Saturday, April 30, 2005

So many of clown fishes underwater and i sayang so many... heheheee Posted by Hello

cute little fella... God's creative creation... ;) Posted by Hello

Masami came back

hahaha... looks like masami is the highlight today... nah, just met up with her after my long working day and prayer meeting, had a wonderful chat with her... ;) talking about guys as usual... hehehehee, well gals... what u expect? hahahaha

prayer meeting was cool, we shake God's hands in opening doors for us in the area of young ppl, we believe, when we pray, God is going to do something.

other than this, nothing much, today's work is errr... too much... hahaha, not enough time to finish my work but still fine...

i'm feeling very sleepy... tmr gotta change aquarium water and baths my 5 cats... then might bring masami and fml for lunch...

alrite, think will blog this only... nite nite everyone... ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Me holding a small seacucumber Posted by Hello

Doing our log book after the dive Posted by Hello

Me and my buddy, Odett Posted by Hello

In a ship going for our 2nd dive Posted by Hello

Our dive master, KC Lam ;) Posted by Hello

Our instructor, Choo Wee =) Posted by Hello

Thank you Lord for blessing me with this wonderful trip. All glory to You. Posted by Hello

After the dive... tired yet satisfying Posted by Hello

Me still breathing underwater... hehehee... cheese... Posted by Hello

On the speedboat going for dive...  Posted by Hello

the beach of Pulau Redang Posted by Hello

Me at the hammock, i really like to sleep on it and swing myself... Posted by Hello

Wonderful beach at Redang Posted by Hello

A place where we sing karaokay at nite Posted by Hello

5 of us from Shah Alam, Lissa, Sally, Sky, Odett and me Posted by Hello

Blessed Dive [21-24 Apr 2005]

Praise the Lord is what i can say...

God really bless me so much. Having the money to go for this Young Adult Breakaway Camp - Diving in Pulau Redang is already a blessing. Every second in pulau redang was indeed a refreshing, relaxing and enjoyable moment that i can never forget.

God had guided every steps of mine in this island for me to have fun, giving me good health so that i can go diving and not taking any medication because of any sickness. Would really want to praise Him for not letting me have seasickness like the rest of the gals experience. I know it's an awful thing especially when we feel like vomitting but couldn't. I enjoyed every dive that we had, be it a shore dive or boat dive, in spite of all the strong waves, i'm still ok with it. Really thank the Lord from the bottom of my heart. "Thank you Daddy." It's because i'm not having seasickness that i really enjoy every dives.

And thank the Lord too for another extra dive that I went, blessed by Ps. James and See Poh from S'pore who came all the way to minister to us and teaching us some diving skills...

God bless us with good instructor too, Choo Wee and a very fun dive master, KC who played with us and just have fun and all the craps making this trip a crazy trip... not forgetting those moments of splashing waters and kena ppl's work place and being scolded by a lady... heheheheee. Praise the Lord is what i can alter...

Food was good, the lamb chop... yummy, will never forget this... wow, can smell it now... oh, i want it, i still want to eat it..... we had 2 days of bbq nite... hahah... yummy yummy yummy... after a tired dives and dinner that 3 nites, we will be at somewhere out there, singing karaokay, chit-chatting, having drinks, swinging on the hammock.. oh, i just love it...

Things that i learn: I can say that it's our heart, a heart that does not complain at all enjoys everything... it comes from the bottom of our heart. When we start to complain even in small little things e.g. food... there goes -ve things and we would not enjoy that much anymore. When our heart is right and does not complain, God will let us enjoy at the fullness of it... At this camp, i tell myself do not alter a word of complain, and there, i really enjoy 101%... its a great testimony and i never felt so enjoyable before in other trips...


All glory to Him alone

luv u,
GPLD (God's precious little daughter)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Diving here i come

Yes Yes Yes and Amen....

Praise the Lord that He bless me with another Redang trip, this time DIVING some more ehhh!!! hahahahahaa, Heavenly Father, really thank you so much for giving me the blessings again and again....

Diving indeed is what i wish to do from youth time and now at last i got the chance. Diving theory that we had to go thru was indeed quite boring but when come to practical, it was fun. The first pool session was quite scary coz it was the first time breathing using different source but now, ok! hahahahaa

Fun is the word, don't know what else to write coz haven't go to the open water dive yet. Wait for my good news next week when i come back... hahahaha....

Monday, April 18, 2005

Stuart vs dad

What an incident. Thu nite, home's electricity was down so called dad to come home and repair, after repairing it, he was resting at home and Stuart my cat came to him, we told dad that Stuart doesn't like stranger and will scratch them, dad don't believe and provoke Stuart, surely after that, dad was being scratched by Stuart and he was angry and asked us for stick, of course we don't give it to him coz he said he wanna bit Stuart to death. Then dad said put Stuart in the carrier, he wanna throw him away, we stop dad. He was very angry and left the home.

On Sat morning, he came home and mom put Stuart in the cage just in case Stuart scratch dad again. But my dad sit next to the cage and spray Stuart with purfume spray that he brought that day so i rush out and ask what my dad is doing, he said he wanna make Stuart blind so that he can't scratch ppl again... well, being an animal lover of course i will fight for the cat. So i ask dad not to do all this silly act. My dad start to bit the cage some sort of provoking Stuart, then i told dad if he acts like this, of course Stuart gonna scratch him coz Stuart is trying to protect himself... my dad said he purposely wanna make Stuart angry and scratch him so see who will win in the end... i'm very upset with my dad for doing all this silly act. That time i have to change to go SCC so i ask mom to look at dad and don't let dad harm Stuart.

I rush in the room, close the door, crying and start praying and sending sms out to friends to pray together. After a while mom asked me to take Stuart out from the cage and put him to the carrier and bring Stuart out from the house rather than letting dad sitting next to the cage and disturb Stuart, so i went to the cage, catch Stuart out and bring to the room and slam the door hard for my dad to listen.

Then my dad and mom kinda argue a little while........ then dad left.

What a dad that i have and acting so immaturely..... i'm really very upset..... I hate it!


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Such a long time

No discipline sums up everything, that's y i'm not writting for so long... partly no time, then later on forgotten about this blog that i have... hahahaha

Thanks to Sam who showed me some pics of her in some of her friends' blog that reminds me that i have a blog too... kekekeke