Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Started ytd midnite when i awake from my sleep, oh, it was so painful. Went to look for some med like sweet, took it and sleep back. This morning, terrible!!! But still not as bad as my last experience of that terrible sorethroat. Oh, i'm so afraid....

Ok, i admit that i ate a lot of spicy food recently, just crave for curry chicken and i got to eat them twice... kekekekeee... coincidently that my aunt cook it when i'm there for my cousin's full moon last Sat and ytd SCC meeting in pb's hse.

This morning i sms yc to ask her for MC and she reply back, "i thought today is your off day?" Hahaha... ya, today is my off day and i totally forgotten about it. Yes, there are such a person on earth ok. I even went to work one holiday before and didn't know that it was a holiday till st called. How about that??? hahahahahaa

Still, today i didn't rest, wanted to sleep more but workload bugging me to finish them so woke up at 9:30am and bath, did my QT, went to s place to get powerful antibiotic to kill them! Thanks to s who can help me, really appreciate those med, hehehe... With terrible sorethroat and headache then went to mother church to arrange orders of church camp's VCDs, CDs and MP3s, collect 10 copies of books for pspl, register for ISOM students, then went MPH at SP to collect cardboards for chrc notice board, then took KTM down to KL Sentral to collect my flight tickets and bring bro to buy a book that he wanted for school use in sec 9. Then went home of course, it was 6pm already... and i need my rest, i'm sick ok.

Came home bath and online to check my mail, i didn't check it ytd, i was busy at work so now only got time to do it till now loh....

Alrite, time to rest for sure! Nites everyone....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Youth Group today

In the youth group today, i was impressed by the worship of Joel Lee, praise the Lord that young ones are rising up, we, older ones should teach them and delegate jobs for young ones and pass the baton to them. I think everyone should learn to serve, even in small ministry... it's so joyous to see everyone serving together in unity.

I lead the lesson, it was ok, i just do my best and Holy Spirit will do His part in convincing ppl and teaching them more deeply in their heart. As long as im willing to serve, God will make me as a vessel and use me to do His work.

Lesson was about "God still speaks to His people", towards the end, we had a time of sharing on how they have encounter God speaking to them through the Bible, prayer, circumstances and church. I'm glad that there are ppl responding and they shared their encounters so it makes the whole studies more interesting, not only ppl hearing me teach only (maybe some will think that i'm speaking non-sense or fairy tale??? that God speaks??? hahahahaaa ;) ) but there are witnesses that God do speaks to His people, AMEN.

Ok, gotta go and take some rest, tonite going for kekekkkek.... DIVING'S GROUP'S GATHERING where we will take our certificate and license and makan and meeting up with all the divers. Yes! We are a certified divers now! PTL for this adventure. I love diving.... plsss.... i still want to dive some more Lord..... open doors yah... =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

hungry, is it normal?

This few days i'm always in hungry mood all the time......

know what? ytd nite at 1.30am, i woke up from my sleep and i was so hungry and couldn't sleep anymore, it was so terrible that i had to wake up and make a milo to drink.....

aiyoyo... what happen? It has been few days that im alwys hungry even after i had food. I'm looking for food all the time not because i want to eat but because i'm hungry and if i don't eat, i'm afraid i would faint... hahahahaa

Can anyone explain to me why am i like that?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Thai food Thai language

Thank you Dorren for inviting us to your house to taste the tastiest original Thai food. Dorren is a Thai lady in our church, her mother just came down from Thailand on Sunday and today cook a delicious food for us to taste.

"Ka lum chin a loy. Kok pun."

(Ka lum chin) = the dish that we had, something like laksa, noodle from thailand, chilli from thailand, very spicy soup... wow.... everyone had tears of joy... hahahaaa

(a loy) = very good, very nice

(kok pun) = thank you

i'm very full now. ;)

Father's Day's week

Last week was really a busy week for me, where there are big events in the church, i'm sure i'm busy. From Monday till Sunday, im almost at work from morning till evening, not only working but ministry too.

Let me recall what i did... arrr.. can't really remember in detail. Went to telekom and TNB to terminate old phone number as well as looking for our new building's electricity's bill which took me a long time queuing up and getting all those thgs done, buy drinks, forks, spoons, paper plates, tissue papers, etc. for Father's Day's celebration on sunday... decorate church sanctuary, prepare worship songs coz i'm worship leading on Sunday, prepare Preteen's lesson for Saturday SCC... arrr... don't remember anymore but what i know is that the whole week was a busy week till i'm so scare that i can't finish my work.

But i want to thank God that God's timing is always right, as i plan my schedules, He directs my path each day and all my jobs are done on time, not too fast, not too late either... each day is just not too much and not too little so i can take time to ponder how good He is to me without too busy till i can't breathe

When the days approaching Saturday night, i was very happy coz i know that i have done all my work and waiting for the big day of Father's Day's Celebration. I thank God for my Sat nite rest that i don't have music practice coz we had it on Fri nite, so Sat nite was my family day that we went to have dinner, i'm not too stressed out but i can relax myself.

But i can't sleep on Sat nite till 3.30am and get up on 6am coz have to go church early for presentation practice. It was a tired day, by the time we finish the whole even, my energy gone then i have to go for leaders' meeting some more, hahahaha... it was tiring and errr, sleepy? kekekekee.... meeting for 2 hrs then pastors let me go... kekekekeee

Came home, took my bath and watch tv for a while and get my nap from 6pm to 10pm then bf called...

Thank you Lord for the whole week.

Today is a brand new week for me to learn brand new things.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Being Accused

How is the feeling of being accused? Have u ever experienced that? Being accused by your friend?

I have, is now. What should i do? Can anyone tell me?

When i did not do anything, she said i did. I don't even know what i did wrong, to me everything is fine, i'm happy everyone is happy but she said thgs are not fine.

Father, what can i do? I'm sad, i'm crying now... i'm just sad...........

Jam-packed Day

What am i doing now when i suppose to go to bed? And mom is screaming on top of her voice when she sees the high internet bill... kekekkee... ohps... i feel like i'm back to my college time when i'm so addicted to internet again, last time was time to chat especially from 12am where everyone is out there in the web. But this time, not anymore... not that many ppl to chat actually at this hour. I'm just blogging mah... hahahahaa

Today is such a jam-packed day running up and down. Was in TNB checking office bill that hvn't reach us for the past 2 1/2 mths and they said kota kemuning is not under TNB Shah Alam, after taking so much time there, they said we have to go to TNB Klang to print the bill out. Went to Telekom to terminate our old church line but hvn't really successful yet, have to fill in forms and bring the old phone back to them, so will get it done tmr. Went to Giant Supermarket to get Father's Day stuff for this Sunday......

After finish my work, met a gal who wanna adopt kittens that was born by a stray cat outside my hse. Then met YN for a drink, fetch sis from office, went to the church to get some stuff, went yam char with sis and bro and came home online.

Alrite, time to sleep. Nitezz

Friday, June 10, 2005

Star Wars 3

Good lesson that we can learn definitely. It is how we sow our seed that we will reap it.

Anakin Skywalker who are so afraid of the losing of his love one, Padme that he is willing to do anything to not to let his wife die and unfortunately he had followed the wrong way, the dark side of the force. Without knowing that he is on the wrong side, he continued to persue the power that one day, he himself nearly killed his own wife. The result was that he put his friendship with Obi Wan Kenobi and his marriage at risk and ruin it himself.

It is the same in our life, if we sow anger in our life, we will reap the result. If we sow egoness, we will reap it. And God love the humble and not the proud. If we sow sadness, disappointment, negative mindset, we will reap them all. We really need to check our life and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us so that we will not fall into any misleading road that lead us to death. Sometimes its hard for us to judge whether we are on the right path just like Anakin, his motive is just to love his wife, Padme so deeply that he is afraid of losing her but he did not realise that the choice he make to protect Padma is wrong that lead him to a so terrible ending. Sad but it's true.
"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."
Galatians 6:7-9

NLRC Combined Church Camp, 2-5 June 2005.
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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Patient is what i needed

Busy again? What else? This is life...

Thgs just don't work the way i planned, well, it's a good opportunity for me to learn to move with situations laid in front of me, being flexible in life is very much needed in ministry especially hearing the voice of Holy Spirit every moment in life.

Nah... today is not that i heard the voice of HS or what... hahhaaa, just that there are a lot of last minute pop-ups that i need to handle so it sort of ruin what i planned ytd nite before i went to bed. Heheheee...

Growing up with some systematic gene in me makes me plan some stuff efficiently and i used to hate ppl who ruin my plans and gets very angry but i remember i shared this with Ps MK and he taught me that its important to be flexible in life so that HS can take over easily, that's very true. I believe that God put me together with dl who is a man who are so so spontaneous sometimes who upset my plans a lot to change me and let me learn something valuable there.

Now that i have it in mind alwys telling myself that be flexible, in another word, be patient, that solve all the problems i guess, hahhahaa... Well, sometimes it does really drive me crazy like today but i will try to cool myself down, what for being so impatient and get angry? It only hurt myself so i will try my very best not to act angry and calm myself down to be patiently thinking for the next best solution or plan or sometimes situation just train me to wait patiently especially going online with tmnet line, sometimes it just get discon every few second like now................. or sometimes u just can't go online at all... wow, patience is what i needed.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dumpling Season is here

oh yeah! It's one of my favorite food... yummmyyyy..... The best dumpling that i ever had is my grandma's dumpling which can't fight with the rest in the world. I have tried so many dumplings from other ppl including some that i bought outside but still i couldn't find one that's as delicious as my grandma's. Ever since 2 yrs ago i have started to help grandma make dumpling, to learn how to make, how to wrap dumpling. This year i'm learning how to cook all the ingredients for dumpling so i will inherit Cham's dumpling.... hahahahahaaaa.... i must learn it.... it's one of the best dumpling in the world. Yes, tmr i'm on leave and go grandma hse to learn and help her... only grandma and me making it for the whole Cham's family to eat.... yeah...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

NLRC Combined Church Camp, 2-5 June 2005 @ PD

Camp camp camp tomorrow....

Busy busy busy today.... gotta go mayban to bank in chq, public bank to withdraw money, see jimmy to collect sam's contact lense if i got time *wink wink*, get an envelop to post sam's contact lense to her if i got time *wink wink*, post them at the post office of course if i got time *wink wink*, prepare my short sharing on youth (Samuel Brigade) tonite at prayer meeting, decorate 5th floor's notice board, bought all the materials, hvn't stick it up only... and ohh ohh... hvn't pack my stuff for camp... arrrr... i'll do it tomorrow lah... hahahah... no time today already....

Alrite, finish checking mail, gotta go now...

Enjoy your day, count your blessings daily and u will find them more and more...