Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday, Darling

My man is 30 today. :)

We had dinner together with Chris, sis-in-law at Sushi King, IOI Mall for dinner. And packed 2 slices of cakes home, one of darling's favourite food.

Pic 1: Cake from Secret Recipe

Pic 2: Mango Delight

Pic 3: Darling so happy to be a man and dad soon... :D

Pic 4: Us...

Pic 5: And our lovey dovey pic...

"Lord, bless darling with good health, and protect his incoming and outgoing daily, and your favour upon him at workplace and everywhere he goes, AMEN."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dogs Day @ Chin Woo Stadium

A bit disappointed with today's doggies' event for the fact that it was so cramp up in such a small hall for the dogs with no proper place, grass area for the dogs to poo and pee and socialize! Still think the event should be held at the normal place, 1U park! Hope the next one will be better...

Only took 1 pic during the whole event! See how demotivated I am but I'm still smiling so cheerfully.... cozzzz... it's a dog man!

Pic: Great Dane

Friday, June 26, 2009


Darling bring me along to watch Transformer together with all his colleagues, is their 'recreational club event' for movie tonight.

It was ok ler though i'm abit quiet. As usual, together with so many new people around, i tend to be quieter.

Anyway, is good to know darling's colleagues... :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rice Dumpling

Back to Malacca with darling to visit parents-in-law. And darling wanna eat dumpling so much that he asked mom-in-law to prepare all the rice dumpling ingredients and I help to wrap it. :) Which is good for me to brush up my dumpling wrapping skill that i got from grandma (dad's side) 2 years ago. Haven't been helping my grandma this 2 years in wrapping dumpling coz it always clashes with my other schedule, diving last year and chinese wedding ceremony this year.

Some pics on the process of making rice dumpling!

Pic 1: Preparing the rope to tie the dumpling, but end up didn't use it coz it keep on breaking into half.

Pic 2: This is the dumpling leaf to wrap rice dumpling

Pic 3: The ingredients for rice dumpling

Pic 4: Me getting ready to make the dumpling.

Pic 5: Trying to refresh my memory on how to fold the dumpling leaf.

Pic 6: And how to wrap the dumpling properly which took me quite a while.....

Pic 7: And finally tie it up to the rope!

Pic 8: Ta da.... with a little help from dad-in-law, dumpling is getting there!

Pic 9: Ta daaa....... dumpling ready to be eaten after stemming it for 3 hours!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freaking scary incident!!!

Was going home, in the lift of my apartment suddenly came a tall handsome negro man about 28 yrs old greeting me, 'good day'. Being a polite person, i replied, 'good day to you too'.

And when the lift door opened at 3rd floor where the negro suppose to go out but instead, he was blocking the door with his hand from closing and cornered me..... =_= Then, i'm starting to feel abit nervous but not wanting to show it out, he then asked if i have 2 mins for him to share his FEELING???????

I told him im in a hurry to go home and he asked for my hp number which of course i won't give! Then i told him that i have to go as my hubby is waiting for me at home, emphasizing on the word 'hubby' so-called to get my message through that 'hey, im married.... and my man is waiting for me'.

Very reluctantly, he leave the lift looking at me without a blink on his eyes!

O.O I'm really quite scare of this incident that his face keep on reflecting in my mind!

"Oh Lord, please protect my incoming and outgoing daily especially junior... AMEN"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mongolian Steamboat

Had Mongolian Steamboat with all my colleagues + ex-colleagues. Pics will tell more...

Pic 1: Me and Darling

Pic 2: Normal soup and hot n spicy soup

Pic 3: Hoong Foong and Jason, gossiping people at work... hahhaa or put it in nicer word, sharing information....

Pic 4: A glimpse of the delicious Mongolian style steamboat

Pic 5: Waiting for the food

Pic 6: Hoong Foong (ex-colleague) & Jason our jie mui

Pic 7: Jacinta & Chai

Pic 8: Jamie & Jocelyn

Pic 9: The gals

Pic 10: Makan time

Pic 11: Hazel & Kathereene

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Praise the Lord as i was being promoted to be the RC (Request Coordinator) / Workflow Specialist in my team. We had to go through interviews as usual for any post in our team, so thank God that everything went well and today the management announced the result. :D

Yeah! Praise the Lord!

Another good news is that, i get to be converted to permanent staff effectively 1st July since i'm being promoted to a higher role now! Wow! It has always been my wish that i can be a permanent staff instead of a contractor that i have to worry every year if my company were to renew my contract! Now, everything seems to be so great!

Yes and Amen!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Miss my darling so much!

Darling went to hike Gunung Tahan since Fri nite... miss him so so much that i can't really sleep at night thinking about him.......... arghhhh.... really cannot tahan without him around me nowadays... guess this is the love that bind us so closely together.

But really good that he is back now. :p Today is my happiest day as I was working happily thinking that I can see my darling after work.

Had music practice just now too, practicing with the Shell band - Studio 48. We will be playing for the Inter-C opening on 25 June. So glad that I still can play in some bands nowadays after not having to get to serve in the music team in church for 2 years now after changing to another church. Hopefully one day, i will be serving in the music team again! =)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So many bad news!!!

Can't imagine that all the bad things all happened in a row! Argghhh....

1. Fri, 29 May - my grandpa (dad's side) vomited pool of blood at home! Thank God grandma got one of my uncle and bring grandpa to the hospital. Grandpa stayed in HUKM till yesterday and was discharged where doctor said the internal bleeding had stopped. Prayerfully things are good with him now.... very scary though.

2. Sat night, 30 May - noticed that our hamster, Sappie who is a very old hamster where he already lost alot of fur having difficulty to breathe. We thought he can't make it to Sunday... but he survived and finally went to the Lord yesterday. A bit sad but also relief that he is not in pain anymore. Seeing him panting all the way makes me heartache.

RIP Sappie Boy!

3. Mon, 1 Jun - Chee Hwei who is in Australia had to go thought a 6 hours surgery due to twisted intestine. What a shocking news!

**Lord, please protect and heal grandpa and hwei. AMEN.**