Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our cutie Sappy

Sappy slim down abit recently, not so sure why. Hopefully he is ok and healthy. Caught his pictures after giving him some food. :)

Pic 1: Our Sappy, eating happily

Pic 2: Sappy still enjoying his piece of food

Pic 3: Ohps, he noticed that his cage is widely opened!!! "Time to run away"

Bukit Gasing

So bersemangat again this morning. As early as 7am, we already preparing to go jungle trekking (applicable to kor, Chuan and Kenneth) - the hardcore jungle gang and brisk walking (applicable for me only) - the softcore only going there to see doggies ;p.

Though i was working till 11pm yesterday, still i'm so bersemangat to go there. Hopefully i can continue to brisk walk again (to keep fit ler) and next time when i have my own doggie, i can bring the dog there to socialize. :) Yeah!

Friday, August 29, 2008

All time favourite

Even before going to work, kor and I had this. :p
I'm on afternoon shift and kor is working from home, hence, we are able to catch this for lunch before I go to work. ;p yummmmmmy

Saturday, August 23, 2008

EDS Annual Dinner

Since Shell IT has been outsourced to EDS, we are invited to go for EDS Annual Dinner and few of us decided to go just for the free food. :p

Pics here... ;) I'm being dressed and make-up by my youngest aunt who is a designer.

Pic 1: Me and my darling. How is my dressing today ? :D

Pic 2: Us and the sakai

Pic 3: Nicholas with all the pretty chicks

Pic 4: One of my techlead, TeikYap and his wife to be soon, Jasmine

Pic 5: Our menu for the night. Not bad, is 8 course dinner. :D

Pic 6: Doorgift of the night - 8 in 1 screwdriver.

Pic 7: Me tonite... pretty ?

Pic 8: Me and my darling

Pic 9: Kathereene, Beckz and Hazel

Pic 10: All my colleagues and colleague's spouse

Pic 11: Chai and his spouse, Jacinta.

Pic 12: The theme for tonite, Wild Wild West... :D

Pic 13: Some performances...

Pic 14: The hall @ Mines Convention Centre

Mooncake biscuit

My mama so good. I told her that i like to eat this mooncake biscuit and she ask me to buy it while we are walking around a shop and she was buying some other things...

So i took my own sweet time and choose 3 of this and she paid for it for me... :p

I got myself a piggy, a rabbit and a fish. xp

Friday, August 22, 2008

204 pieces

Darling got me a surprises last week...

Finish playing it and bought the frame for it.

Mine is the Lilo & Stitch and kor's is the MonaLisa picture.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Aiyaya... my darling is still having fever... @_@

Testing his temperature while he is sending me to work...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hmmm... both of us is on MC today... both of us went to see doc together-gether... like so loving hor? wahhahahahaha... sick also sick together-gether...

Well... kor got fever, whole body so hot... goodness...

I only got abit of flu... so take mc together lo... coz i want to take care of kor...

So kesian him... make porridge for kor to eat also...

Really get to rest kao kao since today i'm on mc as well... xp must go to work tmr d... else next month's pocket will have big holes...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our dreams...

Our dreams are coming closer day by day... check out what we did today...

Early morning we went for jungle trekking to check out the trekking route for our furkid.

And in the evening, we went rounding around kor's area to find any garden / park that we can walk the dog...

Other than this, kor did ask me to prepare more before we really take a furkid home. Prepare more here meaning to buy cage, bed, leash, etc etc....

Hhehhee, i'm personally very happy that not only me that is wanting it to happen, but kor is participating himself in this dream of mine, it can be called our dream from now on... :p

Thank you darling... thank you for giving me what i want because i know that you love me alot alot... Love you forever.

Jungle Trekking @ Bkt Gasing

So super healthy today. :D As early as 7am, we are up for a healthy exercise - jungle trekking @ Bkt Gasing.

Well... as you all know, i'm not really into any sports especially jungle trekking... so early in the morning some more! >.<

One of the thing that motivates me to wake up so early for jungle trekking is because of DOGSSSSsssss...

I know that this bunch of people will go jungle trekking with their dogs every Saturday morning, i have always wanted to follow but Sat is my resting day... come on... :D

As for today, the motivation is here because we are planning to get our doggie soon... so we are checking out some activities that we can do with our doggie in the future. Hence, there we went to see this jungle trekking route.

Following Amanda and her Pacco with another friend with his 2 Pekingnese.

Pic 1: Kor insisted to take my pic here, and i'm asking him to take faster coz i felt spiderwebs around... and yes! I'm afraid of s-p-i-d-e-r... -__-" that's why i don't like to go into jungle and don't like jungle trekking...

Pic 2: Oh yea... check it out... :p Beckz is in the jungle...

Pic 3: Oh... can you see who is that ? Hehhe, is a Pekingnese playing with water

Pic 4: Pekingnese no.1 (sorry, i don't know your name)

Pic 5: And we have the Pekingnese no.1 and Pekingnese no.2 swimming in the water... they sure love it, it's super cold water some more...

Pic 6: Not only do they love playing in the water... they do like to play on the sand... kekekekeee.... they are actually rubbing their smell on the ground, part of marking... and FYI, they are actually white Pekingnese now becoming brown Pekingnese... hehehehee...

Pic 7: Not so many doggies today, only 3... Amanda said sometimes there are 20++ doggies here :)

Pic 8: They sure enjoying themselves playing with water and making themselves dirty as this is the only day they can do it without the human scolding them... :D

Pic 9: Can you see the mini water fall ? Hahahaa... and this water is so brownish... Are we going to dip our CKCS here next time?

Pic 10: Part of the muddy brownish route in this junggle trail... i think the furkids sure will enjoy themselves...

Pic 11: Only 4 human and 3 doggies in this huge jungle

Pic 12: Pekingnese no.1 and Pekingnese no.2

Pic 13: Pekingnese no.1, Pekingnese no.2 and Pacco

Pic 14: Forgotten what pokok is this... :p

Pic 15: "Pokok getah (rubber tree) always has patches around..." , said the jungleman, Siew aka my darling looo.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our pak-tor time again... after work... :p

Went to MidValley and had our early dinner at Kim Gary... yum yum.. Our dinner, some seafood cheese baked rice. :)

After dinner, we went to watch 3D Journey To The Center of The Earth. Though we had watched this movie in the cinema before, but this time, we are watching the 3D version coz we never watch any 3D movie before. So for the sake of experiencing it, we went. :D

RM18 per ticket. Hmm... ok ler, for the sake of experiencing it. Some of the scene are not exactly that 3D lo... hahahaa, and some quite messy... err, don't know how to explain. If you are curious, then go experience it yourself. :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dinner for darling

Dinner I cooked for my darling tonite...

Pic 1: Vege lo... :)

Pic 2: Minced pok on toufu

Pic 3: ABC Soup, yum yummm

Pic 4: My cooking very colourful horrr... i like i like... :p

Sunday, August 10, 2008

7th CKCS Gathering

Thanks to Derrick who invited me to this gathering!! ARrrghhh... just can't help it... i'm just so happy to see all this furkids...

One word to express all - COOL!

CKCS - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pic 1: This is CKCS if you are wondering how CKCS looks like. :D

Pic 2: They are really a gentle little furkid.

Pic 3: This gathering was held in Jean's house which has a swimming pool for the furkids to play! :D

Pic 4: They are all enjoying themselves in the pool

Pic 5: Kor fetch me there... i bet he enjoyed himself too horr?? :D

Pic 6: Look at all of them, mostly are Blenheim, 1 Tri-Colour, and there are 1 Ruby as well.

Pic 7: Some owner just try their best to deep the furkids in the pool... hahahaa, all must get wet!

Pic 8: Ohps... we have one Pekingese too! :D

Pic 9: Swim swim... all having fun...

Pic 10: Males so overly excited when see so many females around and this is what happen!

Pic 11: This is Jean's precious, which I forgotten the name. :D

Pic 12: Sun-tanning after swim

Pic 13: I'm just so happy and excited seeing the whole garden full of CKCS!

Pic 14: Is good to always bring the furkids out to socialize! Just like human looo :D

Pic 15: Jacob is outside taking care of the girlfriend all the time!

Pic 16: This is Hun's baby, Chelsea!!!

**Thanks to my darling who went together with me! You make my day dear. Love you.**