Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 to 2008

As the year is ending soon, my mind is also thinking alot this few days about what i have achieved, and what to praise God for for 2007.

Weird that friends has been calling me to go for marriage counselling which is starting this Saturday... hmmm... maybe i should go to check it out and get some advise from the counsellor. Have to go alone, where is kor kor? Hhmmm... he is going diving without me!!!

This year is indeed a very challenging year as i've mentioned it beginning of this year. When I resigned from church work to venture into the world, I know it's gonna be a challenging one. Yet, there are things I failed and there are some good ones.

Hhmm... really wanna thank God for the service yesterday. I had this inner guilt for sometimes and i had released it yesterday. Went to the alter to be prayed for. Feeling super relieved after that. *Lesson learnt! Do not simply make rush / emotional vows!*

Another thing to praise God for is my good job! Really had to give all glory to Him. Without Him, I know I won't get this job. He has blessed me so much that after few months of work, He increase the salary plus He had the policy changed that we can claim double when we are working on public holidays that falls on weekdays. Really amazing isn't it? :p Now u know why i'm always working on public holidays... ;)

About my contract, my boss agreed to extend my contract for another 1/2 years, now just waiting to sign the contract from my agency to have the 100% confirmation about it. So I pray that i will get to sign the contract soon. *Thank you Lord for the extention of my contract*

About relationship, thank God for a nice person i met... well, there will be problems in any relationship, so do i having little struggles as well. Pray that God will continue to do miracles. "Lord, I dare not ask for more but I know You still love me dear. Bless this relationship abundantly that one day, I may glorify Your Name with it. Amen."

As for my family, I thank God that everyone is healthy (of course including all my pets, all are family members) and God has been our provider...... from day 1 till now. He is faithful to us, now and forever.

Resolution for 2008 (I hate to make resolution... but pastor said must have resolution, else we have no direction. -__-" hope i can fulfill them)

- not to miss church if i'm free on Sunday (unless diving trip or maybe some family holidays)
- seek the Lord (Quiet Time) *sweat...... will try harder next year coz every year also fail... kekeke, paiseh paiseh...*
- grow spiritually
- if can, want to start to serve (coz in new church now mah, so no more ministry for me)
- pray for wisdom to have better financial planning

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jaya Noodle House =)

Lunch after church at Jaya Noodle House before we proceed to cousin's open house today. Didn't stay for dinner though coz kor and i had another dinner plan. Nevertheless, we dumped mama and bro at cousin's house and picked them up after our dinner. =p

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Relatives' day

Went to grandma's house about 2pm. Quite bored there doing nothing waiting for time to pass to go to aunt's open house.

Pic 1: *Camwhoring*

Finally, time to help to fetched some food to Aunty Hoong's new house! Yay!

Pic 2: Cousin & Aunty Kat

The "kia su" us start eating first before others coming... hehehehee.

Pic 3: Mom & bro

After an hour more, my other aunty and uncle also reached.

Pic 4: Cousins eating...

Pic 5: Aunt Hoong, busy serving people... :) Sooooo many people...

Pic 6: The walkway full of relatives... some i know, some is aunt's husband's side...

Pic 7: Cousins and aunt

Pic 8: My 2 cousins and her daughter, which is my who ah?? O.o

Pic 9: My mummy and my popo (grandma) =)

Pic 10: My uncle and cousin

Friday, December 28, 2007

My N73 betrayed me

**Sob sob**

Just found out that my N73 is not feeling well today. My N73 refused to deliver people's smses to me. :(

I have to restart my N73 everytime i want to receive any smses. Each time i restart my N73, i will only get 2 smses. :(

I have pour out 100% of my love to my N73 thinking that my N73 will serve me for at least 3 years but now, my N73 is throwing tantrum. We have been together for 1 year only.

I wonder is this a temporary issue or is it a long-term issue.

Oh no............ I'm still not satisfied with any new Nokia design to dump my N73 away.

N73 oh N73, please be faithful to me as i'm still faithfully handling you.
Will love you for another 2 years if you are showing me the same love,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The only pic that i took during the stay of Christine and Kerry. =) Bet Kerry don't mine me showing his pic here as he is handsome enough to show off his happy face.

Had our Christmas countdown in Steven's Corner, OUG. Kerry is amazed of the Roti Tissue made in KL that he wanted a pic of him and the Roti Tissue. ;)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MeRrY cHriSTmAs

Blessed Christmas everyone!!!! Believe me or not, i'm working today. ;p

Nothing much for me to do ler, no church service too i supposed. Hahahaaa.. coz never heard from friends.

Celebrated Christmas with kor kor, Chris & Kerry this year in kor kor's house.

Back to my previous post, we were at Steven's Corner when midnite struck, wished everyone merry christmas. When we are back to kor kor's house, we had small little gifts for Chris and Kerry too. And all the 4 of us opened our christmas presents! ;)

I had a big surprise from kor kor! Remember the post i posted in August? "SoMEdAy We'RE aLL gONna DiVE...". This quote is from the T-shirt kor showed me in the website, sold in Australia.

Kor kor really ordered the T-shift for me!!!!! Arrghhh.... so surprise that i was holding that T-shirt with my own hand!

**Tks kor... luv u much**

Anyway, as early as 7am, we are out from the house headed to mamak (again.. kekeke) for breakfast before we fetched Chris and Kerry to the bus station in KL. They are going back to Kuantan looo...

I had 2 hours nap before going to work. Kor sent me to work again.

Quite exhausted during this season... :D I need my rest alot alot.

**To everyone, Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.**

Monday, December 24, 2007

Chris & Kerry is here

2 friends came all the way from Kuantan, fetched them at 12:30am at Kelana Jaya LRT station this morning and back to kor kor's house. Both of them stayed there.

Continued with mamak opposite kor kor's apartment till 1:30am before bringing Chris and Kerry to the house. Then kor kor and i introduced them to our 3 lovely babies, Sappy, Hammy and Baby and we chit chat till about 2am.

What a tiring tiring day from the Christmas party from my house, then continued with 2 friends from Kuantan.

But i do enjoyed being with them. Chris is my ex-housemate when i was studying in Inti College in Subang. 7 years ago.... our mamak time is from 12am till 6am in the morning, we talk all sorts of craps, we laughed and cried together, we've been through financial difficulties before, we shared all sorts of secrets those days... on and on... and our friendship sustained till now. My good friend.

As for Kerry, met him few years back, he is Chris' bf lo... :) Very nice and handsome guy.

10.30am, kor and i brought them to pok-pok noodles in OUG before sending them to MidValley as their purpose here is to shop! ;)

~ work: from 1pm - 10pm ~

Picked them up again at Taman Jaya LRT station after work and off we went to Steven's Corner.

By the way, Chris is my mamak kaki. So, mamak is a must for us! :D Lepak till midnite.... tired tired.

Ohhh... and kor kor is the one driving us up and down, kor kor sent me to work and picked me up from work since kor kor is off. Hehehehe...

~ continue next post ~

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Party at home! xp

Yay! What a wonderful bzzzzzzzz party we had just now! Check out this pic!

Taaa daaaaaaa.... isn't this Christmas cake nice?

Actually hoooorrrrr.... THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY PIC I TOOK FOR THE WHOLE CHRISTMAS PARTY AT HOME JUST NOW.... -__-" (*smart rite?*)

Well... as usual la... i was super busy at home. As early as 10:45am, i was out from home to pick up the turkey from Victoria Station, Taipan then headed to Baker's Cottage to get a Christmas cake and that is the one that bro and i chosed.

Reached home at 11:30am, got the table set up outside the house with all the food ready and took the pretty pic of the Christmas cake and relatives came.

Then...... busy serving food, serving relatives.... then friends came... served friends...... and i didn't even had a proper meal coz i was running in and out the house only.

Finally all went home about 4pm, we clean the house and had the turkey meat cut out nicely to put in a container... thenafter, i had chance to took few more pics now!

and taaa daaaaaaa.... :D

turkey bone! :D

and the whole big container full of turkey meat leftover! Actually hor, i think the turkey tasted very nice if you have the time to sit down quietly and enjoy it... :D Which i was doing when i was cutting the meat out + eating it bit by bit.

Below pics taken individually with our own Christmas presents from relatives, friends and love ones!

More pics on my Multiply... --> Christmas Party at Home!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Busy busy

Supposed to go for some skin specialist with brother this morning, planned long time ago with mom but out of sudden, mom said don't wanna go. -__-"

Oklooo... so i make other plan. Out of sudden, backside itchy pulak, at 10am i went straight to Damansara to the saloon that i have been faithfully visiting when i wanna have a new hair-do and yupp... I did something to my hair after 5 hours sitting at the saloon. Love my new hair-do. :D

Continued with christmas shopping in Subang Parade until 9pm, finally, i settled down at Coffee Bean and had something. That simple meal is my breakfast, lunch and dinner. -.- And i only remembered that today is 'gor tung' and ohps... mom cooked simple dinner at home, hmmmm... but too bad, she can't have dinner with me coz i was so busy outside... hahaha... and she didn't call me to remind me about dinner at home.

Anyway, i have alot of presents to wrap now... tomorrow is the christmas celebration in my hse... chao.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

So sudden

Feeling just so "moodless" - no mood.......... whole day....

Suddenly on MC. I love my work so much, already prepared to go work since yesterday night but something happened yesterday night.

Out of sudden, my eyes are so itchy so i rubbed both eyes for few seconds ONLY. Just after that, i felt my eyes started to swell. I knew it's gonna happen! Anyway, put some eyedrop and went to bed hoping for the best.

This morning woke up at 8am, goodness, i can hardly open my eyes. Both eyes are swollen so terribly that i was a bit shock when i look into the mirror. Was thinking if i still can go to work for few minutes but don't wish my colleagues to pengsan at work after looking at my monster eyes, so i forced myself to sent an sms to my teamlead for MC. ARGGHHH!!! Hate it!

Without mood the whole day, i continue sleeping till 4pm. Woke up for lunch and did some housework and continue sleeping again at 8pm till the next day.

Come to think about it, what a good rest i had before the busy Christmas that is coming! ;p Praise the Lord!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Missing someone so so much. This someone sudah balik kampung..... :(

Monday, December 17, 2007

TuRKeY tUrkEy

Ordered this.......@

that cost me RM281.40!!!!!


why so expensive gehhh.... -__-"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cameron Highlands

Saturday, 15 Dec 2007

As early as 6.30am, we started our journey all the way to Cameron! Feeling super excited for the fact that I'm going to a colder place and of course, because I'm going with kor kor and my family (only without sis coz she has to work).

Reached at 10.30am, we put our bags at Royal Lily Apartment at Tanah Rata, kor's uncle's apartment. The weather is super cold! Which is good for us, the jakuns. :D

And off we went to Boh Tea Farm! We have to do abit of walking here, to walk up to their cafeteria and factory, passing by the tea farm! Amazing view!
Pic 1: The journey to the Boh Tea Farm Cafeteria & Factory

Pic 2: While walking up... pose pose a bit... smile smile a bit...

Pic 3: Bro and mama, enjoying the cold walk too... :D

Pic 4: Can you see the cafeteria at the top? ;)

Pic 5: Amazing view of the Boh Tea Farm!

After a tiring journey up, we had the Boh Tea.

Pic 6: Bro, me and mama.

Pic 7: Kor kor and me and the beautiful view...

We visited the factory after the drink. It's my 1st time in life seeing the process of how they make tea... hehehee... really enjoy the trip very much.

Then we went to the market, with the cooling weather, it's so fun. Mama bought so many food... hmm.. as usual loo... she got alot of jagungs (corn) that can be eaten without cooking it, it's very sweet... :D.

We went to Uncle Sam's farm too before having our lunch. After lunch, we went to the Cactus Farm.

Pic 8: Huge cactus... :D

Pic 9: The 4 of us who went for the trip... ;p

After the walk around Cactus Farm, mama went around to shop somemore... we shop alot for christmas gifts, hehehee... getting all the cameron stuff for relatives... :D

Quite a tiring day actually coz we walk so much... finally at 4pm+, we went back to our apartment and took a nap! The weather now is super cold (which i don't know how many celcius) that it's so hard to sleep, hehehe... too cold ler wei... anyway, after warming myself in the blanket, finally get to sleep for a while.

Night time is better, at least is not colder than afternoon time, we walk abit at Tanah Rata before reaching the dinner place to have STEAMBOAT. Isn't that the right time to savour this type of food?? hehehehe... show you some pics here...

Pic 10: Look at the food... :D Alamak, hungry d now...

Pic 11: Mom and bro, waiting patiently...

Pic 12: Get to eat alot of fresh vegies too... xp

Pic 13: Miss the weather and the food.....

After the dinner, we drive up to Brinchang for the night market. So nice to walk in the midst of winter (as if) -__-" and i got another 7 small pots of cactus... before that, i already got 6 small pots of cactus from Cactus Farm. :D 7 + 6 = 13 now... kekekekeek

Went back to our apartment about 10++ and had our wonderful cooling sleep... hheheee...

Sunday, 16 Dec 2007

Started our day with roti canai for breakfast. We took abit of walk to the mamak stall, enjoying the cooling walk... :D

Pic 14: Waiting for our roti telur and kor kor playing with his new toy, Sony Ericsson W910i.

Pic 15: Bro and his roti telur

Pic 16: Mom having her roti telur bawang

Our final destination before doing down to KL is Cameron Valley.

What a beautiful place to visit! I miss cameron... I miss the cold weather...

More pics on my Multiply... --> Holiday at Cameron Highlands

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cameron... here I come

Hooray... tonight is my last night of graveyard shift for this week. Tomorrow I'm taking leave coz i wanna have enough ooi ooi to enjoy my holiday in Cameron this Saturday. Going Cameron with kor and my family. ;) Hope the weather there cold cold, then will be syok-syok there... xp

Later go home, will get some sleep. Then i plan to go get Stuart's food and get some christmas presents for some people that i haven't buy yet. Yaks... haven't wrap presents yet also... hai... so busy working, eating and sleeping only...

Was thinking of joining David's cellgroup but then, hai.. they are going to meet for dinner and movie which i definitely won't join the movie coz i want to ooi ooi early and enjoy my Saturday. As for dinner, hmmm... will see how la and where i will be at that time. ;)

Happy happy... feel like holiday already now...

Enjoy your weekends everyone! God bless!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Brand New Hearts Meet

I felt so glad when I read this in Marina's blog.

Pic: Melina, Dr. Mahathir, Fikri and Hui Yi cut their cake (pic courtesy of Marina).

The 4 of them had been through heart surgery at IJN. Dr. Mahathir for a bypass, Fikri for two holes in the heart, Melina and Hui Yi for heart transplants. All of them are healthy now.

They had a small celebration at Dr. Mahathir's office on the 86th floor of the Petronas Twin Towers.

To read more, visit Marina's Blog --> Marina M

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

mUttOn MuTToN ;p

Was turning up and down my bed. I just can't sleep soundly after my night shift. My mind is full of MUTTONS! After about 1 hour on the bed, I climbed up excitedly, changed and off I went to OUG to look for the MUTTON. :D

Reached at 9:45am, vegies not out from the kitchen yet. So I sat there, reading my 'Chicken Soup for cat lover' and waited for more dishes to be served so I can have my mutton plus some vegies... xp

Haiya... was wiping my eyes again and again while reading the book... some real story is just so touching, i can't hold my tears... well... talk about animal lover here...

Finally at 10:30am, I started to enjoy my "breakfast? / lunch?" whatever... as long as I get to eat my mutton!


Satisfied! **Thank you Lord.** =D

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cow Cow

Is this kitten cute? One of the stray (Sweetie is her name) outside my house gave birth to him on 13 Oct @ 12.30pm, going to be 2 months old in 3 more days. My sis named him Cow Cow...

Actually i have already put him up for adoption, someone already booked him but haven't come and collect from me till now. So i'm still waiting for him to come and adopt Cow Cow...
Pic 1: Finger licking good... wahhaha

Pic 2: Cow Cow is a long fur kitten, the mummy's fur also long wan...

Pic 3: Cow Cow, just borned on 13 Oct @ 12.30pm

Pic 4: Cow Cow and his mummy Sweetie, both healthy...

Pic 5: When Cow Cow was 14 days old... :p