian Husky too. I have a friend that has one and later on, he gave it to his friend... :) AAwww... if i am staying in terrace house, surely i will get this Siberian Husky from my friend! Schade....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Grandma's B'day

72 yrs old! Mom's mom, my grandmother... hehehee

Well, i did not take pic during dinner time, just busy eating... hahaha, not... just don't feel like taking pics, that's all... so sis took over after dinner while waiting for cake to ready.

My last aunt lighting up candles, my uncle sitting next to her, he is a handicapper coz of fever when he was a baby. My fouth aunt sitting next to my last aunt with her son and my cousin standing with her daughter... hhahaa, big big family i tell u....

My family

Front row: Last uncle, grandma, last aunt, 5th aunt
Back row: 4th aunt's husband and her son

My grandma is staying with this uncle and his wife and children

Our family

Many more relatives pics that i didn't put... hehehee

Thursday, March 23, 2006

DL going Italy!

It's really God's plan sending DL to Italy amazingly.

Out of no where, suddenly a call just break into DL's room looking for DL to be an intepreter, German - Mandarin intepreter. It's just awesome, how to describe such an incident that can happen here paying DL very good price to be an interpreter for 2 days with the meeting between a company in Italy and a China customer. Amazing!

Thank you Lord for blessing us, You surely know the desire of our heart. Thank you, Dad!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dinner with Mama Hoong

Mama Hoong, initially my form 1 tuition teacher, also Sam's elder sis, bringing together her 2 beautiful daughters! Hahhahaaa...

Went to hhhmmm, again, my favorite place, Kim Gary for dinner that night. It's really a night that opened my eyes to see how busy a parents can be when they have young ones and also the sacrifices a parents made bringing up their young ones. It's really not something easy.

Just in this 3 hours time, i can see how busy a mom can be with 2 hyper kids, while eating, the older one wants to drink, wants to eat, wants to talk when the younger one moving around non-stop, holding and dropping spoon, trying to grab some food from mama's plate, from the table, from sister's plate and hugging and disturbing her sis while she was eating... pheeeewwww..... and Mama Hoong fighting to finish her dinner asap with one hand on her chopsticks and another hand holding her younger daughter! PHEEEEWWWW..... Great job Mama Hoong!

The 2 active daughters


Cute Shieh Reine

Independent Shieh Jeanne

Shieh Reine with her cute face, Mama Hoong holding her with one hand and busy eating with another hand...

Shieh Jeanne knows how to post very well...

The helpless sisters just trying our best to help Mama Hoong to handle the kids... hahaha, not knowing what to do, we just do what we can... the best thing was, when we were on the way to Pyramid, Mama Hoong was driving and suddenly her younger daughter cried, so i have to change place with Mama Hoong so quickly while the tracfic light was red! And from then on, i know that is not an easy night.

I can't really enjoy my dinner that night but i do learn something, i see that being a mama is not easy... hahahahaa

Yet, the 2 daughters still brings joy to Mama Hoong

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Apple iPod

Not that i own one, neither do i like to have one unless people really want to bless me... hahahahaa... otherwise i don't see iPod applying in my life.

But really thank God that i have attached with an iPod just now! Thanks to CW who bring his iPod for me to explore with his DIVING VIDEO in it.... aarrrrrrr.... I MISS DIVING!!!! I have heard of iPod everywhere but never really know what is an iPod, what function does it has and how it looks like... but when i was exploring it just now, i find it so cool.... hahahahaa...

It's just cool.....................

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The naive me

Today AP changed vehicle with me because she wanted to shift house, so she needed the van and pass me her Iswara which i was quite afraid to handle at the beginning.

The accident that happened 6 years ago creep in. That time, i brought the van for servicing thus the very good machanic guy that knows me very well borrowed me his car. I asked him what if i really bang his car and he said no one wish to have accidents. Very well then, i left the machanic shop to look for st for lunch that time. The naive me was very excited because i get to drive a better car in the sense, i always like to drive so on the way back from lunch, it was rainning heavily and the naive me driving and showing st that that is a power steering car, i can drive it using one hand. Well, that's not the problem. I was at a cross-junction and suddenly a car came out from another side and banged us. Thank God no one hurts but the car hurts badly.

I was stunned, well, i gave the machanic a call and he said bring back the car, they will look at it, bring the person who bang their car too... well, those machanics settled the problem, and that good machanic guy don't want me to pay (thank God) and i get my bad bad lesson in the sense that i shouldn't be so eargely wanting to drive people's car. That is a great lesson for me but of course if i'm driving my own car, if i bang or met with accident, i won't feel so bad... hahaha...

So while driving AP's car, i'm just so afraid that bad things will happen and i prayed everytime i drive that car... hahha... good thing, nothing happen... :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Conversation with A.K

Today only fetch A.K alone to prayer meeting so had a great chat with her. She is a very old lady, prayer warrior in the church. I love to talk to old people sometimes coz they just had so much to tell that we can learn from.

So on the way home, i shared with her about me thinking of changing job. She said she knows it. :) How? Of course throught the Holy Spirit... :) Great! Hahahaa... Can consider one of the confirmation from the Lord? :)

After thinking about it more thoroughly from the beginning of the year and recollecting some of my old thoughts of changing job since last year Aug (i was really stressed out in the office), i sort of like got some confirmation from the Lord...

God open my eyes to see it clearly today about His plans for me, ever since last year Aug till now, there are little little work progressions from the Lord that leads to today and suddenly i see how God put things together, and now i understand it clearly.

1. I remember before i leave to Germany last year for my big holiday, i did something in the office (not something ordinary), and guess what? Today i did that same thing again (not something ordinary, i did not need to do it daily or monthly but suddenly, today) and suddenly this thought just came saying, "Hey, you are going to leave soon." That 'something not ordinary' is just an indication to me that i'm leaving - to Germany last year and to somewhere this year.

2. I had this word within me beginning of the year, "success". I know my life will be successful this year.

3. I work in this office for 5 yrs, i just felt that my job has completed here. God is bringing me to another place to learn something new.

"Show me more Lord and prepare my ways."

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Dell is online!!

Finally! My Dell is online! After hiding it under the cloth for about a month. Present from dl early this month but only get router today and fixed it myself... clever? hehehee.. thank you...

Now my hse has 3 PCs going online, cool? like cybercafe... good idea, can earn some money... hehehe

Bro having his Acer, sis took my old pc, pc that i use during my college days, errr... 7 yrs ago.. yeah, 7 yrs... and now i own a brand new Dell...

Pic: Black - Dell, White - old college days pc... :)

Thanks dl... and of course thanks Daddy in Heaven who provided the finance... =)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snowing in Germany

Incredible!!! :)

Pic 1: Johannes' backyard... used to mow grass there and now... wow!

Pic 2: My dl... dl, i miss u.... soooooo muchhhhh...

Pic 3: Johannes' backyard... aaaawwww... beautiful but it almost buried the hse... i wonder can i sleep in the middle of the snow?? hehehe

Pic 4: Outside Johannes' hse...

Pic 5: Some apple tree covered by snow...

Pic 6: Just one word, amazing...

Pic 7: White, my favorite colour....


So many things that is in my mind that i want to blog it out... so many things happened. Will just summarize them.

1. Office toilet bowl sucks, don't like the shape.

2. My piano teacher is very interesting, she is a sanguine so most of the time, she is entertaining me, she speaks very loud. =)

3. Scary dream, dreamt of end time, dreamt that bro just came back from oversea (which is good)

4. I lied so much recently... must stop it

5. I think i must be getting old coz i always feel tired easily

6. A lot of stress again in the office, i'm just feeling so scare to work, so stress... shared with pb and cried on the phone, i can't stand it... want to change job, is it God's will? God will open door if it is His will... :)

Dunno what else la... too many, can't remember...

The feeling of stress at work is back, i had this kinda feelings before i left to Germany for holiday... and now im having the same feelings... scaryyyyyyy....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


about what? hhmmmm... i like music, i like to play music.... i wish to continue my sax class and my piano class but i'm just afraid i don't have time to practice... it's just so so hard to find time to practice... i'm very happy to see students that is from primary to secondary level learning piano or whatever musical instruments because that's the right time for them to learn, they can have time to practice. If you are working already, you hardly have time to practice and most of the time, you have other activities like going out with friends after work and other meetings going on...

sometimes when i listen to piano pieces, it really stirs my heart up, i want to play like them...

time time... i wish i can have whole day just playing music, no need to work... :p

Monday, March 06, 2006

Food intake today

I had:-

chee chong fun
nasi lemak
roti canai
apam balik
mee pataya
McD ice cream

Sunday, March 05, 2006

20 laps Olympic Pool

Satisfying swim at Pusat Akuatic Darul Ehsan near my house. Weather was too hot thus end up looking for water to cold myself.

Went alone to the indoor olympic size pool, paid RM3, swam exactly 1 hr non-stop = 20 laps.


Met a guy who attend mother church (Chinese chrc congregation).

Met a nice guy, Zainal who asked whether i'm a chinese or malay, helped answering a lot of my questions, helped to changed RM0.50 x 2 coins for me coz silly me put it into the locker just to test out whether the locker is working without putting my stuff in it, so the locker ate my only RM0.50 x 2. But Zainal advised not to put stuff in the locker coz there are ppl hacking it... o.O and advise to just put my bag near the swimming pool so end up i have to swim and look, swim and look, swim and look at my bag with hp, IC, driving license in it...

Water in the toilet was so yellowish when i bath... eewwwww... end up, came home and rinse myself again with water...

My 2nd time to Pusat Akuatic, 1st time was years back - swim at outdoor, 2nd time (today) - swim indoor at olympic size pool (first time) :)

Will consider going back to indoor pool if weather is hot and when i needed some exercises. Hahahaha...

Fighting fish @ Gazebo

After church and youth and sax practice, we decided to go dating again.

Bring along her new pets to our favorite spot enjoying nice tea at the hot afternoon.

Pic 1: Ah Red the 1st new pet

Pic 2: Ah Blue the 2nd new pet

Enjoying watching the pets getting angry with each other to see the beauty of God's creation.

Pic 3: The amazing colours

Pic 4: The incredible tails and fins

Pics taken by:-

The older sister
The younger sister

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Aunty Juliet

No, they are not aunty juliet... i mean we had lunch at Aunty Juliet Cafe treated by Pb. Hahahah... Look at those happy faces coz of free food.

Pic 1: Marni and Olivia

Pic 2: Esther

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Nasi Pataya! Sis' favorite food at mamak stall. For me, i only like the skin = eggs... hahahahhaaa....

Hey Jurgen and Beate, u reading this?? Hahahaa... will you try to cook this? Try to cook it and let Eng and Zhang Zhi eat... hahahahaa. It is fried rice inside and they wrap it with scramble eggs... :) Look delicious isn't it?

P/S: Jurgen and Beate, my German friends. Jurgen himself love cooking & asian food, he will try to cook asian food using cook book. "Jurgen, i miss your cooking." OOooo, I miss them so much... miss germany...

Enjoyable fellowship

Glad that i take 1 day off to meet my good friend and spend time with them. I really enjoy myself window-shopping with Christine and Kerry whole day at MidValley. Window-shopping ain't that fun actually coz i see a lot of nice clothings but CAN'T BUYYYY... EEESSSshhhh... but the fact that going window-shopping with C and K is nice, we talk, we laugh... As usual since our college time ;p

Pic 1: Me, Christine and Kerry @ Kim Gary in MidValley

Pic 2: Loving couple... :) The way they show love to each other is really different from others, i enjoy seeing them... hahahaa...

Pic 3: C's cousin and cousin's friend all from Kuantan... :)

Great and tiring day, we walk the whole shopping centre without buying anything. My purpose is to meet C and K but C's cousin did shop the whole day... ;)