Sunday, February 26, 2006

Saxaphone class

Bin Wu teaching me sax in the church after youth group

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sally's Wedding

Pic 1: Preparing to march in

Pic 2: The bridesmaid

Pic 3: There you go... Sally and her father

Pic 4: Marni and Sky

Pic 5: Finally, being pronounced as husband and wife... Mr and Mrs Chan... :)

Pic 6: A glimps of our beautifully decorated church. First wedding in this new church.

Pic 7: Bride and bridegroom walking out the church...

Pic 8: Jia Uei's family

Pic 9: The flower gals and bridesmaid

Pic 10: And JU's bestman

Pic 11: Bro and me

Pic 12: We syok sendiri (having fun ourselves) while bride and bridegroom having photo session

Pic 13: Some of the youths

Pic 14: Sis and me

Pic 15: The important helpers...

Pic 16: The youths

Pic 17: The pastoral team

Pic 18: Some schoolmate

Pic 19: Schoolmate


Pic 20: Jason and Esther

Pic 21: Sally's grandma, mom and aunt

Pic 22: Schoolmate

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Making Noise At Home

A very loud instrument that i did not play for some time coz of the noise and it scares my cats off... hahaha... i'm going to practice a song for a presentation... :p

Goodbye kor...

Send kor to the airport early morning, came out from the hse at 6.15am.

All the best and study smart...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Durian Feast

Our last nite before Victor kor flying back to USA so he wanted to eat durians, his favorite.

Pic 1: My college friends... Elisa, Loo Woon and Soon Yen jie. =)

Pic 2: Apparently no gals wanted to eat durians, haha... so kor eat with Nick

Pic 3: The durian gang

Pic 4: Vick and Nick teaching us how to pose the most sissy-est pose....

Pic 5: These are my college friends / Christian Fellowship friends, all of them are my seniors... Of course now everyone is working except Vick, still doing his master in USA... :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Sisters

Friday, February 17, 2006

Another Country

I have this desire in my heart to stay in other country... Ever since i'm a child, i never though i'm a chinese... Everyone said i don't look like a chinese. I never like to stay here in Malaysia either... What is the reason behind? I do not know.

This desire is running wild in my mind again. When can i leave this country and get a new life in other country?

I wish i could be in UK to further my studies when i was in college, life does not permit me because of NO MONEY.

I wish i could just run away now to other country to start a new life but i can't, simply because NO MONEY.

This money is really a big thing in life doesn't it? With money, i can actually be in another country now...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whimsical Tag.. :)

Five of my favourite memories as a child:
1) Mom feeding sis and me together in a same big plate every lunch and dinner time.
2) Sis and i will be at grandma's dark kitchen at night catching frogs and cockroaches while grandparents and parents watching movies every night.
3) Mom reading a story book to me every afternoon before i took my nap during my kinder life.
4) Playing with mom's finger while taking my nap with mom every afternoon after school.
5) Catching stray puppies, kittens or birds putting them in any cage or basket and play with them together with my sis... :)

Five of my worst memories as a child:
1) Went to playground with my sis after school to play while mom running everywhere searching for her lost gals... ohpsss... and get terrible punishments after that... clipping our ears with cloth clippers.
2) Accidently kicked an indian girl's eye when i'm in kindergarden.
3) Accidently cut school friend's finger with sissors and it bleeds when i'm in std. 2.
4) Accidently tear friend's report card into half... ohppsssss, thus i was being pinched by this teacher named SITI FATIMAH on my tummy (till now, i still can't erase her name from my mind)
5) Parent's separation

Five things I hope to achieve in the future (God-willing):
1) Stay in Germany
2) Learn German language
3) Earn more money and safe more money
4) BMW car
5) home with pets

Five alternate worlds I can imagine myself living in:

1) Doraemon's world where i can get to use all the strange things in his pocket.
2) Underwater world where i can stay with fishes only, living in harmony with them, swimming here and there as i like...
3) A world with only animals, no human... hhmm... then i don't need to be sad because of rejection or anything, hahaha...
4) A world with very small living creature, i'm the big good giant among those small humans (like the size of ants) and i can see them from far, looking at their daily life... :)
5) A world where we do not have feelings, no hurts, no sadness, no tears... does it sound like heavens?? hahahaa...

Five things I have to do in the next month:
1) Check out diving places and cost
2) Get a router and ask KC to fix it so i can get my DELL online
3) Get my spiritual walk on track
4) Get my 5 cats vaccined
5) Get Sydney spayed

Five people I'm tagging:
1) Angie Cheong
2) Zhang Zhi
3) Billy
4) Choon Wei
5) Victor Su

Game of tag

tagged by samantha

four jobs i've had
ice-cream seller (Baskin 31 Robbins), Subang Parade *greatest job ever-fun*
administrative assistant, Kota Kemuning
data entry job, home
pharmacy assistant, Shah Alam

four movies i can watch over and over..
Korean Series
Korean Series
Korean Series (*btw, i seldom watch TV/movies*)

four places i've lived
salak south
happy garden
shah alam

four tv shows i like
?? documentary??
*i give up, i seldom watch TV*

four places i've vacationed
redang, terengganu (diving)
albstadt, germany
michalovce, slovakia
vienna, austria

four of my favorite dishes
grandma's gie keok suin (sour pork leg)
grandma's choy keok (sour vegies)
fried eggs
mee mamak

four sites i visit daily
money making forum... ;)

four places i'd rather be right now
redang - diving
germany - with dl
mamak - sit down alone and do some thinking and writting
coffee bean - sit down alone and do some thinking and writting

four people i'm tagging (not tagging, don't think it works... :p)
Angie Cheong maybe??

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines' Surprises!

I'm not talking about what i receive from my beloved darling... instead this is what i get on my Valentine's Day:-

1. I have ordered a bouquet of flower to deliver to my beloved mom today from, paid them via credit card, with my request of delivering time 2-4pm, wanting to give her a BIG BIG SURPRISE but till now, 7.50pm, the bouquet haven't reach the office yet! BLOOMING.COM.MY REALLY GAVE ME A BIG SURPRISE!

Anyway, an email to's general manager had been sent with the title of "Dissatisfaction and Cancellation".

2. After having a great meal in Kim Gary with my bro at 4pm, (meal for my breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)), suddenly i was being SPLASHED with KETCHUP.... EEEEWWWWWW.... on my hand, shirt and jeans. The waiter accidentally drop a plate of ketchup on the floor right in front of me... gossshhhhhh


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

so busy

oh man, i hvn't been login here for months man... hhahaa... and i'm so busy... o.O (as usual)...

nearly forgotten about my user name too... hahahahaa... used few attempt to login just now... hahaha

just drop by to say hi to everyone if there are still some people reading here...

alrite, gotta start my work, need to go off soon...

ohhh, time, wait for me...


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gals gathering!

Harlow, those who same school with me, remember them??? heheheheheeee...

Our small gathering, find some schoolmate for gathering during CNY...