Saturday, February 28, 2009

Si Kucing

This is a huge male cat that we often see whenever we are here to had our pok noodle at OUG. Though he look fierce with his fangs out, but he is definitely a lovely huge tame manja babe! And he will just follow anyone passing the way or anyone who call him and he will let people sayang him and pamper him. ;)

I'm sorry

Aiyaya... i hurt my darling very deeply last night... not physically but emotionally ler....

Hai... i know nothing can be done to undone my mistake. Just hope that i will act more carefully next time... but i'm seriously scare that i will repeat the mistake again and again as i've always done. :(

*Lord, help me... only You can do!*

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Me-Day

I'm on "mc" today... needed a break from work, just too tired, bored and stress of work and a Me-Day is what i needed.

Slept till 12pm and still have to dragged myself down the bed... hehehee... bath and went to my favourite place, Kopitiam to have a nasi lemak rendang + my favourite drink, yes... the white milk tea. Having my S10 with me, I get to browse and chat abit while enjoying my meal. And continued reading the doggie book.....Ahh... what a great Me-Day... :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Understanding darling I have

My darling hor, is ever so caring and loving... I'm supposed to go home and cook after work today, but due to my tiredness coz lack of sleep (as usual when im on morning shift), my darling said no need to cook tonite... instead, we will go out to have dinner. :D Hooray... and he ask me to go home to sleep woh...

but but.....

Im here at Oldtown Kopitiam instead, enjoying a kaya butter toast single and a white milk tea! I'm gonna do some readings soon. Bought a book, "Marley, a dog like no other" the other day so wanna continue reading it. This is the book featuring the movie that is going to come out soon called, 'Marley and Me'... **a must see movie for all animal lovers!**

reading time... chao...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Template

What do you think of my new template ?? :D

Spent almost 2 days to convert my old template to this new template, thanks to Gisele Jaquenod's website!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My kitty cats…

Presenting… 4 out of my 6 kitty cats…

Sydney Gal

Pic 1: Sydney sleeping

Pic 2: Sydney lazing around

Pic 3: Sydney observing

Pic 4: Sydney relaxing

Abigail Gal

Pic 5: Abigail relaxing

Stuart Boy

Pic 6: Stuart the dog… I mean, our house dog-cat; the fierce one!

Pic 7: Stuart stretching himself on bro’s bed.

Pic 8: Stuart trying to fit himself in Nokia’s bag… everything also he must put his leg there first before the rest can get it.

Wang Wang Boy – Our new addition in the family!

Pic 9: WangWang, a 5 month old kitten

Pic 10: WangWang sleeping so soundly! Our baby from heaven.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shoe Freak

I’m a Nike fan so bought myself one Nike shoe last week. Berry berry nice white Nike!

Pic 1: My white Nike

Today, I bought another shoe… :) Crocs shoe that is! :D And it’s a pink one some more… ;)

Pic 2: My pink Crocs

Friday, February 13, 2009


Beckz is enjoying her nissin noodle at this wee hour @ 3:30am in the morning... :p yummy!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Home Alone

Sometimes is good to be home alone once in a while so that we can do our personal things like...

updating my blog :p

Darling went to the jungle, Nuang with his friends, Kenneth, Eric, etc. while I get to sleep till 1.30pm before waking up to do some house work and start to update my blog!

Can't really remember what had happened in between, but those events with pics, i can blog it out easily.

And darling is coming back soon for dinner together. I haven't had anything yet coz i'm too busy updating my blog. xp

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lou Sang with family

Bring mama and sis to lou sang @ Esquire Kitchen, Subang Parade. Bro got his own company dinner so didn't join us. We had a special guest with us, CheeHwei, since she was alone at home. =)

Pic 1: Before - Lou Sang Dish

Pic 2: After - Lou Sang Dish

Pic 3: Mom and sis

Pic 4: Sis and Hwei, both so happy gehhh... :D

Pic 5: Beckz and darling... hmmm... something wrong with my face ? hair ? Arrgh... Im waiting for my hair to grow long again

Pic 6: Hwei got the honour to cut the fish, so happy dia.....

Pic 7: Desserts after meal. Sis had guai lin kou. How is the taste ? It is BITTER!

Pic 8: Hwei trying abit of guai lin kou but she had tau fu fah for dessert.

Pic 9: Of course i had tau fu fah... I cannot tolerate bitterness ;)

Pic 10: Hwei and I, friend since Secondary 1.