Monday, April 30, 2007

OldTown Kopitiam

Well, as usual la, i seldom want to stay at home wan... though work finish at 4pm but i'm still not home yet. I went to have my hair cut, errr... not really sure nice or not, need others to give comment laaa... kkekekeee

After cutting hair at DU, i still do not want to go home so i called sis and ajak her keluar, thus, there we go, sis and bro following me for dinner at one of my fav place in cyberjaya. :D

CCH107 and GSL278 also been here before geh... kekekekekeee... also because i like it, then i said i wanna bring them together with Jimmy before sending CCH107 off... :p

Pic 1: Sista with egg toast... very nice!

Pic 2: Bro with chicken hor fun... delicious!

Pic 3: Me with nasi lemak ayam rendang... yummy!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Know what i'm up to recently? Patchwork. Know what is it? Hehehee.... later show u picture...

Taking lesson from kor's mama. Hehheeee... Actually since last time, i always wonder how those ppl can make such a blanket, patching up all the cloths together, piece by piece! Arrr... coz i'm curious mah... so i wanted to know, often when i get to see those blanket, i will ask, how u make it, how how how and bla bla bla, but never really see it with my own eyes that's why still can't figure out how they do it so neatly.

But recently, kekekekekeee.... got the opportunity for me to see it face to face ehhhh!!! Some more i can learn from it! AArrr... really thank God.. kekkeee... Well... as usual la, i might not be into all this works but i'm just curious... as long as i learn how they make it, i'm satisfied... kkekkee...

So there it goes, i'm learning bit by bit and told kor's mama that i wanna take some home to make it too... :p

Here is the example of the patchwork lo... :D... I'm asking aunty to wait for me to visit her the next round then only patch all those small pieces together to make it into the big blanket coz i wanna see... it's like magic! From small small cloths, it become a big blanket.. don't u think so?

AAhhh... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Satay Celup

Found something really special! First time ever, witnessed Satay Celup at Malacca. Heard about it but thought is normal satay that we have but let's look at the pics! It's really special. Well, at least to me la.. jakun mah... kekekekkeee.

My recent visit to Malacca dated 20 - 22 Apr 2007. Being surprised by Satay Celup on 21 Apr 2007.

Pic 1: These are satayssss...

Pic 2: Kor choosing the satays... hehehehe

Pic 3: Then celup the satays here la... so it's called, SATAY CELUP!

Pic 4: Having special delicious satay celup with kor's parents.

Pic 5: "Aunty, uncle, makan...."

Pic 6: Aunty enjoying herself... yummyyy.....

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sexy Voice! Hurray!

Though i'm not feeling so good this whole week, i still have something to praise God for. :p
Though my throat is really sore now, i still have something to praise God for. :p
Though i had terrible headache for 2 days, i still have something to praise God for. :p
Today, I want to praise God for my sexy voice! :D

It's because of my sexy voice, my colleagues pay more attention on me and laugh at me.
It's because of my sexy voice, seniors ban me from picking up calls.
It's because of my sexy voice, YES! I DON'T NEED TO ATTEND TO THE BAT PHONE! ;)

My Week
Monday - a bit of sorethroat
Tuesday - sorethroat, feel like going to get fever
Wednesday - sorethroat worse, bad headache, fever midnite?
Thursday - sorethroat getting better, bad headache, feel like going to get fever
Friday - sorethroat worse, headache less, no more voice! I am sexy! x)

Pic: I'm as sexy as lion :p (Just got this pic from Vee yesterday. My diving trip last week to Lang Tengah. Vee, Me, Grace)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I don't like panadol. I never like panadol ever since i know that it has the effect that can stay in your body for years (which i read somewhere, not sure if it's true), i banned panadol UNLESS i've got fever!

Therefore i never ever thought of using Panadol Menstrual (sucks colour somemore!) when i'm really in pain but.......... i have tried that 2 months ago (thanks to kor) who love me so much that he was in pain too when he saw that i was having stomach cramp, got me a bar of Panadol Menstrual (10 caplets) which i took 3 caplets already being forced by love... hhhhhaaa.. (*tks kor, saying this from the bottom of my heart gah...*)

Last week, i had toothache pulak! It started on Wednesday nite. Within me, i was praying hard that it's not because of hole in the tooth... coz going to the dentist will cause a boom, i rather that it's because of heatiness that i got toothache. Thursday got worse, it was so painful that i started to get bad headache. Then my whole left gum also quite painful. Next thing that can ease my pain is panadol which is a nitemare for me if you ask me to take it... :(

Friday came, the pain was as worse as Thursday but later on, it got worse till i can't stand anymore. I can literally feel the pain from the vein that join from the tooth to the brain and the vein from eye to brain. I can't think properly, i wasn't sitting at my own desk with the phone so i don't need to answer calls from customers. Thus, i went to buy panadols from Shell Shop to eat... hahaa... of course it works, after taken it, i can think properly and work efficiently. At nite, i have to take panadol to sleep, otherwise, i can't sleep at all... goshhhh....

But i was happy to found out on Friday nite that....... the pain is not because of any hole in the tooth or heatiness... kekekekeke... guess what????? As usual, i will put my finger in and poke poke the painful gum and as i went higher... eee... i can feel it! I feel some small little thing growing out!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Is it possible?

I personally love the sea very much. Not really sure when did i started loving the sea, as i can remember, ever since young, my parents like to bring us to the sea to play with water and when i was much younger, those days when i still can remember was when i was about 3? I was crying like mad when mom and dad try to calm me down bringing me into the sea, playing with sea water.

Then i'm not sure when i started loving playing in the sea but every year without fail, we will have family outings (Cham's family together with grandparents and all my uncles and aunties and cousins) in Port Dickson. My dad, grandpa and uncles also like to fish in the big ocean too so we had trips where we stay few nights in the fishing ship while all the men fishing for big fishes... :p Well, those are the days that i'm involved with the sea.

2 years back, i was introduced into diving, whereby i'm no longer playing on the surface of the sea but dive into the sea to venture into another "heaven". It was awesome! The very first time i dive into the sea, i can't figure it out that it was a sea and the closest word to describe the sea is - heaven. :D It's just so beautiful... arrr... can't explain and that brings me back to this heaven again and again...

I love the oceans, i love the sea... I love looking at the sea from the ship/boat and start questioning myself, how did Peter do it? Walking on water? Is it possible? When travelling into islands, i will always ask myself these questions. I'm very curious and love to try to walk on water like Peter... :) I am, till now, i'm still very tempted to do so... not to dive into the sea but to walk on the sea... :)

Unless Jesus is holding my hands and walk me out from the ship/boat into the sea, i guess i might end up walking into the sea, not walking on the sea. Heheheeee... EErrrr... is my faith small? HHhmmm.... I wonder other than Peter, is there anyone else walk on the sea before?

"Lord, can You visit me one day when i'm out in the ocean and let me try walking on the water like Peter? I really love to experience that! Is it possible?"

Pic 1: My dive trip to Pulau Perhentian (29 Mac 2007) - It's when i'm looking into the sea going to those dive sites that i will start questioning myself, is it possible? How did Peter do it? :)

Pic 2: Getting ready to dive... how about walking on water leh? HHeeehheee... "Lord! I want to try that too!"

PS: Ok ok... i still owe my blog for 2 dive trips recently and Malacca trip yesterday. Soon soon, might have more time this week coz i'm on Asia Pac shift, work from 7am - 4pm, so will have more time at night to blog... :)

And yes... err, i'm supposed to be on the bed resting but my mind just running too wild, i only have 1 hr and 41 mins more to rest... kekkeekeke... okok... off to bed now!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can't Work d...

30 more mins and i'm off work. Not that i don't like my work, i enjoy it a lot but i'm more excited about my holiday. :p

Driving up to Terengganu tonite again. 3 cars going up and there are a bunch of people in Lang Tengah waiting for us d...

So excited! When WaiMeng called from Lang Tengah to ask me to get 6 Tiger Beers for him just now, i start to feel the excitement already... Yay! Diving again!

Okok, i know i haven't blog about my previous diving trip yet... Will try to do so after this trip la, i still didn't really get the inspiration to blog about it though i blog a lot about other stuff. Good thing i have finish jotting down my logs for previous dives on the Log Book. :p

Ok, get back to work first. ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

30 mins more!

Yay! Counting down again! 30 mins more and i'm going off. :D

Quite excited because i'm having another holiday again soon. Tomorrow nite, after work, we are going to shot up to Terengganu again to Lang Tengah this time. Going there to enjoy myself and perhaps few more dives? :p

But thinking about driving up, it's quite tiring, i prefer to go by flight but then, this is quite a last minute plan, so is okla... furthermore, if we go by flight, 6 hours before the flight, we cannot actually dive because of the nitrogen that's within our body. Go figure it out yourself why with nitrogen in our body, we cannot fly. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

20 laps

Very tired and sleepy at work today. I think it's because i went for a swim before i came to work. Finally get to swim, wanted to do so for such a long time but no time.

Paid RM3 for the indoor olympic size pool at Pusat Aquatic Darul Ehsan, had 20 laps of swim, took me 44 mins all together. I was there at 10.15am and i had the whole olympic size pool all by myself. :D But u can imagine how cold it is... hahahahaha... freaking cold man! But i do enjoy myself.

I'm satisfied!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sixth Sense?

Before i wear my sandles to work today, i have this thought that it will spoil... then i went ahead and check left right center if there are any sign of damage, after inspected it, i wore it to work.

After 6 hours at work, one of the stripe really came off! But thank God i brought along my sport shoe because i'm planning to go to the gym, hehehee...

Is this called sixth sense?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Counting Down

Finally! Still got 1 more hour to go! Yay! Have done most of the requests now, left 2 more... :p

Quite hard to go through it at first, but towards the end of 6am, i felt more fresh... Actually i'm reading my logbook now, it's funny to read back those comment i wrote in year 2005 when i took my Open Water and year 2006 when i took my Advance, heheee.. funny, good think i jotted down so it can refresh my memory.

I haven't do my logdive for last week's dives yet... No inspiration yet but maybe soon, i can jot down some experiences that i been through this time doing my Wreck Specialty. :D

Yay! 1 more hour to go!!!! HHHoooooorrraaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! ;p

Counting Down

2 more hours to go! Come on Beckz! You can do it!


Ps: Fall asleep in the toilet just now. ohps.... heheheheee...

Counting Down

I'm tired. I'm sleepy... counting down hours! 3 more hours and i will be back home to my bed to be the pig of the day!

Come on clock, strike 7 faster!

Friday, April 06, 2007

I just got married

Ohh... did i say i just got married? Hahaaa... Actually i feel like i've just got married only... :p

Can't keep this to myself and not sharing it. God is good to me. He is! He sent an angel from above to take care of me and to love me.

My angel will send me to work every nite during my nite shift and pick me up in the morning from work. Then we will have breakfast together. As i'm having breakfast today, i thought i better blog this out. I can't keep it to myself. I really felt that i'm the pampered wifey to start the day with breakfast with hubby. Then, another more amazing thing that we will do is, we will go to the morning market to walk 1 round, looking at vegetables, fishes, pork, etc. which u can find in the market (*for those who never been to the morning market, is a good experience... :p*) We are like couples going to the market to buy food home to cook for children. AAahhh...

Then he will go to work and i rest at home to wait for my nites to come and we will go for dinner together before he send me to work again. This cycle will go on and on for 2 weeks when i'm at nite shift.

It's a wonderful life that i'm having now. It's like fairy tale, believe it or not... :p

Graveyard Shift

HHmm.. i'm at graveyard shift (nite shift) this week. At this hour, errr, most of my colleagues are doing something else other than working! Heehehee... Though i still have some request to be done, errr, blog a bit first la since so long didn't blog.

Came back from diving on Sunday but don't really have the inspiration to blog ler.. don't know why... even log book also i haven't finish writting. Log book is like a diary for divers, compulsary to log all the dives that you have done in life there... a book for you to keep track on the nitrogen in your body so that it don't exceed the level that human body can take per day.. sumthing like that laaaaaa...

I'm learning to cope with nite shift better nowadays. The very first 2 weeks of nite shift, i will be too tired in the morning to drive and must sleep straight after i reach home. But this time, i'm learning to stay longer in the morning after i finish my work, do some errants after work before going home, and well.... face the pc and chat after work at home rather than sleeping (*some of u ppl might realise this recently*) :p

So far so good... I love my work, i enjoy my life. This is the way in life, we should give thanks always, enjoy every moment in life rather than complaining. It will bring more joy in life. :)

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again, Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near." Philippians 4:4-5

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm sorry

I'm sad, seriously never thought this will happen. When i receive the sms from pastor, i can't believe my eyes and i go through that long sms again and again just to make sure i read the name correctly. Finally i had to believe my eyes, i told mom instantly and she got shock too.

I feel sorry for the family. Now aunty has to be very strong in taking care of the family members, of all her 3 children without uncle. I always admire uncle of his love towards aunty and how he gave his best, all his love to aunty, and now, aunty has to go through life alone with 3 children.

I'm on night shift this week, just bath and getting ready for work. Uncle just pass away when i receive the sms, i do not know what to do. My mind is thinking how aunty will take this incident. My mind is running very wild, even thinking of uncle laying on the bed, will not move anymore in his life.

Time does not permit me to stay at home so long, i have to go to work, thus i went out and drove away, mind still thinking non-stop. Well, i can't stand anymore, i cried while driving.

I'm sorry aunty....