Saturday, July 29, 2006

Doulos with family

I went to visit MV Doulos again. This time bringing my mom, she wanted to go since Doulos was here but because i'm not free... :D

Well, Doulos is leaving this Monday, that's why i want to bring mom there. And thank God that He gave me time free... (suppose to have preteen cell group today but i told Andrew and Phebe, i'm going to bring sis for eye check-up in the morning in the hospital and everything went well, so i have extra time to bring family to Doulos)

Pic 1: Before going up to Doulos ship, there are some performances...

Pic 2: Family at Doulos

Pic 3: Mom on the ship

Pic 4: Aarr... i miss the sea... (*going diving soon though ;p *)

Pic 5: Books... cheap...

This round of Doulos visits are better than the previous one with my preteens. This time, i get to go through each book rack and found myself few cheap books. Those books are indeed very cheap.

Pic 6: Paying the bills. Note that the casher is a german. I was so tempted to stay on the ship and be a missionary and follow Doulos to go all around the world!!!!

Pic 7: Very colourful pic... :D

Goodbye MV Doulos, see you in few years time!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Awesome Picture

The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems,

but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.

Monday, July 24, 2006

He is Faithful

When i'm down at the pit, there's where He showed Himself faithful.

It is really a hard time for me and my family because of my mom's insecure position at work. On top of that, dad has cut down half of our allowances since 3 months ago i think so our financials are quite tight. Mom have been searching around for new jobs and i was having this thought of going for a part time job. Obviously all this thing will make me stress up a lot and this is the time that i can't make rasional decision. In fact, the Lord had taught me to trust in Him since last week's devotion but yet, when problems comes, it's really very difficult to put all your trust in Him. My dl had been trying hard to explain that part time is not for me since my new job has taken a lot of my time. I can't be working day and night, this will kill me.

God is good, all the time. I know He is in control because i felt peaceful when mom first told me that her colleague wanted to kick her out of the company. Sure enough, today, my boss decided to increase my salary. God is always on time, He will never be too early or too late. This increment is a sign that God cares.

"I love you mom. Don't worry, dl and i will always be there to take care of everything."

**Thank you Daddy in Heaven**

Sunday, July 23, 2006

NLRC SA Family Camp 2

Beautiful morning! Some people went around taking pics before starting the Amazing Race.

Pic 1: Lissa & Lay Kuan on the roller blade

Pic 2: Phebe Lee & Olivia Chen

Pic 3: Brenda & Pei Lin

Pic 4: The girls learning how to skate

Pic 5: Marni, Esther & Lay Kuan

Pic 6: Esther, Beckz & Marni

Pic 7: Some posts by the girls who had nothing to do in this beautiful morning!

Pic 8: Trying to jump together to capture the pics but looks like, not very successful. (*Sam, how did u gals do it!?)

Pic 9: 007 style...

Pic 10: Morning exercise before we proceed to our most exciting part of the program, the Amazing Race planned by Justina, Jason & gangs to torture us... ;)

Pic 11: Awaiting for the instructions from the leaders

Pic 12: Jason, one of the leader of Amazing Race

Pic 13: Planning our best cheer for our own team

Pic 14: Listening to the instructions carefully...

1st part of Amazing race, we have to dress up 2 persons in our own team to represent our team name according to the Bible.

Pic 15: Team Gabriel, this 2 are the angelic hosts protecting God's people

Pic 16: Team Samson, they have Samson & Delilah

Pic 17: Team David, they have David Beckham & Nicole David

Pic 18: Team Peter

Pic 19: So these are the 2 from each team who is going to go out together with us, not suppose to lose any accessories and be tortured by the Amazing Race leaders.

*Didn't take pics during Amazing Race because we are concentrating in playing and being tortured*

Well, we have to pass through 6 Stations.

Station 1: Answer 5 questions, if we can't answer each question, we have to eat a banana with tabacco sause.

Station 2: All the team members are suppose to wait at our own place for different obstacles like walking on the plank, walking on the stones, running around the skating ring, with our hand holding on to a spoon with a ping pong ball.

Station 3: 1 volunteer will be up on the stage to do a mime given from the Amazing Race leader and the rest of the team members are suppose to guess, if you can't guess the mime, you are going to eat 1/4 of the water melon. Our team have to eat the whole water melon cut into half only, without using hands, so every person are suppose to dig your mouth into the water melon and eat as fast as you can.

Station 4: Gathered in the badminton hall, where 1 volunteer was blind-folded and suppose to follow our instructions to pick up 10 sweets on the badminton court that was wrapped by newspaper.

Station 5: Making a long queue as far as possible from the toilet to another far place, we are suppose to fetch waters from 3 small sponge, throwing the sponge to the members in the line from the toilet to the small bottle, we must fill up the bottle to go to the next station and each members are not allow to move more than 2 steps from our position.

Station 6: Build up a puzzle made by papers and think of a sketch with the theme, "The gift of knowing you" & explain why your team deserve to win.

Pic 20: We, the Gabriel team won the best sketch.

Pic 21: Samson team won the race, i think... they are the first who finishes all the stations.

Pic 22: David team won the best cheer

Peter team's pic not in my camera... ;)

Finally............. long tiring, torturing but fun Amazing Race finished!

Pic 23: Group picture

Saturday, July 22, 2006

NLRC SA Family Camp 1

Finally, our long planned camp are here! We had our 2 days 1 night family camp at MBS, Rawang.

Pic 1: Ps David was giving us the 10 commandments (rules & regulations)

After the 10 commandments, we proceeded with ice-breaker led by me of course ;)

Pic 2: Awaiting for ice-breaker

Pic 3: Everyone help to put the chair at the side

Pic 4: "Let's see what Beckz plan this time."

Pic 5: Catherine, Betty, Brenda, Doris, Lily (Left to right)

Firstly, break into 3 groups and get to know one another first. There are some new people in our midst.

Pic 6: Group 1

Pic 7: Group 2

Pic 8: Group 3

1st Game - The Longest Line Game

Pic 9: Team members are building the line as long as possible using their belongings on their body

Pic 10: "What else can we put??"

Pic 11: "Excuse me, Ps David, what are you doing? I'm asking you to build the line, not laying down!"

Pic 12: "What are u all doing??"

Pic 13: "What?? You are building the line with your own body??" O_o

Pic 14: "Peace, Beckz"

However, Group 1 won it without any body laying around the floor. =)

2nd Game - Who are you?

Pic 15: Who is the person behind the blanket?

Pic 16: "Aarrr, aarrr, aarrr..."

Pic 17: "Arrr, aarrr, arrrr..." - that's each other's name, they know each other but yet they can't tell the name out!

Pic 18: "Hhahahaa.... wrong name, wrong name..."

Pic 19: All the 3 groups played it at the same time, they know each other but yet, the name doesn't come out of their mouth.

3rd Game - The Dressing Game

Which groups can finish dressing their doll will win.

Pic 20: "Ready, 1, 2...."

Pic 21: Stanley is the doll in group 3

Pic 22: Odett the doll in group 2

Pic 23: Group 1, Lissa the doll

Pic 24: Group 2, Odett the doll

Pic 25: Group 3, Stanley the doll in skirt ;)

Everyone enjoyed the games, i enjoyed laughing... =) Then we had free time where we went for basketball, ping pong, badminton, swimming, etc. before water baptism.

Water Baptism

Pic 26: A time of praise and worship before water baptism...

Pic 27: Those who are in the pool, of course they sing together...

Pic 28: 1st candidate, Uncle Glen

Pic 29: 2nd candidate, Catherine

Pic 30: 3rd candidate, Marni

Pic 31: Amanda, our guitarist...

Fun time in the pool...

Pic 32: Monkey in the middle of the pool trying to get the ball

Pic 33: Don't let monkey Jason get the ball

Pic 34: Dana, very good swimmer

Pic 35: Say cheese...

After all the tiring activities, we bath and had a good dinner before proceeding to our night service.

Pic 36: The music team getting ready for time of praise & worship

Pic 37: The music team

Pic 38: Ps Pak Lum the chairman

Pic 39: Welcoming everyone before we start

Pic 40: Camp with great fellowship with own church members