Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rock Climb @ Putrajaya

Darling and his gang found a newly open indoor climbing gym in Putrajaya. It is the largest of its kind in ASIA and host to all sort of climbing routes from top rope, bouldering to lead climbing.

Pic 1: Beautiful coloured walls with variety of difficulties.

Pic 2: The 3 of us, Shin-not climbing that day, Me-bringing my work there to do since I can't climb, and Rebecca.

Pic 3: WaiMeng climbing and Kenneth belaying.

Pic 4: Darling finish his 1st route.

Pic 5: Darling climbing his 2nd route.

Pic 6: The happy couple, Shin and Kenneth.

Pic 7: Shen and MingEie was there too!

vPic 8: WaiMeng's new tattoo...

Pic 9: My working pics. =)