Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Kor

Kor's birthday today. Bought some clothing for kor but already gave him last week coz want kor to test the size... kekekeke... I'm working at night shift so work till 7am in the morning, went back to sleep.

So we only went out to have simple dinner at night.

Well, you guys sure can guess where is this place.

An artistic picture taken by kor. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Little Chloe

I'm Cute Little Chloe! I am 2 months ++ now... :)

Pic 1: "AAggg... take my pic, take my pic..."

Pic 2: "Hello, my name is Chloe."

Pic 3: "Am I pretty?"

Pic 4: "OOhhh... Mummy! You naughty again!!! I tell daddy!"

Pic 5: "Yes! This is my daddy! Look alike? =p"

Pic 6: "HHmmm... how come mummy don't wanna take pic with me gehhh?? You don't want people to know who you are??"

"Anyone... u know who is my mummy?? =D"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

EL = Emergency Leave

Yesterday nite, my Aunty came to visit me... hhhmm... my meaning of Aunty is the Aunty laaa... woman punya Aunty... hahahaa... i call it AV - "Aunty Visit".

Then as usual, kor send me to work after dinner. Started work at 10pm, everything seems ok... out of sudden.........


S-T-O-M-A-C-H C-R-A-M-P!!!

The pain started! Some more office so cold! I was literally drinking hot water from my 1.5L Tupperware hoping it will ease the pain but it doesn't work. I was really so in pain that i could hardly think when i was doing my work. I was blanked.

I was on IM with kor and kor suggested me to take MC. I was really tempted to do so coz i could not stand anymore... normally i don't simply take MC wan... but this time, i really cannot stand the pain.

Then i IM my teamlead to asked if i should take MC, to my surprise, he said, "Yes! Yes! Go ahead...." He ask me to take EL = Emergency Leave.

Then immediately kor came to pick me up again after sending me to work for 2 hours.

Then after, i went home, took some med and had my good night sleep.... no graveyard shift yesterday... i ooi ooi so syok-ly... :p

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lalat Billy Boy

My Billy Boy, My Billy Boy,

Your lalat face really so funny, whenever i look at your msn avatar, i could not help but to giggle... somemore cannot laugh so loud coz i'm at office... somemore is nite shift, so it's quite quiet over here... waaahahahhaa....

Really cannot tahan la look at your lalat face...

Monday, June 25, 2007


Kor went to climb Mt Irau on weekends with Eric, then he bought this plant for me on the way back at Cameron Highland to put in the office... :p

Pic 1: Isn't it cute?

Pic 2: Pic taken from the top of cactus

Pic 3: Nice hor? Hehehee... cactus nice or pic taken using my Nokia N73 nice? :p

*Tks kor*

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mini Celebration

Yeah, we had very cute, funny and yet touching movie, Surf's Up then followed by buffet dinner @ Atrium Café and Lounge, Sunway. Check out those pics below...

Pic 1: Gathering outside TGV, waiting to collect our FREE pop-corn and coke!

Pic 2: After movie, still in the cinema itself!

Pic 3: Pic of all the gals outside cinema, going to have dinner soon... yahoo!

Pic 4: Pic of all the guys pulak... (This pic taken by me punya ahhh, using sifu's new camera... nice? hehehe)

Pic 5: Buffet Dinner @ Atrium Café and Lounge

Pic 6: Before eating, speech by our big boss thanking our effort at work and encourage us more to perform better and achieve higher score

Pic 7: The 4 of us... Michelle, Beckz, Sarah, Jothi

Pic 8: Colleagues

Pic 9: Colleagues who drink B-E-E-R

Pic 10: All these nice pics are taken by Marvin and sifu (Teik Yap), our photographers for tonight

Pic 11: Nice hor? Should ask them how much they've invested in their camera... :p

Pic 12: Nice shoot by Marvin again...

Pic 13: I'm the part time poster

Pic 14: I like this one... :D

Pic 15: Aiyahh... duno saw what...

Pic 16: As we are chatting, the 2 photographers keep on shooting pictures... thanks to them!

Pic 17: Let me introduce, Marvin & gf Michelle

Pic 18: My sifu, Teik Yap... errrr, hhmmm... some story behind ler that i call him sifu... kekekeee...

*Thank you Lord for this wonderful group of colleagues / friends...*

Weekend d...

I'm not really enjoying my nite shift recently coz i feel tired. Unless i really have more than 10 hours sleep in the day, which i doubt i could coz i will either go online, do some patchwork, do some other work before i finally go to bed after work in the morning. Haaaiii...

Guess maybe i'm really old d... cannot be an owl like last time anymore...

But good thing! Today is Saturday! Shift ending soon, kor will pick me up and we are going for McD Big Breakfast =D before i'm going home to sleep.

I will also have my departmental celebration later at 5pm for all our good performance at work, we will have free movie - Surf's Up then followed by dinner @ Atrium Café and Lounge, Sunway.

HHmmm... What should i wear today? :p

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quite enough rest

Thank God that I had quite enough rest yesterday so my nite shift now is OK... :p I was just too tired for the past 2 days, didn't had much rest in the day time and it was just so hard at work... plus it was niteshift, time that we normal people suppose to get our sleep... and we are there to work... x(

Really, we must get enough sleep in the day so that we can perform better at work at nite... I'm just enjoying my work now... :p Just came back from supper. We choose to take our break later today, at 3++am (normally we go out either at 12am or 1am).

Anyway, 2 more hours to go! Yay!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Garage =p

Hey! Check this out...
Pic 1: Nice?

Isn't it nice? :p EEeeerrrrrr... I'm not talking about the cars lerrrr... I'm actually showing the casing of the cars! The garage! The Shell V-Power Racing Collector's Garage! :)

Weeks back, I bought the full set of the cars at office. Thinking what to do with it. Actually i'm not really attracted to the cars, but more to the petrol card, pen, notebook and the thing I love this most... the lanyard... that comes along in the package. :D So therefore, I got this 6 cars.

Pic 2: The collection

Recently, kor read this in the newspaper... the casing for the 6 cars... so kor went to search for it high and low, in few Shell petrol stations! :) Because it is a limited edition, therefore not all the petrol station is selling it.

Finally, kor got 1... :D So nice hor? At least now we can place the car in the garage and place it somewhere in the house... kekekkekeke

Pic 3: View from the top of the garage

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy but satisfying week again!

My last week, busy at work and busy meeting friends after work. :p The previlege of morning shift, after work at 4pm, can go meet friends.

Had dinner with lissa, sky and kor on Wed nite and we had another gathering on Sunday too with lissa, sky, odett, fee yuen, olivia, kor and myself... kekekee.

Other than all this gathering, what else i did ah? eerrr... eh... i kinda forgotten what else / where else i went ler... hhmmm

Saturday - 16 June 2007
OOhhh... Saturday is my pak tor day, kor booked me more than a week ago. But that morning i was quite stressed up by fml coz sis don't want to work at her new company d... she was very stressed, then mom also will feel stress, then i pulak kena from sis and mom... :(

But then, i went pak tor with kor, kor bring me to Aquaria KLCC... at first i don't feel that good coz stress, kena popek by mom and sis. But once stepped into Aquaria... ahhhhh... lain cerita... too many attractions/distraction there that i forgotten what happened at home d... kekekeke

Pics here are the happiest moment that i'm at Aquaria KLCC (coz i get to TOUCH them!!!), then other parts in Aquaria, ok la... get to see fishes but didn't get to touch... so not so excited compared with those fun moment (pic below).

Pic 1: Sayang bamboo shark

Pic 2: Trying to catch it, wanna kaji the eyes, very nice eyes ehh.. kekkee

Pic 3: Faster take the pic, i got it! I got it!

Pic 4: Look at all the bamboo sharks... though they are not really very 'pretty' but nvm la, u get to sayang them... enough la... kekekeke don't expect so much d...

Pic 5: This creature really geli eeeee.... So scare wanna catch the fella... only get to pull the tail... the legs ah, very geli laaaa... eeeeee

Pic 6: Harlow! Can u see my reflection? Wahahaha

Pic 7: Cute turtles, hatched from their eggs...

Pic 8: One of the nicest/cutest turtle - Green turtle

Pic 9: Sayang... sayang... after sayang the turtle only realised... (*hhmmm... don't u think that the turtle shell look like COCKROACH*)???? eeeeeee... geli!!!! This is the turtle that kor adopted at Aquaria, Penyu Lipas... eeeee.... check out kor's blog.

Still got other pics la, but dun wanna put la, coz i didn't get to touch them, so dun wanna put.. kekekekkeke...

*Tks kor for the fun pak tor time at Aquaria KLCC*

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy but Satisfied

I'm at morning shift this week. It is also the only shift that i can meet up with friends after work because i finish work at 4pm, whereas the rest, one finish at 10pm and another at 7am in the morning...

So this is also a very busy shift for me, not only am i busy at work but also busy making plans to meet up with friends as well as getting some of the things done.

After work today, i rushed back to one of the CIMB branch in Shah Alam to get some document but i was too late. It just closed about 10 mins before i reached. AArrrr... full of frustration, went to ask the guard if i can collect the document. Thank God, that guard was so good, went in to the bank and asked around, finally, they let me in and i got my document collected but i was too late to make my car payment at CIMB bank coz the counter already closed. :( I can only pay it via deposit machine which i need to find also.

Then, went to 2 places in Subang to get cat food and cat litter for my cats, thank God one of the shop (is a vet clinic actually), still open and i manage to get Stuart's diet food there! :D And got the rest of the cat food and cat litter at other shop.

By then, i was quite tired already, rushing up and down. Then i took my own sweet time to find CIMB deposit machine to pay my car loan, found one in Subang before meeting up with my best buddy.

I was not late for the dinner, in fact, i arrived early... :p sitting at Gazebo alone, enjoying the 'teh ais' that i love very much! Bringing my Sudoku to play and some materials to read while waiting for my best buddy in school, Yuen Nee. :)

After 1 hour, she arrived. It's time to catch up and story telling time where we share everything in life from the last time we met which was in Jan this year... yaks! so long d... kekkekekee

But we had our best time together, chatting, laughing, sharing, eating, drinking... catching up with each other! I love it... I just love that moment of life, a life that we do not need to fake out, no mask and just share everything you like on earth without fearing that she may harm you. It's just so enjoyable and satisfying, feeling like those younger innocent naive days...

*thanks buddy for the time*

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ipoh here I come...

Date: 3 - 5 June 2007
Mission: Conquer food
Companion: Family members & relative

Therefore, here are all the pictures with food.... =p

Pic 1: Popo so happy, as usual, aunt joke non-stop with rude words flying around

Pic 2: Popo and Ah Boy (my uncle) enjoying their hometown food, 'kon lo mee' with 'liew'... I love this too, had it since young...

Pic 3: Mom also enjoying the 'kon lo mee'

Pic 4: My aunt and popo, waiting for superbly nice 'wan tan mee'

Pic 5: Ah Boy enjoying the 'wan tan mee' first while the rest are still waiting

Pic 6: Alright, it's our turn... hehehehee

Pic 7: Yummy yummy

Pic 8: Mom's childhood food ahhh... :)

Pic 9: Look at the 'wan tan'... can you smell it???

Pic 10: Curry mee... eeeeeee.... it's just too nice, look at the 'sie ham' (kerang), so juicy... :D

Pic 11: Fantastic....

Pic 12: 'Ngar choy kai' (Bean sprout chicken)

Pic 13: Ipoh's bean sprout, fat and short ;p

Pic 14: Last but not least, the empty plates that served the food... :)

There are more pics that i didn't take, mom bought a lot of Ipoh kuih to eat... we had famous porridge in the morning before we leave Ipoh back to our own home too and we bungkus honey roasted chicken back to KL. :p

Guess how many KGs i've put on in this 3 days of food conquering Ipoh trip? :p