Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lunch @ German restaurant, KK

Despite of getting to meet every day and night at work, we still do meet up for lunch before we start work today! This is the power of F-o-o-D!

Jason recommended a very delicious German food in Kota Kemuning, so we went today to try it ourselves.

The chef is a German, married a nyonya and here they start a small German / European style restaurant.

Pic 1: We shared a special dish together, German Half Chicken with green sause, with potatos and salad.

Pic 2: Jason cutting out the German half chicken for us...

Pic 3: And our delicious Beef Fusilli Bolognese which i would say, SUPERB! It is seriously nice and i will definitely have this again on my next visit!

Pic 4: Jamie tasting hers.... yum yum!

Pic 5: Not forgetting their colourful handmade ice-cream, Gelato......

The price is cheap too. We had our set meal, Pandan water + Beef Fusilli Bolognese + tea / coffee + 1 scope of gelato for RM12.90. Cheap? Very... On top of that, they don't have service charge and government tax... that's the best!

Will definitely bring my family there!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fellowship with sis

So long didn't get to meet up with my sis. As usual, our working hours are all so different. Anyway, good to get to catch up with her today! Bring her to Carls Jr. to try since she never try it before. And get to chit chat alot sharing things out with each other. Good fellowship!

Pic 1: Sista

Pic 2: Me

Hhmm, guess i wouldn't be get any Carls Jr. meals next time since i have tried it twice already and their portion is seriously too huge for me and what we tried today isn't that impressive. Is abit wasteful to have to throw some food away always... :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

MC again

Can't sleep the whole night... so i really don't wanna go work and regret the whole day yawning and falling asleep at work, therefore, sms my lead and told them i'm taking mc.

Just came back from taking mc from nearby clinic. Doc said i got slight fever woh... and gave me so many med... bluek, look at them also feel like vomiting.... yucks... don't think i will be taking any med unless i really don't feel that good tmr, i will start to take the med, else... come on, just enjoy life... so far i feel ok, don't feel like sick also. Strange that doc said i got slight fever, 37.2.... hhmmmmm....

Hurray, and it's a friday.... weekends coming...

I will be going malacca tonite! yum yum, will have good food from mother-in-law! :D Thank you Lord!

And of course i'm still deeply in love with my hubby..... hehehe

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 Astro men I met

Was in the lift going up to my house together with 2 Astro men in it.

Astro man 1: Pointing on the lift and shake his head and told the other man, "manyak kotor ini lift..."

Astro man 2: In silent, looking around the lift.

Then both Astro men went out at the same floor as me...

After few steps, Astro man 1 spit on the floor...


Only just now he said the lift very dirty, now he is spitting everywhere...... -__-"

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

R.O.M - Officially Mrs. Siew

:p Dream comes true! All this years, I have been wishing that I will get married at the age of 27. ;p Thank you Lord!

But after listening to alot of my girl friends, I find that I'm so different. All of them told me that it is a girl's dream to wear wedding gown.... but that is not me. -__-" I never had such a dream. All this while, I only dream to get married at 27, register and bye bye, go for honeymoon! :p Save all the hassle! Rite? hehehee...

Anyway.......... my mama keep on popek popek at me, wanting this and that for my marriage, gosh... argued so much with her... la la laaaaaa.... nevermind la... just give her la what she wants... I think she mistakenly thinks that this is her wedding instead. xp heheheeheh...

Okok, back to my ROM day! I'm just copying what my hubby posted in Facebook.

Pic 1: Raja dan ratu sehari :D

Pic 2: Mother and daughter... still Ms.Cham now.

Pic 3: Uncle and aunty also feel like want to re-marry each other again.

Pic 4: Hubby wondering where is his bride.

Pic 5: The Contract.

Pic 6: Time to remove the old ring.

Pic 7: ta da...the new ring.

Pic 8: Putting on the ring for me.

Pic 9: Wife's turn to put the ring on hubby's finger.

Pic 10: Have to take a picture with the person who solemnize our wedding.

Pic 11: The script which binds us lawfully as a wedded pair.

Pic 12: Mom and in-laws

Pic 13: Chris, hubby, me, SirLim

Pic 14: The only guest, WaiMeng.

Pic 15: My family.

Pic 16: My hubby's family.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

R.I.P Tom Tom

My cousin just told me that Tom Tom had past away early this morning, I was quite shock with the news. Immediately, i called my aunt and ask her how is she coz Tom Tom is her very close buddy to the stage that she said Tom Tom is her bf... :(

She said, ever since yesterday nite after she came home from work, Tom Tom keep on following her and refuse to go into the cage at night, so they left Tom Tom outside the house instead of forcing him to the cage. My aunt went to check on him about 1am and noticed that he can't really wake up already, he was laying down breathing very hard...

Early morning about 6am, they noticed that Tom Tom already went to heaven.

As I was listening to my aunt, tears begin to roll down my cheek.

Finally, a 15 years old Tom Tom has decided to leave us and go to heaven. I'm thankful that he left too coz he was quite old that he can hardly see us, hear us and even walk. If you have seen the movie "Marley and me", you will know what i'm talking about.

Whenever i go to visit my aunt, i will be bringing Tom Tom out in the evening for his pee and poo walk..... really miss him!! Gosh, i'm tearing now when i'm blogging about him.

Found some pics in my blog on Tom Tom.

"Tom Tom, you will be deeply missed by us here. Take care of yourself and enjoy yourself in heaven. I will definitely be seeing you one day and play with you again :)"

Pic 1: Hello, I'm Tom Tom. I stay in Balakong, Selangor.

Pic 2: Doctor always call me Happy Tom Tom... hahahaa

Pic 3: And me, happily playing with Tom Tom... :D

Pic 4: "Happy happy Tom Tom, curi-curi jagung" is the song that Tom's vet likes to sing when see him.

Pic 5: Me and Tom