Tuesday, July 31, 2007

At work

Picture taken during work... :D

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sporty look

Thanks to my beloved who changed the whole set of 15 inch tyres PLUS sport-rims for me... :p

Pic 1: 15 inch tyre + sport rim
Pic 2: My red shiny car plus the new tyres and rims... :D

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back from diving

No inspiration to blog about my diving trip yet... anyway... there are some pics taken from kor's camera and Michelle's camera...

Check it out. When inspiration comes, then only i blog la... kekkekee

Diving @ Lang Tengah 26 - 29 July 2007

Click on the link above ler to view the pics... :D


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Holiday Mood

Gosh... having my holiday mood d here at office... aarrggg...

Though going for holiday soon... a.k.a diving soon... but i need to get alot of things done before leaving.

1. Buy cat food
2. Buy cat litter
3. Buy Stuart's special diet food at his Vet Clinic
4. Buy sliper, hhmmmm if got time. Scare my own gonna spoil at the island.
5. Buy *ahem* for personal use
6. Bank in mom's money to my acct, then pay her bill online
7. Printed own-made-logbook, need to punch hole

AArrrggg.... hopefully can do all this by today so tomorrow after work, i can concentrate on sleeping before driving to Terengganu at the night.

Hhhooorrraaayyyy.... D I V I N G A G A I N .... xp

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Back to Malacca during the weekends to visit *parents-in-law* konon ;p

Friday night
After work, we went to have ..... yummy... one of my favourite place, Kim Gary @ Mines Shopping Fair coz on the way back mah... We enjoyed our candle nite dinner (dreaming) before driving back to Malacca.

Half way through, the road jam pulak... hai, jam all the way. Expected to reach around 11pm, but we reached at 12am. Both of us also very tired, of course la, after work mah... Thank God finally i have my bed... :D

Errr... as usual, woke up about 11.30am if i'm at Malacca (*paiseh-nya, go ppl's hse but wake up so late*), tired mah... hehee.. somemore weekends, resting day ler...

The most paiseh part is when saying, "Good morning uncle, good morning aunty", at 11.30am going to 12 noon.. xp waahahaha

After bathing, here comes all the story telling and listening between aunty and i. I will be at the kitchen looking at her preparing lunch for us... errr, not only looking gah... i wanna help but she said no need, so i will be at the kitchen to talk to her lo... since i cannot help... kekekee

WAhhhh... what amazed me this time! Aunty showed me the patchwork blanket that she is going to make for me!!! AAwwhhh... so nice, so beautiful... it's still in-progress, but seeing those colourful patchwork joined together into a big piece blanket, so colourful and so beautiful... (for your information, i'm attracted to colours). Aunty said, it will be done next week. *Thanks aunty, i really like it very much*

Spent whole noon time washing and polishing my car after lunch. *Thanks kor, muakzz*

After done with the car, i'm at the kitchen to teman aunty pulak preparing dinner. Haai... this is what housewife will do, cook for ppl to eat, after eating, then preparing to cook for the next meal again... hehehee...

But but, we get to eat curry chicken!!! Hurrayyy... it's kor's favourite, that's why aunty cook for him ler..... but it's my favourite too... so i tagged along to eat.... eeee... it's just so delicious!


After dinner, Kor and I went to Tesco and Jonker Street (a must everytime we go back) to pak tor and most importantly, at Jonker Str., i will have my *original cendol* (only cendol and gula melaka), the gula melaka is just so nice, having the ori cendol will get to taste the gula melaka... i miss that... :(

Woke up at 11.30am again, i think... then bath and kor kor brought his parents out for lunch then jalan-jalan at Mahkota Parade and another shopping center which i forgotten the name... (biasa la, me and my short term memory lost ;p) before proceeding to go back to KL.

Buy quite a lot of things home:-
1. 5 shirts by Charles Cham (is he my long lost uncle? =D) for mom, sis, bro, kor and myself too... :D
2. Gula Melaka for neighbour and 1 for home (kor forgotten to take yours, so i bring home d... :p)
3. Belacan for neighbour (they so happy asking for belacan when they know that i came home from Malacca)
4. wallet for sis
5. 2 big bowls and 2 pair of chopsticks (this idea has been in my mind for some time d, finally i got it) for kor and i to have magie mee. =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


EEeee... So cute... :) Specially dedicated to GSL...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pencuri Masuk Rumah...

Not my house though, but someone close to my heart. HHhmm... It was in the afternoon when no one at home. Solex padlock also they took. I think the biggest lost was the S2IS camera that belongs to him.

As for his sis, the whole room was being ransack but no lost of money. Only lost those jewelry but most of them are those cheap jewelry as she don't wear gold...

Pic 1: His sis' room being ransack kao kao...

Pic 2: Closer look at the mess on the bed...

Pic 3: Closer look on the floor

Pic 4: Police checking for fingerprints... first time in my life to see how the police do it... :p

Frankly speaking, hhhmmmmmmmmm... i really find it very funny when i saw the ransacked room because it's funny... hehehee.. ohps... sorry...

Actually should give thanks coz no one was at home, else they might hurt people because they left a knief on the dining table and the knief to chop meat was being stolen too. Maybe they use it as their weapon. Scary.... hhmmm

Who's house masuk pencuri?

More pics and details here ---> His' blog

My life

Very tired. But need to exercise coz need stamina for diving. So after work, i went to gym. Got on the treadmill to run 5km. HHmmm... i consider myself walking for 5km coz i don't have the stamina to run... hehehee... therefore 5km cost me 49:30 mins altogether... hehehehe... shiihhhh... quiet... malu la... xp

Anyway, i was enjoying myself at the gym... then took my hot shower bath before proceeding to kopitiam, cyberjaya.

Kopitiam is 1 of my fav place in CBJ coz i like the ambience there. I was there alone having my dinner and doing sudoku... :D I hate to eat alone but i like to sit at places i like to enjoy the ambience alone while doing some other stuff... as long as i have something to do while i'm alone, that's fine. ;)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Penang & Ipoh Trip

Arrr... no pics to blog out! Coz all pics is with Lissa... Anyway........

:D 4 of us gals, Lissa, Fee Yuen (Jess), Kah Yee (SKY) and myself drove ourselves all the way to Penang on Saturday (14 July) morning, left at 8am, reached at 12pm, 4 hours of journey with all the laughing, singing, crapping, gossiping (err, did we?)... heheheee... it was fun coz i'm driving and the whole journey, they keep me awake. :p Though i was quite tired over the whole week and need to drive during this trip, but all of them took efford to talk to me to make sure i don't send them to heaven. :p

Once reached, check-in, then we are out from hotel to look for FOOD! F-0-0-D, is our major target on this trip. Our organizer FY did her homework, listed down which jalan and lorong of all the good food and there we go finding them using map. :D Good rite? Haaahaha... And we found all those that we listed down except L-A-K-S-A only... We even manage to stop by a shop to get one of my fav food, tambun biscuits... :p... Guess how many boxes i bring back? And the rest only buy 1 box each. :p

Chin Yin a.k.a CCY only free to meet us at 5pm and bring us to Batu Ferringi, was at the beach, really having all the fun there... (hhhmm... so not nice to blog without pics... promise pics will be uploaded once i got it k...) As usual, knowing CCY the photograper, she make us exercise at the beach jumping 101 times to try to catch our nicest shots of us jumping high in the air!

We had a long walk during the night at Batu Ferringi, those gals only want to get the cheapest DVD in town, RM4 per DVD there. Then proceed to look for food before sending CCY home and we went back to our hotel.

Since i'm the driver, i have the privilege to bath first and most importantly, get to sleep while the rest are being forced by Lissa to stay awake to chit-chat. Thank God i don't need to do that, alrite... i admit, i'm not as young as before d, therefore, i need my rest.... really... need my ooi ooi time!!!!

Being the last to wake up the next day, i'm still struggling like mad to crawl down the bed. Finally, get myself refreshed in the bathroom and there we go! Looking for F-O-O-D again. (*Btw, the F-O-O-D that i'm talking here is not merely food but is Penang's best food k?*)

We had the best dim sum somewhere and proceed to the best 'Ah Leng Char Kueh Teow' at another place for breakfast. Meaning we went to 2 different places to have our breakfast on Sunday morning before proceeding to Queensbay, the latest longest shopping mall in Asia.

Took some very nice pics opposite Queensbay but didn't manage to step into Queensbay because we keep on missing the junction for parking, so forget it la... we proceed to Ipoh at 12pm for F-O-O-D again.

Met with my aunt and uncle from Ipoh to bring us for 'Ipoh Ngar Choy Kai' (Ipoh beensproud chicken). The kueh teow soup is just perfect, plus the sotong kangkung, popiah, sateh and my favourite Ipoh fat and short beensproud arrr... superb! Suppose to get 'tau fu far' somewhere too but finish d, nevertheless, Lissa and I still try the soyabean... it's just so nice.... yummy!

And we went to buy Ipoh biscuits lo... before leaving to KL.

On top of all that, with all the laughing coz of crap jokes from my aunt, goodness... everyone laughing like mad... it's just so enjoyable having my aunt around!

2 hours journey back from Ipoh to KL. During the journey, especially Lissa Tan, she was just too exhausted from talking non-stop the night before coz she wanted to chat with everyone, sleep the whole journey back. FeeYuen and Sky both take turns to sleep to make sure someone talking to me, wahahahahaa.... kesian them... but thank God also la, coz i was also very tired.

But overall, i didn't eat that much in Penang this trip as compared to my previous few trips to Penang alone for food. Those times, i really eat whole day without stopping but of course with my sailow and Masami, this 2 very close brother and sister in my heart brings me to all the nice places to eat everytime i went to Penang. (Miss them very much, didn't get to meet up with Alvin my god-bro coz he was busy with future father-in-law and church and Masami, married and staying in Japan now... :( Miss u guys a lot...)

Okok, pics on the way, once i got it from Lissa, i will post it up! :D

Friday, July 13, 2007

3:26 AM

This is what i'm doing at this 'ungodly hour' as some ppl said... :p

Pic 1: 1st attempt - Measuring Beckz' blood pressure

Pic 2: 2nd attempt - Measuring Beckz' blood pressure

Pic 3: Sis' blood pressure (very nice coz on medication, thank God)

Pic 4: Our Bud Bud boy... full name : Buddy Boy =p relaxing on top of our cupboard

Pic 5: Our Tut Tut Boy... full name : Stuart Boy with a big black mole x) lagi high, relaxing at sis' container on top of the cupboard

PS: hai... finish packing my cloths d... going Penang for food only with 3 more gal-friends this weekend.

Hai... Full of vacations this whole month.

Hhhmmm... guess is time to ooi ooi d... feeling a little tired, good good... :)

Nitez everyone!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mamak-ing with sista

Such a long time d that i didn't go mamak-ing with sis... reason being, coz of work la... :) this week work nite shift mah, so normally work till 10++, today tot dun wanna sleep so early, want to make myself super tired tomorrow, so tomorrow nite after work, i can go home straight away sleep and prepare for Penang trip early Saturday morning. HHmmm... maybe this is some silly idea... hehee... but this is what i plan la, don't wanna sleep so early so tmr will be a bit tired... ;)

Anyway, hheehheee... we share some favourite food together-gether...

Daa daaa... this is our fav food.

Pic 1: Fettuccine Carbonara

Pic 2: Oh well, we are animal lover, so surely we feed this kitty cat lo... and she eat till u see... showing us that the food is yummy ehhh... hehe...

Pic 3: Aahhh... this is the food that i really like... especially the milky smell... yes!

Pic 4: Gazebo, one of my fav place... like the ambiance here very much... usually like to come here alone and do some thinking, writing, organizing my life... :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chicken Soup

Look what i bought recently at MPH ===> Chicken Soup.... :p

Was just looking around at MPH few weeks ago and came across Chicken Soup books. Heard from many people that Chicken Soup very nice to read.

So finally, i went back to MPH to get something that i was ironing at few weeks ago! Chicken Soup for the PET LOVER'S SOUL... kekekeke... then as i was searching for this book, i came across Chicken Soup for the CAT LOVER'S SOUL pulak... yaks! Was deciding which one i should get...


These are the one i got! :D


Congrats to our dear Sally Tong. Finally she is in the blogging world... :p


Being a boring housewife living at Germany, no family, no relatives, no friends, only 1 husband, i'm happy to see that she has upgraded herself into the internet world 2 months back. She is on MSN nowadays. Almost everyday, i get to chat with her, and i guess she is also chatting with other friends around the world with the MSN device.

And today, is the birth of Sally's Blog =)! Her newly created blog!

Really happy for her! Heheheheee.... at least she got something to do la, and won't be so bored already kua after married, hopefully........ :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Q2 Birthday Bash 2007

Another Birthday Celebration to celebrate CTS Birthday Babies for April + May + June + July. Thus, we had 4 Secret Recipe Cakes... :p yummy!

Quite a good idea, a break time for all the staff in Europe Shift a.k.a afternoon shift... kekeke...

Hhmmm... come to think about it, i had a lot of break today woh... heehehehe...

Pic 1: Some colleagues in the pantry, enjoying food and taking pics with Kenny's new N95.

Pic 2: My respected senior, Cikgu a.k.a Wan Ahmed

Selamat Hari Jadi

Happi Birthday to my dear sister, Hwei-Hwei a.k.a CCH107. In regards to your big day today, i would like to treat you this. But since you are too far away, i have decided to consume it on behalf of you. The taste is just superb! No words can describe it.

Well, wishing you a blessed birthday and always stay pretty, healthy, spiritually strong, wise, courageous and errr... u name it la... just make a wish and claim it all... :D

Happi Birthday Sis! x)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Toh & Da

Toh & Da is my friend back in 2002... know them through a mission trip to Cambodia that year... gosh... 5 years d... kekekeee... We went to Cambodia to minister to a bunch of youth there as well as blessing some kids in some kampung area in Cambodia... That time, Toh & Da is still in courtship. Got to know that they were married last year. And this year.... =)

Guess what? Hahahaaa... received some pics of Toh & Da's 8 month old baby... wahhh... sooooooo cute!


Pic 1: "Hi, Orange is my name..."

Pic 2: "Actually my full name is Sokha Daravann"

Pic 3: "I had no idea why my mummy and daddy call me Orange..."

Sunday, July 08, 2007

8 to 8

Long and happening day!

Visited Glad Tidings this morning with whole family... :p Went for the 2nd adult service, so many services going around at the same time... huge church...

Had lunch at SS15 Subang before i departed with family. Fml went S.Parade to jalan jalan...

Kor and i went for the Dive Expo in PWTC... Kor tot wanna get some stuff there geh... see see, hai, they don't really sell many diving equipments there... only had a lot of resort booths promoting diving and holiday packages. Eric was with us also... 3 of us took KTM to PWTC... then met some diving friends there lo... :)

Before going home, Lala Chong is our destination.... :p fwwahhhhh... hungry la now...

Eric already ajak many times but no time to go with him, so we went today... :D

Pic 1: ffwwaaahhh.... don't ask me what dishes... u see it yourself, i'm very hungry now...

Pic 2: Eric also telling his real life story of the very bad accident he had, his last little finger nearly gone, it was just hanging coz some flesh still joining together... heheheheee... quite a funny real life story geh... hehehheee....

Glad that we had quite an early dinner... 6.30pm... so we end early and get to go home early to rest.... thank God... =)

Woke up at 8+ and reach home at 8+...

Finally get to sleep at 9++... cool isn't it? kekekkee, didn't always get to sleep that early... but i was very tired... whole day out... 8 to 8...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Halo Café

Family day... Waited for kor who went for his Dive-Master-Training till 7++ before fetching us all. Supposingly going for steamboat porridge :p which was being planned few months back to bring my family to but after jumping into the car, mom being the most sporty in clothing and fashion said she wanna go Halo Café to enjoy music while dinner being served. HHhmmmmm....

Oh well.... we are the obeying child, so there goes the car wheel to Halo Café, Sunway Pyramid...

Not bad looking at 2 handsome guys singing, one playing guitar - very talented guitarist with plucking skills, one only can sing... and a pretty lady - can sing very well...

Mom and i had the fish congee, not bad geh... quite a big bowl that both of us can't finish it... didn't get to eat steamboat porridge, so we eat fish porridge loohhh...

Bro and sis had fish and chips and kor took some herba noodle, look quite nice actually... like those wan tan noodle but served with chinese herbs... maybe the next time, i should try that... :p

While enjoying our meals, we listen to songs and request for songs for them to sing for us... not bad... :) We sat there till about 12am... hhmmm... this is life....

Kesian kor so tired, hvn't bath and wash diving gear lagi... kekekekee...

*Thanks kor for spending time with my family members*

Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Week-end

I'm on afternoon shift this week. It is also one of my favourite shift coz i get to sleep till 11am everyday. Yay! :D Though have to work till 10pm at nite, not much time to meet up with friends but in this shift, i will have the most rest that i needed. This shift is one of the busiest shift as well, so i hardly have time to blog. Work is non-stop, request come in non-stop, sometimes phone calls come in non-stop... but overall, it's ok... :)

Yay, and today is F-R-I-D-A-Y......... =D

I'm happy to have Saturday and Sunday on my way... time for me to hhmmm... do some of my own thing, spend time with family, go visit some places, go have good food, err... hhmmm... let see what i will do tomorrow... kekekeee...

Happy weekends everyone!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

100 Years Old

100 years of history - centenary of Royal Dutch Shell

On July 5, 1907, Royal Dutch Shell’s corporate forefathers went to the notary to sign the official declaration for what at the time was a rather unique event: the coming together of two companies in two different countries, Royal Dutch and Shell Transport and Trading.

Looking back over 100 years of history, it’s been an amazing journey. Mankind has managed to adapt, time and time again, through a century of rapid change and periodic upheaval. So has Shell.

In 1907 the world swarmed with oil companies, all full of ambitions to grow. Over the next 100 years many of them saw those ambitions shattered as events galloped forward and they failed to keep up. Little wonder, really, given everything the planet has gone through in the past century: two world wars, the spread and then decline of communism, deep economic recessions, de-colonisation, the rise of a cartel of oil-exporting countries, the use of oil as a political weapon, rocketing growth in energy consumption, mass mobility, accelerating globalisation, and more.

There are big challenges in the century ahead, as well. Shell and other energy companies must find more energy to help keep the world’s economy humming, as places like China and India expand at a rapid clip. And they must do so in ways that safeguard society and the environment.

~Taken from Shell Website~

Happy 100 Years Old to Royal Dutch Shell...
Pic 1: In the midst of celebrating 100 yrs old for Royal Dutch Shell, balloons are placed everywhere in our cubicles... :p

Pic 2: This is our cubicles...

Pic 3: Kenny boy, my colleague =)

Pic 4: All of us received a gift too... colleagues said very delicious, too bad, i'm not really into choco so gave sis and mom, indeed, they said it's very nice!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ohps, MC again :(

Yaksss... kesian today kor kor high fever... hhmmm.... bring kor kor to go see doc... he so kesian... really so critical, i see also yaks! Sakit hati a bit... hai... whole body really so hot... so kesian... :(

Actually not only kor kor go see doctor, i also go see doctor together-gether... hahahaaa... mine coz of this stewpit cough la! Started since last week... now cough even more and the phlegm getting thicker and greener (hhmmm, sorry if it's too disgusting) so i better go get help rather than get really sick like last time that i refused to go see doc, ended up took me so long to get heal and end up cannot eat so many kinda food... hai... Since i'm going to Penang soon to enjoy food, so i better get heal first so i can really enjoy kao kao looooo....

After go see doc... we go tapau pau... kesian kor kor cannot finish the pau coz he also so sick d... so cannot really eat, what he need is really rest, close eyes and rest... so after kor took few bites of the pau and eat medicine, he went to rest lo...

I took mc and rest also... other than resting, i help to jaga jaga kor kor a bit la... kesian kor kor... hai......

But really thank God later in the evening, kor kor get better d woh... :) At least he is not that 'san fu' and no more high fever d! Some more can joke joke around and laugh... Yes, PTL!

Kor kor is like the same old kor kor that i know all the while... hurray!!!

*I'm really sakit hati gah, see kor kor so sick... glad that u are ok now... :)*

*Thank you Lord for listening to my silent prayer*