Sunday, July 27, 2008

After wedding

What i mean is after the wedding of Jeff and Tsai Ying... :p

Since 4 of us (Lissa, LayKuan, FeeYuen and I) stayed at Crystal Crown KL yesterday night coz helping TsaiYing whole day, today kor came and pick me and FeeYuen and drop FY to train station before kor brought me to taste the famous wantan mee at Petaling Street.

Yum yum... really very nice! but didn't take pic... hehehehee and i tapau 2 packets for mama and bro which mama said 'superb'. :D

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jeff Chey & Tsai Ying =)

Congratulation to this newly wed after pak-tor-ing for 8 years! Tsai Ying is 1 year my senior in secondary school days... I'm happy to have the honour to be one of the jie-mui (sister).

8 jie-muis all together in helping Tsai Ying in the morning. Okokkk... i know... pic tells all...

Pic 1: Early morning at TsaiYing's house planning how to play the heng tais (brother) of Jeff.

Pic 2: Taking some pics with the bride while waiting for the groom to arrive. Lissa, FeeYuen, TsaiYing, me, KahYee

Pic 3: Posing with all sort of pattern... directed by Lissa... hahaha...

Pic 4: Now more jie-muis; TsaiYing's classmates and 1 of her colleague.

Pic 5: groom arriving!!!

Pic 6: Jeff Chey so handsome that day... :D

Pic 7: All the jie muis getting ready for the fun!

Pic 8: 1st game, simple simple one... to guess which lip-marks belong to his wife...

Pic 9: Some punishment for the heng tais...

Pic 10: Jeff is showing how he hold TsaiYing's hand the very first time...

Pic 11: Finally, the groom found the bride.

Pic 12: Groom bringing the bride with him from now onwards...

Pic 13: Group pics with all the gals

Pic 14: Another group pics

Pic 15: Group pics of the heng tais...

Pic 16: Beautiful bride

Pic 17: Bride during wedding dinner

Pic 18: The couple

Pic 19: Very creative way in decorating the stage; having a backdrop... don't you think so?

Pic 20: AAaaawww... so swweeeettttt.... :D

Pic 21: TsaiYing & Jeff

Pic 22: Yam seng everyone....

Pic 23: All the pretty gals...

Wishing the newly wed happy forever...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Last day...

Today supposed to be my last day in Shell as i have tendered letter 3 months back. I want to testify and give all glory to Him as He is my provider forever and ever.

Last 2 weeks, 2 of my line manager talk to me both in different time to ask me to stay back and offer me NO NIGHT SHIFT. Well, 1 of my primary reason of resigning is because of night shift... and now they are offering me this job without night shift.

Since i have not gotten any job yet, so i accepted this offer again and straight away, my line manager went to the human resource department to take back my resignation letter. :p She was so happy that i'm willing to stay back.

I really want to thank God that He knows everything. He knows how to give good gifts to His children for sure and His blessings are always on time!

Thank you Lord for this job once again! A job without night shift now! :D Though i still need to work either morning shift or afternoon shift, but as long as no night shift and i can get my beauty sleep, i'm satisfied.

Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord. All glory to You!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kg Morten, Malacca

On top of good food here, this place is awesome too! This was previously an old express bus terminal.

And now, the Eye of Malacca is here... :)


Found another super delicious curry laksa at Jonker Street while visiting Malacca this time! Yummy!

R.I.P my furkids...

So sad this few days.

1. Thursday i get to know that Sam Sam, the Siamese like kitten passed away. Sam Sam was rehomed to a lady on last Saturday. She was doing fine until monday... refuse to eat and getting thinner. On Thu morning, the lady bring her to the vet and she was on drip. Thu evening, she passed away. After report came out, she was suspected to have kidney failure.

(**RIP Sam Sam, I will remember your gentleness and the smile you bring to us forever**)

2. Thursday, i bring Baby... the other stray kitten to the vet because she was not eating well too... and after checking her blood, vet said that she has leukimia!!! Alamak! She was very weak that time so i left her in the vet and she was on drip too.

Friday the vet called and ask me to make a decision if i want to put Baby to sleep because there are very slim chance that she can survive, she was suffering that time. Arrggghhh... i really do not know what to do and my kaima (god-mother) help me to make a decision to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

I could not face the fact that i'm putting her to sleep till my kaima have to collect her body from the vet and bring back to her garden and buried her for me. I dare not face it because i know i will cry! Thanks kaima....

(**RIP Baby. Sorry that i can't help you much and i pray that you are enjoying your life in heaven with Daddy in Heaven. Love you forever**)

3. On Friday night before kor and i leaving for Malacca for holiday, we found that Hammy was laying down and can't move at all. When we call him, he is able to open his eyes and look at us for a while. I'm really speechless that time looking at him.

I pick him up on my hand and first thing that comes to my mind is to give him some water. He drank abit and i keep calling his name. Trying to examine what happen to him and found out that his stomach already bloated and he had wet-tail (diarrhea). :'(

Of course we have to bring him back to Malacca with us coz i know that he couldn't make it anymore. I just want to be with him. I did sms Hun to ask what else we can do and i have heard about a vet somewhere who can help hamster.

On the way to Malacca, i only know how to look at him and cry. This is the time for me to really release myself out. I have been wanting to cry the whole day for Sam Sam, Baby and now Hammy. AArrrggghhhhh... I don't like the feelings.

I was just too tired that day and left for bed when we reach Malacca. Then of course crying myself to sleep... Cried till eyes so bengkak the next day. I don't dare to go check out Hammy in the morning coz i just don't want to see any bad news.

But...... He left... I cried again... argghhh (even now when i'm blogging)...

(**RIP Hammy. You will be in mummy and daddy's heart forever. Mummy miss you alot alot**)

Daddy preparing place to bury Hammy... behind daddy's malacca house.

Daddy tengah korek lubang...

Hammy was laid to the ground... :(

Covered with sand...

And a pot of plant was laid on top... Bye bye Hammy...

Hammy's belonging...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mama's girl

Pic 1: Abigail chilling on top of the fridge.

Pic 2: Whereas Sydney busy massaging mama...

Nowadays mom is very busy with her furkids at home. Though her 3 kids already grown up, yet, she still have alot of adopted kids at home to take care off...

Pic 3: Our Sydney girl will always be in her arms seeking for love... :)

Pic 4: And mama will be busy rocking them to sleep...

Pic 5: They will surely sleep very soundly in mama's arms...

2nd visit to the Vet

Remember that i blog about the 3 kittens that i bring the the vet last week? Here comes their 2nd visit to the Vet. Thank God that they are getting better now after some medications... Really enjoy seeing them playing with each other having fun and healthy.

Pic 1: Sitting very quietly waiting for their turn to see the vet... kekekekeee

Pic 2: The cute siamese...